Angela Merkel (10)

A blue and gold flag-waving cunting please for that festering heap of flyblown filth, Frau Merkel.

Yet another fading star of the EU, who appears to have taken over the bullying today from Irish Pansy, Leo Varadkar. They take it in turns, don’t they?. I suppose piss-artist Juncker is sleeping off his latest piss-up, so he is holding the coats while they all line up to take a swipe. I think it was Tusk’s turn yesterday. A couple of weeks ago it was that little cunt from Luxembourg, who is so forgettable, I doubt many remember his name – I don’t, and can’t be bothered to look it up.

We all know the EU is a corrupt body of charlatan bastards, but just who is supposed to be conducting these negotiations?. Thanks to the “Benn Act” (of gross surrender) they know they only have to play silly-cunts till the end of the month.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs

84 thoughts on “Angela Merkel (10)

  1. Don’t forget the long term EU ambitions of having all African countries in the EU ’empire’. Guy de Wotsdat has said as much. Utterly terrifying.

    And Obersturmbannf├╝hrer von Mutter Merkel has played her part in the shaping of the demise of the West as we know it. Bitch got her Kalergi prize as we all know.

    Good grief I would crowd fund an assassination. Can that be a thing? Maybe its on the dark web already but I’m too scared to go there.

    • Apologies, this was supposed to post in reply to Lord Cuntingdon’s query about HCN, right at the top…

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