Vegan Shock Troops

A bunch of hippy, vegan, workshy cunts went into a Pizza Express in Brighton (where else) the other day and started shouting about animal rights and accusing the customers of murder and all that shit. Some slag got a dig from some bloke…one of the customers, I presume. Isn’t it bad enough that your idea of a good night out is Pizza fucking Express without having it ruined by a bunch of total cunts?

I’d like to see these fucking heroes come down my local Kebab shop and tell Abdul and his mates that they are murdering fucking bastards.

Ain’t gonna happen is it?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

97 thoughts on “Vegan Shock Troops

  1. According to their website, they’re against ‘speciesism’.
    According to IsAC, we’re against cuntism, so this bunch of loony tunes can take a long run of a short pier.
    What a load of toss.

      • One species oppressing another Mr Spoons. But they don’t go on about the lion oppressing the antelope or the cheetah persecuting the gazelle or the kestrel having it in for the water vole or the anteater attempts to exterminate ants!


  2. What the fuck are Lloyd’s bank playing at with their latest advert.
    Some Black horse (very PC) showing it’s younger offspring the ways and how to be a horse…whilst some shit song plays which lyrics consist of ‘I will look after you’.
    Lloyd’s were really looking after me when they decided to charge me for using my card abroad.
    Got the money back but that’s not the point.
    They are cunts.

    • Oi! Love that advert!
      Im not exactly Malcolm x when it comes to black rights, but that little foal an his mum?
      Melts my heart!
      Which is odd because watching ‘the world at war?’
      ..laughing and eating crisps!

  3. Would have thought there was plenty of meat being eaten/swallowed in Brighton though not in the normal sense of the word, don’t suppose they were protesting against gay rights do you?, you are very very naughty girls, teacher might have to place you in detention

  4. Julia Hartley-Brewer on Remoaner Question Time tonight. Be prepared for furious , weeping remoaners in the “neutral” BBC audience. 😁🇬🇧

  5. I’ve just sent John redwood a Stern email about his duty to the country.

  6. I’ve just signed up for the people’s vote website as allu ackbar. Alot of the planned protests have people moaning that they can’t get a flight in because the protest was meant to be on the whatever date. I fucking kid you not.

    • You should sign up for it. Just to look at the fucking bullshit these cunts are up to.

  7. Fuck me people, more I go into this people’s vote website, the better it gets. They fucking argue about anything. For example. ‘ive spent £277 booking a premier in non cancellation as did not think it would change why would we think that? I’m so cross.

  8. I would give that blonde sort some meat off the bone. A cock coshing about the face and Spray her in man fat .

  9. If the world is overpopulated, we need Fat Barsteward from the Austin Powers film. He eats babies.

  10. That Labour MP on Question Time needs a good pounding, she is deluded and needs a good fuck to sort her head out. Her bloke is probably some soy boy vegan cunt and doesn’t have the power to give her what she wants.

  11. Brighton is Libtard central, populated by gay men and frustrated women. Home of caroline lucas ex leader of the green party. Pizza express struggling financially and these SJWs are putting another nail in the cofffin with these protests. The people who work for Pizza express need a job, the customers want food. We are allowed to eat meat, and you cannot decide that we shouldn’t.

    Just had a thought, we can have a libtard meat feast pizza and the world won’t miss the lil snowflakes. and there will be less oxygen thives too. Its a win win win

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