Michael Gove (8)

A chemical-free-from additives cunting please for pompous midget Michael Gove, who fancies himself as the next PM of the Westminster Titanic.

Given the allegations over the weekend , which were embarrassing, you might think that he would have made his campaign launch low-key, but the daft-as-he looks arsehole is having none of that, and was in his full Ronnie Corbett mode this afternoon.

The idiot has no self-awareness, no shame and no imagination – he must realise that Boris has some very powerful and verbal friends -do we really want that cunt to become Mrs. May the Second?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

82 thoughts on “Michael Gove (8)

  1. This cunt is a tragedy. A clever politician with some fresh ideas he is let down by his cuntish personality. I blame Give for making a mess of Brexit. By stabbing BJ he assured a clear run for Mavis May and handed Downing Street to a treasonous remainer. And we all know what happened next.

    I wouldn’t trust this coke snorting cunt with a mile of Downing Street.

    • Proper treacherous little fucker Gove. Believes in nothing, no loyalty, no strongly held convictions, grass up anyone to save his own hide, no courage or lead in his pencil, the upper body strenth of a toddler, this type can only be found in Westminster, makes me gag the horrible cunt.

    • ” A clever politician” What’s that Chinese about? A lying cunt who has apathetic morons as his quarry? None of these so-called ‘politicians’ are clever, it’s just that the populace are mostly servile and thick!

  2. He’s the Murdoch candidate. Did he confess to using nose candy
    (a) to show he was a bit of a lad like Boris, rather than a scheming little intellectual gnome?
    (b) Because he’d have been outed anyway?
    (c) Because he was out of his tiny box and couldn’t stop talking?
    (d) He felt he had to explain his nasal voice?

    I’ve never done it, I don’t endorse it, but if 50% of senior politicians haven’t stimulated their sinuses at some point I’d be extremely surprised.

    • I’d go further by suggesting that every Cabinet meeting should commence with a mandatory group cokesnorting session, followed an hour later by a refreshing coffee laced with E’s and a smack sandwich for lunch.

      I’d guarantee the outcome would make more sense than the traditional methods these imbeciles employ.

      And Gove is yet another pussy-whipped, kilt-wearing cunt in thrall to his wife.

    • Oh, and 90% of London journalists – which he is, and which his awful wife, Sarah Vine of the Mail, also is.

      • I’m glad you mentioned his wife Komodo, she’s a bigger cunt than him (if that’s possible)
        She’s just an overbearing social climber,who is desperate for the keys to No10. A pair of horrible cunts, and i pray he gets stamped on and booted out of the race for the top job.
        He betrayed silly bollocks Boris, and he would betray us on Brexit.
        No great candidates but if push, comes to shove, i’d settle for Raab.

  3. James O’Brien is a solid gold cunt, but I did like this tweet from him:

    “Sarah Vine, whose Daily Mail column invariably extrapolates an entire character assassination from a single celebrity anecdote, argues today that people should not be defined by their past mistakes.

    (Sarah Vine is married to Michael Gove.)”

    Gove would make a great village vicar. There is a seedy look him – one that would be at home with the vicar taking the altar boys behind the font for a good old fashioned bit of Marmite derricking.

  4. You don’t like the Fail, Komodo?

    The Fail does double up well as bumwipe in the event you run out of the softer stuff. I do try to make a point of using Vine’s page to scour the clinkers.

    • I find the ink comes off if you scrub the winnets too hard. Bad enough reading it, but having it reverse-printed on your rump is the mark of a cad. I use the New European when I forget to restock on arsepaper.

  5. What’s more, the goggle-eyed cunt can’t even afford a pair of kecks to cover up his hideous lily-white legs.

  6. The speccy school Johnny no mates sneak who regularly missed games lessons.

    Has a bizarre jogging style (as perhaps you might ascertain from the photo) but only only goes to show that nothing about him is quite normal.

    Pretty sure his wife wears the trousers in their relationship, understand to a certain extent why he might need to take the drugs.

    Another two years to negotiate a deal? FUCK OFF.

    • He jogs like he has shit himself.
      Which he probably has, the obnoxious little lizard.
      He’s just a prize fucking turd that managed to float near to the top of the faeces-filled cess pit that is Westminster, by stabbing every cunt in the back.
      Hopefully we won’t hear too much from this gerbil-faced wanker once he gets stabbed in the back by every other backstabbing cunt going.
      A self-absorbed shithead, and thoroughly deserving of a good cunting AND a good fucking kicking.

  7. Give the Gove gimp a yard of LSD stamps and lock him in a soft cell. It’ll prevent him stabbing people in the back.

  8. Looks like a cunt, talks like a cunt, acts like a cunt……..definitely a cunt. Just look at that photo…….have you ever seen such a wanker in all your life? The Gove puppet was the kid at school who used to grass everyone up. The weedy bastard who was made to go in goal and everyone gobbed on when he let one in.
    He creeps and arselicks his way up what ever greasy pole he is presented with. A horrible, sneaky little backstabbing weirdo, it was inevitable he would be a politician. Personally I think this coke sniffing story is just a way of explaining why he is a pasty faced cunt with a mouth like a puffa fish.
    Fuck off Gove you slimy ball of dogshit.

    • “talks like a cunt…” Oh, yes. That accent sounds more like Ireland than Aberdeen – though, granted, if he spoke pure Aberdeen not even another Scot would understand him.

      The shooting fraternity’s beginning to appreciate his value, too –


      “… frog eyed toerag”

      “He publishes his intention to take the (General Licence) response off the left-wing leaning (Natural England), but suddenly wishes to extend his ‘power’ (and remuneration and status) by becoming PM.”

      • I wish the “shooting fraternity” would turn the guns around and have a party aiming at themselves. Worse than Arabs.

      • Very good. One complainant says Gove should be rogered with the rough end of a pineapple; and another says looking at his facial expression the pineapple must be a standard fitting!

  9. The cunt looks like he’s had a fat line before his jog on the picture.
    Whether you like it or not people vote for Prime Ministers based upon what they look like as well as policies and Gove looks like a soft lad.
    Can really see this wanker holding his own when negotiating with The Donald and his team.
    Same with Jeremy cunt.
    Can we simply get a brexiteer in the seat and not go through the Theresa May nightmare again.
    I’m not a Tory but I want Boris to win… He’s the only one who will defeat a Corbyn/SNP alliance… If Cuntbyn and the SNP get in you better run for the hills.
    What a pile of cunt.

    • Agree, we need a PM who looks like he can look after himself, to put the shits up those cunts in the EU. I don’t like any of these Tory cunts (they’re never getting my vote again, unless they resurrect Edward I and install him as PM), but at least BoJo looks like he’d stick his boot in Verhofstadt’s gob and finish the job on his rancid fucking teeth.
      The rest of the field look like a right bunch of wimpy little geeks.
      They should have to get pissed up and then fight- naked- for the leadership. I reckon Boris would fucking savage the lot of them, all at once, and then forcibly ravage McVey for a laugh.

  10. Treacherous cunt. Apart from Mavis, Gove has been the most vocal advocate of Barnier’s Vassal State Deal, which, as Sir Nigel rightly points out, is “the worst deal in history”, and an international legally binding Treaty to boot.

    Fuck his decades old cocaine admission, I don’t care. What I do care about is that Gove has ZERO integrity.

    Neither does Johnson for that matter, but at least he’s vaguely electable, and more importantly backed by genuine Leavers like Bill Cash, Steve Baker, Priti Patel and Mark Francois, all of whom will no doubt get positions in his Cabinet and be there to hold his feet to the fire should he become Prime Minister.

    I’d have more respect for Gove if he’d stuck to children’s TV.


  11. I’ve got a feeling Gove will give his support to Boris in an effort to make up for last time and also to try and keep a job like…the creepy cunt. The Tory hypocrite party members won’t like his coke head admission but will allow Leadsom’s weed admission through most likely.
    I think it’s between Leadsom and Boris.
    I think the Tories realise if they fuck this up they will be out the door.

    • Leadsom any day for me. She’s a hardcase, bright and nasty with it – exactly what we need. No, I don’t like her, but the country’s interests must come first, as politicians have always said when selling us down the river.

      • The Leadsom who ducked out of the leadership contest last time around, leaving the way for May to be crowned by default?

        Leadsom would have wiped the floor with May had there been a contest involving debate and proper scrutiny.

        But her most immediate problem is that she remained too long in the current Cabinet, rooting for May’s treacherous “Agreement” at every turn, only to flee the sinking ship when it became obvious May’s resignation was imminent.

        Had she bailed out a year ago, or around the time of ‘Chequers’, I would indeed now consider her worthy of a second chance, without doubt a far more credible candidate than Johnson and the other dismal shits.

      • That’s politics, sadly. Best of a bad bunch.
        Re 2016: Leadsom polled 84 endorsements in the second ballot, while May had 199. When Crabb and Fox dropped out. they had bequeathed 50 to May, and Gove, still in the running, had only 48. Leadsom wasn’t going to win, and Gove, thankfully, wasn’t even an alternative. No need to prolong the agony. She had no real choice.
        An apologist might argue that she was at least loyal to her leader when in government, too.

      • But it would have been for the Tory membership to have the final say if Leadsom had stayed in the race. May would have been sussed out early and we would have been saved three disastrous years. Probably.

        May and Leadsom would have spent a month debating each other and being ruthlessly scrutinised by the party faithful, media and public alike.

        Had May been properly tested she would have been revealed for the useless cunt she is.

        Btw, just seen Johnson’s speech and press conference. What a fucking cunt.

      • You’ve said who you don’t want but not who you might have (that’s a familiar refrain). Who’s the best of a bad bunch?

      • If you’re talking to me, I said, as clearly as I know how, in my previous post, that I wanted Leadsom. By implication, I consider her the best of a bad bunch. Clear?

      • If you’re talking to me, I’m inclined to agree with Komodo (shock horror), but there’s a long way to go yet.

        The candidate I would least like to see in No.10 is that waffling chimp Rory Stewart.

      • Sorry Komodo, it wasn’t you. I just thought RTC was keeping his cards close to his chest.

      • Esther McVey in black high heeled shoes, a leather suspender belt and a topless dress would do it for me. As for next PM I’d say Dominic Raab. Just glad that fartarse Sam Gimyah had to pull out. Mrs Leadsom would be good, but I think that she would be bullied by the Labour pansies and undermined by the shitstain on the Tory’s undercrackers Dominic Grieve.

      • Dominic Grieve is a shoe-in for Mrs. Danvers at the end of Rebecca. A candle-lit face, then being burnt to death in the ruins of an old pile.
        It’s a remake I’m really looking forward to, like the Tarantino remake of The Sound Of Music, where the von Krapps go for a picnic, and run into a group of Brownshirts out on grenade practice.

  12. It makes no difference which cunt is chosen to lead the Conservative Party and steer the ship. Nanny T has driven it onto the rocks and if Brexit isn’t delivered, and from what I hear the hymn sheet has not changed, then the Conservative Party will cease to exist. Its current condition is critical but not yet terminal. But,of course, fuck Brexit and the electorate; they are of no importance. The real business of Parliament between now and October will be attempting to force a general election because Comrade Corbyn and his useful idiots think they have a chance to grab power. Could be a close run thing between the Brexit Party and Labour because in addition to fuckwits who vote Labour there’s an increasing number of brain dead who will vote Liberal, depriving the Brexit Party of seats. Politics innit?

  13. “Whether you like it or not people vote for Prime Ministers based upon what they look like.” Then how on earth did Mavis get through the net? Obviously they are able to compensate in this department if they’re a good dancer. Gove’s supposed to be a good dancer, especially line dancing. Keep on dancing!

    • I suppose people thought May looked a bit better than Cuntbyn BSC. I do as well… fuck it I’d probably give Theresa May one to be honest. I’d show her what strong and stable leadership is all abaaaaaht.

      • No more of that from me WS, I told the Doctor about my perversion and she sent me to rehab… Where they showed me pictures of Theresa May everytime I had the urge.
        I am now cured.
        Esther is nice…and I’d give her one but she ain’t gonna win it with her accent though unfortunately. The Farquars and Annunziata’s of the party wouldn’t want such a common accent leading the party.

      • She sent me to rehab after insisting I stuck my tongue up her asshole… The dirty slag.

    • Morning Bsc.

      Mavis got through the net because the Tories failed to hold a proper leadership contest last time around.

      And if Labour had had a credible leader in 2017 Mavis would have been out on her ear and consigned to the dustbin of history long ago. If only.

      • Morning RTC. Agree, but I still think they should screen the next one for their dancing skills. I’d get up close and dirty with Esther anytime.

      • I don’t know about that RTC. She comes from an Irish Mafiosa family. I don’t much fancy waking up with a horse’s head on my pillow!

  14. Forgot to mention – the Gove cunt already lives in No.10. Is his front door divine? And get some decent running gear you tight cunt. On your earnings a decent running vest that doesn’t show your tits (which are bigger than some of my ex-Chinese girlfriends) would be a start.

  15. I think he is trying to project the “fit and able” image in the photo, where all I can see is a tan line that stops at his throat, very white legs, which makes me think he doesn’t go jogging, is trying to pull one over on me, hasn’t got the sense to have a light spray tan to pull off the “Healthy jogger” look.
    So he is a bit of a cunt really

    he also looks like.


  16. ‘I’m a pure athlete, I don’t cheat’ – Semenya says she won’t take drugs

    Caster Semenya says she will not take testosterone-lowering drugs in order to compete at 800m and 1500m and will instead target other events.

    Most admirable Semenya- just show us your tackle.

    • The pig should try its luck in Japan,I hear there’s a shortage of Sumo recruits

    • Well you don’t have to cheat when you’re a man up against women, even I could win an olympic gold in the fanny categery. I’d murder Serena Willams at tennis too.

    • Good one Jr… No doubt Gove would insist on ‘visiting’ production plants and having an extended stay after the deal.

  17. Gove is a cunt. A rubber faced cunt. But he does have a smart pair of tits.

  18. Gove and the rest of that shower of Tory Leadership Cunts make Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler seem perfectly respectable,highly principled,honest and down to earth politicians.

    • Just take a look at the candidates. No wonder Britain is the laughing stock of the world.

      • How true. Now scraping the underside of the barrel. And then you look at the vermin on Corbyn’s front bench. Genuinely frightening.

  19. If Gove doesn’t make PM perhaps he might go into the dealing business and get stabbed up by an aspiring architect. I’m sure Suckdick could arrange it.

    • Little known fact that The Govester was the inspiration for the film ‘Layer Cake’. I bet he still dabbles at Notting Hill dinner parties while drinking from a goblet of peasant blood.

      • Layer Cake LL… Great film that always inspires me and Sienna Miller is well worth a fuck.

    • We read that he has “an irrational aversion to houseplants and quiche, preferring to eat Dairylea Dunkers.”

      I’ve never had any desire to eat houseplants… I wonder if he likes African Violets ?

      Rubber plants are…phwoarrr !

  20. This photo of Gove should be a warning to anyone else thinking of snorting soya. The oestrogen levels of this geek must be so high that he needs a sports bra to go jogging. Still, when it all goes tits up for him, he can always fondle himself. Fuckin’ narcissist.

  21. If up was up to me I’d bar anyone from Eton/ Oxbridge from taking high office. What with ‘debating contests’, speechifying at the Oxford Union they’ve been literally ‘playing politics’ all their lives. What is it? ‘Government by the people, of the the people….’ They’re not OF the people, fucking none of them. Wat Tyler emerged from the people to become the leader of the Peasant’s Revolt. That’s what we desperately need-someone to ’emerge’ FROM the people.

  22. Yesterday’s man. Less popular than a turd in a swimming pool amongst the Conservative members who get to vote.

  23. My God – looking at that pic in the header, can you imagine him on the world stage? Imagine him at the next G7 or G8; everyone will think “who the fuck is that?”

    I don’t think this cunt has fully achieved anything during his various tenures in government departments – so the idea of him being PM fills me with dread – a bottle-job just waiting to happen.

  24. Apologies to anyone who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones but it’s frightening how the Tory leadership contest is a mirror of the battle for the Iron Throne.
    Daenerys ( aka Theresa May) the present incumbent was stabbed and disposed of.

    The White Walker (aka Michael Gove) was destined to remain as one of the living dead.

    John Snow (aka Boris Johnson) who was the favourite was banished to the North.

    So yes, this left Bran Stark, the disabled runt of the family to take the throne by default. Rory Stewart I’m afraid is going to be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister!

  25. Such a weasley little cunt. I bet he was always getting his head pushed down the bog at school. Or bummed.

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