Hillary Clinton (7)

A Platinum Stars and Stripes cunting for Hillary Gob-Shite Clinton, for the nth time (How many times do you need to be cunted before you get the message!!)

She’s been here with ‘Chels’ peddling some cheap tat about ‘Gutsy Women’ that she’s scrawled (perhaps not realising that gutsy has another connotation in British-english, one more apt for our American cousins) and has taken the opportunity to have a pop about Brexit and spout about how the press are being ‘racist’ to Meghan and how she wants to ‘hug her’.

Well, I say fuck you, Hillary. We voted for Brexit (you remember what a vote is, you lost one to a giant oompa-lumpa not so long back – yes, you couldn’t even beat a wigged fuckwit who governs via the magic of Twotter) and our politicians are fucking it up enough without a fat-mouthed spam chipping in, so mind your own business. On the subject of Meghan, I would suggest that if she doesn’t like what’s happened to her, she too should shut the fuck up for a while and stop being such a hypocrite. As my old dead Dad told me when I was a mere youth; ‘If you act like a cunt, son, expect people to call you one.’

So in essence, Hillary, please fuck off back to good ol’ US of A and leave us ‘Briddish’ to sort it out ourselves. Nature abhors a vacuum so why are you still here?

Nominated by The Stained Gusset

72 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton (7)

  1. Not so gutsy as to tell ‘aw shucks honey, I made a boo-boo’ Bill to fuck off when admitting to rooting Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. What a feminist.

  2. Either one of two scenarios:-

    1) She just doesn’t understand how unwanted she is. She refuses to accept that the public rejected her and the public rejected remaining with the Fourth Reich.
    2) She doesn’t consider her and råpey Bill’s $200 million (“earned” although she’s spent her whole life in public office?) enough money and consequently now “earns” her money on the endless carousel of celebrity interviews/ news articles/ biographies.

    I suspect the latter. This old rúg-munching harridan is the equivalent of Blair – she never has enough moolah in the bank and will continue her media tours until she keels over from a heady mixture of bitterness, hypocrisy, and rêctal bleeding. It’s The Year of The Cunt.

    • The Donald’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ schtick didn’t do her justice. The Clinton Foundation makes our MP’s and the expenses scandal look like rank amateurs.

      • Hilary Clinton is an American, therefore whatever bollocks she spouts re eu, uk election has no interest to me whatsoever. Just fuck off and spend your dosh.

      • If she decides to run for President again it’ll be four more years of Big Don. Eight glorious years. Mind you, it’s taken longer than that to wipe Bill’s browser history.

      • …or “Which cigars are appropriate for a baby’s birth and which for inserting in my intern’s front botty?”

        Evening Lord Liq.

      • Evening El Capitan.

        Or…”How to resurrect your political career after disgracing the office of POTUS”

      • “Is the phrase ‘Ah did naat hev sehhk-shul relayshuns wid thaat woman’ legally binding?”

  3. I am sure this raddled old harridan would be welcomed with open arms (and open anything else) by the Labour Ladies Lesbian Group. She went down well on Woman Sour, and if she is interested in cricket I am sure Jess Phillips would be happy to take her up the Oval.

    • Cilla black? Hate this cunt!
      Mate wid da Beatles …
      Oh its Bills missus, same thing,
      Hate this cunt.
      Read where she threw a right spaz out when she lost to Donny Tango!
      Screaming abuse😉
      , well fuck you sticking yer nose in our business as well you daft yank cunt!
      Sore loser like our ‘remoaners’
      Hope you alk contract minge rot.
      Go fuck yerselfs.

      • Clinton is the epitome of the libtard East Coast machine politician. An absolute cunt, an fucking awful loser to boot.
        Black was an absolute cunt as well. I’d nominate her big time but the cunt saved me the trouble by dying.

        Evening chaps.

  4. She s so power drunk and so insulated in her yes man world she literally has lost the plot.

    For someone who has been caught out spouting utter lies and total bollocks over and over again through the decades she loves to throw stones.

    Cannot stand her blatant corruption covering up Bills little troubles with girls (apparent frequent visitor to Epsteins play houses to) and blaming every little thing on Russia China the Ukraine etc.
    She should be in jail after the private server fiasco, and trying to destroy evidence of such.Not my words the FBIs. They said if it had been anyone else they would be in jail but not our Hillary some how ?

    Too top it off she lost to a black guy which some said would never happen in the US. And to the Tango Mascot the next time. She’s not just cunt she’s a evil manipulative cunt that know one wants.

  5. Am assuming she’s on Boris’s campaign team? Every time she opens her mouth the Conservatives can count on another ten thousand votes.

    • If you gave Chelsea “fugly” Clinton an accent that was half Scottish and half oo-aaa bupkin, I reckon she’d be almost ugly enough to lead the LimpDems.

  6. This cunt runs Blair Close in the lack of self awareness stakes , watching her lose to baby blimp glass haired tango man trump was absolutely hilarious ! , so smug was krooked she really believed she was the “ next cab on the rank” and was probably writing her inauguration speech when she lost…..
    Why does this smug bitch think that her opinions carry any fucking gravitas with the British public?
    Listen libertard we’ve already ignored MEGA cunt barack Obama telling us what to do so what makes you think we would listen to a political nonentity like yourself?
    Fuck off and take that teeth and hair on a stick daughter with you…….

    • She is very much like Blair, Obama, David Beckham and that was-a-celebrity-now-a-mum pair of cunts Stacey Solomon and Mylene Klass. They are all worn-out old has-beens who would shit themsel ves if it guaranteed them a photo ont he front page of the tabloids. They should all just fuck off.

  7. Well known for abusing and insulting anyone in uniform yet would be the first to hide behind a soldier, police officer or bodyguard should any real shit kick off.
    She’d fit in well with our own resident filth and scum in Westminster.
    Fuck off bitch…

  8. Hillary Clinton has got morals lower than a lady mole,s cunt. Keep your cunt nose out of our affairs you bloke faced crooked fuck and pay attention to rapist Bill,s instead.

  9. Gutsy women, eh? Feminist issues? Which Hilary Clinton is this? Is it the Hilary Clinton who defended a rapist in court? Is it the same Hilary Clinton who also openly laughed at said rapist’s victim and defence team?


  10. Saw her and her parasitic daughter being interviewed about her book on ‘Gutsy’ Women. She was asked quite reasonably why Margaret Thatcher never made her scrawlings. Apparently she didn’t meet the criteria of ‘gutsy’ which must in her eyes mean ‘gutsy’ but liberal (socialist in UK speak). And therein lies everything you want to know about the left, especially in the US. You don’t believe or follow what we believe, we simply airbrush you from history. Unfortunately as this self obsessed bitch found in her run in with Trump, most of the electorate are so disenfranchised with this sort of social justice bollocks, they’d rather have Trump in office than her. Worse of course, even after that election result, anybody who didn’t vote for her is a fascist and shouted down by her hand ringing, deranged supporters for having a different opinion. Oh the irony.

    • The only yank i dislike more than this goofy twat is michelle Obama,
      That fake fucker sets my teeth to grinding!

      Woman, black, black woman, woman whos black, blah blah,

      I can clearly see your a black woman so fuckin what?
      That how you define yourself?
      Just your sex and colour?
      Eat shite

      • Hi michelle! Im low because of your bullshit,
        As for high, hope its stood on a ledge looking down on the manhattan traffic before you jump to your death!
        Build that wall!
        Lock her up!🇺🇸
        Love miserable

  11. Been watching the Trump impeachment hearings. Fuck me Nixon conspired to break into the Democratic Party’s HQ in the Watergate building. Then covered it up. Trump has a phone call about Ukrainian aid with a reference to Biden’s son. Fucking legitimate question. Widely held to be a corrupt organisation even by Democratic politicians/ the diplomatic service. I mean the organisation is still under investigation. That’s what Trump asked about. That was it. That was all. A ‘High Crime’?

    • Hi Miles,
      Ive watched a bit too.
      Donald is learning that hes surrounded by traitors.
      Feel a bit sorry for him, all the daggers are out in the shadows,
      The disloyal plotting a coup,
      He was never meant to be president,
      It was a curveball like brexit.

      • Like Boris over here, he upsets the motherfuckers of the left so badly there is no depth to which they wouldn’t stoop to try to get rid of them. If Boris had an overdue library book Dame Keir would be demanding a public enquiry. They imagine if they descredit them, they will take over as their right.

      • I seemed to have been possessed of the spirit of Michelle Obama there for a few .moments Miserable.
        I heard Corbyn use it on the campaign trail-‘when they go low, we go high’. Oh…fuck off you cunt. So priggish, so sanctimonious.
        What you said there Mr Boggs right.

      • Possession will be down to michelles voodoo practises Miles,
        She cant stay in the body for long if the person has any integrity, it casts her out!
        Integrity and truth are to michelle what salt is to slugs.

      • The irony is that apart from Brexit Boris is firmly on the liberal wing of the Tory party.

      • I didn’t think there was any liberal wing remaining on the Tory Party. If there is, it needs culling now.
        I think it’s a load of bullshit when Boris still refers to “one nation Tories”
        The idea of a one nation Tory died with Ted Heath.

      • John Major, William Hague, David Cameron, Theresa May, all described themselves as “one nation Tories”, as does Johnson.

  12. Get fucked Killary. I have no idea how this absolute evIl CUNT of a creature hasn’t been hung for her crimes. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, adrenochrome sucking slag that she is, she is the embodiment of deep state corruption in the world today. Of course our libtard media lap this bitch up, shows how compromised the media is in the West. Rumour has it she was a regular in Epstein’s temple of horrors alongside Billy boy.

    I still hold out hope she and all her cronies are hung on pay per view telly.

    Of course, as I’ve now spoken out about the Clintons I’ll be Arkancided.

    Fuck off

    • Also in my good books for hating misuse of the word “like.”

      She reportedly said… It’s not “it’s, like, Tuesday”: it’s either Tuesday, or it bloody well isn’t – it’s Monday, or Wednesday.

      Sensible woman, and a bloody good actor.

  13. She was asked on radio four if she would run for President again, and she replied that she wouldn’t rule anything out. Fuck off, you evil bitch. How long before pig faced daughter has a pop at the top job? The think the family is a political dynasty, like some latter day Kennedy Cunt, and as it happens, today is the anniversary of JFK getting the bullet, literally. It’s only a matter of time that Michael Obama runs herself, seeing as hubby has gone back to golf full time.

    • Michelle Obuma and Chelsea Cunton, don’t rule that out as the ultimate wet dream ticket for the Democrats (surely a name change is long overdue for them, Democrats , Jesus!!!)

  14. Its a shame Johnny Holmes is still not with us. He could have shuvved that 14 inch cock down Hillary’s throat and shut the old cunt up. Better still he could have choked the old cunt with it.

    • If said cock did happen to venture thus, I think all its associated pox’s and germ’s would have fled for their lives, a cure for STD’s perhaps, though doubtful if it would do much for your mental wellbeing

  15. While we’re on the subject of lefty, corrupt bitches, did anybody see the story about the Labour candidate for Poplar in East Landan, a woman called Apsana Begum (no relation) who erm…acquired a free flat worth £330,000. It’s alright to do this and if you disagree you’re a racist. Piss be upon you.


  16. Can you imagine what her piss stained pant suite gusset smells like?. Rotting vag, fish and Bills late night prostate dribbling.

  17. Hilary Clinton is a cunt, she has been from her early days as a lawyer cackling with laughter over her clever defence of a child abuser.

    Her and Loose Willy are the most dangerous kind of politician, corrupt, immoral and loyal to non domestic agenda. Hilary is too tarnished amongst the voting population to get elected in a straight election, hence the impeachment process. They are not just going after Trump but also Pence, if both of them are impeached next in line to be president is the speaker of the senate, one Nancy Pelosi.

    Pelosi would be able to hand the presidency to Hilary via the next election with the republicans nowhere.

    Hilary Clinton is a cunt and she is on the dark evil end of the cunt scale.

    That Hilary Swinson is also a cunt.

  18. It’s time to nip this in the bud. How did Sloth from the Goonies become the President? It’s simple really. The Democrats put forward the most dishonest, untrustworthy, devious, corrupt and evil woman they could possibly find. The Wicked Witch of the West flip-flopped on so many issues just to get votes. She campaigned under feminism and “female empowerment” while doing dodgy arms deals with some seriously corrupt regimes whose records on women’s rights are truly abhorrent. She claimed to support gay marriage while taking money from the Saudis who throw gays off buildings. She’s also a complete hypocrite – she herself has used racist language in the past that the MSM brushed under the carpet. Then there’s Benghazi and the email scandal that seriously threatened National security. The Republicans could’ve put A DOG against her and won! Finally, just look at how the MSM went after Sloth, like they’ve never gone after anyone before, and INSULTED his supporters, which probably led to more “protest votes” than anything else. He’s not the ideal President, but the alternative would’ve been far far worse……

    • People have a problem with Trump, the main one being he is not at all presidential. He was a believe the least worst option.

      The main reason Trump became president is he spoke to Americans of all status, creeds and colours who want to restore the American way of life that’s being bulldozed by progressives.

      Trump was a sole voice for real conservative values, values which are shared by a sizeable silent majority.

      It’s never been about race and I don’t believe Trump is a racist, he’s a businessman and he’s selling his version of America, Hilary and co like many of our own politicians with radical progressive agendas are unable to understand that people don’t want a state built and enforced utopia, people want to be free to succeed or fail on their own merit, the welfare state pays people subsistence income to stay on the floor.

      It’s a real shame that it takes a Trump to push back against the global Marxist agenda, America and the Worid desperately needs a strong conservative president but the progressive agenda is so embedded career politicians will never question it, let alone push it back.

      • The very word ‘Conservative’ is s burden. It makes it hard to ‘go foward’ if you’re about conserving. I mean people go into politics to change things. Conservatives go into to it to make sure things stay the same. Simplified this. There was a pathetic sounding attempt years ago ‘Compassionate Conservatism’. But that just consolidated the impression that Conservatives were naturally compasssionless.
        Why not The Progressive Conservative Party?

      • What’s wrong with conserving?

        Conserve our rights
        Conserve our identity and culture

        Conserving the core morality and core identity in the midst of progression is where the conservatives need to be.

        Progressiveness is globalism and drag queen story hour, they can keep it.

  19. Change of subject. Watching QT interviews of party leaders this evening –
    Questions from Scottish audience members have dominated this evening. This is a population of 4.5 million taking place in Yorkshire which has a pop. of 5.5 million. Fuck off Scotland and take your 9.5 billion deficit with you.

  20. I’d like to have a filthy threesome with the ol’ milf and her slutty daughter.
    I can feel the sap rising in my throbbing member just thinking about how good their bummoles taste.

  21. Apart from University Libraries (to further indoctrinate students no doubt) who in their right mind would buy the book, I wouldn’t even wipe my arse with it

  22. The Clintons have been to a lot of funerals. A few associates who departed unexpectedly…..

  23. Chelsea phones her Dad and as soon as she hears his voice she goes off on one:
    “Oh My God! I’m pregnant again!
    I can’t have a baby now, it’ll ruin my career. I can’t get rid of it, if the media find out they’ll crucify me. What am I gonna do?”
    There’s a long pause and Bill says “ who are you and how much do you want?”

  24. Like a coldsore this anal wart virus in human form will never go away. Not now that Soros and his chums – of which she is one – are guzzling down Adrenochrome. This bitchcunt is steeped in it up to the highest level – her foundation trafficking kids from Haiti, their lawyer being found guilty of it; her chums the Podestas, their extremely dodgy artwork, their friendship with Clement Freud; Freud’s random striking up a friendship with the McCunts; Maddy having the same extremely rare eye defect as Soros, Coloboma, and the Alefantis queen having an Instragram full of pictures of a little girl called “Caris” which is the acronym of the association for people with that defect; her mysterious Stepfordian-wife breakdowns on stage in the middle of her rallying. Her husband’s multiple trips to Epstein’s island.

    DEMON. Killary CLIT-OFF – which is what this raging closet pedo lezzer gets wet on seeing done to young girls, hence her support of eye slime.



    Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein, Sanders, Biden… all in it up to their turkey necks.

      • I did when some whit on YT did over Halifax “James”‘s ‘woke up this morning feeling fine”… to be run over by a minibus. Sadly it appears to have been erased from ‘ter net. Too much fun one guesses.

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