Meghan Markle (5)

Meghan ‘Mog’ Markle is a cunt…

If history is accurate I reckon it will view her as the slag who single handedly destroyed the Royal Family and as the manipulative opportunist parasitic virtue signaling cunt she really is…

The royals days are numbered and all because of this cheap bit part nobody and her pussywhipped softarse husband…. Our monarchy now has its very own Yoko Fucking Ono… There’s no going back now, she’s in, feet under the table… Only a matter of time… After Her Majesty goes that’ll be it… They are fucked and so are we…

Nominated by Norman

62 thoughts on “Meghan Markle (5)

  1. I suspect in the royal soap opera Markle won’t become an Ena Sharples or Phil Mitchell, she wlll be a short term resident before she fucks off to America with her brat and a younger bloke and gets a divorce, and sells her stories to the cheap tabloids. That is assumng she doesn’t meet with an unfortunate accdent in a Parisian underpass before the divorve goes through.

  2. She’ll be gone soon then there will be no more virtue signalling woke bollox combined with frequent hypocritical flying. Royals are fine ( President Blair, anyone?) but they should be seen and not heard unless they are supporting a proper patriotic cause.

    Fuck off.

  3. Good Morning

    It was only a couple of years ago that HH was a very popular chap, all his work with disabled ex servicemenwas about one of the best things that a member of the Royal Family could have done. In addition he did that other vitally important thing , he kept his mouth shut espyabout political matters. Now all you hear is a lot of virtue signalling about climate change and other crap. That is down to this bloody woman, no doubt a tremendous shag but little else to recommend her. The marriage I suspect is totally disastrous both for him and the Monarchy. The Monarchy is the 3rd oldest institution in the world, after the Papacy and the Japanese Royal Husehold and has served this country well for 1,200 years., far better than those other 2 institutions. It is more important than this wretched trollop.

  4. Not the first bloke to be undone by a pretty face. Five hundred years ago a previous royal Henry ( yeah, that’s his real name as well as Hewitt ) would have found a reason to chop off her head and moved on to the next one. Alas, those days are long gone.
    I know she’s old and held in great respect but I have to blame Her Maj for the disaster that the Saxe-Coburgs have become. Soft parenting and Kraut blood…… was never going to work.

    • Pity they don’t bring royal beheadings back – I’d have that gnger cunt Ferguson in the tumbrils this morning. Then I’d marry Jess Phillips and she would lose her head the next day.

    • Meghan has tantrums due to being spoilt, send her to uncle Andrew for disipline in the Tower.

  5. I honestly think that you’re being slightly unfair on the Markle woman…appalling though she undoubtedly is. Megan Markle was always “does what it says on the tin”..a typical vacuous,holier-than-thou,virtue-signalling,on-the-make American starlet. She never tried to hide the fact.

    The damage to the Monarchy is self-inflicted. O.K., Harry may be too stupid to realise just what he was getting into,but considering just how “wise” the Queen and her advisers are supposed to be ,surely they should have realised just what La Markle was bringing with her”

    No,sorry,can’t blame one bit-part American actress for the Royal Families troubles…that has been an ongoing process over several decades. The Queen has bred a family of seriously thick,spoiled,grabby,anachronistic half-wits.

    The chickens are now coming home to roost and I’m glad. Fuck them.

  6. This cock sucking whore is more dangerous than Lady Di.

    Phil the Greek may well have arranged an accident, a la Diana.

    Harry,may slowly be waking up to what he has got into bed with….

    Off with her head!

  7. It seems that the Royal advisors have lost their teeth in the space of almost 40 years.

    Remember Uncle Andrew and the Koo Stark shenanigans of the early 1980’s? By all accounts, Andrew was ready to settle down with this softcore porno chickadee. The Royal mafia ensured it didn’t happen, leading to Andrew wedding the ginger trollop. Perhaps they thought, in retrospect, that Ms Stark may have not been such as bad choice after all.

    I too see a Royal divorce on the cards. Once Markle has completely subjugated old ginger pubes, she’ll be off back to the states with half breed baby and a big fat settlement.

    The Royals are all a colossal bunch of daft, self-destructive cunts.

  8. off topic.

    I have had an issue with a company who have taken money from my bank account without my permission, as part of the process of reversing the transaction my bank have asked me to send conversation screen shots which I have done.
    Reviewing the e-mail today I notice that I had two tabs open on my browser one from isac and the other my e-mail, this shows on the screen shot so on all the screen shots in the top left corner it say Jo swinson is a cunt.
    So far there have been no comments on this.

    • 😂😂😂😂

      You may get a call from Inspector Knacker for harassment of a hard working MP ( aka deceiving woke ant- democratic pillaging tart) and thought crime.

      I know a good lawyer.

    • After last nights lacklustre performance on the box I reckon there are many more people who think Swinson is a cunt, you should be fine

      • Swindle was spouting gibberish-on-steroids last night but then I found the solution ….. mute the TV; switch on; crank it up to 11, and hey presto things finally made sense. Wearing that new push-up underneath a tight blue dress she did look well worth a fumble (under cover of darkness of course). She has magnificent soapy possibilities-admit it cunters!!

        PS did anyone think the studio audience contained maybe no more than 5-6 over 60s? Not many dark keys either. And was Krankie asked about Slippery Salmond?

      • And nobody asked Swineson the vital question “What the fuck gives you the right to steal democracy”?

        Although I have to say as each of the clowns was led on (terrorist loving communist gippo, deluded talentless lying arrogant bitch and Boris the sulphour smelling Satan) I was fantasising about what calibre round would be best to drill through their heads – and nobody asked pathological liar Boris the snake “why are you pretending we are leaving when in reality you are trying to sell us into slavery with a f*cking shit remain deal”?
        Bastards, one and all.

      • Did you see that bearded bloke with glasses telling her to shut up(in no uncertain terms)asvregards alleged allegations of corbyn &and antisemitism !christ that was some audience like doing a comedy act in front of a group of huns!

  9. Don’t forget that Charlie boy had king kiddie fiddler Saville as his confidante.The royals are well past their sell by date fuck the lot of them.

  10. There have always been dodgy Royals. Merkle is just the latest bint who wants to ‘drag the Royal family into the 21st century’.
    Being woke just ain’t Royal love so i have feeling she’ll be disposed of one way or another especially when Harry gets pissed off with his new teetotal,vegan virtue signalling lifestile that she insists he loves.

  11. I could be just pissing in the wind here, but ever since Thatcher stepped down (thanks to a few sharp knives in the back by those cunts Heseltine and Major) back in 1990, this country politically and socially has been slowly shifting to the libtard Left.

    You would expect this under Blair’s watch, but one would have hoped for a more Centrist Tory government when Cameron took over (even though he was severely handicapped by that libdumb cunt who’s name escapes me and I can’t be arsed to check!)

    But even under the Tories the rise of Libtardism has spread through this country like shit through a goose, and no one seems to give a shit, not even the old guard in the royalty.

    And given the political cowardice over Brexit by so-called Conservative MPs over the last 3 years it makes me wonder where the fuck this country is heading for if even the traditional Conservative dogmas have been boil washed and hung out to dry free of anything remotely conservative (small c)

    God help us all if we end up with a Labour/LibDumb/SNP coalition, then it will be open season for the libtards to kick into touch anything that doesn’t tick their VS/woke boxes. And this will no doubt please Fuckwit Harry and all-holes-filled Markle, who will no doubt go against the traditions of not get involved in political matters and become figureheads for the Libtards for the next x number of years!

    Oh, and if the coalition does happen, Brexit will be forgotten about and an unforgiving EU will kick us in the cunt from now to eternity for being so naughty as to want to leave this glorious utopia!

    Rant over – now where’s my fucking bacon sarnie?

    • Judging by what bollocks my grandkids come home from school with i fear we are pissing against a force ten gale and it’s only a matter of time till Britain becomes full on libtard.
      Probably till the next war.

      • It might be best for anyone who still cares to take a last lingering look and a few photos of Nelson’s column before the demolition crew arrives.
        And HMS Victory, the Cenotaph, the Battle of Britain flight, Churchill’s statue etc.
        History will be “adjusted” but, hey, free broadband eh?

      • free broadband provided via the government….

        Racist – I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to search for that..
        Is a Cunt – does not permit any search containing offensive words…
        My MP is pants – does not permit any criticism of government…
        Hot sports cars – does not want people to get excited. How about a nice picture of a LGBT person of colour holding a pretty flower instead ?

  12. Poor old Harry. I’m having Weetabix, sausages , beans and mushrooms for breakfast while that cunt is munching on dry toast and carrot sticks. I bet he fucks off down to McDonalds in his Range Rover about 11 o’clock the wanker.

  13. Say what you like about this vacuous parasite but I know someone who would insert his tongue up her arse.

    • I certainly wouldn’t!

      Probably filled to the brim with the royal “white stuff” from various members of the royal family, the Coldstream guards, the Queen’s Guard, members of MI5, some members from Plod, and the vegan pizza delivery boy – and that was just last night!

      • She may be a cunt for all I know, but I think she’s fit as fuck and she doesn’t have a hole that I wouldn’t put my dick in.

      • I wouldnt fucking dig her up out her grave (if she went la diana)to give her one .i could imagine prince andrew dressing her up as a 17 yr old school girl and giving her one /theym all fucking inbred anyway.

      • I don’t think he would give her one, I should imagine several servings of Royal Jelly would be on the menu

  14. I do think she is a bad egg and should climb back up her tree.
    Even if she does fuck off the rest of them are still cunts.
    Bring back Henry VIII.

  15. Wouldn’t surprise me if Markle used a pseudonym for her social media sites – something like Titflapper or NoHolesBarred, posting her shit in a way that wouldn’t give away real places or real names, but you would probably need the Enigma Machine to decode what she is really saying.

    I can also imagine (rather disturbingly I might add), how Markle would quite literally prick tease Fuck-Wit with a good old BJ, but would hold back just at the point of “gushing”, demanding that he bends to her will on all things woke again!

    Fuck:disturbing image no 2 – Charles and Camilla doing a 69 as we speak! (I need to get out more! Where’s the fucking dog?)

  16. A bit unfair I think – I mean Charles and Andrew were around a long time before her, fucking things up royally!

  17. They’re all a bunch of mega-cunts… apart from Kate, whose arsehole I would gladly stick my tongue up.

    • I wholeheartedly agree regarding Kate and her delectable arsehole (along with her other holes come to that). William is one lucky cunt, and equally a bit of a posh twat if he hasn’t explored the holy of holes!

  18. A lot of why I don’t like her is because of the over exposure, thanks to her being such tabloid fodder. I couldn’t give a fuck about them, yet they seemed to be everywhere. And with the shite they are coming out with, it’s got a bit much for me. Not the worst looking woman on earth, but horrible legs. They look like they would have difficulty holding a sparrow up.

  19. ‘our very own Yoko fucking Ono’. Love it!
    I wish that I could agree with the sentiment that the royals’ days are numbered, but I seriously doubt that this will be the case. These cunts have been surviving scandals for centuries; God knows what they’ve gotten up to over the years which the mugs who pay the bills will never get to hear about.
    I saw a picture of that arrogant cunt Andrew yesterday, going about ‘business as usual’ in his 170k Bentley. What ‘business as usual’ would that be then, given that he’s been forced to back out of all public engagements? Another example of a royal acting the cunt, but will it bring down the institution? No. Ultimately, the cunts are untouchable.

  20. Well I have just enjoyed 4 pints of San Miguel, and in my “happy state”, I am quite willing to take Markle up the arsehole (although I am reminded of that opening dialogue from the original Star Trek TV show, with a slight amendment “ boldly go where only 500 blokes have gone before!”

  21. I find it difficult to put into words how much I detest this fucking Markle woman. And, contrary to popular opinion, I think she’s a fucking boot. Squinty duck billed platypus-nosed mong with a mouth like a fucking chicken’s arsehole. Whore bag.

  22. Funny how this cunting is adjacent to “Toilets”…
    She looks like a jizzed-up ostomy bag.

  23. As always, this yo-yo knickered, American spunk flute is an excellent topic when it comes to a good cunting. But, worry not, dear readers, as she is completely unable to bring down the monarchy! Try as she might, she’s a very tiny fly, in a huge jar of ointment. I’m sure that steps are being taken for when ‘London Bridge has fallen!’ She’s just another pathetic floozie, trying to get her own way. Well, she too far down the list to be much of a nuisance to anyone, and no one is taking her seriously! Just like her short acting career, she a ‘bit part player’ in a long running saga! 10 years from now, she will be long forgotten, along with that ginger village idiot who walks behind her!

  24. Reading this back the day after Meg and Ginger retired from the privileged life, well the annoying bits of it (like fucking working), it seems all too predictable. Expect the reaction from Chaz and William to be swift and brutal, with any luck.

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