Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police are Cunts.

Now I’m not one to continually slag the Police. I think that they do the best that they can in most cases,hampered as they are by a politically-correct mindset at the top,and an increasing squeeze on resources,but this really is a disgrace.

Four years worth of investigations,thousands of pounds down the drain all to come to nothing. The (now) “innocent” scum are free to resume their pleasures,probably with a nice wad of “compo” in their their back-pockets,all the while laughing at the stupid Kuffar who kow-tow in the name of diversity leaving them free to indulge their perversions.

Never mind, I’m sure that “lessons have been learned” and some lower ranks will have a disciplinary put in their file, the higher ranks…probably not.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

11 thoughts on “Northumbria Police

  1. A very sad outcome Dick. You are right in that it will most likely be the lower ranks that will be disciplined.But in this case there MUST have been a very senior officer with oversight of the investigation given how ‘sensitive’ police dealings with the peaceful ‘community’ are in this wonderful PC country of ours. He/She’s the one should take the bullet. I don’t know but I guess Northumbria Police are not the most experienced or best equipped to handle this kind of investigation. If they didn’t have the expertise locally that senior offficer should have consulted with other forces that had brought successful prosecutions against the peaceful groomers. Did misplaced pride stop that happening? It’s a problem with the antiquated structure of policing in England, turf organised along county boundaries. The wasted money is not unimportant but I feel more angry for the complainants who had the bottle to stare these bastards down in the courtroom and for the humble PC Plod who I am sure did his very best to deliver justice.

    • Afternoon, F.
      You’re quite right to say that the money is unimportant in the scheme of things.

      I’m just genuinely appalled that scum that like this are free to continue on their merry way due to either carelessness or an ignorance of proper procedure. I’d have thought that there would almost be a “template” available due to the amount of these type of cases across the country.
      Northumbria police actually cover Newcastle and Sunderland and so have dealt with similar cases before,which makes it all the more galling that they got it so drastically wrong this time.

      • Ah OK Dick. Hadn’t realised Newcastle and Sunderland were part of the patch. Small consolation I know but in my experience criminal scum always rises to the surface again.They eventually end up doing time for something or other. Not that it’s much of a punishment, if at all, for these left hand arsewipes.

  2. You have to laugh at the names plod gives to some of these operations. Apparently this Northumbrian Police one was called “Operation Optic! “ Who the fucking hell was in charge- Stevie Wonder?

  3. Coming from this part of the world and a wonderful place it is, I suspect plod has actually given up on any sort of crime prevention or detection, proof of this is proved in the amount of brand new camera vans on every corner the fuckin low life cunts

    • You seen the state of Westgate Road these days? I got my first bike there years ago but hadn’t had cause to be that way for years. It’s like fucking downtown Tripoli….a complete tip. Not a white face to be seen.

      Afternoon, H.

      • Good Evening Mr F yes indeed west gate rd was the bastion of bikers in the alas now 3rd world, suspect camel sales soon

  4. Fuck it! I left a long time ago….this is another reason to show my grandchildren why I did. Come to Aus if you can…and Welcome!

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