Kay Burley (2)

Spot the cunt

I nominate the Sky News not very neutral news reporter Ginger Kay. She makes it pretty obvious where her allegiances lie; her views are lefty, and gives a rough ride to anyone she views as on ‘the Right’, while brown nosing leftie luvvie types.

Also on the money she’s paid, think she’d put her hand in her purse and buy a new dress. She’s got 2, green one or one with big fuck off sleeves like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia! Stop with the cosmetic surgery luv, fighting a losing battle. Get down Dorothy Perkins and get a frock yer ginger cunt.

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

37 thoughts on “Kay Burley (2)

  1. I was going to say mutton dressed as lamb, but she isn’t, she’s mutton dressed as a tramp.
    A right cunt and no mistake.

  2. Well cunted, can’t believe it’s only her second nomination!

    Another little snowflake. Supposedly once a working class girl who sold her soul to the illuminati aged 19.

    Twice divorced and a failed erotic author, she must he sucking Murdoch’s mayo direct from his wrinkly sack to land a gig on the news as there’s plenty of better looking younger girls who are happy to spout their leftie bullshit on the box.

    Did anyone see her on “Celebrity” hunted a year or so back? Dozy cow used her champagne socialists mates boat and went straight home to her gated community. Says it all really.

  3. Lefty credentials: rich capitalist lifestyle. How the fuck does that work?

    Oh, and did we ever find out who that bloke was that climbed over the walls of Fuckingham Palace the other night, totally outfoxing the security forces, again!

    I suppose if he was white, the media would have headlined it (no doubt saying he was a deranged Trump loving Brexiteer)

    Of course it could have been AA or snack bar – but we will never know if that were the case.

  4. Never mind a new dress- you’d think on her money, she’d be able to get her fucking face grouted.
    Champagne socialist cunt.

  5. She looks like the Australian bowlers have been using their cheating sandpapering methods on the old hussy’s face.

  6. My favourite film is the wizard of Oz.
    This hag is the wicked witch of the south.

    • We have a new feature here on Sky News after the break-CUNT SPOT. This is where we drill down deep into the psyche of our most beloved national cunts. The first we have chosen and how could it not be? Prize cunt James O’Shithead. Join us for CUNT SPOT after the break to find out what makes the cunt tick.

      • Perhaps the ticking could be an alarm clock down the back of his trousers attached to half a dozen sticks of dynamite jammed up his arsehole.

    • Kay Burley is originally from Wigan although she’s gone massively out of her way to destroy all traces of her heritage.

      She is without question a cunt from the high alter, however…….. that interview with O’Shithead is a fucking classic.

      She absolutely mullered the cunt, properly turned him over and it’s a joy to watch.


      She’s a cunt alright but will be shown mercy when Cunty takes over the world.

      • If O’Brainless cant even beat fucking Burley in an argument what business does he have writing a book on how to be right?

  7. Cant stand this me me me woman. All traces of Wigan accent have been erased but she’s oh so proud of being from there. Thinks women want to be her and men want to shag her. Hates Boris because he wouldn’t stand there and be slagged off about his private life.
    Just fuck off you overly arrogant, cocky cow.

    • Probably has regular anal bleaching; and the odd colonic irrigation given how full of shit she is at times

  8. Her husband must have the patience of a saint not to be constantly slapping the shit out of her.

  9. Someone said she spent just under 25k on plastic surgery?
    My Mrs says Kay Burley now looks like Skeletor and should get her money back.

  10. I remember Burley at TV-AM in the 80s…. A rather dowdy type in those days who did her job… Fast forward to Sky… More fiberglass than the 80s Arndale Centre and an up herself attitude that stinks worse than a flock of Bogo Bogos in a town centre shop…. Like Carol Vordercunt, Burley’s sense of self importance and vanity led her to resemble a Thunderbirds reject crossed with the witch from Wizard of Oz…. I am actually waiting for the Sky studios to overheat and the cries of ‘I’m melting!’

    Mutton dressed as lamb? Mutton dressed as Spam is more near the mark…

  11. I met her in 2009 during an “episode” at work. She said “Hello I’m Kay” and my response was “….and I am very sorry for you”.

    Surprisingly she didn’t interview me, speak to me or engage with any of my colleagues who were laughing.

    That was a high coup.

  12. I suspect a deeply unpleasant person who has done anything necessary to get where she has done.

    Possibly a bit of a slapper in her younger days? Who knows.

    • Well said but whatever the circumstances she really is a poisonous cunt full of blather.
      So business as usual.
      The cunts.

    • A lot of older women in TV have sucked their way to a good slot on the news.
      According to a couple of women ive know who have experience, the way to get ahead in the British TV industry is to get bullied by old fat blokes, drinks, more drinks and lewdness.

  13. Always struck me as a troll for the establishment rather than being particularly left or right. Sky were an outlet for the pro-EU neo-cons in the noughties. The same people pushing their ‘globohomo’ diversity ideology via BBC, New York Times and Guardian, yet they maintain the desire to spread ‘democracy’ by killing brown people not already in Europe.

  14. I reckon that the “plastic surgery ” was spent on tightening her slack knob-passage. and repairing her buggered up bumhole.

  15. Like of lot a sly presenters, stale, and well past her sell by date.

    If it wasn’t for some old hag on the BBC moaning about ageist discrimination all those years ago sly would have got the broom handle out and replaced these old hags with some nubile young slim 20 year old dicksucking slapper sleeping her way up to stardom. Sloppy cunts.

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