Angela Merkel (10)

A blue and gold flag-waving cunting please for that festering heap of flyblown filth, Frau Merkel.

Yet another fading star of the EU, who appears to have taken over the bullying today from Irish Pansy, Leo Varadkar. They take it in turns, don’t they?. I suppose piss-artist Juncker is sleeping off his latest piss-up, so he is holding the coats while they all line up to take a swipe. I think it was Tusk’s turn yesterday. A couple of weeks ago it was that little cunt from Luxembourg, who is so forgettable, I doubt many remember his name – I don’t, and can’t be bothered to look it up.

We all know the EU is a corrupt body of charlatan bastards, but just who is supposed to be conducting these negotiations?. Thanks to the “Benn Act” (of gross surrender) they know they only have to play silly-cunts till the end of the month.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs

84 thoughts on “Angela Merkel (10)

  1. This woman can NEVER be cunted enough.

    For her contribution on the world political stage, she deserves to have her respiratory system thoroughly percolated with HCN.

    I hope she gets tatmacked over by europikeys.

  2. One day the Germans will realise they have been educated from birth to be pro EU and live in self loathing.

  3. The more Herr Merkel’s influence within the Reich begins to subside, the more she coughs, splutters, stumbles, and exits her Volksvagen resembling Jûncker after a liquid lunch.

    Fun Fact: Volsvagen was an idea by old Adolf himself.

    • And if wasn’t for a British Army Major getting it back on its feet after the war, they’d be fucking nowhere. Ungrateful cunts.

      When we won the war, we should have taken 30% shares in all their industry and made them drive on the left.

      • Great idea about the shares, Lord C but I have to disagree with forcing Jerry to drive on the correct side as we’d have ended up with millions of the Bosch fuckers over here as we do from other countries we attempted to civilise.

      • I’m outraged, I paid £277 for hotel and 12 quid for flights to protest on this website. Fuck me. LISTEN TO MEEE

  4. I’ll give any of my fellow cunters £100 if they can spend a weekend with Merky and Flabbott in a 48hr sex-orgy, no holds barred – every depravity and indignity that would put even he Marquis de Sade to shame (photos for evidence)

    • Salvador Dali would have been your man for that hanky-panky. Apparently before having it off with his wife Gala for the first time he rubbed himself all over in an ointment of goats dung and glue. He said this in his autobiography *The Secret Life of Salvador Dali”. I am sure Adolf Merkel would find this highly arousing – Diane would be too busy with her family bucket. I would volunteer to crack the cat-o-nine-tails over her flabby arse though.

    • Fresh from admitting on spearate threads that I’ve managed to crack one off to Anne Diamond, Christine Hamilton, Eunice Huthart and Lily Savage, I could not for one moment even contemplate either Flabbot or Merkel on anything remotely sexual.

      Both cunts are just amorphous lumps of lard with absolutely zero sexual appeal. You can add abominations like Emily Thornberry to that list, too.

      • You mean to say that if the lovely Emily was standing in your bedroom wearing only a big grin and a small G-String hoarsely whispering “Take me..take me” in that rich baritone voice, you would not be tempted?.

        Strange. Neither would I.

      • “You mean to say that if the lovely Emily was standing in your bedroom wearing only a big grin and a small G-String hoarsely whispering “Take me..take me” in that rich baritone voice, you would not be tempted?”

        The only temptation I would have at that moment would be to reach for my harpoon gun and ask my Japanese associates how much they would pay for some prime blubber.

      • Only politically related bird I ever thought of in that way is Samantha Cameron… Oh, and Priti Patel as well…

        Is the rumour true that some daft cunt bought a pair of Eva Braun’s knickers at an auction?… Now that would be a Neo Nazi shrine… Cracking one off while sniffing the stains of the Fuhrer’s Mrs….

      • Yes. They cost £3000. I have a theory that Himmler-Adonis has them in his bunker and is stitching some frilly lace on to them so he will look even more attractive when he goes dogging.

      • Didn’t some twat buy his bunker toilet seat as well?
        “Just off for a shit Dear. It may take ein zousand years…”

      • They’re in Fiddler’s inner sanctum. He owned up to it on this venerable site.
        They’ll be in a right state now.
        He’s a fucking disgrace.
        Get To Fuck.

      • If you’re proposing an orgy with the Flabbotasaurus and Merkel then I’m calling the RSPCA for cruelty.

        Against the poor feller, naturally.

  5. “For you pig-dogs to Brexit, vee vill annexe Northern Ireland. Until that time vee vill continue to impose extensions. Northern Ireland is historically a part of the 4th Reich.”

    (Angela Merkel, uberfrumpenfuhrer)

    • There hasn’t been a border in Ireland for fucking years. I used to shag a coppers wife from Monaghan till he stabbed her up a bit. I got the message.

  6. It’s understandable that Sturmbannfuhrer Merkel and her collaborators are going out of their way to give us a hard time. They’re sending a message to every country in the EU – this is the kind of trouble you can expect if you get any ideas about leaving. It’s part of the human condition, the need to control others, and the more power they achieve, the more they need.

  7. Still love that footage of Trump sitting next to her, blatantly not interested in acknowledging that the rotten old cunt even exists.

    • Or the way Putin used to always let his dog sniff her despite her being terrified of them.

      • I know it’s wrong, but I wouldn’t mind letting Putin sniff my crotch. Something about his botoxed-to-buggery face and dead behind the eyes glare makes me wetter than an otter’s pocket. But, in all seriousness, I must admit I do still find it funny that he did that with his dog – fuck sisterhood.

  8. Wasn’t this bitch having public shaking fits a few months ago? I was hoping she was going to snuff it but the fucking old Nazi is still here, being a cunt. Will always be remembered for allowing a million goatshaggers into the Fatherland and fucking it up for ever. Another good reason to get out of the EU before those “citizens” rock up here.

  9. Fuhrer Merkel is already suffering the very public tremors of guilt and shame for selling the soul of Germany to the immigrant invasion she thought would win her the Nobel Peace prize. No matter what medical treatment she is receiving behind closed doors for those tremors, it will never wash the blood of all the dead Germans murdered by those ‘mentally ill lone wolf/s’ from her hands.

    She says a deal is “unlikely”, then let us all rejoice, as given the above you can guess what would be coming next if sooner or later if the Fuhrer gets her way!

    When all this has played out she will be as hated and reviled as Hitler throughout the Western world and consigned to the history books as the mentally ill rabid dictator she is!

  10. The DDR should never have removed it’s anti – fascist protection barrier.

  11. Angela Merkel arrives at the Passport Control at Heathrow Airport.

    “Nationality ? ” asks the immigration officer. “German,” she replies. “Occupation?” “No, just here for a few days.”

  12. Is it just me or is every fucking major news outlet covering some kind of ‘Wag War’ between a bunch of vacuous cock-gobbling leeches?

    It seems to involve Rebekah ‘bury me in a y-shaped coffin’ Vardy. Even the mere act of typing her name makes me feel as though I should visit the clap clinic, just to be sure.

  13. She and her chums were eminently fuckable in their youth ( if the photo is genuine ) but I wouldn’t shag her now……well…nah not really .

  14. Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris had the answer to uppity kraut cunts, we shouldn’t have stopped when they surrendered in 1945.
    A couple of nice juicy atom bombs dropped on Germany would have saved us the indignation of being spoken down to, by this hideous cunt.

  15. Off topic, but there’s a rumour that Greta Cuntberg will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow. What a fucking joke.

    • They gave it to Barry Obummer, so no surprise there as they have a record of cuntitude.

      • Yes – the Noble Committee has been on Libtard hallucinogenic drugs for too long now – hence the decision to award it to Bob Dylan a few years ago. But even he is a worthier recipient than previous winners the EU and Obummer.

      • That’s Fake News MMNDM (pp)!

        Dylan was not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

        He got the Nobel Prize for Literature.

      • I stand corrected RTC. Occurs to me we should have our own Noble Cunt Prize. There’s no shortage of worthy candidates.

    • I reckon Thunderbirds is a nailed on certainty. The libtards will be gushing all over the place.

      • I think I’ll stay in bed tomorrow. I don’t think I could stand another day of Libtard triumphalism.

    • She must be busy at the moment building a replica of the kon-tiki to get back home.
      She needs to get a move on, only taking one year off school, time is ticking.

      • Back in the summer the little Swedish cunt got the GQ Man of Year Award as well!! Although to be honest she’s probably got more testosterone than the soy boys that edit GQ.

  16. Never trust a Kraut. How many times do they have to fuck us over before we learn the lesson?

  17. Erdogan has said he will open the gates and let 3.6 million refugees head for Europe if the EU don’t shut the fuck up!

    What have you got to say about that Merkel you cunt!

  18. I’m surprised the snackbars haven’t joined Extinction Rebellion… Considering how easily these cunts have glued themselves to a plane etc and been able to mess up City Airport the snackbars must be laughing at our pathetic security. If I was in that plane and that cunt wandered on lecturing me about flying he would have ended up flying out the open or into the shut door…I then see the Police wander in a talk to the cunt. They should have tasered him and then give him a few kicks in the bollocks. The cunt.

      • Totally unrealistic proposals by these cunts. I saw Andrew Neil the other day dismantle some stupid cow on his show, they want us to be carbon neutral in 5 years.
        I suppose we could heat our home’s by burning all that plastic we use.
        Extinction Rebellion seems like an excuse for these generally jobless, anarchist, vegan, wankers to get together. No doubt commie Corbyn being Labour leader has made them believe we’re on the verge of political change. They can go fuck themselves.

      • I saw that interview B&WC.

        The dippy cow was defending an Extinction Rebellion statement that suggested if we don’t go carbon neutral by 2025 (which would mean banning all petrol cars, air travel, gas fired boilers and cookers) “BILLIONS of people will die and ALL our children will be dead within 20 years.”

        She was the spitting image of Daria (from Beavis and Butthead).

      • #meeeeetoooo

        And whilst I found it hard to take her seriously it/them/they lost all credibility when them/they’s name flashed up as ‘Zion Lights’

        Genuinely where do you start on this/they/them specimen.

        I want to laugh, really really belly laugh at the clown but Im struck by the notion it’s Zion Lights (😂😂😂😂😂😂) that gets an audience with the brilliant Andrew O‘Niell and not
        Me so maybe it’s me that’s the cunt?

        But I doubt it.

  19. You cant blame Merkel or the EU. We are an important market and net contributor. They don’t want us to leave. The blame lies with Mavis’s complete lack of negotiation and now the EU allies in parliament taking away any negotiation fall back. Merkel can only take this stance thanks to them.
    It is the London Establishment and the cunts that line up with it that is the enemy.

  20. Oh, come on, Admin. It scanned and rhymed and contained no reference to seminal fluid. A moderation too far IMO.

    The machine moderates, we fix it, I was busy wanking over the Merkel porn link.

  21. Has anyone noticed that it has now become a charming and wholesome menage-a-trois between Merkel, Verruca and Tusk, with Macron conspicuous by his silence in recent times. What’s that all abaaaat ??

    It’s about time Merkel just fucked right off.

  22. From the Grauniad “UK looks likely to avoid recession despite Brexit chaos”

    A classic of its cuntish kind.

  23. Just heard the news, Boris must have given the T-Shirt (after lifting his T shirt) a dammed good arse fucking, looks like they are in love now.

    Perhaps Bojo has caved in like the Maybott.

  24. De Swiss have no ‘ard bordeers so why shud ireland – fuck off you silly fat cunt – and you are ugly too – lardarse

  25. Mts Merkel will be shaking like a shitting dog after 31st October but not because of Brexit, because she has Parkinson’s. Poor old fruit.

  26. Jerry is oft referred to as boxheads, but angie babes has truly excelled in looking the part may I suggest that a nazi eugenics team is still operating in the Farterland, surely nothing looking like that joyless, vacuous specimen could be a result of natural copulation. By the way Bomber Harris one of my hero’s don’t suppose the plod ever made an arrest of the scum who defaced the Bomber Command Memorial, cunt’s

  27. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms is what it looked like when she was on the TV a few months ago…a bad case, maybe even the DTs

    No idea if she drinks so this is only an observation of course.

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