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For some reason, my suggested vids on youtube suggested I watch this sanctimonious blowhard lecturing a few billionaires at Davos. So I decided to give it a watch. After two minutes I had to turn it off. His whiney drawl combined with his unmatched sanctimonious, smug style was too much to bear.

Whenever I see this charlatan given a platform at Davos or the UN, I always ask myself: why? Why is some overrated has-been treated as if he’s some oracle of wisdom and enlightenment? Does writing a few tin pan alley songs confer on a person expertise on matters political? He has nothing original to offer – nothing, just the rehearsed clichés and platitudes these out of touch wankers constantly regurgitate.

He is one in a long line of smug celebrity types who thinks he knows better than the ordinary plebs. I recall him lecturing concert-goers in Paris after the Bataclan attack, telling them how wonderful Islam is. The cheek of the c*unt. And after the Sweden Democrats got a sizeable vote in the elections, he labelled their supporters “nazis”.

I knew this fella was a prize wanker early on in his career. I remember clearly interviews he gave in the 80s where he made out that he had grown up in a very tough area in Dublin called Ballymun. He even wrote a song about the place called ‘running to stand still’. He was talkin’ about all the fights he had been in and how hard it was growin’ up. I found out years later that he actually grew up in a middle class area near Ballymun, and had attended private school. His whole working class spiel was one big lie.

Anyway, on behalf of my fellow countrymen and women I’d like to apologise for burdening the world with this uber c*unt.

Nominated by An Irish Cunt

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  1. Charles Moore on Q Time – good man.
    David (where have I seen one of those noses before) cunt
    Ash Sarkar- Muslim supporting Tottenham fan cunt.

    • He looks like a silverback with aids, probably caught it fucking another monkey.

      • Guffaw – top retort there CMOA 😉
        When asked the squinty cunt on the end about her facial hair – how far does all that hair go down your body – replied – all the way to my bollocks.

      • That was meant as a reply to Mr Alcatraz’s post: “He (Lammy) looks like a silverback with aids, probably caught it fucking another monkey.”

        Evening Ginger.

      • Say what you want about Lammy, but he was great in that movie when he carried the woman up the empire state building.

      • David Lammy has gone on record as saying he is deeply upset at being constantly compared to a Gorilla,but doesnt mind being compared to the Bonobo,a very intelligent simian with almost human like characteristics.

    • She has – and a corking squint too. I think I would check for bollocks on that one. Clammy Lammy is a cunt, Charles Moore is a top bloke for calling that uppity cunt Chairthing out. QT is a fucking fix from top to toe. The whooping from the londonistan crowd is seriously doing my fucking nut in. The shouty oirish cunt needs drop kicking into the Thames. One afri cunt declares her family who mostly voted leave would now vote remain. Typical polarised londonistan cunts.

      • Oh, here we go again. Us leavers were lied to so we must have another vote. Don’t these cunts recall so called project fear ?
        Planes would fall out of the sky, the sun would never shine again etc.
        Absolute bollocks from remainer cunts.
        And that Irish cunt can fuck off.

      • If the Leavers – who Remoaners insist were lied to and didn’t know what they were voting for – wanted a second referendum, there might be a case for holding one.

        But it’s the Remoaners (losers) who are demanding a second referendum, not the Leavers… something doesn’t quite add up here… are the Remoaners saying they were lied to and want to change their minds and vote Leave?

        Get fucked.

    • Yes Johnson, bearing in mind she supports Tottenham and Harry Kane advertises Harry’s razors, you would think she would get some cut price deal going on.
      Lammy the the stupid digger infuriates me every time I see his ugly mug.

    • She looks really proud of herself every time she opens her mouth. I think Gillette will come knocking.

      • She does need a shave, but to be fair there are plenty who need a hair cut in that audience. The scruffy cunts.

    • She’s a cunt, and so is that fucking smug know it all Irish biddy. I pity the man that has to take a telling off from either of those twats.

    • Agreed. She keeps banging on about her constituents being damaged by a no deal Brexit. All her and her kind want is our fucking money.
      She can fuck off.

    • The Ash cunt – well because her mate with dropsy wont get her meds (fucking bare faced lie) thats it – we stop in then. CUNTS

      • Do they really think the system for getting stuff into this country will stop on the day we leave. Fucking idiots.
        There has been some bloke phoning in to LBC on 3 separate occasions saying what the Ash cunt said. Absolute bollocks. The system will change and medical supplies etc will continue to flow.

      • That must be why he waves his hands around all the time making sure we see his manicurists work.

    • I think he was saying where will he get his ju-ju magic supplies from if he can’t get them from france ?

      • Chiggun bones and a pack of tarot cards from the Paul Daniels fire sale will have to do instead.

  2. Why is it that every time some CUNT suggests that people were lied to, and another referendum is needed for all those who have changed their minds, they were remain voters? I don’t think I’ve heard any cunt who actually voted leave for another vote. Cunts, go eat a bag of cat shit.

    • Apart from in London Gutstick . Some fucker just been saying the rest of her tribe have changed they’re minds so want another vote.
      Trouble is these people come from countries who don’t understand democracy. Morticia Adams getting very shouty about govt’ not fit.
      ash shut your fucking mouth love, before i fill it with a size 10 capper.

      • Yeah, it was that trout that wound me up. Clinging to that bollocks is all they have. Cunts.

  3. Bollocks……I said the word b***k. Wonder what happens if I say the word white.

    • I will tell you what happens Ginger – I posted on fuckbook – a very lively debate on football – the debate got more bitter by the meme. I posted one with a picture of Jimmy Savile in a Leeds United (I cant even write the name without wanting to vomit – Leeds that is – as well as Savile) shirt with the caption white cunt. Got a months ban – it obviously went against commideeee standards. Must be the first cracker to get a ban taking the piss out of whites 😉
      I am fast running out of alias’s too 😉

    • He’s got a sniff of ash’s pheromomes, orang utans really scramble his tiny mind.

  4. I was happily ignorant of that Ash cunt before tonight. I now have someone else to despise and add to my ever lengthening list of people who will be up against the wall come the glorious day.

    • Watching it now, i’m surprised it’s quite balanced. Very un-bbjazeira

      • Don’t know if it’s her jacket but remoaner jan raven looks to have Jeremy Beadle arms.

  5. Quite clearly the Remoaners are now shitting bricks that their beloved EUSSR is rapidly becoming as popular as a kick in the bollox-amongst the indigenous Brits at least.Even Londonistan voted 43% Leave.Considering that at least 50% of Londonistan is not indigenous and voted overwhelmingly to Remain that points to at least 80% of Londonistan voting Leave.Repeat these figures nationwide and a Brexit Betrayal could spark inter ethnic conflict on a massive scale.

  6. Fucking Bonor, fucking cunt, still hssn’t Found what he’s looking for the daft blind cunt, take the fucking shades off you twat, you might be snle to see street names then too, you pompous omnipocunt cunt. I would rather gargle the sputum of a swamp rat, a swamp rat that has been fed on the blended contents of a stink pit that have been filtered through the tights of an obese jogger than listen to a semiquaver of this cunts waffle. I am hoping he will fart one day and implode up his own arse. The cunt.

  7. Aln alround shit bloke fronting a mediocre band, pumped up opinion of himself similar to that of Bercow, another short arse. Tax dodging,mullet sporting wank fuck. Also his hopo “the Edge” come on, you’re fuckin 60 grow up, we all know you have a bald head and you are average at best on the guitar, I rekon you would struggle playing Smoke on the water. I for one hope Bono suffers from dementia and his home care worker rubs fiery jack around his bellend.

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