Emily O’Connor

Emily O’Connor the latest me, me, me production of recent years relentless drive to ‘empower’ women warrants a cunting.
This young bint waltzed onto a Thomas Cook plane dressed like a prostitute and was therefore threatened with being offloaded by cabin crew unless she covered up. Queue the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth, multiple use of the words ‘rights’ and ‘humiliation’ in her defence.
Two things from the article in the Independent really made my piss boil. Firstly rather than simply comply this cunt stood up and actually asked the other passengers if she was offending them. Secondly, much more aggravating, yet fairly typical of today’s snowflake generation was her insistance that she was left ‘upset and shaking’ at the way she was treated.
Your own fault you entitled cunt. Do what you’re told, have a little respect and maybe try dressing without revealing 75% of your baps to anybody that looks in your general direction and just maybe you’ll get through the day without being regularly ‘humiliated’.

Nominated by Bellendiousmaximus

51 thoughts on “Emily O’Connor

  1. The bag of spanners says she was “humiliated” and then spends the next x number of days on anti-social media and breakfast tv moaning about how she was “humiliated” by wearing the same slags-r-us outfit!

  2. Another needy attention seeker who has spent her life screaming her demands at her parents, got bored with having them met on every single occasion, and decided to inflict them on the rest of us.
    I’d kick her out of a taxi in the middle of Mogadishu and see how she gets on the stupid fucking bint.

  3. Would’t bother me,rather her showing off her fried-egg titettes than some wailing brat,fat Cunt, boring old Fucker or jibber-jabbering foreigner. In fact I’d have offered to let her sit on my face.

    Fuck Off.

  4. Because she’s got a pretty face and fit bod, coupled with loads of media exposure, don’t be surprised if she ends up as the latest sleb earning a fortune on her little bit of fame!

    A nice example to set the kids. Fuck education, just wear a topless t-shirt, board a plane, give it large, and then whinge on Fb that your life is at an end etc. And next thing you’re a fucking millionaire!

    • Well trodden path ……
      it’s a fucking cry for FAME!!
      Imagine sky interviewing her parents

      “ yes Emily has always been a talentless attention seeking cunt but at heart she’s a decent girl”

      • I’ve always been a Star Trek fan so in that spirit, I’d happily take on the designation of “Three of twelve”.

  5. I walked out of a lit building on a very dark night, Before my eyes could adjust some cunt had smacked me over the head and then kicked the shit out of me whilst I was on the ground.
    That was humiliating and I was shaken by the whole experience, never really found the need to share it (apart from here) the only compensation I got was about 7 years later when I got to shag my assailants mother (who was a bitter divorcee and I a pissed squady on leave).

  6. Question Time tonight comes from James Allen Gels School just down the road from me. Very expensive, very posh, lots of nice gels getting out of Mumsy’s Chelsea Tractor every morning ya?
    As usual, 3 remoaners against a leaver and a Tory waverer.
    Stars of the show….. Hammy Lammy and the Ash Sarkar ugly bitch.
    Expect lots of race card poker, Grenfell grief jacking and endless fucking remoaning. I’m going to listen to it on the radio and in bed. I can’t stand to see the faces of those traitor bastards and the posh fucking arseholes in the audience.

  7. She is very attractive, the trouble with her kind is they don’t know when to keep their mouth shut.
    They are here to keep men happy , but become tiresome when they express an opinion, they should just get dressed afterwards and go home.
    A dirty little trollop who is nothing more than eye candy for ordinary decent men.

  8. I don’t think the time can be too far off when the distance of her tits from the floor matches her IQ.

    I might have a chance then!

  9. OP …
    sky’s Smug fat cunt boulton got put in his place today, his guest was Robert hardy operations director of Oakland invicta ( Brexit no deal task force)
    Boulton tried all his usual tricks and got absolutely nowhere….
    hardy said stacks of hard work done and Dover and euro tunnel ( pinch points) as he called them and they could deal with big bad “no deal” Brexit boulton didn’t like that so moved the conversation on to the Kent lorry park (M20)
    So will there be lorry’s delayed on the M20 asked the smug cunt?
    Yes to some degree replied hardy but it’s not going to effect our supermarkets or much else here, but you may see empty shelves in Calais! 😂😂
    Boulton ended the interview!!
    Hardy got approx 4 minutes to discuss this issue when cunts from remain friendly organisations have been given huge airtime to peddle their fucking lies about shortages in the UK ..
    No sandwich’s?
    Medical supplies?
    Lack or this and that ?

    • I’d stick HER tongue up her arsehole. After I’d removed it, and was rolling her up in carpet to dump down a sewer.
      The cunt.

  10. Good job she didn’t book with Flybe; she’d still be wandering round Belfast (or Southampton or Bristol or wherever) in her vest.

    Cunts forgot to arrange enough pilots, apparently.

    • Maybe I’m being a cunt but what do you expect if you pay £ 3.99 to fly?
      Surly not a fucking pilot…

      Tbh …. like many other posters she would have been welcome to sit next to me , I don’t reckon there’s much in the way of inflight entertainment so watching her tits bouncing around on take off and landing would have been most welcome distraction…….

      • With the right amount of turbulence her pups might have leapt right out.

        With the plane and all its contents still bouncing she should then stand and face the audience and ask them how much they like what they’re seeing.

  11. Maybe it’s me but if that’s what she was wearing then I don’t see it’s a problem…isn’t that what a lot of people wear on holiday? However; for the “help help I’m being repressed “ bollox, she should be publicly thrashed.

  12. Let her wear the damn thing, she is pleasing on the eye and she decided to wear it so whats the problem? It was probably a load of middle aged, overweight, big boned, fat, past it, jealous, cunts who objected or maybe it was the couldn’t Pilot who objected as he could fly the Plane with a boner…the dirty cunt.

  13. Now I know i’m very partial to a bird with a bit of meat on her but how you cunts can describe this no-tit, skinny hatchet faced bitch as “attractive” is beyond me. I’d rather fuck Sarah Ferguson.
    It takes all sorts I suppose but you need your heads seeing to.

    • Liking a Lady with a bit meat, talking yardie the other day…you must be a black cunt Freddie. 😀

      • Definitely a white cunt B&W but i’m very fond of black ladies, particularly the Africans. Unfortunately, they all think because you are white you are a millionaire. The trick is to take your fill of their massive tits and arses before they dicover you’re a bullshitting cunt.
        It cost me quite a bit of money before I learned that lesson but what the fuck you gonna do?

      • Not too sure abaaaaht the Africunt ladies…although I dont discriminate I prefer the new world ebony ladies, it’s lovely banging a lady near the beach in Jamaica.
        Get as much you can out of them Freddie…the slaaaags.

      • Well, if you like big tits and arses like me B&W you can’t beat Africunts. Of course, you have to do your research before you dangle your rod in the river.
        They have to have been here some time, not some Aids ridden slag off the banana boat.
        As you know Afro-Caribbeans hate Africans and vice versa. It amuses me to nod my head agreeing with their prejudices just so I can spunk on their tits.
        I doubt that our wonderful MPs have any idea what i’m talking about. Only the whiteman is a racist.
        Fair play to Jezza though, he did stick his winkle up the Flabbot.
        A man after my own heart. Except he’s a cunt.

      • Definitely not. And it’s not just that she is physically revolting. I don’t think I could fuck a remoaner, straight up. I just haven’t got the time or patience to give the bullshit to such a dumb cunt. It may be because i’m getting old but I prefer to think that I have become a class warrior.
        Or something like that……….

      • Be wary of eating any of the Stew they may cook you…there is a thriving bush meat market apparently (monkey).
        Everyone is racist or has prejudices…especially black and asian people..they can all fuck off the cunts.

      • Fuck monkey stew B&W. Some bitch from Zimbabwe wanted me to eat dead caterpillars her sister had smuggled in through Heathrow.
        As News of The World reporters used to say……..I made an excuse and left.

    • She looks about right to me. Add a pair of glasses with black frames and maybe a tab, she’d be almost perfect.

      Probably require a bit of Duck Tape® though.

  14. One man did apparently yell “Put a fucking jacket on you pathetic woman” when cabin crew were dealing with the situation. As with the usual waffle of ‘rights’ and being a ‘strong woman’ she would probably be the first to publicly crucify a bloke (on Twitter of course) for looking at her in the ‘wrong’ way and I bet she wouldn’t dress like this on a flight to some peaceful shithole rammed full of cultural enrichers.

  15. Probably an attention seeking cunt looking to get modelling deal out of it, or maybe wanted to increase her Twatter following.

  16. Well, the silly child certainly got her 15 minutes of fame. As with all Generation X, she is articulate and intelligent, yet those skills are utterly wasted on complete self absorption. If millennials diverted some of their energy into saving the planet, being good people, curing cancer and so forth, the world would be a much better place. But, no, they are self-entitled spoilt cunts.

    I’m sure the accountancy community will remember her and remind her that there is a Code of Ethics as much as Thomas Cook has a dress code…

    • Any member of generation X has to have been born prior to 1980.

      I am technically a millennial (Gen Y) yet I was born in 1982.

      If this slapper is a Gen X-er then I want some of what she’s been taking to retain her youth (just so long as it’s not bollock-loads of semen.

  17. Yes! Very good cunting. I was on the verge myself after reading about this airhead.

    She is wearing what most females would describe as a ‘bra top’, the kind of thing most women with half a brain would wear UNDER a vest top or a top that has cut out sides, for example or low armholes.

    To wear this ALONE on a flight is both asking for attention and the action of a scrubber, in my humble opinion.

    Why do so many people think that they are entitled to dress however they want on flights? Not everyone wants to see their tits and arse hanging out, their mammoth beer belly protruding out of their screaming-for-mercy, lairy shirt, their fucking union jack shorts or be subjected to their honking feet in their mould infested flip flops. Where is the sense of social decorum? Don’t get me wrong….I don’t don a tiara and my best Argos jewels when I travel, but at least I manage a bit of modesty, for the sake of fuck.

    She wanted attention……and she damned well got it, so she should bloody well suck it up and stop whining. The fact that she is so outraged and sees nowt wrong with what she wore shows what a clueless idiot she is.


  18. The way I feel about women at the moment, most of them deserve a sturdy kick in the pissflaps.

    • As a woman, I must say I totally agree.

      I can think of many an irritating cunt that I could quite happily karate chop in the snatch.

      • I was careful to say most, not all. My mate died young of cancer a few months ago, and his wife was truly amazing. She cared for him, and his father, who has dementia and other problems, without drama and self pity. The total opposite of the me me generation. Now that is a hero, not Katie fucking Price or Beckham or the ‘reality’ slags. Trollops held in high regard for doing fuck all, by trollops who aspire to the same fame and fortune for doing fuck all themselves.

  19. I’m sure my purple headed custard chucker would gladly spare a hot wad on her norks.

  20. Absolute modern snowflake that,she should have been thrown off the plane by her banana tits, this is the usual gobshite bitch ltrying to get a result due to her not liking being told told what to do, and now trying to get revenge and a bit of attention, what this cunt needs is a kick in the snatch and some attitude adjustment….what a useless slapper this cunt is and now she will on the news everytime someone tells this cunt what to do…….

  21. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen far worse returning from Benidorm on SleazyJet at Newcastle airport.

    They left there in 25deg warmth, returning to 1deg cold, still in a bikini top.

    Chapel hat-pegs.

    Docker’s bolts.

    You pick the euphemism! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t offended in the slightest.

    But then again, I am a bad person.

    • It’s as true today as it’s always been. All the boys love a whore.

      • I like ladies who like to be ladies.

        Those pin-cushioned, blue-haired monstrosities can fuck off. They’re only p’d off cos no fucker (other than some flake dweeb) looks at them even sideways.

        And because of that they have to make everyone’s lives as miserable as their own. They also look unwashed and “yeasty” to me.

        At least you can have a laugh with the “Shan and Trays” unlike the Triggly-Puff clones! 🚬

  22. Sew the whinging trollops lips together and listen to her winge then.
    Attention seeking ‘I’m god’s gift’ snowflake CUNT

  23. What fucking baps? 75% of zero is still zero by the way.

    …………… I’d still fire one into her though.

  24. Well I was considering if I’d shag her from behind if I was steaming drunk but then I was reminded by Lord of the Rings that she’s looks a bit “yeasty”. maybe let her nosh me instead. Although having a tickly helmet for a bit ain’t so bad.
    Nah she’s got shit tits so I’m out.

  25. I never read tbe Independent. It has had a few of my, er, ‘less savvy’ friends sharing moronic, obvious bullshit about Brexit, the nasty tories, internet trolling of virtuous actresses from the ‘alt. right’, Tangoman derangement etc.

    Now it’s part-owned by a Sultan, we get apologists for a certain religion write about the terrible offence caused by Salman Rushdie.

    I’d rather read the Groaniad.

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