I know this nom probably won’t attract too many votes, but all the same it still pisses me off at how libraries have turned into doss houses for drunks, druggies, annoyingly loud students, scumbags, mothers with babies, and other lowlife socially irresponsible cunts who seem to think a library is a place to chill out with your mates and be as loud and irritating as possible!

Public libraries are already in short supply across the country as it is, and yet trying to sit down at a table to read something important and/or beneficial towards one’s career hopes seems to be a dying trend given the cunts who just sit around, checking their phones and being as noisy as fucking possible.

Here in Birmingham, we have a new £200m central library; absolutely awesome place. And yet it has become a magnet for every cunt under the sun to slob around with little or no intention of using the library as a place knowledge. And yet the library security just sit on their arses and do fuck all about it.

Is nothing sacred in this shitty world in which we live?

Nominated by NoCuntForOldMen

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  1. Make the cunts do a reading test on entry. If they can’t do it tell them to get to fuck.

  2. A Study of Reading Habits by Philip Larkin

    When getting my nose in a book
    Cured most things short of school,
    It was worth ruining my eyes
    To know I could still keep cool,
    And deal out the old right hook
    To dirty dogs twice my size.

    Later, with inch-thick specs,
    Evil was just my lark:
    Me and my coat and fangs
    Had ripping times in the dark.
    The women I clubbed with sex!
    I broke them up like meringues.

    Don’t read much now: the dude
    Who lets the girl down before
    The hero arrives, the chap
    Who’s yellow and keeps the store
    Seem far too familiar. Get stewed:
    Books are a load of crap.

  3. There’s a fairly decent local library a few miles from me. I havent been in for years because i need near-silence to read something worthwhile. I dont need the young mums chatting, even if i do get to see their blouse-filling cleavages from the upper floor.

    • Shocking they’ll allow pakistani cunts to chat on their phones but not allow me to quietly photograph milf cleavage from the balcony. Bastards.

  4. They have rejigged our library and separated the books from the cunts. As a regular user this is a great improvement.

  5. A really good and thought-provoking nomination.

    I largely agree with you, NCFOM. Libraries were devalued as early as the 2000s, when they became places for IT and computer use. As much as libraries now seemingly are intertwined with embracing internet use and IT-related matters, I personally believe they have gone too far and have totally warped the concept of what a library should be.

    That though could arguably be managed by some forward-thinking sharing of educational budgets. But as you state, the modern library does seem to be the hangout for the dregs of society now, and please do not forget the increased needs for the immigrants who need everything under the sun – IT training, interpreter services, language courses to name a few – at their local library.

    The cost of running a library is therefore much more than when it was mainly focusing on books and reference material. And this is why they are such a drain and so tempting for local authorities/central government to close them en masse.

    If there was a practical way of reverting libraries back to their original intention – trim the fat off their services and keep the culturally/historically important aspects of them, then that would be great. Sadly, these places have been forever corrupted and there is in reality no going back. Desperately sad.

    • “A really good and thought-provoking”…comment.
      When I were a lad my granny subscribed to Boots’ library. Yes, the dodgy High Street exploiter of labour was once a respectable chemist, which operated a book-lending service at minimal but direct cost to the consumer. With the demise of free public libraries, I wonder if there isn’t a market opportunity? If people were actually paying for the service, maybe their respect for others using it would increase. Combined perhaps with an internet cafe in a separate room for those who can’t handle page turning?

    • An exceptionally good narrative, and I agree with it fully.

      Libraries, just like most public service bodies (the NHS, being the obvious one), has been either over-managed, under resourced, suffered drastic cutbacks, or had money thrown at it in areas where it wasn’t needed.

      Despite access to the internet, I don’t believe the majority of people are any more knowledgeable because they know they don’t have to allocate a piece of information to memory any more.

      Just Google it and you’re sorted: libraries are for a different era, regrettably

  6. I used to do work at a library in Brighton. It was full of dossers who knicked anything they could het their hands on.

    • I always hated it when I would find a reference book in the now-closed library from years ago; then refer to the index for the subject I wanted to know about, only to find some cunt had torn out the exact pages I wanted!


    • I remember seeing a chav on the train to Durrington with a copy of Finnegan’s Wake.

  7. I only go to the library to make use of the public access computers and leave the last search page open with….. ‘how to clean spunk from a computer keyboard’….

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with the OP. When I was a young lad, you got thrown out if you so much as coughed. These days libraries seem to be places where people meet for a chat, and the staff do nothing about it.

  9. There used to be loads of internet cafes in the area but have all closed down as a result of libraries offering the same service for free, so at the same time they’re ruining local businesses and the library themselves. Should be a crime to go into a library without a book-reading agenda punishable by a week in bang-up. Zero tolerance on cunts.

  10. My local library has been re-vamped, all shiny and glass windows from floor to ceiling, librarians standing at desks like “welcomers” at a bank, and air-conditioning wafted in. It’s quite wonderful.

    Hardly any books and pay to bring them from other libraries, EastEuros yabbing on their mobiles as if the other cunt was 200 yards away, and beggars washing their feet in the toilet basins.

    The windows are wonderful though.

  11. I reserve a book online for pickup at my local ‘smart’ library. I can go whenever I want from 8 till 8, use my card to gain entry, get my book and pay the fee without ever seeing a person there. Brilliant. I only ever go when it isn’t staffed, it’s deserted.

      • Sadly not anymore. I pay £1 to reserve a book in the county libraries (I live in the suburbs) and £1.50 in the city libraries, because I live in the suburbs. I don’t mind as it’s still way cheaper than buying the book, even 2nd hand.

  12. The Central Library in Manchester is still great… But local ones (ones that are left) are crammed with Dooshka Dooshka cunts shouting their gyppog loudly on Skype or iPhones…. These peg peddling cunts take as many liberties as they can, and English councils let them do it… Ah, fuck ’em all…

  13. All the local libraries near me have closed down over the years. I guess either the internet killed them stone dead; or previous governments did – I mean, let’s face it, libraries are easy targets to be culled by penny pinching Treasuries.

    Nothing is sacred any more: there will always be some cunt who will spoil it for the majority – either a government big-wig, some chav scum, or foreign nationals organising the next drug deal.

  14. If this is only now happening in England, I’m sort of impressed. They were shithouses in the states when I was a kid (very long ago). I remember my mother insisting on following me around and escorting me to the bathroom because of all the shady cunts treating the place like their lounge.

  15. Agree 100% with this nomination. I cunted libraries a few months ago, for pretty much the same reasons. Libraries used to be the one place you could go to read or study in peace.
    Now, full of loud cunts, and that’s just the staff. Screaming kids running around, loud irresponsible parents, loud cunts on phones, and every computer seemingly taken up by foreign students who use the library for free and don’t pay council tax.
    Chess clubs for the kiddiwinks, arts and crafts groups, all in the main library itself, not in a closed room. Might as well just rename it as the local community centre, all cunts welcome.

  16. Top cunting.
    When ah were’t lad, a library was a place of blessed quiet, where you could go to get help with your homework, read the papers or just indulge in the simple pleasure of finding a book to read.
    Our local library isn’t a library anymore, it’s a mixture of community centre, creche, café and internet café. It’s full of rattling old biddies bussed in for tea and biscuits, Eastern Europeans hogging the computers, ned cunts on mobiles, screaming kids, and a fair number of types who look as though they should be in detox or the slammer.
    Thanks to local authorities up and down the country. You’re doing a fucking great job.
    PS. Any chance that you might get some fucking books in again sometime?

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