Helen Grant

A nomination for Helen Grant – Tory MP, for the following:

A new £50 note should feature someone from a more diverse background, an MP has said, amid fears of a disproportionate number of “historic white men” on banknotes.

Tory MP Helen Grant (Maidstone and The Weald) said it is “disappointing and very surprising” that the Bank of England has so far “failed to recognise the ethnic diversity of our population on our national currency”.

Mrs Grant added that including “a person of diversity on our banknotes” would be a “fundamental shift from a national stereotype”.

“Such positive action would underline the pride we have in this country’s great multi-culture. It would also help to defeat the despicable influence of hatred and division that seek to destroy our libertarian way of life.”

The Banknote Diversity Bill will be brought back for a second reading on April 5.

The f*****g Banknote Diversity Bill ???!!!!
Shoot me now.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. Time someone told these cunts that this is a white country, it belongs to white cunts and we celebrate white culture.

    If black cunts, asian cunts and any other non domestic cunts want to celebrate their own culture no problem to me. We ain’t building statues to them or putting them all over our money.

    Exceptions made for Gurkha’s and the like who served the country, oh and Ian Wright of course.

    Before we know it we will have the mandela 20 note and the Gerry Adams tenner.

  2. How about the Black and White Minstrels?

    Five of them on a fiver; ten on a tenner; fifty on a fifty.

    Genius. Plenty of shiny black faces and a nod to the role they played in the sphere of light entertainment. Cant imagine why anyone wouldn’t be pleased with that.

    Wait until Megan Darkle is Queen and you might have a bit of brown on the front page as well.

    • I’m sure Harry the hopeless likes a bit of brown sauce on his weisswurst.

      But then, who doesn’t?

      • As the darker ladies in the Black Angus, Puerto Rico used to sing, “Pink inside, Pink inside, Skin like chocolate, Pink inside”.

        Perhaps they did a carvery or something – I have no idea.

      • “Me love you long time” was the other thing they used blather on about.
        “I don’t think so love, I suffer from premature ejacultion” so I expect a discount accordingly.

      • In one particularly shady place, there were little holes in the wall above the piss trough.

        I thought it was a strange place for a ‘Glory Hole’ (as I now understand them to be called) but these were different.

        Every now and then a skinny brown hand would come out and lock tight onto the willy of some half-pissed victim.

        Another skinny hand would come out of the hole next to it and a mystery voice would instruct the victim to place ‘Dollar, Dollar!’ in it to secure the hostage’s release.

        (Never one to miss a trick, Scousers later modified this business model; stealing your wrist watch by asking you to pass the bog roll through from the cubicle next door!)

    • I reckon Druncker is a whited up Papa Lazarou.

      Treesa, you’re my wife now…

  3. Not sure if its been reported elsewhere on here, but there is a photograph doing the rounds showing a Challenger Main Battle Tank firing at a house size target with Ms Abbott’s lovely face on it. (I have failed to add a link here).

    Photoshop at work yes, but funny as fuck.

    How I would love to see that on the back of a banknote

  4. If that’s what she wants, then I nominate Sergeant Sidney Cornell. The first black British paratrooper to drop into occupied France on D-Day. Killed in Neuberg two weeks before the end of the war. That way, she gets to celebrate her precious diversity, and we get to a have a British hero on our money, rather than someone that the feminazis pick.

    • Or how about Walter Tull?

      Of mixed race, Tull spent several years in an orphanage after his parents died. After leaving the orphanage, he forged a career as a footballer. He played with both Spurs and Northampton and had agreed to join Rangers once the Great War came to an end.

      Tull fought in that war. Having enlisted in the British Army in 1914, he fought at the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and was commissioned the following year.

      An able and popular officer (some sources say that he was going to be cited for a Military Cross), he was killed on 25th March, 1918 near Arras, France. He has no known grave.

  5. How about Bernie Grant or Winston Silcott? Or Harvey “Hello You Cunt” Price…..?

  6. Well of course it should be Stephen Lawrence or Damilola Taylor.

    Mind you, that would then put out the “peacefuls” so they would have to be represented too.

    Maybe we should just do away with the Queen on the front of the bank note altogether and put Abu Hamza on there? I think his shot eye and a couple of embossed hooks would set it off brilliantly. It would certainly appeal to the core of our “peaceful” brethren.

  7. Unless you are an MP, footballer, ‘celebrity’ or tic-tac bookie at a racecourse, you are highly unlikely to ever see a £50 note.

    Good to see that MPs are still in touch with working class people & their everyday problems. A sound use of the millions of pounds Joe Public stumps up every week to keep the machinery of the state running.


    Time to hang these fuckers from the highest branch and let crows peck at their rotting corpses. CUNTS ONE & ALL

  8. This sort of bollocks is pretty much all the Tory party cares about these days, just as with Labour, the Lib Dems, Greens and SNP. PC wankers who’ve gone straight from studying to a law firm or civil service.

    Forget following through on a mandate or cteating any decent policies, none of them really do anything apart from virtue signal or wring their grubby paws.
    Same old guff with celebrating wahmen MPs. Most are useless identitarian multiculti marxists like this twat.

    Identity Schmidentity.

    Fuck off.

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