The Labour Party (10)

ABC Anyone but Corbyn.

The wizened old commie cunt couldn’t win the last election and his party is beyond fucked. Overrun with hard left Jew haters and a shadow front bench that would make Joey Deacon look bright.

Diane Abbot as home secretary? Please.. John McDonnell as Chancellor? You have got to be fucking joking.

Mavis May may be useless but a useless tory PM is a lot less frightening than a commie Jew hating Britain loathing Muzzie appeaser.

Corbyn would flood the UK with hijab wearing inbred sporn producing future victims of domestic violence. As for the male Muslims….. How many more kids will get raped?

If Corbyn gets in, then I am off. Like many if my tribe, I always have access to ready funds should I need a flight out of the UK to safety.

A little bit of paranoia, you may think, but considering what happened to my tribe not so long ago it is understandable. I really do fear for the safety of my tribe if Labour get in.

Corbyn has made it clear he will ramp up the heat with Israel. It will be open season for Palestinian terrorist sympathisers, trade embargo’s and the arrest of anyone who has ever served in the IDF.

Corbyn is totally obsessed with Palestine.

This cunt must never be allowed to get into power.


Nominated by Kravdarth

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  1. You think Treason May is a cunt who won’t fuck off? She has nothing on Corbyn, this cunt should have gone ages ago but he believes his own hype and think because they’re the biggest party in Europe blah blah blah that they are going from strength to strength.
    They couldn’t even beat Treason May last time when she tried her best to lose by pissing off the old greedy cunts.
    He won’t go and labour will split with a load of Blair cunts joining the Chukka party. What the fuck is he speaking at Glastonbury Festival for and organising his own festival? The power has gone to his head and he thinks he is the saviour of Britain’s down and outs and poor… The down and outs, poor etc can all fuck off. The main parties have not changed with the times and Labour no longer represent the working class, they represent momentum, the jobless, vegans, cyclists, beggars, drunks, druggies, cunts, and all the rat scroungers. Piss off.

    • Corbyn is an anti-Christ Trot type cunt, The breed lurk in dark corners and inveigle themselves surreptitiously up your arse and once up there it is the Devil’s own job to get them oit. They are the ultimate awkward squad dedicated to bringing doine the status-quo through revolution or chaos to put in its place the great self renewing Socialist Revolution. All fucking psychotics. Takes an ice axe in the skull to stop the cunts.

  2. Ring ring!
    “Hello. You have reached the helpline for your local Labour-run city council.
    We appreciate your call and would dearly love to send a workman to rectify one of the numerous defects with your council house and surrounding infrastructure, but at the moment, all of our operatives are just SOOOOO worried about Palestine.
    So fuck off. Racist little englander nazi pleb…”

    • That’s if we didn’t shovel mountains of your cash at a PFI to do the boring maintenance stuff for us at twice the price and with half the results. TY, Tony, again.

      • We all have so much to thank Tony for.
        I myself would dearly love to meet him face to face, so I could thank him personally…

      • (Three repeats of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons…*click*) You have reached the Tony Blair Institute for Global Tony Blair. To make an appointment to punch Tony in the face, press 1. To cunt Tony’s answering service, press 2. To request (oh, fuck this)…..*click*…. You are currently 1,562,438th in the queue. A customer service agent will attend to your enquiry in 2023. (Vivaldi resumes)

        You are not alone.

  3. Looks like we will all be sucking from the Eu glory hole for ever more. Fuck it,I’m going to fight these cunts all the way.

    • There will be no change Fist until the parliamentary system is changed and this new breed orf professional politicians is given the bums rush. They all go straight to ”Uni”, study politics then wangle jobs as political researchers and suck dick until they get chosen as a candidate. They have no allegiance to the common people, the electorate, only to their own self serving tribe.
      Time for a Revolution Comrades, not the type Corbyn is working for. A true People’s Revolution and we start by hanging all the cunts in Parliament.

      • Well spoken, Sir.

        I propose The ISAC Party.

        We have NO shortage of excellent candidates. Paul Maskinback for Foreign Office, Mr. Fiddler for Home Secretary, Dio for No. 11, I’m sure we could all nom a few for high office.

        Speaker of The House will be a dark-stained plywood box with a small Tannoy cone in it, just like my Granny used to have as a phone table. Far more bird-pulling power than John Bon Jerkoff, too.

  4. The BBC commented on the Brexit March populated by the good people who voted leave.
    As predicted the fucking impartial BBC said it was a right wing Nazi March infiltrated by the ultra right wing Tommy Robinson. Fuck me how much longer do we have to pay a license fee to these brain washing cunts ?????

    • The 10million+ Remain march all coached in from every part of the country was organised by….”The Organisers”. That is all the BBC and other media arse valves told us aboit who or what was behind it.

    • Funny how the “Far-right” manage to keep switching between being either a nation-wide,organised militant group that needs to be feared, to then being the group that’s a pitiful minority that ought be ignored, depending on the flavour of the day.

      Wish they would make their mind up already.

  5. I’m with you on this, Kravdarth.

    The minute that batshit crazy, commie piece of shit gets into power, I am outta here, even if it means commandeering some illegal migrant’s shitty boat to do so.

    (With the state of my bank account, that is highly probable)

    He is not just a traitor to the UK and its citizens, but IMO, he is dangerous too. His terrorist sympathies put the UK in jeopardy. He is simply not fit to run the country as he does not have our best interests at heart. The man is a fucking lunatic.


    • He is the idealistic perennial student who never grew up, like a Commie Peter Pan. McDonnell is the real brains (and danger) for these cunts-in-waiting.

      • McDonnell was quoted in the press this week saying that if Labour gets to power he will have ministry accounts staff “Re-educated”) – I did a nom earlier this week citing a newspaper article, but it got binned in favour of that poor little chap who helped present Crufts this year – obviously far more dangerous than grandad McDonnell). It sounded very 1984-ish and I could just picture gimlet eyed McDonnell as the main man in Room 101.

        He is far more dangerous than Corbyn. McDonnell is Alistair Campbell to Corbyn’s Diane Abbott

      • Why do you assume that your nom was binned just because it didn’t appear immediately???

        Don’t be a cunt 😉

      • I’m always a cunt Admin, (at least thats what Mrs Boggs says) and yesterday’s Whitehall farce has made me more of a cunt. I apologize though.

  6. It’s encouraging that, despite being up against the worst, most incompetent and traitorous so called government in history, Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition are still 10 points behind in the polls. Two cheeks of the same disease ridden , revolting arsehole if you ask me.
    Meanwhile, here in Londonstabistan we have our 20th stabbing death of the year in broad daylight outside Clapham Common station.
    The peaceful Home Secretary says “ this can’t go on” and “there is no simple solution.”

    Translation: it will go on and we don’t give a fuck.

    • You can probably add another nought onto your ’20’ in terms of what’s actually been reported. Doubleplusgood.

  7. The Labour Party is the second greatest threat to the existence of Britain next to Islam. Who’s number three then, you may ask? Well there’s isn’t a number three. Those two are enough between them.

    • I put the cultural Marxists of labour, the greens and lib dems ahead of Islam in terms of danger. We’ve had a sizeable muslim population here for over a century and it’s only in recent years Islamic terrorism has been a real problem on this island.
      It’s the radical leftists in positions of power in government, media, education, policing and public life in general who have insidiously been diluting British culture for a few decades, and are now pushing the Lysenkoism of our age, transgenderism, in classrooms and the media, while championing mass immigration without any need for integration.

  8. The Labour Party died when John Smith was murd… sorry… when John Smith passed away…

    • Seen off by the same hit man… “cough” err, mysterious ailment as Dr Kelly and Robin Cook?

  9. With Corbyn in control and flabott as his side kick 🦍 I would sooner tick the box for ISIS than Labour. Mong’s, retards, backwards, dunce’s and any other phrase we used to love back in the 70s comes to mind.!

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