Richard Scudamore and the Premier League

Scudamore & the Premier League

I’ve just seen on Al-beebra that outgoing PL Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore could be in line for an eye-watering 5mill. farewell bonus, paid for by the 20 PL clubs.

Mr ’39th Game’ Scuntamore is reportedly on 2.5mill. a year, and no doubt will have a fat pension lined up to boot. Nevertheless his pal Bruce Fuck (sorry Buck) of Chelsea FC is asking clubs to stump up 250k apiece to bankroll the cunt’s mink-lined retirement plan.

This comes at a time when many lower league clubs struggle to survive financially. At a time when PL clubs regularly maintain that budgets are planned well in advance, and that there’s little surplus cash around from telly rights deals, the most recent bringing in the paltry sum of just 5.14bill. Supporters seem unimpressed. Fans are continually pissed about by fixture changes to suit the said deal, and are said to be ‘strongly opposed’ that clubs might contribute to line an already wealthy cunt’s pockets.

During my working life my ‘reward’ from my employers was my salary. That was it as far as they were concerned. Upon retirement I got a card and some gifts paid for by my colleagues. Scuntamore has been very well paid over the years,so why a fat farewell payoff as well? To my way of thinking, this is a classic case of a bunch of rich cunts looking after one of their own.

Scuntamore has played a large part in turning the beautiful game into the stinking loadsamoney pig trough we know and love today. Of course, he might play the white man and donate the cash to aid development of grassroots football, or perhaps to MacMillan Cancer Support, in which case I’ll be the first to shout ‘well done’ and applaud. I’ll wait until I see it. If he trousers it, I’ll organise another whipround myself via IsAC. There’s just one problem. I’ve got a large box but no dog. Will someone be able to provide a very large and rancid dog turd?

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17 thoughts on “Richard Scudamore and the Premier League

  1. I’m going to play the heretic here and suggest Scudamore is no different to any other chief exec and receiving bonuses. Some execs get bonuses for being shit a their jobs (former TSB boss, Peter Pester received just short of £2m in bonuses shortly after resigning due to the recent IT fuck up that affected millions of their customers)

    Skidmark might have received a huge salary, but he didn’t ask for the bonus, and to his credit he has transformed the EPL rightly or wrongly. So in this context he is “deserving” of this bonus

    As for the EPL fans being pissed off. Well fuck them! They don’t mind their clubs spending millions on shit players (take a bow Man U), or spending thousands on season tickets, merchandise or signing up to Sky and BT sports. So them whinging about a piffling 5 million to a boss who has given them the best league in the world (whatever) is bollocks.

    I am not condoning what he is getting, but he has been a success, and the clubs chipping in £250k is chicken feed. As for the lower league clubs, well that’s down to a different organisation (EFL) and not the EPL.

  2. I believe that 3 of the clubs suggested that he Foxtrot Oscar.

    Complete cunt but agree with the poster as to it not being out of kilter with the boss of any other firm that makes a shit ton of money for other people.

    Better this than cunts who preside over utter shitshows and STILL get massive payoffs.

    Fred Goodwin for instance. Now he really is a cunt

  3. All greedy cunts …. the fucking game is just money money money, its a fucking joke.
    To go off topic there was a lot of shit kicking off over the alleged racial abuse of R Sterling, My view is that until football follows the same sort of code as rugby, where the referee is never challenged, disent is rarely seen, play acting doesnt happen this type of crowd abuse will continue. I dont know if Sterling was racially abused or not but for sure he has a reputation of ‘cheating’ which incites the crowd and leaves him open to abuse, racial or otherwise.

    • I think maybe the abuse Sterling gets isn’t because of his colour, it’s because he turns it on for his club but in the world cup he played like a fucking dog turd.

  4. I honestly enjoyed football more in the 1970’s when the players who donned the shirt were relatively local, actually gave everything for the team they represented and had a much closer affinity to the fans than they do today. It was memorable and it meant something to people. Now its just about the fucking money.

    Sunday afternoons with Brian Moore and The Big Match. Bloody superb. Give me this instead of the over hyped up pantomime of a game played by fucking overpaid cheating, diving sissies with stupid names we get now and when shoulder barges, body contact and tackling is considered dangerous play.

    The players of today really only care about the money (whatever they say), and there is certainly huge amounts of money slushing around at the top level in any sport. Agents taking huge slices of cash for doing fuck all. Most top footballers today act like prima donnas, going from one paymaster to the next, almost as though they are almost doing everyone a favour simply for turning up. Top clubs having vast squads at vast expense- players say they prefer to be playing than sitting on a bench. Really. I get the impression that many are happy sitting down doing fuck all for their salary rather than having to put in a hard days graft.

    Remember in 1978 being in California in June/July 1978 for a months holiday when Spurs signed the great Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa from Argentina for a transfer fee of about £300k each. Top players (and managers) now EARN that or more a WEEK.

    I have mixed feeling as to whether money has ruined sport, all I know that sport was once accessible to most people, it has now become elitist meaning that most young people cannot watch it. I am also of the opinion that the standard of sport at the highest level has improved greatly however this has come at a cost, with eye watering amounts of money being paid a the top, with pathetic amounts going to those at grass roots level.

    Sad, but ultimately big money dictates everything and for their own purposes, absolutely no going back to the good old days.

    And Scudamore should just fuck off- he count himself extremely fortunate to have been involved now rather than 30 years earlier where due to the influx of money he now has more than can possibly need. Or perhaps he would like to donate it to the lower leagues? Yeah, that’s likely to happen.

    Football- just can’t be arsed with it anymore. Especially as my local side is Ipswich Town. Useless load of cunts.

  5. This kind of obscene greed isn’t tolerated in the real man’s sport…

    Fuck Off.

      • I have a quarter blue as a winker, RTC, and I’m also a Native.
        Have I been overdoing the 5-HT2A agonists, or has the “skin” of ISAC been shed for another?

  6. Sad but true I fear. It’s difficult to walk away when you’ve supported your team for over 60 yrs like me. Wish it was somehow possible to turn back the clock as far as football’s concerned.

  7. I’d let people scream abuse at me across a table for forty hours a week for a lot less than Sterling gets paid.
    Rise above it you thick cunt…you’re rich as fuck….

    • I don’t think hired gun an diving champion Raheem has a leg to stand on…
      After all, he is black, is he not?
      He is also an undisputed 42 karat copper bottomed cunt…
      As Lily Tomlin would say ‘And that’s the truth (blows fuck off raspberry)!’

  8. Brian Moore the former England rugby hooker once said that generally footballers spend their time pretending they’re hurt whilst rugby players spend theirs pretending they’re not hurt.

  9. Brian Moore said that footballers spend their time pretending they’re hurt whilst rugby players spend theirs pretending they’re not hurt.

  10. I can’t really moan about Scudamore when the whole game is rotten to the core…
    The American carpetbaggers and Woowar at United, a fascist towlhead ‘bribe u like’ regime at Man Citeh, porn barons at West Aiiiiim, a well dodgy Ivan oligarch at Chelsea, that fat cunt Ashley in Geordieland, all other clubs owned by septics, sandfilth, or ching-a-lings….. Big clubs like Leeds (cunts), Sheff Weds, Villa, Forest etc all owned by clueless and greedy foreign cunts… Sky TV are also cunts and more money gets spent on the ludicrous wimmins teams than it does on longstanding lower division clubs and boys clubs… Scudamore is just one turd floating in a river of turds…. The game is well and truly fucked….

  11. Football as a sport is about as fucked as the spice girls comeback, I don’t know who is the bigger wanker, the out of touch with reality, simple minded bag of wind kicker, or the knuckle dragging, thick as a breeze block would be hradman terrace shouter, they deserve each other in my eyes.!

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