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For some reason, my suggested vids on youtube suggested I watch this sanctimonious blowhard lecturing a few billionaires at Davos. So I decided to give it a watch. After two minutes I had to turn it off. His whiney drawl combined with his unmatched sanctimonious, smug style was too much to bear.

Whenever I see this charlatan given a platform at Davos or the UN, I always ask myself: why? Why is some overrated has-been treated as if he’s some oracle of wisdom and enlightenment? Does writing a few tin pan alley songs confer on a person expertise on matters political? He has nothing original to offer – nothing, just the rehearsed clichés and platitudes these out of touch wankers constantly regurgitate.

He is one in a long line of smug celebrity types who thinks he knows better than the ordinary plebs. I recall him lecturing concert-goers in Paris after the Bataclan attack, telling them how wonderful Islam is. The cheek of the c*unt. And after the Sweden Democrats got a sizeable vote in the elections, he labelled their supporters “nazis”.

I knew this fella was a prize wanker early on in his career. I remember clearly interviews he gave in the 80s where he made out that he had grown up in a very tough area in Dublin called Ballymun. He even wrote a song about the place called ‘running to stand still’. He was talkin’ about all the fights he had been in and how hard it was growin’ up. I found out years later that he actually grew up in a middle class area near Ballymun, and had attended private school. His whole working class spiel was one big lie.

Anyway, on behalf of my fellow countrymen and women I’d like to apologise for burdening the world with this uber c*unt.

Nominated by An Irish Cunt

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  1. Just for a second I thought you were going to announce this irritating two-face cunt had died!

    Damn, he’s still fucking alive

    • I’d just want him to stand near the grassy knoll and let history take its second best shot. So long cunts.

  2. Live at Red Rocks and Unforgettable Fire were ok, it went a bit poo after that.

    • Somewhat agree there C&R. Up until TUF they were trying and were generally hitting the right note. No pun intended. TUF got right up to the line of sanctimonious and self righteous pretentiousness. The Joshua Tree, as good as the highlights are, crossed that line and went so far beyond it, the line became a dot to Bonio. It’s a mere pixel now. It’s the only band I can think of in my collection that I used to love and now absolutely loathe and despise to the point their stuff never gets played in my house anymore. And all because Bonio became a prize cunt of massive proportions. So completely unnecessary. Why can’t these slebs just do their fucking jobs, entertain their audience and STFU when it comes to everything else? Twat indeed.

  3. This cunt fits in seamlessly at Davos.

    Probably uses it to pick the brains of all the other tax-avoiding billionaire cunts who assemble there.

  4. The cunt also hung around with a load of pretentious ‘arty’ types and they all gave themselves ludicrous up their own arse nicknames like Gavin Friday and Bono Vox… Bonio saw himself as some sort of Ian Curtis type…, Except Joy Division were miles better than U2… Also true about Bonio not growing up anywhere near the infamous Seven Towers, yet he gives it the man of the people bollocks… His wife is also a horrendous cunt and all… She is described as a ‘businesswoman’ and an ‘activist’… In other words, the Paddywood version of Yoko Fucking Ono…

    • Paddywood? Priceless. When do they have their Awards Ceremony; I want to be there.

    • Oi Norm! Will you please tell Solskjaer to hurry up and secure a top 4 finish along with plastic Chelski? I need Spurs to finish outside the top 4 because that will hopefully lead to Pinocchio getting the sack. The useless, won nothing Levy yes man. Now Spurs have been fattened up hopefully Joe Lewis and ENIC will sell and take cunt Levy with them. We’ve nearly got our Tottenham back. Gertcha!

  5. The thing is, when this cunt does finally kick the bucket don’t be surprised if there are calls for a St Bono Day!

  6. He was part of that ‘ego rush’ in the eighties, when a whole bunch of pop stars / film stars got all preachy and felt they needed to do more than perform their party piece, get stoned and cash the cheques.

    Everyone needed a cause, whether it was Africa, Aids, Whales, Apartheid, Ozone, Palestine, Badgers or Icecaps. Bono, Sting, Geldof, Lennox, May (Brian, not Treezer) – parsimonious cunts all of them. Roger Waters and Skinhead O’Connor particularly obnoxious.

    What happened to the good old days when the singer sang – about birds, booze and bikes – and didn’t feel obliged to issue a sermon.

    No need for it. Never heard Elvis, Rod Stewart or Showaddywaddy railing on about exhaust emissions or plastic fucking carrier bags.

    • The good old days died along with Lemmy. When he was asked what he thought of Motorhead officially becoming the world’s loudest band all he said was “If you lived beside us your lawn would die.”

  7. The 90s ‘re-invention’ of U2 was hilarious… After the dire ‘Rattle & Cunt’ and the backlash that followed it Bonio and his mob decided to reappear as postmodern hipsters with stupid stage costumes and all that ZOO TV bollocks… The video and media propaganda screens at gigs was ripped off from both Crass and Duran Duran… U2 also tried desperately hard to appear humorous and with it and it was laughable… The gruesome nadir being their ‘ironic; (ie: crap) Village People video for ‘Discoteque’ and that stupid giant fucking lemon… Miserable and pretentious cunts don’t change overnight and it was obvious it was as fake as Bruce Jenner’s snatch…. Cunts…

    • Like Philip Schofield and Wispa bars, I file U2 under ‘saved from rightful obscurity’. All were due to be sent to the bureau of lost, long removed from their glory years and unwanted by anybody. Then a fateful moment refreshed their image and put them back into the public conscience.

      In U2’s case, that fucking ‘Discotheque’ dirge should have been their death rattle (& hum). Instead, Bono lucked out when he released that cringeworthy ‘The Sweetest Thing’ and followed that with an album in 2000 which made them popular again.

      Every day in which Bono’s name is not losted within the obituaries is a ruined day, as far as I am concerned.

      • Aye, Bonio did that awful Sweetest Thing as an ‘apology’ to his dreadful missus… The ugly wasp chewing cunt even appears in the video…. As I said, very Yoko Fucking Ono….

  8. Bono was in the second best episode of South Park (first must be “Tom Cruise and John Travolta are trapped in the closet”).

    C, G, Am, F, ad infinitum, becoming louder towards the end, lyrics about love being a temple or a wild horse, and some über-ego breathinss and you have a Bono (s)hit.

    Pay your taxes and drop dead you clichéd, chippy oompa-loompa

  9. Bonio. A tax dodging, undersized, sanctimonious hypocrite. Should form a super group with Sting and Lily.

  10. Just another rich tax dodging, hypocrite lecturing cunts to care about the poor people of the world who are poor because people like him insist on being super rich.
    I wouldn’t mind being a little bit rich myself but I hope I wouldn’t end up like this fucking sack of shit.
    I’m sorry, but if you can’t see right through these sleb humanitarians you may as well cut your throat and donate your fucked up brain to medical science.

    • Yes the poor peoples of the world, I read a story yesterday of rich Nigerians flying pizza in from London on British Airways flights as imported food is seen as a status symbol and a sign of wealth. Wasn’t quite what Bono and that other scruffy cunt Geldof meant when banging the begging bowels for poor little M’tebeh and his long promised village well.

  11. U2 were only very lucky to still have a career after 1990 by ripping off depeche mode.

  12. I’d be happy to down a gallon of Guinness one day each year to remind me how pleased I am that this tax avoiding cunt is dead.

  13. You just can’t cunt this cunt enough.

    As colossal a cunt as Bonio is I cunted John Lennon last year as I truly believe had the cunt still been alive he’d have put today’s shower of cunts into the passing shade.

    I genuinely believe that Bonio and cunts like him all suffer with the God Complex.

    Their wealth brings armies of sycophants that are willing to suck the shit out of these bastards arseholes if it means they get to be in the clique.

    When you think about it, everyone around them, other than band mates or immediate family are either paid to do everything for them or are star struck to be in their presence, the late great James Hunt called them ‘Star Fuckers’.

    No cunt will ever give them bad news, no cunt will ever tell them they may be wrong, no cunt is ever going to tell them they’re a bit of a cunt, no cunt will ever tell them they look like a cunt and so it is every single cunt around them is always going to tell them everything they want to hear.

    That’s why cunts like Bonio have the God complex.

    Fortunately though there are still some things that money and fame can’t buy, such as a cure for Ebola, so I live in hope that Bonio keeps up his crusade to eradicate poverty in Africa, whilst lobbying Western Governments to write off 3rd World Debt with taxpayers money and not his and you never know on one of those PR missions, sorry Mercy Missions he may just catch something that really doesn’t give a fuck who he is.

    Fucking cunt of the highest order.

    Great cunting btw

  14. Off road slightly…

    Why do cunts like the Irish Teashop keep saying no one wants to see the UK leave without a deal? Ffs – the majority of cunts recently polled in this country want us to leave with No Deal!

    Oh, I forgot, they along with the 17.4 million don’t count.

    Like Bonio, another thick Oirîsh CUNT.

    • Tea shop is busy licking Merkels arse, Hitler or Merkel, makes no difference to them. Anyone but the English for them, preferably a funny looking German cunt!

  15. Futurama Festival Leeds around 1979. Yes back stage Yours Truly. Anyway, the next band. He ran passed me onto the stage. Fell flat on his face. Ever since I have noticed how clumsy he is. When he’s ‘performing’ if you look he’s always pivoting on his toes. To do with being a short arse. As a cunt of Irish extraction I am thoroughly ashamed as well. I hated him most in that video in the back of a car or bus. His face right in your face. Those fucking sunglasses. What a cunt.

      • Hilarious ,thanks for posting this. It’s just unfortunate he didn’t break his neck.

      • On the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour Bonio fell on his face again and got badly injured… These scenes were filmed but omitted from their Rattle & Cunt film…. The drivel spouting diddyman is always falling on his arse….

        I also remember the Stone Roses reunion press conference… Reni was going on about how he liked U2 and Ian Brown was looking at him like ‘You fucking cunt’… Brownie has always openly despised U2 and Bonio…

  16. One time he went to meet the Pope in the Vatican but forgot to bring his hat. Cunt then chartered a private plane to fly the thing over. What a bellend.

  17. As I recall, Stiff Little Fingers, a far superior Irish band were the first to play the Bataclan in Paris after the attack. Bonio is not fit to lick the boots of Jake Burns

    Back in the 80s, I named my Jack Russell Terrier “Jake” after the inestimable Mr. Burns. No fucking way would he have been named Bono…

    • Bono is not fit to be breath the same air as Jake Burns, SLF have always been sincere, something this cunt knows nothing about.

  18. Commons adjourned due to water leak

    During a debate on taxation today, Labour MP Justin Madders struggled to be heard as the water leak in the Commons chamber grew louder.

    Next thing to rub fucking salt into the would will be the £3b+ of tax payers money to get the leak fixed and the houses of parliament refurnished.

    Flatten the fucker with MP’s inside.

    • I would like to make them walk the plank, off the balcony into the Thames. Watch them drowned like the rats they are.

  19. I don’t get why Bono is so well loved by snowflakes. I know he loves himself plenty enough.

    Call me old fashioned but I prefer my rock stars to do as many drugs and groupies as they can while they can and preferably retire before they become parodies of themselves.

    Bono just won’t fuck off, U2 were never my cup of tea anyway.

  20. It should be……Commons adjourned because of a total overload of criminal fascist cunts!
    Nobody gives a fuck about the sound of gushing water because nobody gives a fuck what they say about anything anyway.
    Fucking CUNTS!

    • I don’t know about the sound of gushing water, we could waterboard all the cunts live on tv and watch them tell the fucking truth for a change.

  21. Another Bog Trotter with far to much to say for himself Davos why would anyone want to listen to this little wankers drivvle I bet He’s had loads to say about us and Brexit He is a proper cunt another one who was big in the 80s now he’s just a has been

  22. This answers any possible questions about Bonio’s infestation of Davos, in detail:

    But in summary, he’s a tame, safely globalist, token dissident. His wealthy hearers can congratulate themselves on their tolerance of dissenting views, hop on their private jets with a warm glow, and arrive back in their VIP lounges having forgotten every word. His audience is as self-obsessed as he is, after all.

  23. U2 rip off masterclass…

    Boy – Rip off Joy Division
    October – Rip off Joy Division and The Associates
    War – Rip off Gang Of Four and The Police
    The Unforgettable Fire -Rip off Talking Heads and The Police
    The Joshua Tree – Rip off The Alarm and David Gilmour
    Rattle & Cunt -Rip off Bo Diddly, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix etc
    Achcunt Baby – Rip off Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, New Order, Duran Duran etc
    Beautiful Day – Rip off A-ha

    And so on…

  24. What a short arsed little gobshite cunt. Here’s hoping that he, Sting and that hypocrite DiCrapio arsehole all perish in the flames of a “tragic” private jet crash.
    To be shore, bejaysus etc…

  25. Why couldnt this Oirish Cont have been on holiday in Christchurch,New Zealand a couple of weeks ago,and wandered into a local mosque to experience some “cultural enrichment” ?

    • I share your sentiment C R us, but on balance i’m glad he didn’t.
      As much as i would like to see him used for target practise, by an upstanding young man. The false out pouring of grief and martyrdom, afterwards would be unbearable.
      It would be something akin to when Lennon was shot ( he was a right cunt too)
      Lets just hope he disappears off the face of the earth, never to be seen or heard again.

      • Good point Alcatraz,Saint Bono would be canonized asp by the paedophile in the Vaticunt.

  26. From the Grauniad:

    Theresa May is expected to write to Jeremy Corbyn to set out the government’s offer on Brexit, with negotiations due to resume in Downing Street on Friday. One government source suggested that, in accordance with Labour’s demands, it would include the proposal that a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal be offered to MPs as an option in any vote next week.

    After Thursday’s discussions in Downing Street, Corbyn sent a note to Labour MPs, saying: “Agenda items were customs arrangements, single market alignment including rights and protections, agencies and programmes, internal security, legal underpinning to any agreements and confirmatory vote.”

    Labour’s delegation included Sir Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey.

    The prime minister’s chief Brexit negotiator, Olly Robbins, was also present.

    • Never mind, I’m starting to think it’s a good thing if they blatantly conspire to stop Brexit. They will be keen to avoid an election for as long as possible in the hope people will forget.

      People won’t and a GE is likely within the next 12 months, then the cunts are going to get slaughtered at the ballot box.

      There will be a brexit 2.0, difference being most of these cunts will be out of a job and powerless to stop it. They may of fucked us long and hard but he who fucks last fucks longest, them cunts is all getting fucked long and hard.

      If we do have to endure a round of Euro elections be sure to vote and vote for the most anti EU cunt you can find standing in your region.

      • That is all we are left with Sixdog, all these feelings have to be harnessed and used at the ballot box.
        Where they can’t deny us.

      • If we end up taking part in the EU elections, the Brexit Party will win by a landslide – Druncker and Verhofstadt’s worst nightmare!

        Well, not quite worst. Not getting their deal ratified and their hands on our £39 billion ransom payment would be the worst.

      • My opinion for what it’s worth Willie is the fault lies at the top.
        If she had fulfilled the wishes of the majority everyone would have known where they stood.
        We would be free now.

  27. Was this before or after he took his private jet 5,000 miles to attend a climate change convention in the bay area of California – hosted by FuckerBerg and the other eco friendly billionaire private jet owners – only to realise he’d forgotten his favourite hat and sent the jet there and back on another 10,000 mile round-trip to collect it.

    But don’t forget, they care about the environment cos they say so, and that’s all that matters to get a free pass from the press…


    • The expression “and some fell on stony ground” comes to mind.

      The BBC are total cunts.

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