Johanna Konta

Johanna Konta is a cunt..

The ‘British’ (yeah, course) tennis player says she was ‘picked on’ with questions over her Wimbledon defeat and that she was ‘patronised’… So a journalist/interviewer is a big bad bully for doing their job now? I watched it and I don’t think anything she was asked was out of order… It’s just the self importance of yer modern celebrity type and they can’t deal with anybody giving them any sort of criticism… There’s also the ‘sexist’ card being pulled obviously… Picked on?! 33 unforced errors in one game when she was favourite? Being crap and someone pointing it out is not being picked on… What was the journo supposed to say? ’33 errors, but you were great?’ Get a grip for fuck’s sake…

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  1. She was born in, and represented, Australia till 2012. How does that make her British?

    • These days all you have to do is say “I want to be British otherwise I’ll stamp my feet and blub until I’m blue in the face!”

      • Or arrive in a dinghy with your tribe, make sure nobody in the dinghy has any ID.
        We’ll see you right.

    • And she holds and Australian passport, according to fellow Aussie Pat Cash.

      • Will ‘The Umpire Cunts Back’ make a reappearance if Mr T loses it in the final on Sunday, Empire? That Coco kid is only 15 but sees the Williams sisters as her idols, too young and no form to be qualified as a cunt but watch this space.

      • Umpire’s ready to appear and cunt the shit out of the younger Williams brother; avec tie and purple striped blazer.

      • You bunch of rude cunts. She’s done her seven years after being transported for stealing a chicken and has returned home.

    • Aussie girls names are Kylie, Shirley and Taylah, not Johanna which sounds a bit Seth Efrican. And I know a lot of Aussies who are kunts but not one of them has ”Kunt” in their surnames.

  2. Snowflake personified!

    Loves the adulation, but first signs of criticism and the toys are very much lobbed out of the pram at great speed, followed by the usual cards – sexism, being the most obvious.

    I dare say she’ll sit on the naughty step, sucking her thumb; and then will whinge on her social media sites about how beastly journalists are etc.

    Same old shit, just like with Murray, doesn’t take to criticism very well and becomes hugely defensive and petulant.

    Well fuck her (no thanks); and her faux victimhood

    New balls please

  3. She is as British as I am Chinese.

    She will never beat that Frank Bruno in a dress lookalikey

  4. The victimhood and entitlement displayed by this jumped up convict is outrageous and yet it’s completely unchallenged by anyone in mainstream media.
    Johanna, your shit stinks, so does mine. Now grow up and fuck off back to where you came from. British my arse.

  5. Frankly, I don’t know why these high profile, professional sports people get narky with the press. Did they not get the memo that being in the position that they are, and getting HUGE monetary compensation, sponsorships and suchlike, that they will be subject to difficult questions and probable criticism when they do underperform, or things generally go tits up for them?

    All she does is make herself look like a defensive, moody cow who cannot take the inevitable critiquing that goes along with representing her country (though that is a fart arse in itself…..born in Australia, from Hungarian parentage and only ‘British’ through becoming a citizen….hmmm, ok)

    Not that I for one don’t appreciate her relatively new allegiance…..we need all the bloody help we can get, but to show herself up as a McEnroe-type brat is not the best way to endear yourself.


    • She needs to shape up Nurse and realise the real world isn’t a ‘prizes for all’ backslapping shitfest. Murray was a stroppy lanky streak of Caledonian piss until he got media savvy and winning Wimbledon twice even got the panties of Middle England housewives a bit wet.

      • Too right, LL.

        Shows how many ‘desperate housewives’ there really are out there as far as Murray goes. On a personal front, my knickers would probably get more wet over a large packet of ‘Giant Chocolate Buttons’ than that stroppy cunt!

  6. Off tennis but still on these wimp types, the fuckers on the panorama show last night, these cunts who used to be in the labour party disputes office were pathetic, on woman… ‘I had a breakdown’ some other bloke, a young guy said ‘had thoughts of suicide’ fuck off you cunts and get a proper job.
    Konta is a pussy, if you play shit just say I played shit and take the criticism

  7. She choked in the French open semi final when in a winning position and then utterly choked when in a winning position this week. She’s 28 now so will probably always choke when the heat is on. Chris Evert hinted as much about her after the match.


    Sir Richard Branson said today “a No Deal Brexit would be devastating for Virgin”.


    • Ha ha, good!

      The beardy cunt can fuck right off, with his overpriced trains & planes, hopefully in a 737 Max.

      • I hope Virgin goes proper tits up,
        and the bearded cunt starves to death on his wannabe Bond villain island.
        Oh happy day 😁

  9. Interestingly, this fucking Hungo-Australian shitcunt was on The Jonathan Ross Show a couple of years ago, and she was extremely abrasive, clearly couldn’t handle any ‘banter’ and struck me as an over-sensitive womanchild.

    All she managed to achieve in that press conference was to re-inforce the increasing belief that women in tennis screech for equality yet don’t want the equal criticism or equal post-match inquisitions the men get. Now for all his faults, Murray has had some tough questions in pressers yet he faces up to them and generally doesn’t turn on the person questioning him after one of his many defeats.

    I keep hearing from Kunta and her SJW supporters moans that the reporter who asked the ‘tough’ question has never played a match on centre court so wouldn’t understand. Ah, so only ex-professionals who have played Grand Slams can understand the rules of tennis and recognise a choker when they see one. Fuck off you whining cunt.

    A sorely limited tennis player and half-hearted plastic Brit to boot.

    Ilie Nastase called her a ‘fucking bitch’ during a Fed Cup tie in 2017. Now it’s rare that I side with alcoholic, ageing Romanian nutcases but on this occasion he was spot on – well, almost spot on. She is of course a fucking cunt, Ilie.

    Eh Bobbi, What’s Romanian for ‘fucking cunt’?

  10. For some unknown reason I found myself watching the game and saw the interview afterwards, where she told the reporters ‘she had tried her best’.Well if that’s your best effort you might as well pack in now coz you were absolutely GASH.

  11. The difference between Johanna Cunta and the very top players is that they don’t try and polish a turd at their press conferences. They tell it like it is. If they played a fucking awful game, they will be honest about it. Cunta tried to spin it that her opponent played a superb game. No she fucking didn’t ! A reporter turned on his bullshit detector and she didn’t like it. I suggest you fuck off back to Hungary/Straylia/wherever you come from, asap luvvie…….

    • I think the reason why she didn’t play well is pretty obvious, she was upset because the women aren’t getting paid as much as the men. This situation is clearly unfair and should be rectified before next year’s tournament.

      • Yes, they should scrap the women’s tennis altogether and shorten the tv coverage to just one fucking week.

      • As shit as womens tennis is (all womens sport for that matter) wimbledon just wouldn’t be the same without the ogling and leering. They’re just eye candy but act as a kind of pleasant intermission between the real tennis matches (with the sound turned down of course).

      • Bugger tennis. If I want to see sexy women I’ll wander round the corner and press my face against Starbucks’ window.

  12. will be interesting to see where she chooses to live once her career is over…another who you better not say ‘ after you ‘ when going through a doorway

  13. Anyone else seen that magazine cover with Serena Williams showing her arse?
    After 24 hours, I am just about getting over the shock and trauma…

    I know some Aussies and one thing they do have is a good sense of humour…
    This more manly looking version of Fernando Torres lets them down…. Konta is a miserable mardarse of a cunt…

    • You shitting bastard I just had to look! I am in physical fucking pain that is heinous google images just became a perverted safari tour of half-human rhinos having a gynecological exam. Disgusting I’m going to be sick!!

  14. This bitch has a chip on her shoulder worse than Jose Mourinho at his most tiresome. Fuck off and make yourself useful by having some babies you narky cunt.

  15. I actually quite fancy her and she has a good set of tits 😛

    Shit as a tennis player though.

    She should do what all good Hungarian girls do and become a porn star instead.

  16. Will you all stop Patronizing her!! Jesus, Johanna cunter is a lovely lady, just shite at tennis. Oh an interviews.

  17. She wanked it in the French, a massive semi final choke that she ‘took a lot of positives from’. Of course!!!
    Now wanked it in Wimbledon. 33 unforced errors is 8 fucking games. You only need to win 12. But she is ‘a professional athlete who tried her best’.
    The talent but not the temperament.

  18. Angela Merkel sits for anthems after latest shaking episode

    So it’s ok for Merkel to sit down for the German and a Danish national anthems but not for Farage and co to sit down for the EU Mickey Mouse tune. Sorry, anthem.

    • Whatever it is, i hope it’s serious, and i hope she’s passed it on to the hunchback cunt appeaser, when they were getting up close and personal, concocting her shitty brexit “deal”

  19. I am watching last nights Panorama. Fucking scary shit. Corbyn and his cronies are not just the enemy of the Jews but any patriotic British citizen.

    He has destroyed a party built by Jews.

    He needs to catch Ebola mixed with novachalk.

      • Yeah every thing on panorama was suspected, but still quiet shocking disheartening, Jenny Formby is poison, pure & simple.

    • I am actually astonished the lefty BBCunts transmitted the programme. They’re still a bunch of cunts though.

  20. Personally I find it rather refreshing that someone will stand up to the gentlemen of the press and tell them to fuck off…

  21. Not living in Blighty and not following tennis much, I had never heard of this tart until this cunting.

    Like a good cunter though, I looked up the interview on YT and have two observations. Here’s the link if anyone needs to review the footage:

    Firstly, the question about her making mistakes at key moments in the game was blunt and direct for sure, but not offensive or patronising. I think her reaction came from a place of over-sensitivity knowing that she should have done better, but that her shortcomings on the day were exposed. Unfortunately for her, she set herself up by insisting earlier in the interview she’d done her best, given all she had, blah blah blah. Which, if she’s as good as she thinks she is, obviously isn’t true. If she’d simply said earlier she had not performed to the best of her ability and falling short of her own standards combined with a better opponent on the day, cost her the match. But she didn’t. Her arrogance in trying to save face left her looking pretty stupid.

    Now all that said, the second thing I noticed was the absolute classic line from another journo who, at about 3:06, asked her about the frustration she might have been feeling “early in the second half”. LOL. Some twat footy journo obviously on Wimbledon duty during the off season. Twat.

    Good nom and definitely a cunt.

    • Can’t bear watching it, all the screaming and grunting and oversized sweet spots. Get em back to a proper serve and volley using wooden rackets

  22. Fucking hate tennis and this conniving cunt is the cherry on the shitcake.
    Fuck right off love.

  23. John McEnroe has defended British number one Johanna Konta for telling a journalist his questioning was “patronising”….

    Well, he would, wouldn’t he?… Because he was a chippy ill mannered toys out the pram mardarse cunt and all…

    Konta is the sort that would see a bloke opening a door for her as an insult… We’ve all met ’em…. Cunts…

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