Sadiq Khan (14)

Another cunting for Sadiq Khan, I’m afraid. Not content with trying to embarrass the entire country with his snipes against Trumpty dumpty during his visit in the week, he is now giving it the big ‘un over some Eid bollocks event being held in Trafalgar Square.

1. Insulting our oldest and closest ally and attempting to drive a wedge between us seems like an act of treason, to me.
2. Holding a muslim religious festival in a place like Trafalgar Square seems to me like a deliberate act of provocation. A sort of ‘Stitch *that*, you cunt’.

I would welcome you cunts thoughts on the points raised here. I am a proud exiled Londoner and that short arsed big nosed cunt will never speak for me.

Nominated by Mecha-rigsby

53 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan (14)

  1. London really has become a diiferent country, it is sickening our capital, one of the great cities of the world with a history, and culture few if any other cities can match, is reduced to this bollocks.
    I accept London has always had immigrants, the difference is they always came to take any opportunity to better themselves, usually through hard work. And they appreciated the chance to build a new life so respected our laws and wanted to fit in .
    Not now, they want and usually get it all handed to them, is this what Lord Nelson and countless other men and women gave there lives for ?
    That dirty little cunt suckdick is a snidey fucker, he knows how revolting people will find this.

    • London is royally fucked. I was the only white English bloke on the tube carriage last week. Some fucking record.

  2. A Muslim who doesn’t like America and the West? Who’d have thunk it?
    Sadiq (whose father was a bus driver and real is name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) will stop at nothing until the whole of the country is like Tower Hamlets. Sharia Law, stonings and roaming gangs of beardy nonces. Today is soap dodging towel heads in Trafalgar Square, tomorrow is turning Buck House in to a “super” mosque. How tranquil, how, ummm, peaceful.

    In the spirit of intergration I hereby announce my intentions to crowd fund the feeding of anyone attending the 2020 Eid celebrations. Hog Roast and Pork Scratchings for everyone with re-runs of Peppa Pig on a big screen to keep the kids amused. You can contribute yourself by leaving rashers of bacon on the door handles at your local extremist centre.

    • I’m thinking about getting my tailor to make me a resplendent 3 piece suit made entirely from bacon!!
      Only the best rashers will do ……..

  3. ‘Those’ cunts are provocative and seem to sometimes want a fight. It must be that they are told how great their beliefs are and that they are the most manly of men etc.
    They are pussies who need a good slap. Only tough in numbers and are a problem wherever the fuck they go.
    Sadiq will no doubt win it again the dwarf cunt.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  4. Trafalgar Square has all kinds of celebrations. In April I walked through and they were having a Hindu-type thing with stalls. I didn’t stop but the food smelled delicious. It also rotates one of its plinths to modern, ahem, art – a giant raised thumb, a limbless, fat woman, etc. Actually I find this “art” more insulting than idiots in dresses preaching their stone-age desert religion’s fairy stories whilst scratching the lice out of their moustache-less beards.

    Nonetheless Sukdick Khant is a corrupting, monstrous cunt who can kiss my piss.

    • The difference for me Capt’ M, is there will be fewer Hindus willing to behead a British soldier on the streets, of our capital.
      I would wager when push came to shove, a sizeable minority of mouse limbs would see nothing wrong with it.

      • Oh agreed, Alcy. My point was the Muzlim terròrists don’t have exclusive use of the area. The fact that they do it in the shadow of a statue of a man with more character than their entire cult put together titillates me.

      • I have always wondered about sikhs, they carry knives (Kirpan) but you never hear about them going round stabbing people or chopping people’s heads off.
        Mind you I have never heard of a Buddhist suicide bomber either.

      • Sikhs carry five items with the same initial letter in Hindi (comb, knife, pants etc). They were originally soldiers in Indian, their turbans protecting their heads.

        Incidentally, I was recently kicked out of a Muslim clothing shop. No sense of humour. I only asked if they stocked Bomber jackets.

  5. Evert time the little cnt opens his mouth and say ‘Londoners’ it makes my piss boil, half the population are fucking immigrants and thats just the ones who are on the books.
    Fucking places all over the east of london are full of fucking illegals, I know of one street in Walthamstow where it is full of illegals, you get one ‘legitimate’ resident in a 2/3 bed terrace and its filled with illegals….
    One of the reasons our services are under pressure is that we have houses of multiple occupnacy, houses of the size for small ((1 or 2 kid) family are housing 8 or 10 adults.
    Its about time there was a fucking purge of places like Walthamstow and clean out the illegals and a fucking limit on the number of people in multiple occupancy homes.
    Khan is a cunt, he needs to fuck off and let someone with a big stick sort out Londonistan, it a shit hole getting deeper and shittier.

    • That reminds me of a recent fire:
      Flat 1 – family of four blacks all wiped out.
      Flat 2 – married Scottish couple sadly killed.
      Flat 3 – group of eleven Dooshka-Dooshkas tragically burned to death.
      Flat 5 – family of nine Päkis all killed.

      Yet the white couple in Flat 4 survived! There was outrage in the community, cries of unfair treatment, screeches of racism until an enquiry was carried out. Finally the Head of the Fire Department issued a statement:

      “…erm, the White couple was at work.”

    • Fucking Walthamstow – or Awsomestow as the cunts from Waltham Forest Council like to call it. It is, indeed, a cunts paradise. Full of fucking scroungers, chicken shops and clothes emporiums that would look classy, if it were downtown Accra. There is shit fly-tipped everywhere by the HMO dwellers and the local councillors of an asian persuasion all own doss houses as well as make up the rules. If you want to know what most of the UK will look like in 10 years (apart from Westminster obviously) come to the Stow.

  6. The more this cunt can talk crap about Trump and Brexit, the less attention is paid to what a truly incompetent mayor he is. Although, on reflection, London deserves the cunt.

  7. Stick a traffic cone over the short arsed little cunt and give it a merciless thrashing with a cricket bat.

    Very therapeutic I would imagine.

  8. I like the speech bubbles on the picture, only just noticed them, send the repulsive cunt to Guantanamo bay. An orange boiler suit would be right up his street.

    A little after touch by admin

  9. He is a hopeless mayor. He doesnt do anything except build cycle lanes and embarrass the country. When something bad happens, he comes out, blames the Tories, and disappears again. The sad thing is, he is gonna be re-elected.

  10. Like all of his “brothers & Sisters” he is a weed in a once beautiful garden. Sadly, the weeds went unchecked. The garden became weed bound and unattractive, and the resident perennials one by one withered away. All too soon, the garden vanished beneath knotweed and scrub. Simple garden management would have prevented this loss, but unfortunately , the Gardeners employed to care for the garden were not very good.

    This little short story is brought to you by FISONS, the makers of some of the worlds best Chemical Solutions. Used wisely, a Garden will be free of weeds in a very short time. Enjoy your Garden.

    • A future Jihadist ……
      Just send the little cunts back to their ancestral homeland (after removing their bollocks)

  11. I see amorphous shitblob scumcunt heiffer Jo Brand is being reported as ‘joking’ about acid-facing right-wingers.

    Jo Brand is, ironically, the only woman alive who could be given an acid-facing and end up better lookng.

  12. I’ve heard that people of his skin colour are not extremely endowed in the trouser department. His shorter-than-usual, Bewcow-esque stature would suggest he’s even less endowed than the average suntanned. Little wonder Short-dick Khan is so aggressive and compensatory, “little” being the evident word.

  13. I have lived through 16 years of Red Ken and Boris, and we thought they were a pair of useless lying cunts, but Suckdick is in a class of his own. Everything he says and does is about Suckdick…….he loves the camera and there is no rabble rousing demo he won’t turn up to. There’s is no question that next year’s election is already in his pocket the cunt. The Tories have already announced their black candidate but he may as well not bother. In fact, I doubt there will ever be a non effnick candidate for the 2 major parties again. The demographics of London dictate this. Khunt doesn’t give a shit about knife crime because it’s not his voters that are getting stabbed.
    The cunt has his eyes on the prize…….the leadership of the Labour Party. That’s where he’s going, trust me.

  14. Not certain where Suckdick ranks in the universal pantheon of totally useless arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks.

    It’s an incredibly crowded field.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he enjoys a cosy ménage à trois with Treasoner May & Jeremy Cuntbyn.

  15. Boris and Ken have been accused by so many of being cheating, lying, racists.
    Seems to me as though these traits are all just part and parcel of being Mayor of London.
    London’s strength is certainly not in its diversity. Never has been. Never will be. It has been its undoing and it is no longer the flagship of our once great nation.
    It is now infested with scum who all want something for nothing. We’ve always had scum down there, but many in the past actually contributed into the system.
    Where London once led, others followed. But I sincerely hope that is no longer the case.
    The Mayor has no evidence for all his empty rhetoric. Those simply blessed with sight can see the reality of what has happened to Shitistan.
    The cost of importing so much waste matter from the shit holes of the world has cost us dearly. And what we have imported appears to be the best of the best, who distinguished between arse and elbow and paid for the trip. Just think about the state of the rest of the herd back under the rocks from whence they came.
    I just can’t see anything progressive with the so called progressive movement.
    We’re doomed. We’re all doomed…

    • If you want to hear incessant bleating about “diversity” join TfL. The thing is, we seemed to be doing ok as a country for the last thousand or so years with just the British. As soon as the country has become diverse in the last 30 years or so, it is a complete fucking shit-hole with no industry and cunts in charge. So, who can actually show me why diversity is a good thing?

  16. I am 48 years old this year and the changes I have seen to London are countless, which is why I feel so sad for my 78 year old parents. What must it fucking be like for them?

    Only the other day my Dad was lamenting on how this country is now truly fucked, we have lost our identity and we have been ‘taken over’ and he also mentioned that little bastard Khan by saying, ‘It is a disgrace and a travesty that the capital city has a Muslim as Mayor. What the hell have we come to?’

    Both my parents are born and bred Londoners. My Dad served in the Royal Navy from the age of 17 to 27. He is old enough to remember when being British had some kind of sense of pride attached to it……not through some old fashioned, colonial-type mindset bullshite, but just that you could count yourself as belonging to a really great nation of people.

    It ain’t that way anymore and we all know why this decline has happened.

    This arsehole has no allegiance to either London or the country as a whole. He will ALWAYS be diverted by his own agenda and masturbatory power trip.


  17. One of a select few to have been awarded the VC by cunters on here.


    Veritable Cunt
    (see also Theresa May, Flabbott the Hutt, Owen Jones, Bono, Lord Cunt of Corbyn, Tony Bliar, the EU (collective award), and Wee Jimmy Krankie)

  18. Suckdick, along with Catweazle, has been invited to address the Durham Miners Gala next month, the traditional gathering of the northern working class. There can’t be many Durham miners left but why would they be interested in this pair of carpetbaggers who have hijacked the Labour Party they were brought up with?
    Fuck me, a Blairite peaceful opportunist and an Islington commie bastard? What the fuck is going on? Do this pair of cunts even know where Durham is? Wake up you soppy northern cunts.

      • Last coal mine in Durham coal field closed in 1994. Who are these miners to whom suck dick and cat weasel will proclaim the bollocks of liebore. This sounds like an expenses fiddle to me. Pair of bastards.

  19. My thoughts, Mecha-rigsby are these: I believe Islam to be the most retrograde religious belief in the history of Mankind. It is a supremacist dogma formed on the basis of a supposed visit by the Archangel Gabriel, whoever the fuck that might be, to one Mohammed, an illiterate goat herder, in a cave in what is now Saudia Arabia in 610 AD during which Mohammed was commanded to write down the word of God, or Allah as the goat-fuckers call him, (note the sexist content) in several lengthy sessions. Yes, that sounds very reasonable and highly plausible doesn’t it? Islam, meaning submission, insists on world domination. You will submit or choose between death or slavery. That is what it says in that piece of excrement called the Koran. It is intolerant, violent and based on hatred of non-believers. All religions are make believe that claim some form of life after death. All religions are a panacea for the inevitability and finality of death. I have no time for any of them. Most, I will concede, contain some form of moral code which probably keeps excessive behaviour in check, except for grooming and raping young white girls of course. But the only religion to approve of violence and warfare against people who do not hold its views is Islam. That is why I detest it. That is why it will undermine and destroy Western civilisation if allowed to.

    The Eid celebration in Trafalgar Square began in In 2006 when Ken Livingstone was the Mayor of London. Blame him, not Khan for the peaceful spectacle. Kahn is only carrying on a tradition created by a proposal of the Muslim Council of Britain and permitted to become reality by Livingstone, a non-believer, who said: “Eid ul-fitr is the most auspicious day of the Muslim calendar. It is a day of great joy and serves as a reminder to people of all faiths of the importance of peace, compassion, unity and charity…” Stupid cunt. It does no such thing. It serves as a reminder that the peacefuls are here, are staying and will eventually take over. Livingston insisted that “Eid celebrations in Trafalgar Square provide an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to “unite and experience the cultural richness and diversity of Islam.” All I can say to that is don’t forget your rucksack and bomber jacket. In 2013, Mayor of London Boris Johnson could have put a stop to it and claimed back a small part of our country from the goat fuckers. Instead he said, “…I hope that Londoners from all communities will take the opportunity to join our festivities in Trafalgar Square.” In 2014, he described the event as “a chance to join together and rejoice in the global diversity of the capital. Eid Mubarak!” Now you see where the real problem lies. And this fat non-believer cunt might be our next Prime Minister. As far as I am concerned they can have their celebration in Trafalgar Square when I see them turn out in numbers to the Trooping of the Colour and Remembrance Sunday. Thought not. Piss be upon all of them.

    • Ken is a Jew baiting cunt, only natural he would seek to establish that Eid celebration in Trafalgar Square and encourage increased Muslim immigration, all grist to the Labour postal votes mill.

      Great post Fimbs.

      • Ken is was and always will be one of the biggest cunts in the cosmos. Fuck him and the bike him and his acolytes rode in on. Suckdick is a cunt as well; he should have the gerhkin shoved up his arse. Both traitors hypocrites and CUNTS. I fucking hate them almost as much as Blair, mangledbum, harperson and all the other bastards who spent their time in government fucking the corpse of my poor bloody country. More whiskey fuck the meds

    • Having it all written down by a goat herder who is illiterate certainly explains a number of things.

  20. The little Panda needs to get back on his bus and Fuck Off He is a total embarrassment to this Country. Every time He opens his big mouth vile statements come out of it if you want the job of London Mayor sort out the knife crime & stop blaming everyone else.

  21. This sorry pile of curry stained shit turns my stomach, you will never belong in my eyes, you and your faith repulse me, the sooner you are out of office the better, you are a little crumb ready to be swept up and disposed of.!!

  22. Suckdick is a supreme cunt who cannot be counted enough. I am in a London borough so the cunt is my mayor. He never did and never will speak for me unless he tells the goat fuckers to fuck off.
    The useless worm blames everybody else for problems, knife crime being the number one. Absolute cunt.

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