Ursula Von der Leyen

An Ode To Joy Kraut cunting please for Juncker’s successor, for not only does she looks as if she pisses her drawers and shat her brains out on the crapper, she seems to be deaf where democracy is concerned:-.


Yes, the demented old hag wants us to forget about Brexit and join her European United States, a thought which I am sure will have Gaylord Adonis and Ken Clarke having geriatric wank sessions tonight soaking up the jizz in their blue flags with the gold stars on.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

36 thoughts on “Ursula Von der Leyen

  1. Don’t know much about this cunt, but that’s the point isn’t it – ‘leaders’ who are alien to the people they rule over. Unelected establishment insiders condescending to the proles. Cunts to a woman.

  2. Fucking Kraut bitch can fuck right off. Stick your fucking EU up your arse.
    Anyway, she hasn’t been elected yet and it seems some of her own Nazi mob aren’t keen. But we know how these things work….. the cunts will vote the way they are told. That’s EU democracy.

    • We can add this Kraut and that crooked Frog cunt Christine Legarde (soon to be President of the European Central Bank) to the list MPG:

      UK Head of State – female
      UK Prime Minister – female
      Scotch 1st Minister – female
      Scottish leader of Conservative Party – female
      Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – female
      Director General of the CBI – female
      General Secretary of the TUC – female
      Shadow Home Secretary – female sub-primate
      Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade – female
      Chief operating officer of Manchester United – female
      Leader of Sinn Fein /IRA – female
      Leader of DUP – Wonder Woman
      Leader of Plaid Cymru – drippy female
      Chancellor of Germany – female
      New Zealand Prime Minister – female
      President of South Korea – female
      Prime Minister of Poland – female
      IMF Managing Director – female
      Leader of the Wimminz Equality Party – female

      Please feel free to add any I’ve missed…

      • They’ve just set up yet another cross-department working* group for senior staff where I work. No, don’t know exactly what it does as the description is impenetrable touchy-feely management bollocks of the diversity and equality description. But it consists of 10 (identified as) wimminz and 5 (identified as) menz, and this is presumably the equal rights of the future…

        * loosely speaking

      • The Worlds most 100 powerful women in 2018 according to the lovely people at Forbes, where money and wealth is all that matters.


        Already out of date judging by the first couple of nominations. Angela “Shakin all over” Merkel and Theresa “But we do control our borders” May both on their way out, hopefully in more ways than one. Strangely shows the Queen under the category of “politics”, but thinking about it more, probably correctly designated.

        Also Christine Lagarde shown under “Economy”- as no category for “criminal” (sorry, that should read guilty of negligence in a €403m deal).

        Read somewhere this week that Taylor Swift (#68 on the list) made £2,846,154 a week. Fuck me, that’s more than I make in a year!

      • I will not reveal how many times that is what I make in a year. But she’s wurf it, bless ‘er. Remind me what she does?

      • How about reigning Women’s Olympic 800 metre champion…..woman (allegedly)

  3. Is their death camps and eugenics in her great new vision of the 4th Riech ?
    If she has a plan for the Peacefuls then I’m all ears.

  4. She is welcome to her EU ruled by Germany once we leave, just ditch all the nation states and call it United Europe, the seat of power would have to relocate to Berlin obviously.

    Any bets on the 31st October being the day we finally leave?.

  5. All you Schwinehund Cunters have much to fear from Frau Von der Leyon. Put all ideas of escape out of your minds.
    Heir Fiddler, Creampuff and Deploy zer Bratwurst vill be first in ze cooler.
    Mien Gott und Liebfraumilch.

  6. I can now not remove the image of a Juncker lemonparty from my head. Thanks, cunt.

  7. I see Hunt the Cunt took the day off from trying to con people into voting for him and has been bleating about spending more money on defence. “A government’s first priority is to protect it’s citizens.”
    Oh really?
    “We must protect western values.”
    Is that right?
    So why has your fucking government been importing thousands of foreign terrorists every year for the last 9 years?
    Listen wanker, before you start sending gunboats to goatshagger land you need to look at the Trojan Horse in your own back garden. Just calm down cunt and fuck off while your doing it.

    • Being besties with the Yanks means we have to help them fuck up everything they touch. And Trump’s words ( they are no more than that) on the subject of not getting the US into any more foreign difficulties mean that he thinks proxy wars involving his ‘allies’ are a better idea. Poor old Cunt. Still trying to get his tongue past that of BJ, permanently blocking Trump’s arsehole.

      Not that our defences (ours. Not the US defence industry’s) don’t need a lot of money. And critical thinking.

    • I often wonder why no-one on the magic rectangle has ever addressed a certain Liebore wimmin MP as Emma Toad-Cunt…
      Just imagine the shame.

  8. I firmly now believe Freddie that we ain’t going to out on 31.10.29 Boris or Cunt will bring a deal to the table very similar to May’s .
    In a way I hope it turns to shite so Nigel gets destroys the cunts.

  9. The thing is, the United States of America are a single country but – if you ignore the libtard states of New York, California and Florida – each state has a very distinctive identify, and the individuals therein are proud to be from that state, and vice versa.

    Internally people from Dayton will argue with those from Cincinnati as to who has the shittest city in Ohio but woe betide any Texan besmirching Ohio, etc.

    The United (Federal) States of Europe seeks the exact opposite of this “individual identities working together” ethos that our friends across the pond enjoy.

    No, national (or sovereign state) identity must be eradicated across EUrope into a single, soulless, homogenised pile of cunt, more reminiscent of the Soviet Bloc.

    The US of A has an army to protect its citizens, its concerns and its sovereignty.

    The US of E wants an army to oppress those within, enforce homogeneity, destroy sovereignty (national identity) and suppress wrong think. Again, just like the old Soviet Bloc.

    No wonder Comrade Corbynov is changing his tune on Brexit and the EU because it is transforming itself into the beloved communist paradise he’s always dreamt the UK would become, with socialist puppets – like himself – sat atop each state’s faux throne while having their strings pulled by the EU, who in turn have their strings pulled by evil globalist elites such as uber-cunt George Soros.

    Well Frau Von Der Leyen, you can fuck right off!

    Nationalism and community will be the saviour of Europe, not the EU globalist mantra of homogeneity and diversity which seeks to convert Europe into Asia/Africa minor.

    Deal or no deal, the quicker we get away from those morally bankrupt and economically corrupt cunts of the EU the better!

    The other sovereign states should do the same leaving only France and Germany to fight over what’s left. Not that that’s *EVER* happened before in the past has it…

    Except this time we won’t lift one bony finger to help!

    As Dick would say, fuck ’em!

    • I might be willing to lift one bony finger – the one that comes down on the nuclear button.

      Only for humanitarian reasons, you understand.

  10. One way or the other Frogs and Krauts have always been a pain in the arse for us. They deserve each other and I don’t care if they fuck or fight, as long as we stay well away from the cunts.

  11. Marginally a little more shaggable than the unshaggable Merkel, but only just, and by a much braver man than I. Step forward Gunga-Din, step forward I say.

  12. With wanker Marcus ball considering appealing after having his ludicrous court case kicked into the long grass and umunna still prattling on about a red bus he saw 3 years ago it struck me how little coverage was given to Von de leyen and the diabolical way in which she and her federalist arseholes got put forward.
    After the so called “ rise of the right” and the “ populist” politics you would have thought those even those absolutely clueless cunts over in Brussels would have taking the hint? Any talk of reforming the EU was laid to rest last week by the proposed “ appointed “ candidates! It’s full steam ahead with a United States of Europe with its own army and all the other stuff that we were told wasn’t happening!
    Personally I think it would be fantastic to crowdfund a case against all those pond life turds who told us differently… So firstly step forward all of those cunts who claimed Russian interference in our referendum via Facebook!! At the time and shouting the loudest were Clegg , cable , umunna and co , I thought it ironic how that useless sack of dog shit clegg (Who is now employed by Facebook) had to publicly announce “NO interference “ had been found, again barely reported by the fucking biased media, imagine if some had been found?
    And all of the other remain cunts who said the EU army was a figment of leaves imagination, You fucking liars!
    step forward Blair major cable clegg (again) Adonis and co ….
    You couldn’t find a court room big enough….
    FUEU ……

  13. On the subject of our European neighbours, Volvo’s CEO laments Sweden’s high crime rate… He says the company might move its HQ abroad…

    You import Africa, you fucking well get Africa…. Simple as that…

    • Such a useless cuuuuuuunt he couldn’t even run Belgium.
      An ideal qualification for being a self-appointed President of the Universe.
      He must have the only example of club teeth; possibly descended from Goebbels’ club foot.
      I reckon Verminhofstadt’s testicles never descended…

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