Helen Grant

A nomination for Helen Grant – Tory MP, for the following:

A new £50 note should feature someone from a more diverse background, an MP has said, amid fears of a disproportionate number of “historic white men” on banknotes.

Tory MP Helen Grant (Maidstone and The Weald) said it is “disappointing and very surprising” that the Bank of England has so far “failed to recognise the ethnic diversity of our population on our national currency”.

Mrs Grant added that including “a person of diversity on our banknotes” would be a “fundamental shift from a national stereotype”.

“Such positive action would underline the pride we have in this country’s great multi-culture. It would also help to defeat the despicable influence of hatred and division that seek to destroy our libertarian way of life.”

The Banknote Diversity Bill will be brought back for a second reading on April 5.

The f*****g Banknote Diversity Bill ???!!!!
Shoot me now.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. Certainly a worthy use of government time. People of the UK should be made aware that this country was founded on black, brown and yellow pioneers of science, arts and industry.

  2. I agree!!
    Let’s have the abbotpotumus!!
    Of course the notes would resemble the old white five pound note which were about the size of a tabloid
    Best of all they were simply black and white, thus keeping idiots like ms grant happy ……
    All sing
    “Ebony and Ivory go together in “

    • I believe that John McDonnel will replace the pound coin with a £3 note when he is Chancellor. This will naturally bear the image of Ms Abbot.

      • If that’s the case, then it would have to be a £10,000 note. There’s no way even an image of the Abbottopotamus would fit on a £3 note.

    • Seconded.

      Make a new denomination in her honour. Eleventy pounds. An image of her obliterating a KFC family bucket should definitely be included.

  3. Helen Grant. Fuck me that’s a diverse name if ever I heard one.

    87% of the UK is White British.

    Maybe she’s spent too much time in Londonistan.

    • Known to her friends as ‘Government’ Grant…very good at claiming expenses. Half Nigerian, which for me says it all.

      This diversity nonsense has gone way beyond too far. What we need, cunters, is unity.

    • There are four UK banknotes and if one of them bore the image of an F Nick, then the ethnic majority (Anglo-Saxon and Celtic) of this country would be under-represented.

    • Possibly related to Bernie Grant ??

      Effnicks are under-represented on bog rolls, too many rabbits (white !! oh, the shock horror of it…) koalas.

      More dindus on bog rolls.

  4. I agree with her . They should put Kunta kinte tied up with his brethren all with a chain around their necks on the notes.

  5. Whom did she have in mind, I wonder: Trevor Mcdonald, or better yet that vicarious Briton, Usain Bolt, perhaps?

    Helen may be related to my girlfriend, rather worryingly.

      • Personally they should go the whole hog as I’m sure the word POUND with all its imperialistic links to the past upsets some people?
        So let’s call it “the Katanga” with Lenny Henry’s face on it…..

  6. Let’s recognise “diversity”. 85% plus white and prior to 1950 pretty well 100%.

    That means somebody white.

    Find me someone “diverse” who has made a contributed to this country (and the wider world) a thousandth that of Newton, Darwin, Jane Austen, Elgar etc etc.

    I shudder to think of the pointless nomark they will put forward and the hoops they will need to jump through to invent “achievement” for them.


    Just Google “100 great black britons”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

      • How about some of the Sikh or Indian soldiers who fought in our side in the world wars. No? Of course not because war upsets millenial cry babies.

    • I’m guessing here, and lack the incentive or time to “research” Ms Grant’s intercessionals on the matter, but I’d wager her net of candidates casts “more wider” than blacks, my treacle.

      How about Ramanujan, the famous mathmo from Madras, who was left to freeze closer to death in a sanatorium in Matlock, Derbyshire in the 1930s? Alternatively, and along similar lines, how about (Mehmet) Abdul Karim, CVO, Queen Victoria’s dusky fellow, and “good mate” (qG)?

      How about good old Doctor Patel (from your local NHS centre of excellence)? We’ll have him on the new Ten Shilling note, when we de-decimalise.

      The mind boggles. Worrying surname, and no error!

      • Erratum

        Ramanujan was dead by 1920, so his Matlock experience pre-dated the Thirties. Thus, an even better candidate for Ms Grant’s longlist.

        [NB this to preclude any smart-Alec from weighing in… I’m trying to give up the Internet for Lent. Particularly amused, I was, to be incorrectly pulled up on my punctuation, can’t remember by whom. Lynne Truss’s “EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES” explored the pre-conjunctival comma in some detail].

      • An eye-opener, Lord Benny.
        Mutatis mutandis , I may have to renounce my partner, ipse.

        A worry.

      • Only because her surname starts ABB.

        If the list was arranged in order of fame or talent, instead of alphabetically, she would be right at the bottom (in a dead heat with at least 75 of the others!)

      • Stephen Lawrence? Why? Cos he was stabbed to death?

        They’ll have to add all the other stabbed black cunts to the list in that case.

      • The list must have been done by weight or density, even…

        Achievement ?? Naaah, unless it’s for chuggin’ chiggun.

  7. As long as it’s a true representation I have no issue.

    I knife on the front and a benefit card on the back init

  8. No need to get too worried. We’ll be using The Euro before much longer. Mere possession of old racist notes featuring the likes of Churchill or The Duke of Wellington will be made a criminal offence.

    Best get those biscuit tins stuffed with cash cleaned out before the Glorious Day arrives when the EU demonstrates to us that we are now truly a vassal state no longer in need of our own currency….won’t be too long now, I suspect.

    Fuck Off.

    • We won’t need HMRC either as all wages can simply be paid to Berlin and they can authorize our daily gruel rations.

  9. Can of worms, pick the wrong one and it will be White Saviours trying to control the diversity agenda.

    This woman is a stupid cunt, i would bet that the majority of the country dont givena shit who is on the bank notes, for me all we need is the queen and thats it!

  10. I read about this some months ago. The favourite is some peaceful bird who was a spy in German occupied Paris during the war. More likely she was a prozzie who occasionally picked up a bit of info from her Wermacht customers.
    But re-writing history is all the fashion these days.

  11. This is my MP and she is a useless cunt.

    I wrote to her asking her not to vote for (the EU’s) May’s deal as it is neither what the country voted for nor this constituency (58% Leave). She responded with a hackneyed template of woeful clichés so tiresome and soporific it would send a raver to sleep. Her reply was so late and so insulting I feel like standing against her in Sir Nigel’s new party.

    Evidently she doesn’t need to walk around the town seeing the Iron Curtains throwing up on every corner, the Romainian Cash Only hairdressers, the numerous drug-exchange Hand Car Washes, the wave of East Euro filth cramming in to now-ruined part of Kent. It is now a shithole.

    It was apparently her fourth choice of constituency. Benjamin Disraeli was once MP here. Matters descended a bit when Ann Widdicombe was MP (although she knows how wretched the EU is and also how to slap down Sourberries). Now the town has sunk even lower with this token flapper who’s as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

    The Tories could put a dustbin in and it would still be elected. At least a dustbin does its job.

    Useless, purposeless cunt.

    • The Romanian cash only hairdresser – is that one of those hair today, gone tomorrow establishments?

    • Think yourself lucky captain!
      I’ve been lumbered with “ I’m everybody’s mate” peter Kyle!
      Who appears to spend a disproportionate amount of his time ponsing around hove clutching his man bag and being really chummy …
      And just a little further up the road cunt of all cunts Caroline (fucking traffic calming) Lucas …….
      couple of right cunts

  12. Lawyer, expenses fiddler (got away with it of course) and employs her husband in her “office.”
    A nice little earner.

  13. Nothing wrong with a bit of a history re-write.

    What about the ‘Commando Comics are Racist as Fuck but Should Still be Printed in Blighty Bill’ while she’s at it?

    I grew up on a diet of brave British heroes overcoming all forms of adversity to sock it to the hapless Krauts, Japs and Eyeties (and the stories always had some daft sidewinder, eg when the pilot finds out the parachutist he has just machine-gunned is/was his long-lost brother).

    Irony of ironies, they are now being produced by the filthy Hun.


    • Shit bro. I used to read & collect them as a kid. I used to love them. I can’t believe that they still publish them. As years went by & I became a teenager I moved on to books by Sven Hassel.

  14. I dare someone to propose Shamima Begum’s dead baby for a banknote. Doesn’t much more “diverse” than that.

  15. Brillo just tore Ken Clarke to pieces on Politics Live. Now he’s savaging a Scotch Nazi bitch 😂

  16. About as useful as the Flabbot’s personal trainer.

    A dogshit MP. Helen Grant can kiss my piss.

  17. The worrying thing here is that this fucker is allegedly a Tory. We have had that fucking idiot Amber Rudd supporting children deciding their gender. What happened to common sense Conservatism?

  18. A old mate of mine (white) used to go on holiday and spend ALL his time maximising a change to his skin colour. What a dork.

  19. I f we have to have a black person on a banknote I choose ex- Man United midfielder, Remi Moses or singer, Labi Siffre…

    But it won’t stop there, will it. eh?… Give the fuckflakes what they want and they will want more… They’ll want 20 nicker notes with peacefuls on them,,, Then it will be transbenders… A face on a fiver?!! Why the fuck does this sort of trivial shite matter so much to cunts like Helen Grant and suchlike scum?… I don’t give a fuck if Hitler’s face is on my money as long as I can spend it and pay bills with it… The liberal left are the dog turd on the shoe of western society…

    • I have a better idea, just have the fucking value of the note printed on it and nothing else, fucking diversity my are.

    • Paying your Gas bill will notes with Hitlers face on………..

      I’m very sick,

      • A true story…
        Some Jewish acquaintances (German father, Scandi mother) from long ago, id. twins, shall call them “legal eagle” and “culture vulture” (a couple of right pretentious, self-advancing bitches to boot) received a postcard from the Farterland.
        The stamp was celebrating one of the country’s great industries…
        “German Gas”… Even they laughed, and said “the mind boggles”

  20. Let’s just cut the crack and rewrite history right from the point the fucking Berlin Wall fell in 1989/90, because that’s when those Eastern Bloc countries became Westernised, and as such places like the UK are now saturated with these grubby cunts.

    As such all the historical achievements in Britain’s past, should be eradicated for the sake of diversity and not upsetting the Libtard brigade.

    Henceforth, all the British scientists, explorers, generals, prime ministers etc. that were alive pre 1990, should be forgotten about; and apologies handed out the the ethnic minorities (can I still say that?) for all the stress they have had to suffer for not being recognised in quite the same fucking way!

    • After World War II the Krauts should have been policed for all time… They were trouble then and they are trouble now… And that wall should never have come down… If it hadn’t that fat slag Merkel would still be on the other side of it and dear old England would not be infested with hordes of Eurofilth clogging up the welfare, housing and health systems…. Not to mention nicking collections for war heroes… Gyppo cunts….

      • Cripes, Norman!

        You’d have got on well not only with my grandad, who was invalided off the Somme with a deep leg-wound, but also with my grandpa, mother’s side (who was involved in then highly-secret work on cavity magnetrons in Labrador, Canada 25 years later).

        Grandpa Hamilton always said that Jerry was way ahead technologically, and had they deployed Tabun/Sarin in the battlefield, anthrax would not have been any effective retaliation. (He was not wrong, and was extremely deeply involved in the war, weren’t they all?)

        Heroes in the truest meaning, to be sure, but for many the war against Hitler can now be seen in a better light, cf the previous one.

      • Maggie didn’t want to Wall to come down. Maybe she saw something having had experience with them.

      • Agree…
        All these cunts who say walls don’t work are talking shite!!
        Ask Hadrian ?

  21. I am waiting for the ‘Florence Nightingale was crap and that black nurse did all the work’ bollocks… Oh fucking Lordy, Yessarh….

    • Florence Nightingale was a white supremacist. Did you ever see her helping a black or peaceful soldier in the Crimea? I don’t fucking think so.
      On the other hand, does anyone know if she was a lezzer? I don’t want to get my virtue signalling in the wrong order. I’ve got my Facebook posts to likes ratio to think about.

    • Ah yes, Mary Seacole.

      We had about five minutes teaching about her during my training. I’ve forgotten all of it bar the fact that she was a black Flo Nightingale.

      Why the fuck we needed to know that when all we really wanted to know was how to stick an injection in someone’s arse or how to set an infusion pump is beyond me.


    • Norm, they did that years ago. There was an episode of Horrible Histories about it. They focused all on the (half) black Scottish nurse and ignored the rug-munching religious zealot Nightingale.

      You know Dickens, Darwin, Chaucer, Boadicea, Jane Austen, and The Bard were all black, don’t you? No? You daft racist.

      • You may laugh but if you have a big enough stick bag, wear a straight jacket and get somebody else to move the mouse the “100 great black britons” include:

        Septimus severus 3rd century Roman emperor (can’t think he had any slaves)

        Saint George (I shit you not!)

        Queen Phillipa, squeeze of Edward III, mother of the black prince!!!

        I’m tempted to write to them and ask how they could have missed rasta man Newton and evolution motherfucker and all round badass Darwin.

        Fuck me all this enrichment. I can feel my IQ draining away. I just want to go out and stab somebody.

      • It is a little known fact that Elgar was a sooty…
        Had a chemistry lab at the bottom of his garden, where he made his own very efficient skin-whitening compounds.

        It won’t be long before we have a pic of “an old queen” on every banknote, rather than “The Queen.”

  22. Next thing we’ll be told that all white people will have to leave the country due to causing great offence etc.

    So come 2030 and that Markle cow becomes Queen with her 10 non-white offspring pushing out the Windsors from Fuck House, if you are white, working class (or below) you will have to leave the country on pain of death!

    If you’re white and middle class, expect a life of servitude – afterall someone has got to clean the toilets!

    Oh and if you’re white and CoE then you may as well top yourself now because such things will be deemed offensive sooner or later.

  23. I’m guessing here, and lack the incentive or time to “research” Ms Grant’s intercessionals on the matter, but I’d wager her net of candidates casts “more wider” than blacks, my treacle.

    How about Ramanujan, the famous mathmo from Madras, who was left to freeze closer to death in a sanatorium in Matlock, Derbyshire in the 1930s? Alternatively, and along similar lines, how about (Mehmet) Abdul Karim, CVO, Queen Victoria’s dusky fellow, and “good mate” (qG)?

    How about good old Doctor Patel (from your local NHS centre of excellence)? We’ll have him on the new Ten Shilling note, when we de-decimalise.

    The mind boggles. Worrying surname, and no error!

    • I read about Ramanujan some time ago.

      Is it pronounced Ramanu-Jan or Rama- Noojan?

      • According to Wikipedia, it’s:


        I’ve always pronounced it Rama-Noojan. Wiki’s suggestion may be correct were one a native of the subcontinent, but I’m not.

        Reminds me of that BBC reporter, Ritulah Shah, who gets her trowel out when pronouncing “Taliban”, “Pakistan” etc while otherwise speaking rather good RP. You can almost picture her head nodding from side to side for the fullest authenticity.

        Angela Rippon was superbly lambasted for her similarly ludicrous pronunciation of “guerrilla” on Not the Nine O’clock News nearly 40 years ago. Moira Stewart was equally guilty years later.

        I’d stick with Rama-noo’jan.

  24. It should be me on the rasclaat Banknote. Handsome, big strapping lad Black and White cunt…it could have the words ‘I know naffink abaaaaaht it’ on it.
    You whiteys are gonna be extinct soon anyways so far better to move with the times and get a mixed race cunt like me on it…I think it represents the transitional times we are in. I have contributed a lot financially to the economy by various fraudulent things in my youth you see, which meant your Insurance policies went up which meant the Insurance companies paid more tax which meant the Government made more money which meant the Government could send that extra billion to India in foreign aid. You see I always have the less fortunate at the forefront of my actions and any financial benefit I get is an unwelcome distraction. Anyways after my revelation I know you’ll all be rushing to get an online petition in support of me going but please take your time and don’t let it consume your live’s.
    If your not getting a petition going your a racist cunt, and I’ll be reporting you to the Police via twatter.
    Piss off.

    • You’ve not heard of ‘”colourism” (proper British spelling) then?

      Youve got white privelige. Not as much as the Leibstandarte here I’ll grant you, but you’re still a carrier of the honky plague.

      Why not you? At least we wouldn’t run out of paper. With the flabbapotumus we’re need notes the size of Australia to do proper justice to her delightful visage.

      Would be interesting though, a note big enough to cross time zones. The right hand side could have a value determined in London and the left by New York.

  25. I can see where she’s coming from, it’s the closest most sooties would get to a £50 note.
    Apart from the ones who are drug dealers of course.

  26. King Aethelstan was a Black cunt. Look at all the jewellery, money and bitches that cunt had…a man I can relate to.
    If you don’t believe me here’s a picture https://goo.gl/images/5dihca. Told you ya racist cunt.
    Get him on the new Fifty.

    • How about Al Jolson?

      “I’d walk a million miles to get on the dole oh maaaaaaaaaammy!”

      • Or Sammy Davis junior.

        Playing golf one day he was asked what his handicap was. “Handicap? I’m a one eyed black jew!”


    • I see what you mean BW&C, he does look dubious to say the least.
      I wager he would have been no stranger to stop and search. And rightly so, stop him stabbing his brethren to death with some kind of medieval zombie dagger.

    • David Lammy VC, conqueror of the British empire.

      Yes I can see it. Staring heroically into the sunlit future while Stacey Dooley is being eaten by crocodiles.

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