The Labour Party (10)

ABC Anyone but Corbyn.

The wizened old commie cunt couldn’t win the last election and his party is beyond fucked. Overrun with hard left Jew haters and a shadow front bench that would make Joey Deacon look bright.

Diane Abbot as home secretary? Please.. John McDonnell as Chancellor? You have got to be fucking joking.

Mavis May may be useless but a useless tory PM is a lot less frightening than a commie Jew hating Britain loathing Muzzie appeaser.

Corbyn would flood the UK with hijab wearing inbred sporn producing future victims of domestic violence. As for the male Muslims….. How many more kids will get raped?

If Corbyn gets in, then I am off. Like many if my tribe, I always have access to ready funds should I need a flight out of the UK to safety.

A little bit of paranoia, you may think, but considering what happened to my tribe not so long ago it is understandable. I really do fear for the safety of my tribe if Labour get in.

Corbyn has made it clear he will ramp up the heat with Israel. It will be open season for Palestinian terrorist sympathisers, trade embargo’s and the arrest of anyone who has ever served in the IDF.

Corbyn is totally obsessed with Palestine.

This cunt must never be allowed to get into power.


Nominated by Kravdarth

138 thoughts on “The Labour Party (10)

  1. By its rather extreme anti semite sub culture it has managed to attract the bulk of the minority

  2. “A flight out of the UK” Krav? It could be more like the flight out of Egypt if things carry on as they are.

  3. Labour are a shower of shit, the conservatives are another festering pile of putrid sceptic tanks full of shit. I really do hope the voting public punishes them severely at every opportunity until they are extinct.

  4. Well cunted Krav. Nothing to add that hasn’t been said already about this opportunist Commie cunt.

  5. Just had a Labour flyer through the door. ‘Let Labour fix the Tory potholes’ Fuck me I didn’t realise May was also fucking up the roads. It’s Jezza for me.

    • There was a large pothole in our road and it was fixed yesterday.. There were 5 men and it took over half a day. Ever wondered where your taxes are going.

      • It only got fixed because the council had a surplus in its budget and the tax year’s almost over. Suddenly we can’t move for fucking roadworks. Next week the potholes will be left to grow undisturbed.

      • Last March they started a similar process near me – 1st a cunt in Hi-vis, loafers and carrying a clipboard, directing a spotty oik to spray neon circles around huge holes in the road.
        – 2nd a team or workmen erect signs, and the repairs commence.
        Come April 1st, it stopped – New financial year ; new budget.
        There are still 2 massive potholes 200 yards up the road, with neon fucking circles around them!

        Councils : Lazy cunts run by self-important cunts !

      • Shocking waste of money C n R

        Whilst on the subject of needless waste, how many Feminists does it take to change a light bulb…..?


        One to hold my ladder, one to suck my cock and one to lick my balls.

        Apologies if I missed anyone out.

      • You’re bloody lucky it’s even being repaired.

        Around here the Council prefer to waste hundreds of thousands on building cycle-paths. Which are seldom used.

  6. You’re correct in what you say Kravdarth, but I think you should never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public ( especially those under 30 )
    Also as your cunting says anyone but corbyn, I hear anyone but the Tories, such is the anger about Brexit.
    I think he’s in with a shout at the top job, then we’re all fucked.

  7. I’m voting Corbyn and converting to snackbar. I’ll miss the Bacon and Rum but it’s the future, if you wait and convert they’ll know your trying to save yourself, I’m converting now so they’ll believe me. Convert now repent later… Alan O’snackbar

    • It will be a great view from the top of the victimhood totem pole B&WC, lording it over ‘inferiors’ like blacks, gays, transbenders, the disabled and wimmin with poor old whitey bottom of the pile.

      • Yep the snackbars are definitely top of the ‘Can’t be blamed’ pile LL. I’d start blacking up if I was a whitey… Or at least identify as black. Might start selling fake afro’s and ‘I love KFC’ t-shirts… I’ll make a killing.

      • I have told the neighbours to ‘check their white privilege yo’ and applied for a Nando’s loyalty card.

  8. It’s infuriating how the very impartial BBC are always ready to show Boris Johnson as a bit of a fool but that complete idiot Diane Abbott never gets a mention.

    • There was an MP on the box last night on newsnight, asked a question about numbers, he replied that he wouldnt talk numbers, least of all to the BBC.
      Everyone knows these cunts (who we pay for) are bias towards the left and remain.

  9. There is the start of a campaign to write “No suitable candidate” across ballot papers at the next election.

    Let’s hope it turns into a landslide against the traitors…

    • Nice idea and it would register a protest but enough sheep would still vote for the party with to faces. I would like to see independents win a majority of seats. Party whips would lose their sting, independents would free vote at all times. Yes parliament would be a mess but isn’t it now?

      Ministers could be elected by all MP’s, party politics would be sidelined, it would be interesting, at least until many of the independents were paid off or threatened into compliance by the establishment state.

    • It will Dioclese,
      Every right thinking person I know is signing up to UKIP or any vote leave party. Those fucking cunts days are numbered.

  10. Mr Blobbly has better leadership qualities than this cunning cunty cunt!

  11. I think the Northern Labour heartlands are as fed up and pissed off as Middle England Tories, a Hung Parliament is a real possibility. Change UK the mooted new name for Spearchuka’s band of rejects, led by the devious but quite shagable turncoat, Heidi Allen.

    • “Change” was the favourite word in 1996,97 up to 2003 of Anthony Blair, but then again Nancy Umunna’s Vanity Project is really dedicated to Blair.

      I really don’t see the “Independent” Group – flying – it is just not taking off at all. Nobody in parliament or outside of it takes them very seriously. The members of this ludicrous group take themselves far too seriously.

  12. Fuck Corbyn, but also fuck May and her cronies who crumbled and voted for her deal today. Had the tories delivered Brexit they might not havee needed to worry about the next election, particularly the looming EU elections.

    I’ve never voted Labour or Tory (both too authoritarian), and will be voting against both once more in the next GE.

  13. yes the current labour party are fucking useless, but it would be amusing to see them elected if only to watch the histrionics of all the snowflakes who scream ‘waycist’ every time someone expresses an incorrect opinion about Israel.

    • Right with you there. What really pisses Israel off about Labour is not the (synthetic) antisemitism issue, but the fact it’s not as dependent as it used to be on israeli-tied money and influence. Even Sainsbury’s pulled out…

  14. Labour party, Conservative party, Lib/Dems etc….doesn’t matter a Fuck to me. They have all proved themselves to be utter Cunts. Trying to say that one particular bunch is better or worse than another is pointless. It’s like saying that a cider shart is preferable to a Guinness shart because it doesn’t stain your undercrackers as badly.

    Fuck them All.

    • All very fine and dandy Dick, but will there be a cider or a Guinness shart stain on your ballot paper come the next election?

      Good evening 🙂

      • Evening RTC.

        I know that the correct thing to do is go along and spoil my ballot paper,but I just don’t care any longer. I’m sick to the back teeth of the whole fucking bunch of them.
        If 17 million votes can be ignored, I can’t see that a few spoiled ballot papers is going to bother them too much.

      • It may, or may not bother them Dick, but at least you be able to register your ‘dissatisfaction’. If they think you don’t care then they’ve won.

        Besides, I’d have thought you’d relish the idea of giving them a piece of the legendary Fiddler mind…

      • I honestly feel disenfranchised by the whole Brexit affair, RTC.
        As for giving them a piece of mind, I’ll continue in exactly the same way as I always have when they come knocking at election time…launch into a foul-mouthed diatribe regardless of which party they represent…and then threaten to set the hounds on them if they ever darken my door again.

      • I too feel disenfranchised Dick, but there’s no way I could allow myself the luxury of not voting if that helped facilitate the election of a Corbyn Government.

        I suspect you might feel similarly if the prospect of a Cameron 👿 Government was again in the offing…

      • In the 2017 French Presidential elections 4m went out to vote, simply to vote for nobody ‘Non’ or spoil their ballot paper RTC.

        The clean cut establishment granny fucker Macron failed to take that on board.

        He pressed on with his agenda, believing his majority gave him legitimacy to do so, despite the lowest turnout in decades.

        4m people, without any form of organisation, took the time to go out and spoil their ballot papers and 11m chose not to go out at all, if that’s not the epitome of disenfranchisement I don’t know what is.

        After almost 6 months of weekend riots across France (which MSN have stopped reporting) I can’t help but think Macron may have wished he’d have taken those 4m spoiled votes and 11m stay at home more seriously.

        Personally I’m with the 3/4m.

        I know we’re not the French and they have a history and culture of protesting (not to be confused with fighting of course) but wouldn’t it be interesting if we followed their example?

        Obviously nothing I have just written should be confused with the fact that 17.4m votes are currently being ignored.


  15. Orrrrder! Orrrrder! Maybot defeated again, probably a longer Brexit delay, followed by Remain, major riots and a general election. We truly are fucked cunters!

    • I thought the same but watching Nigel’s speech has given me some hope.
      He’s well and truly back.
      Had 2 feeds running, 1 at the UKIP demo and 1 for nigel’s….
      Tommy went a bit ott unfortunately and just yelled and ranted …. not actually about brexit at all …. but nigel’s demo is good.
      His speech was great.
      We won the first battle, no reason we can’t win the second.

    • We’d have been even worse fucked had the deal gone through.

      If the job’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly – it shouldn’t be treated as a damage limitation exercise for a failing European Union, Big Business and the UK Establishment.

      • We’re fucked either way RTC. Although yes, the deal would’ve been a lot worse.

      • We’ve been fucked for 20 years OC. It’s just a matter now as to when the final curtain comes down.

  16. Nicely cunted krav.
    I feel for your tribe. I don’t agree with everything that Israel does, though I don’t agree with everything that ANYONE does, however there’s no doubt that he’s a not-so-secret jew hater, the cunt.

    Fuck Corbyn. Fuck Abbott. Fuck McDonnell.
    Fuck Liebour. Frauds the lot of em.

    • Its the rank hypocrisy that grinds my gears, blatant anti-Semitism is brushed off as media smears while anyone who doesn’t buy into the Corbyn cult is demonised with every ‘phobe’ and ‘ism’ out there.

      An example being Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham who dared suggest the blinding obvious of exploitation and rape of white girls and Asian grooming gangs. Corbyn and Labour treated her like she had once read a UKIP election leaflet and had been radicalised by Sir Nigel of Farage while the biggest racists Flabbott and Lammy are untouchable.

  17. What is Labour, anyway? Half are Islington socialists with an agenda but no plans, and half are blind globalists with an opposite agenda and no plans the Tories didn’t invent. If Corbyn had had a purge of the Blairites, and removed some of his embarrassing chums as well, two years ago when he had the chance, then set out some clear and attainable objectives, Labour might have looked like an alternative to staying at home and sobbing. As it is, pfffft. Nothing. I say this with enormous regret.

    Hooray – Labour’s shot itself in its big flat feet by pissing off the Northern Leave demographic….Boo – it will more than make up for it with the ethnic and snowflake vote. Where’s an economic Marxist lizard to turn?

    They’re all cunts anyway. Spoilt paper of Monster Raving Loony are my choices.

    • *What is Labour, anyway? Half are Islington socialists with an agenda but no plans, and half are blind globalists with an opposite agenda and no plans the Tories didn’t invent.*

      That really sums up their situation the best way I have ever seen. They truly are redundant and useless now. Steptoe wishes it was still 1945 the Blairites wish it was 1997. Neither shower is up to 2019 and never will be.

      • Doesn’t help when talking turds like Fatty Thornberry sneer at real working class people because they live in a council house, drive a van and have an England flag hanging out the window.
        I grew up in a council house and owned several vans over the years so Emily and all who sail with her can fuck off and die on their arses.
        Shove em all in Beardy Branson’s spaceship and set the controls for the heart of the sun.
        And bung the tory and libdum cunts in with them…

      • I wouldn’t send the abbopotomous though.
        The Sun might get swallowed into one of her black holes, never to be seen again.

      • With her on board the ship would sadly never achieve escape velocity.
        Pity really. She could smother herself in breadcrumbs, herbs and spices and become the biggest piece of KFC in the cosmos, just before being incinerated.
        Bet Carl Sagan never thought of that one…

      • Good ol’ Sagan

        ‘If weee yumans wish to make a gigantic piece of chicken, we must fust een-vent, the yoonivus’.

        If he were alive, i’d bet he’d get banned from the UK under a Corbyn government.
        Two reasons;
        1)Being a four-by-two.
        2)Trying to engage people in critical thinking exercises.

        Which would be the greater offence?

    • Labour, under the Milipede and Steptoe, have struggled to make up the numbers lost from their northern working class base with the snowflakes and urban types, so far.
      They don’t seem to turn up.
      I know Jezza is itching for a new election but i’m not sure he’ll be able to win, or form a coalition.

  18. A new political party is required. One that has a manifesto that begins ” We shall, if elected, represent the people of the United Kingdom as a whole. Devolved parliaments and assemblies shall have no place in the governance of the Kingdom. We shall govern in the interests of and for the benefit of citizens of the United Kingdom alone. We shall not represent or govern for the benefit or to the advantage of other nationalities. We shall if elected conduct a full review of all statute law in the United Kingdom and repeal, amend and further legislate to ensure the law operates for the good of and to the benefit of the British people. The overriding aim in respect of the criminal law shall be that criminality and disregard for the law shall be severely punished and that law abiding citizens shall have an inalienable right to protect their person, property and any other person by any means whatsoever against criminal behaviour. In respect of social benefits law the overriding philosophy shall be that the individual and not the state is responsible for his welfare. No person who is not a British citizen shall be entitled to any kind of benefit whatsoever, including access to the health and education services provided by government. We shall provide resources to ensure that our borders are protected against illegal immigration and that illegal immigrants who enter the country are detained in conditions of maximum security and minimum sustenance. We shall not recognise a category of person claiming to be an “asylum seeker” Such persons shall be treated as illegal immigrants. The overriding political philosophy is that sovereignty shall rest with the people and not with Parliament and that elected representatives shall be held accountable to the electorate.” If I see this in a manifesto I will vote. Otherwise all politicians of whatever party can fuck right off.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if both Labour and the Tories had these very words on the front of their election pamphlets. Why not?.. they’ve proved that they can promise whatever they think will get them elected and then just totally ignore that promise.

      Shameless criminals. Should be prosecuted for false representation.

      • To stop them ignoring the people who elected them I suggested elsewhere on here that all MPs and the government be subject to annual review by the electorate. Any slacking or deviancy and they are voted out by the people not the fucking party hacks. No severance pay. No pension rights. Just out on your arse.

  19. Off topic but actor Shane Rimmer has passed away at 89.
    Doubt anyone had him in their Dead Pool but sad to see another bit of me childhood laid to rest…

    • Ah Shane Rimmer, the universal go-to Yank actor who featured in many mid-Atlantic TV series ’70s on. A dying if not dead breed.

      • Most fondly remembered for Thunderbirds and as the sub captain in The Spy Who Loved Me.
        Ahh, childhood…

    • Shane rimmer , never heard of the cunt. But I bet he was into rimming. The filthy toad.

  20. What i dont really get is that i have no idea what labour want in terms of a deal. None of them say anything other than to bad mouth May. They say bland fings like “want to protect jobs” or other meaningless utterances.

    • I tell you what CNR, some bloke has written a book about Corbyn and in it he says if Corbyn comes to power we won’t have let’s bleed the rich till the economy collapses , it will be full on Venezuelan bankruptcy where people start eating their pets. Be scared CNR be very scared.

  21. Found a little gem I wasn’t aware of today . Take a look at “Doreen Tipton”.
    She’s mainly on Facebook , but hell,she hits the spot.
    Does a fantastic Lucy Worsley spoof too.
    She’s totally on our side in case you’re wondering.

    • Just watched her ‘Partly Political Broadcast’, ‘Angela Meerkat and unerected bureauprats’..great stuff.

      • Doreen is “touted as the next Miranda Hart” ibidem.

        In deference (and with thanks) to Cuntsville, the daffy bitch is new to me too, she has some panache, and top notch for the heads-up.
        However, unlike those for Fred Astaire, for example, I suspect the Birmingham Times’s initial prognostications will, in Doreen’s case, prove prescient; Hart is shite.

        Oops, back to the coalface. This isac caper should be registered with NICE¹ as a bona fide addiction 👍🏿.

        National Institute for Clinical Excellence

      • Just another fucking actress name orf Gill Jordan. Hart is also an actress playing a part.

      • Arf! Sir Limpy. I might be a cunt but I’m a cunt with enough grey matter to know it’s an act sir.

      • It seems she lives in “Walshall” ??
        And her sketch is viral…

        I have a fungal sketch.

  22. Labour are back in the good old days, half the labour MPs are bitting their tongues just waiting for Corbyn to fail, Corbyn is shitting himself because if brexit goes to shit the backlash could see him in number 10.
    He would be totally out of his depth and surrounded by a cabinet which is even more incompetent than he is.
    We would have spend, spend, spend….. double the number of people on the dole, cos its gonna be a bonanza for the bone idle.

    Not really interested in Israel, its a shit hole surrounded by other shit holes, we will have an influx of peacefuls and by then they will be infiltrated by ex ISIS and all hell will be unleashed, Corbyn and Abbott with solve it by ‘having a conversation’ and after 4 years of Corbyn there will be an election the torries back in to inherit another empty safe.

    Anti semitism and Islamophobia, I dont give a shit, I am neither a Jew or Muslin so not interested in in their issues, if they dont like the UK they are free to fuck off.


      • I have been there 3 times, on the second occassion I put my foot on the tarmac from the plane steps and i was grabbed by some secret service cunt…. for fuck sake.
        Standing in a queue at the bus station to buy a ticket, got to the window and was barged out of the way buy some soldier cunt, no fucking excuse me or sorry.
        Travelling on a bus, long journey, some cunt was harassing a girl, no idea what he was saying but she wasnt happy, 3 armed soldiers on the bus never said anything, we pulled into a service station and some police came and took this idiot away.
        I never saw anyone smile, they all look fucking miserable.
        Hamas fire rockets into Israel, Israel bomb Gaza.
        They deserve each other but as i will never be going there again I am not really bothered.

    • Wouldn’t worry too much about the spend, spend, spend, Sick. We’re flat broke and tapped out as it is, He’ll be reduced to asking the bankers ‘got any spare change, mate?’ Oh, and it’s five years, unless he cares to undo the Tory amendment to our electoral cycle. Which, looking down the barrel of a certain Tory victory next time, I very much doubt he will.

      Corbyn mistakenly thinks he will gain credibility among the Blair Tendency if he can get into government. What he has not seen is that if he does, almost any excuse will provoke even more backstabbing and the installation of a globalist stooge. Mystic Komodo is uncertain whether this will involve intensified accusations of antisemitism (the Holy Tony was heavily dependent on Jewish money, now pulled) or Corbyn being forced to admit that he is continuing a policy of austerity and cutbacks in public services. As he will be.

      He really, really should be careful what he wishes for.

      • Yes, I should have said borrow, borrow, borrow….

        I think he is happy to be opposition, propped up by the left, the new ‘cunt’ party will become the centre labour party, ‘Change UK’ , they need a good PR man because that name is shit.
        I would go with Pick n Mix.

      • Borrow, borrow, borrow, Komodo… then spend, spend, spend – that’s the McDonald’s mantra… what’s another £500 billion added to a £2 trillion National Debt? Fucking peanuts, that’s what. And it’s not as if a Labour Government would waste any of it… 🙄

        Besides, it won’t cost the taxpayer a penny – Labour investment will pay for itself, McDonald’s said so, it’s sort of like magic… incredible no one’s ever tried it before. 😂

        And you can forget antisemitism, after all it never did the Jews any harm in the past, did it?. What didn’t kill them made them stronger. 🤣

        Anyway, who gives a fuck about a few thousand Jews when a large section of your voter demographic is comprised of millions of peacefuls. 🙂

      • I don’t think a Corbyn government would be able to borrow on the usual Labour (and, face it, Tory) scale. Especially if it had managed to stay in the EU. If it did, we’d be Greece very quickly,

        I’m not forgetting antisemitism. I will point out yet again that many of my fellow cunters’ views on Islam would attract the attention of the law if they were aimed at Judaism, routinely. Your freedom to cunt Islam or anything else equates exactly to anyone else’s freedom to cunt Judaism, Jews, and especially Israel – as foul a specimen of oppressive supremacism as Saudi Arabia.

        One of Labour’s very few principled positions was, while accepting all the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism, as required by the BICOM thought police, to reject the weasel footnote stating that criticism of Israel was antisemitic.

        My sympathies are with the permanently confined prisoners in the Gaza enclave, several of whom, unarmed, will probably be shot today by the fucking IDF, representing the government of an apartheid state. There I have no problem agreeing with Corbyn.

        PS. Netanyahu’s a crook.

  23. Labour is the party of British Islam, and can therefore FUCK OFF.
    As for Corbyn’s beloved Palestinians, I hope Israel drives them into the fucking sea.
    Fuck Labour, fuck Islam and fuck all the traitorous Cunts who’ve betrayed the British Electorate .
    Good evening.

  24. Stand up to racism at Pro Brexit March.

    Inference is Brexit is a racist act or as one online pussy snowflake termed it “Brexit is a hate crime.

    I hate these cunts who think they can define people with no knowledge of them.

    I can define these cunts as cunts by their definition of me as a racist.


    • The pointless cunts will be having a field day, playing up for the casual observer, and the bbc to put two and two together and come up with five, as in the pro Brexit crowd must be racist, why else would those whinging layabout unwashed scum be there. I hate those cunts. Talking of Abbot maths, I see the media are refraining from using her calculus for judging the scale of the pro Brexit march, and are estimating it at a few thousand.

    • This is the problem SV, Brexit became about racism when Europeans are mostly white anyway, so you end up with all these anti this and that hijacking Brexit and because the mostly middle class left labelled it racist and threw around accusations of racism it’s taken over the argument. These loony lefty cunts must not realise how the EU has messed up Greece, Spain etc with it’s stupid idea of trying to make different economies work in a single
      currency. When the EU dies in a few years, these same cunts will blame brexiteers for not staying in and help sort the EU from within. Can’t win with these cunts. The cunts.

      • It’s because they want to oversimplify every situation for the dullards that follow them on twatter.
        Their logic goes somewhere along the lines of: “Not all brexiteers are racist but all racists are brexiteers” so it’s easier just to brand them all racists.
        Well by their logic all Muslims are terrorists, all labour mps are anti semetic and all BBC employees are n@nces… oh, hang on…

        Another thing to watch out for guys!
        At the moment we’re called euroSCEPTICS….
        I guarantee soon it’ll change to euroPHOBES…

      • I’ve been called a ‘Little Englander’ on many occasions Cuntflap.

        I’m fairly sure it was always meant as an insult but every time I stood accused I felt nothing but pride.

        You can’t beat owning an insult from the Left.

      • All racist are brexiteers’?

        Does Momemtum or Islamism ever enter these dolts’ thinking?

  25. It’s not just anyone who served in the IDF who’d be arrested. Corbyn reckons any member of the British Armed Forces accused of so much as farting in the direction of the enemy should face trial. Unlike his mates in the IRA, who can do no wrong according to that nasty little piece of shit. If he gets in, his and McDickhead’s “economic” policies will mean this country will make Venezuela look like the world’s richest country. Abbott will ensure that anarchy reigns, because she’ll stop the police from arresting any criminal who isn’t white. As for Thornberry and the rest of the front bench, fucking hell.

    • And he would never use our nuclear deterrent, so it stops being a deterrent. What a cunt.

    • “accused of so much as farting in the direction of the enemy should face trial.”
      Laughed my arse off at that line quick draw.
      …then I realised how true it is and went back to being worried.

  26. It is so scary that Corbyn and his party could be our next government, yes Theresa and her cabinet have fucked things up big style, but surely if it comes to the crunch, we cannot elect this cunt of all cunts, it is really engrossing to watch, and caught a glimpse of Phillipa Thomas on BBC live, tasty or what for an old bird

    • Concur. He is Blair’s sycophantic, fawning, onanistic biographer and semi-official Voice of Blair. He really is a POS, and I detest him.

      • Nice to find us in agreement K. I’ve been really fucking on edge over the past 24 hours.

    • I heard Seldon on Wireless 4 yesterday morning at the end of the Today programme – you can tell he is a Blair lover by his voice – duchessy and obviously a lover of mince and fairy cakes, preferably served up by Chuka wearing just a big smile and a small loincloth.

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