Michael Gove (8)

A chemical-free-from additives cunting please for pompous midget Michael Gove, who fancies himself as the next PM of the Westminster Titanic.

Given the allegations over the weekend , which were embarrassing, you might think that he would have made his campaign launch low-key, but the daft-as-he looks arsehole is having none of that, and was in his full Ronnie Corbett mode this afternoon.

The idiot has no self-awareness, no shame and no imagination – he must realise that Boris has some very powerful and verbal friends -do we really want that cunt to become Mrs. May the Second?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

82 thoughts on “Michael Gove (8)

  1. As soon as he was born, Gove’s birth mother realised what an ugly, nasty Cunt he is and promptly got rid of him. Surely that is sufficient warning for his Tory friends; Cunts one and all!

  2. The cunt gabbles nineteen-to-the dozen when he’s sober, can you imagine what he’d be like after sniffing a few lines of gear?

  3. A weasel, but his one positive quality was perhaps getting the teachers riled by trying to reform the education system to be a bit less ‘left wing’.

  4. I wouldn’t vote for him based solely on the picture at the head of this topic, the image conjured up in any foreigners mind of a typical English man must be of this milk bottle coloured cunt, for fucks sake man get a stylist as obviously you have no idea on how to present yourself, Instead of lookin cool going for a jog he looks like some pre war grandad with the shits running to the bottom of the garden to soil the outside Bog after a session on the ale.!

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