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I was watching Politics Live today (23/10/18), and who should pop up? That insufferably arrogant far left fuckwit, Polly Toynbee. Andrew Neil did a good job of showing her up as the hypocritical cunt we all know her to be. The subject was Brexit (what else?) and the Losers Vote. Toynbee, unsurprisingly, was singing its praises, when Brillo reminded her of something she said last year, which was, “never try another referendum”. Her response to this reminder? “Well, except possibly this one”.

Clearly, she’s convinced that a loser’s referendum would suddenly swing in favour of Remain, and all those traitors can finally stop whingeing and acting like spoilt three year old girls, because it would mean that they have won and Brexit had been consigned to the political bin. Along with democracy. The problem that Toynbee and all the other sad twats calling for a second referendum have, is that their dream of reversing Brexit through a completely undemocratic second referendum is more of a cocaine induced hallucination.

Besides, every honest poll that I’ve seen has not only shown that Leave would win again, but it would win by an even greater margin than in 2016. So what would happen if they if get their Loser’s Vote, and the people again vote to Leave the EU by an even greater percentage? Will the Remoan whingers accept that result and finally shut the fuck up? No, of course they won’t. They’ll stamp their feet, scream and shout, and demand a THIRD referendum. Motherfuckers like Toynbee despise the UK and the British people, and want to see our country turned into an irrelevant province in an unelected, unwanted, anti-democratic, totalitarian new country called The European Union.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If scum like Toynbee love the EU so much, why don’t they fuck off to an EU country of their choice and live happily ever in their Socialist Utopia? That’s easy to answer. It’s not enough for them to be miserable, arrogant, left wing dick lickers, who want to spend the rest of their lives as slaves to an unelected group of foreigners, they want the rest of us to be miserable cunts too. Well fuck that. Life’s too short to be like Toynbee. I want to be happy.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

26 thoughts on “Polly Toynbee [6]

  1. One of the supreme cunts no doubt. But i wouldn’t let this fucking horror lick my dick that’s for sure!

  2. She’s just a typical virtue signalling left-wing hypocrite. Socialism is only for the “little” people, not her.
    I’ll never ever forget when Richard Littlejohn showed her up with just one question…..


    This really is all you need.

    • “Let’s not go down that road”

      “Well you started it pet!”

      Fucking priceless. One of those dreadful cunts who make a living (usually on the beeb or whinging in the guardian) from looking down their noses at anyone who doesn’t agree with the ridiculous lefty twaddle they come out with, that they would avoid doing themselves because they are far to special.

  3. Compared to Teresa May Polly Toynbee looks like a right wing fanatic.The Hunchback is hanging on by the edges of her diseased pussy flaps.Resign Maybot and put us all out of our misery.

    • May is just a nasty, prolapsed haemorrhoid on the arsehole that is Wetminster.

      Hope she goes through the chipper along with all the Christmas trees.

  4. Have some sympathy for her early-onset* Alzheimers, please. The poor auld bat can’t remember what she said five minutes ago and you can’t expect consistency or sense. You can’t expect her to stop, either. If I could be paid that much for expressing her fatuous, ill-informed, condescending and always unsubstantiated opinions (let alone mine) I’d be a cunt if I didn’t do some C&P’ing from The Snowflake Book of Wuss and publish it under my own name.

    *I’m being chivalrous here. Actually it’s bang-on-schedule Alzheimers.

  5. Blimey there’s been some quality cunting on here of late, and Quick Draw’s nailed this bleating anti-democrat to the wall. Toynbee is indeed a cunt the size of the Grand Canyon.

  6. I’m glad I don’t get invited to Islington dinner parties. Imagine sitting there with whining “socialists” like Blair, Toynbee and Lady Nugget complaining about the lower orders not listening to them and doing as they’re told.
    It would drive me up the wall. Still, I bet they have some fucking quality champagne though.

  7. Sterling debate. Black player buys house for mum; bad. White player buys house for mum; good. Side by side. The point well made.

    • I disagree. It’s nothing to do with the epidermis colour and everything to do with Steeling being a stinky, little bucket of shit.

      Liverpool sign him where he does well but is overshadowed by Suarez and Sturridge. Man City wave a cheque and he instantly leaves. He gives an insulting interview and is fairly vulgar, rude, and doesn’t display an iota of gratitude.

      Additionally, he puts in average performance after average performance for his country, rarely scores, and constantly looks apathetic and grumpy.

      Regardless of skin colour, he is a horribly unlikeable cunt-stain.

      • ‘Leading player of his generation’ apparently. I think Alli and Lingaard have overtaken him.

  8. One thing that really pisses me off is all these fucking liberal cunts trying to big up the fucking EU because it allows “young” people to go and study and work in Europe and all the old cunts are blocking that by coming out of the EU.
    Lets break this down…… No one other than the well off middle class will ever be able to do this, to study in the EU costs money and lets be serious, no one, again other than a few well offs would ever work in the EU, particularly in the Eastern block, firstly they dont have jobs which is why we have a million Poles here and secondly there wages are shit, which is why we have thousands of Romanians here.
    If EU countries want to have native english speaking teachers for example they would give them visas.
    Its just bullshit to try to get ‘young’ people to support staying in the EU, they should be fucking honest and say “if you are rich or mummy and daddy can support you then vote to stay in the EU”

    • To add to my comment above,I have just seen a report on look north, a Romanian TV ‘star’ (stand up comedian) delivering parcels in Doncaster….. what the fuck!
      So he has a better life here delivering parcels than being on TV in Romania, i rest my case.

  9. Polly parrots an ill mannered fully paid up member of the champagne socialist club, like other members thornberry, umunna and co she is happy to endlessly spout her socialist values but actually lives her life in a diametrically opposite fashion……
    Absolute fucking hypocrites one and all, what I find astonishing is that anybody would take her seriously ? Often these type of cunts display the worst excesses of Tory cuntitude whilst proporting to represent a class of people that they
    actually despise ….

  10. Another left wing remoaner who should be hung from the nearest lamp post I hate this foul faced cow with a vengeance The sooner the Remainers except the Referendum result the better no more talk about people’s votes we are leaving

    • She must be coming up for 100…

      She was a fucking ugly old bat when I was a teenager, and that was in the 70s

  11. The Toynbee doctrine: “Better we should live on our knees than die fighting for independence, freedom and democracy.”

  12. Yeah Polly really is a cunt stain. When will these left wing remoaners shut the fuck up? And don’t get me started on Blair, Gina Miller, Mandlebum and all the other whinging bastards.

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