Tess Thompson Talley

Trophy Hunters are cunts, aren’t they?

The latest wealthy American with a turd-chewing grin hugging the corpse of a freshly-murdered animal and churning out the “preservation” clichés is Tess Thompson Talley a trophy hunter cunt from Texas. She posed with a rare black giraffe’s still-twitching body and has been prattling the same, tired “culling” excuses these murdering wingnuts usually do.

While justifying her odious behaviour and coming across as a tad unevolved on her recent CBS interview, she gibbered about making pillow cases and a gun holder from the carcass. Having butchered rare animals, she now massacres the English language and “thaanks Gaaad”. Right.

Despite there being fewer than 100,000 giraffes in the wild in Africa and the iconic species having imperiled status, she shot the 4,000lb animal on a hunting trip in South Africa in 2017. Wreathed in smiles, the wretched cunt gabbered “I am proud of that giraffe. I have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them.”

By ethnically-cleansing wildlife, this bleached-toothed cunt wants to ‘harvest’ these rare animals because “like…there is tons of people waiting to be fed by him” which still doesn’t describe the photos on social media of her hugging warm corpses while laughing like a drain.

Ironically, this slaying loudmouth ends by expressing her anger because of receiving death threats on-line. Perhaps the shitty cunt shouldn’t brutally terminate innocent animals’ lives then!

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86 thoughts on “Tess Thompson Talley

  1. Not a fan of trophy hunters or those who kill animals for sport. Biggest attention seeking cunts on the planet and the ones who kill endangered species are fucking evil Novichok the bastards

    • Just shoot this evil bitch & mount her head on a fucking spike. Fucking Cunt not worth fucking – hag !

  2. The only animal that should be wiped out is the Polar Bear. These evil cunts will pick up a scent, track, hunt, kill and eat man. Giraffes are no threat so leave em. Fucking Polar bears are the problem folks!

    • Forget you, you white bear hating cunt also why no equal hate for black bears? Oh thats right your black

      Bears don’t even eat humans you deluded cunt thats a myth thats bears are man eaters. Bears don’t eat humans, the times they do kill humans they very rarely ever eat them. Bears only want berries, fish and honey

      • What if somebody has just had a rather good meal of berries, fish and honey? It’s a one-pot meal for the bear, conveniently wrapped in a meaty bag.

  3. I’m not sure about this. If these animals need to be “culled” then why not make money out of rich Yank cunts? The trouble is we see these magnificent wild animals while Africans, with their arse hanging out of their strides, see money and food. That’s the difference.
    I have no idea why these animals need to be killed I just assume that cunts like Attenborough know what they’re talking about. Yes, it’s sickening to see rich cunts crowing and bragging about shooting defenceless animals but they are always crowing and bragging about something the fucking cunts.
    A much better target would be zoos in my opinion. A couple of years ago I went to London zoo, first time i’ve been to a zoo for donkeys years. Most of it made me sick to my stomach. Close the fuckers down I say.

    • My understanding is that some animals are marked for culling, trackers bring the rich person to said animal, they shoot it, locals get the meat and the park takes a nice big fee to keep going.
      I was thinking of starting a similar venture in the Ukraine, “Sniper for a day” give me a shit load of money, I will sort out a days enlistment in a formation for you, we take you down the line and you get to kill as many people as you like.

      Locals wouldn’t let me though

  4. Seriously fuck this humid heat right in the bumhole this weather has totally fucked my sleeping patterns. Up all night long sleep all afternoon, up at evening and back again. Fall weather can’t come quick enough for me

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Give me 10ºC all year round and I would be a very fucking happy man.

    • Summers in Scotland get a bad rep but rarely might it get warm enough to disrupt sleep.

  5. Nasty bitch of the highest order.
    And how she justifies such senseless killing is nauseating.
    I wonder if we could capture her and her ilk and get Mr Fiddler to organise a hunt across the Northumberland countryside ?
    We could give her a head start of say 5 minutes then unleash the dogs and beaters , chase her down and let the dogs tear her apart.
    We could then let the horses drag her corpse through the village and end up a the local pub for lunch and a photo shoot , grinning while standing on her wretched corpse holding up a glass of Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru 1949 payed for by her debit card.
    What say you Dick Fiddler ?

  6. Julian Fennesy of The Giraffe Conservation Foundation made a couple of interesting remarks regarding this case….
    ” the photo is of the South African species which are not rare…they’re increasing in the wild”
    “legal hunting of giraffe is not a reason for their decline,despite the moral and ethical question”

    “Prattling the same tired culling excuses”,doesn’t make those excuses wrong. There is a place for culling. However much the naive may wish that all the cute fluffy animals should all just be able to live together in harmony free from Man’s wicked interference is the stuff of Disney cartoons,I’m afraid. Animals,both in the wild and domestic need managing,both for their own good and (horror of horrors”) Man’s good.
    This revolting woman legally shot this giraffe. If the money that she paid to kill it is used to help ensure the protection of other animals,well,unfortunately,that’s the way that life is. The animal would be just as dead whether shot by her or a Ranger, it was a legal cull,so it was always going to happen.

    No argument that she is a Cunt. She is a boorish,crass Cunt.

    • Your absolutely right DF
      I agree that their has to be a culling of certain creatures and we can’t let sentiment stand in the way of it.
      My anger is directed squarely at this Yank Bitch , she’s like a lot of American women I have met , everything is trivialised, vulgar .

    • You’re right, it’s the way she narcissistically glorifies herself at the expense of the dead animal, rather than regarding it as a necessary evil, that boils my blood.

  7. The OP uses the word ‘murder’ a lot in his polemics. This giraffe is ‘a freshly murdered animal’. The fox is ‘mudered’ at a fox hunt. Or the bull is ‘murdered’ in the bullring. I just wonder at the use of that word.

    • I don’t have any problem applying the word to an act of deliberately killing something and that includes animals. Culling is murder for the reason of sustainability and I just wish that humans were on that fucking list.

    • Technically you’re correct Miles. The dictionary definition of murder is:

      “The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.”

  8. Can we put Dianne Abbott and David Lammy up to be hunted?

    You would need a fucking big gun….

    Good morning.

    Free Tommy!

    • This braindead yank ‘look at me!’ Type is bound to come unstuck sooner or later, just hope its agonizing, and in her final moments shes alone with no one to help her.
      Free Tommy!

    • They caught Lammy, Krav. But he escaped and climbed the empire state building.

    • Excellent idea.
      My recommendation for hunting the common garden abbopotomous would be grenades disguised as chiggun…..

      They always fall for it.

    • You wouldn’t have to be much of a marksman to hit Flabbott. Unless you were trying to hit her brain.

    • ‘..You would need a fucking big gun….’

      I’ve always liked these buggers…though I never had the pleasure of firing one (seriously, what sort of sadist would give the obviously deranged 19 year old me one of these fine toys loaded with a live HEAT round, only then to tell me I can’t fucking fire it?, my poor trigger finger was so bloody itchy that day..I almost went ‘fuck it..’ )

      • Fucking horrible piece of shit, had one myself.
        note of interest the instructor was missing his lower two fingers, training a gunner he put his hand over the venturi to steady it after he had given the gunner the helmet tap (your loaded fire)
        Gunner fires paff go fingers.

  9. The main reason this grates so much, is the fact that she stands by it’s corpse grinning like a Cheshire Cat, like she’s achieved something. She hasn’t. She’s killed an animal with a gun. If I blasted her with a gun and stood by her corpse, grinning, it would be wrong. So is this.

    Thinks she’s great. If animal numbers need to be controlled they can be without the need for ‘trophy hunters’ to stand over them. She’s a show off bitch and a cunt to boot.

  10. What an absolute cunt, if I could afford it I think I would make it my pass time to hunt that’s like these and have them stuffed, fucikng hell I could make a more effective government than we have now out of these backy chewing hillbilly ,inbred Yanks, they deserve it…

  11. Seeing how the population in Africa is booming so much (Ethiopia from 79m to 109m in 12 years) and we need to clean up the environment, we are probably trophy hunting the wrong species.

    • Few years back AIDS was supposed to be wiping out the population of Africa, now the population is increasing dramatically year by year. Some creative accounting by the aid charities? Wish the libtard cunts would make their minds up.

      • Aye, we were told the Big A was going to wipe out the dark continent… But now every town centre in Blighty is full of the fuckers… The Somalian lot being the (cough) ‘cream’ of the crop (I mean cunts)….

      • I feel cheated!! Promised millions dead in Africa, and instead took kenny Everett! I liked kenny and for his return would gladly swap for the entire population of africa. Who do i complain too?

  12. Hardly fucking sporting is it? The shit eating mom’s apple pie cunt has a rifle on a tripod with sights. The giraffe is hardly a difficult target given it will walk fairly near without being spooked.

    It would be fun to hunt her. A bit like the old Jean Claude Van Damme film, Hard Target. Give her a 10 min head start on foot before releasing the armed gimps in cars and on motorbikes.

    • Agreed these hunting freaks, in a over poulated world, could do something green and hunt mboko or xjing po, even muhammad, plenty to choose from, and eases your carbon footprint!

    • It’s that ol’ frontier spirit which made America great ™., Paul. The dauntless adventurers who, um, flew first class from Dallas to a luxury safari lodge, and transferred in an armoured Humvee to where the native guide had radioed the position of their savage herbivorous quarry, took aim from 100 yards with their CZ550 .375 (“causes surprisingly little damage to the hide”) and courageously killed the brute as it was threateningly grazing. Then selfies, magisterial instructions to the native guide….”ewww…wait until I’ve gone before you gut it!” and back to the safari lodge for a raucous night among your fellow ‘hunters’. Cunts

      Not a bit like stalking deer for the cull in the Highlands, or even ghillying* for a toff. I know, I’ve done those. No waving and cheering.

      *Carrying the rifle for the cunt while you guide him into position, essentially. And in the old days the toff generally knew what he was doing.

    • There’s something in the collective american psyche that motivates them to act like total cunts and then with almost complete absence of self-awareness glorify themselves in that plastic smiley fake teeth perception of cosmetic perfection as if they’ve actually achieved something. She’s almost as bad as this cunt:


  13. The animal kingdom if left alone is self regulating. The only species that really needs regulating is humans.

  14. South Africa?

    Plenty of examples of debased and degenerate Kuhns killing white farmers – the very people who are feeding them.

    Find it hard to get upset at her killing a fucking giraffe when shit like that is going on.

    And if the baboons do manage to kill off productive agriculture, if they don’t start on the giraffes and everything else, I’m sure their new Chinese overlords will, for “traditional medicine”.

    In the pantheon of cuntitude, this silly woman doesn’t even register!

  15. I hate fucking Attenborough anthropomorphising animals the whole time -all about the ’emotions’ they have their ‘loyalty’ to a mate their ‘courage’ in a fight their ‘intelligence’ in the choices they make their ‘setting out on a journey’ when migrating. Oh fuck off. Its just instinct.

    • Humans are animals too Miles. They’re just more intelligent, that’s all. Or some of us are.

      • Morning RT.

        So we are animals too. A naked ape. OK let’s find something…say…the Empire State building in New York…now real apes ( you would agree?) couldn’t build the Empire State could they? They couldn’t even get to the first floor, they couldn’t even lay the foundations, they couldn’t even start to lay the foundations. The couldn’t start because they have no conception what it is to start something. They are apes. And we are the same as them you are saying.

      • Morning Miles. Yes, I am essentially saying that.

        It’s our disproportionate intelligence that has enabled us to conceive of and build stuff like the Empire State Building.

        Evolutionary speaking, we got lucky. Unless of course you’re a creationist, in which case nothing I can say will ever convince you.

      • Why did one species that was supposedly the same as all the reset ‘randomly’ develop intelligence while other species have been the same for millions of years with almost no evolutionary progress whatsoever? Surely all species would be evolving in the same direction, towards humanoid characteristics, if we were all the same.

      • I read that, took a look round my workplace, customers and employees.
        I dont think we are all going in the same direction and I am disturbed that the natural order has been upset to the extent that some of our species who should have died long ago are protected and preserved.

  16. Ostentatious displays of wealth are always crass, vulgar and a sign of poor breeding, compare the Japanese royals or even the Norwegians to the other oil rich ones.
    As for culling, which here is required due to higher than natural levels of food and water available(though small vermin, cats rabbits, foxes are fair game) it should only be performed by registered shooters ( A poor shot will cause unnecessary suffering for a roo, pig or camel).
    Canned hunts help preserve a species, contribute to the local economy of undeveloped countries and provide a better though shorter life for the beasts than languishing in a zoo.

    • Err excuse me you inbred convict piece of shit cats and foxes, rabbits are not “vermin” the only fucking foreign vermin are scum like you who we dumped on your shit desert island 200 years ago and the yank parasite in this nom. Britain should use australia as an ICBM testing ground, nothing of worth would be lost anyway, fucking stupid backwards yank-boot licking cunts.

  17. I remember when oirish gob shite Geldorf was getting everyone to send their money to Ethiopia.
    What got me was that these sand dwellers were living in dire poverty, quite literally starving to death but all the women were still heavily pregnant ?

    • Starving to death, can hardly move, malnutrition stripping yer bones clean, lets have a baby!

  18. Anyway where is the sport in shooting something from half a mile away, this cunt should have a swiss army knife and try and do it by hand, now that’s adrenalin pumping sport, I would even pay to watch the cunt get kicked to kingdom come by a huge male giraffe, that would make my day.

  19. Come and see the lions of Longleat they said. So we did.

    What do lions do for twenty hours a day?…..they sleep.
    Fucking shite….

  20. I don’t give a fuck for arguments pro and con culling and hunting. This shit turns my stomach just like the scum who come here from Yorkshire to course hares. It is not sport it is depravity.

  21. I hope she dies from a terminal illness, not a quick one but long and drawn out so her family gets to enjoy it.

    I detest the very atoms she is made from.

  22. A Chauffeur drives her to the airport. She flies first class to the country. She stays in a top hotel with high cuisine and air conditioning. She is driven to a place where she can take a safe shot. She is pictured next to the corpse. She is a cunt.

  23. I’d like to hunt her, then we can enjoy HER pillows…..
    Then I’d have her stuffed *aherm*.

  24. I dunno, I’d give her a couple of shots from my pink shotgun!

    Hmmm, sorry, is that transphobic this week? Or is it waycist? I never know in clown world.

  25. Remember that fucking American dentist cunt who shot that poor defenceless lion.

    The photo with him and the slain creature was sickening. Really hope with all the guns on America he would have been taken out of the equation by now.

    Value animals over most humans.

  26. And Willie, my friend. I value pretty much all animal’s over humans. 🐒🐕🐈🐆🐖🐫🐏🦏🐘🦔🐿🐇🐼🐓🐧🐦🐥🦉🐊🐳🐬🦀🦋🦈🦅🐻🐁🐅

  27. It’s the smug arrogance of these cunts that I fucking hate.
    There’s no skill involved whatsoever. Basically a bunch of Kaff Ears catch the hapless beast and tie it to a tree or worse still,chuck it in a cage so all the fat sweaty redneck cunts can shoot them at point- blank range.
    They then go on cuntstagram or faecesbook with their sickening gurning smiles saying,
    ” Look at me, the big-game hunter. Aren’t I fucking brave?” whilst concealing the powder burns surrounding the entry wound!

    Y’all have a nice day now.
    Fuck off

    • I don’t understand how these people can imagine that they’ve actually achieved something. There aren’t words to describe how much I loathe them.

  28. First thing I’d do is wipe that smile off her face. Then I’d do some hunting of my own.
    Sick of these filthy scum whether they’re rich or poor, whether they’re Yanks or otherwise. They wouldn’t be grinning like idiots if I had my way.

  29. Anyone called Tess Tosspot Thompson Titrash Talley just has to be a bona fide authentic deluxe cunt…

  30. I’m not sure who’s condition is more miserable, Geoff Giraffe’s or Bwana’s.

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