Tess Thompson Talley

Trophy Hunters are cunts, aren’t they?

The latest wealthy American with a turd-chewing grin hugging the corpse of a freshly-murdered animal and churning out the “preservation” clich├ęs is Tess Thompson Talley a trophy hunter cunt from Texas. She posed with a rare black giraffe’s still-twitching body and has been prattling the same, tired “culling” excuses these murdering wingnuts usually do.

While justifying her odious behaviour and coming across as a tad unevolved on her recent CBS interview, she gibbered about making pillow cases and a gun holder from the carcass. Having butchered rare animals, she now massacres the English language and “thaanks Gaaad”. Right.

Despite there being fewer than 100,000 giraffes in the wild in Africa and the iconic species having imperiled status, she shot the 4,000lb animal on a hunting trip in South Africa in 2017. Wreathed in smiles, the wretched cunt gabbered “I am proud of that giraffe. I have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them.”

By ethnically-cleansing wildlife, this bleached-toothed cunt wants to ‘harvest’ these rare animals because “like…there is tons of people waiting to be fed by him” which still doesn’t describe the photos on social media of her hugging warm corpses while laughing like a drain.

Ironically, this slaying loudmouth ends by expressing her anger because of receiving death threats on-line. Perhaps the shitty cunt shouldn’t brutally terminate innocent animals’ lives then!

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

86 thoughts on “Tess Thompson Talley

  1. Arm the wildlife with AK47s – then cunts like this could experience a real challenge.

    Total cunt

    Big Al

    • It’s been done. Think Boko Haram. All that’s needed is for Macho Safaris, Inc, to open an office in Nigeria and advertise in whatever passes as a society magazine in Texas. There are probably plenty of NRA members who’d bite.

  2. This type of hunting should have been outlawed years ago These Walter Mitty types would be the first to run for the shelters in times of conflict.
    I read somewhere that a guy from the USA paid 37k to shoot a male lion very brave you are a proper cunt for doing so this type of hunting is barbaric and needs stopping death for money cannot be right

  3. A piss-boiling cunt indeed, Cap’n. Lower than a rattlesnake’s ringpiece. She’s from Texas, so there’s a possibility that some mad cunt there will decide that popping off a few rounds at her might be a jolly jape. We can but hope.

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