Dominic Grieve MP [4]

Dominic Grieve M.P.

A Blair-sized cunting fit for a queen please for this odious, oleaginous slimy heap of shit Dominic Charles Roberts Grieve, QC , aged 62 but with the body of a man of 95, and the truculent mind of a 12 year old girl.

Dom – or may I call him Charlie (and why *Robert* in the plural? – if it was Richard, then two dicks would be appropriate). Anyway Charlie, former Solicitor General (and no doubt pissed off his career has since sunk without trace thank god, has, poisonous toad that he is, made it impossible to get a No Deal Brexit, and has ingratiated himself so well with the remoaners even pansy Labour members are quite happy to lick his arse.

Beaconsfield Conservative Party should tell the inept old cunt to fuck off out of parliament, get his wig out again and go and suck the dicks of the High Court judges where his ugy face won’t have to be seen daily in the papers and TV. What a motherfucker this senile old fool is.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

58 thoughts on “Dominic Grieve MP [4]

  1. A cunting so good they printed it twice!

    Not saying he or family members definitely have interests in business reliant on the EU, but IF he did, it would be interesting to know what these are.

  2. Such a cunt it’s printed twice Go and get a job in the Carry on Films you stupid twat belt up We are leaving the EU

  3. Just heard some MP bitch on the radio…….apparently now the Grand National is threatened by Brexit. Didn’t explain how, it’s just enough to drop the suggestion in among all the many others. It went completely unchallenged of course.

    • Can well believe it Fred. Anyone falling for that must be as thick as one of the fucking Aintree fences.

      • “The National has been run since 1839 We weren’t in the EU then.”

        Yes and id like to have a quick cunting for the wankers who claim British science and technology will collapse after Brexit.Were we in the EU when Sir Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity?When did Stevenson build his “Rocket” How about Maxwell, when did he formulate the equations of electricity? I believe we werent in the EU when Darwin,Faraday and Rutherford made their discoveries.The list is endless.What the fuck have we invented since 1975?(Please dont say internet,although Berners Lee devised the browser in 1989,the Yanks had a version of the internet up and running in 1968)

  4. “Is it not the case Prime Minister that no Prime Minister is better than a bad Prime Minister?”

    (Some Cunt MP putting a question to Treasoner in the House of Cunts just now)

    • Waiting for Corbicunt to go for a no confidence vote……. cant see it happening, labours biggest fear would be winning a general election with Brexit unresolved.

  5. Heard a clip of that fossilized turd Heseltine at the Losers Vote rally saying “We are the British Patriots”.

    Met by rapturous applause from a big pile of skanky wankers no less. Unbelievable. What planet are these people on? It’s like a mass neurosis.

    Also I swear I heard Treason May uttering in the commons, “I AM the Senate!”.

    • Headlined on R4 10 o’clock news last night. Five seconds for A. Reporter to voice a snippet* from Batten’s speech, then twenty seconds of Pitt The Elder, himself, wrapping himself in the EU flag and claiming to be a patriot. That was just the intro. Disgusting.

      About those evil thuggish rightwingers….the Gnarghiad reports:

      “The Metropolitan police reported three arrests, including one for assault, one for possession of an offensive weapon and one for a public order offence, * all on the anti-racist side.*”

      Note the continuing equation of Leave with racism. Personally I’m on the anti-quinoa side…

      * Not this one – “In 1642 the king put himself in opposition to parliament. Parliament won and the king lost his head.
      If Parliament betrays Brexit they will be putting themselves in opposition of the people and if they win you will lose your liberty.”

  6. Fossilised turd?? Fucking classic TBCC 😂
    I only realised cunts like hezeltine and CLARKE were still alive when Brexit kicked off! It’s like they’ve been held in some cunty cryonic suspension for the last 25 years!!

    IN THE EVENT OF AN OUTBREAK OF DEMOCRACY please break the glass!!

    Jurassic cunts!!!

  7. For the first (and probably last) time ever I actually felt slightly sorry for Treasoner May this afternoon, fielding question after whining question in the Commons from Liebour, Scotch Nazis and Tory Remoaners telling her that the people (Leavers) have changed their minds and should be given “a people’s vote”. There must have been over 50 of these “we accept the result of the referendum” cunts wasting Parliamentary time in the short while I was watching… fair play to Appeaser, she offered them no consolation whatsoever… mind you, if she was me, they would have sat back down with a bullet hole to the forehead the moment they opened their democracy disrespecting mouths.

    • Feel sorry for her?

      An unflushed toilet could do a better job as leader at the moment. She’s bereft of ideas and mistakes repeating hackneyed crap for strength and fortitude. Last week it was (in her oily, withering voice) “this deal is the only deal and un-negotiable” and today she has shat her nappy to evade the inevitable guillotine.

      My celebratory G & T shall have to wait.

      • I didn’t say she was doing a good job Captain, in fact she remains the worst, most useless PM in living memory – my dead cat could have done a better job of holding the EU to account!

        As far as I know, the bitch has NEVER delivered on ANYTHING. Unless you count Gay Marriage.

        That said, she’s not doing a bad job of scuppering Brexit and making sure the 4th Reich don’t lose out on the deal… suspect that’s why she was appointed PM in the first place.

  8. I don’t think the gutless cunts would have had dared to talk to Maggie like that, and if they had they would regretted it. Catweazle and Dame Keir would have shat in their pants

  9. Our “bloody difficult woman” PM is evidently only able to be “bloody difficult” with Leave voters in the UK. “Bloody soft touch” with the EU. Unequivocally capitulating cunt.

  10. Don’t worry. Mavis will be over in Brussels on Thursday , on her back with her legs open. They’ll give us everything she wants after that experience. Hopefully Juncker will drink himself to death after that. You can’t “unsee” something like that.

  11. Another traitor that deserves the gallows.
    Notice how the cunts against Tommy Robinson had nothing whatsoever to complain about from the brexiteers so they decided to whinge because one guy had a noose ….
    The media are all lying through their fucking teeth

      • ‘Opposing racists and fascists’ my arse. Trying to slur and shout down those who don’t agree with you morelike.
        The pathetic thing about this little boil on the arse is that he truly seems to believe all the shit that pours out of his gob when he opens it. Probably the most smug, opinionated, deluded individual in the country. A complete and utter mug.

      • I almost had an aneurysm seeing that holier than thou smug smirk on his face.
        That fucking sideways mouth shimmy thing he does when he’s feeling smug makes me want to cave his scull in!
        I sometimes wonder if he has any clue what a cunt he is or if he actually believes the shit that he makes up.
        WHAT A CUNT!

      • That sideways mouth shimmy is habitual – needing to shimmy his little Welsh gums around a black man’s monster cock.

        What a lovely!

  12. Why has no one taken the hook out of his gob yet!

    Him and Douglas Carswell look like they need landing.

  13. Grieve is rapidly becoming the number one Tory remoaner. Just heard the shitcunt on the radio whining for a second referendum. Pathetic, weedy little cunt.
    Meanwhile, Mavis is off to The Hague to suck some Dutch cock. If she is thinking of a “divide and rule” policy?………too late bitch, the enemy have already beaten you to it.
    What a fucking shambles of a government, with an even bigger shambles of an Opposition.
    Cunts! Traitorous fucking CUNTS!

  14. Loathesome French cunt Macron saying he must shoulder some of the blame for the recent demonstrations and that the protesters had some justification for doing what they did.

    I suppose this why he felt it necessary to send in many heavy handed thuggish police with tear gas and rubber bullets.

    No you EU knob sucking granny fucking frog, you must accept all of the blame.

    But everything is ok now because he says he’s sorry, and has cancelled the proposed increase in taxes for low income pensioners and promised everyone a tax free bonus (paid for by employers) and an increased minimum wage.

    His thinking being this should keep the peasants at bay for a while.

    What a nice caring man he is after all, and not the complely despicable fucking cunt (with a French approval rate of only 18%) that those in his own country and on this side of the channel thought he was.

    The wheels are well and truly coming off of the EU project.

    • Maybe May holding out until January could be a blessing in disguise.

      What if the French don’t stop protesting? What if one or more other big EU plantations start violently disintegrating too?

      Tis the season.

      • I pray they don’t buy his pathetic and obvious peace offerings and carry on protesting.

        If anyone will, it’s the French.

      • I mentioned in another cunting thread that the only thing that could help a no deal, was time wasting. Inadvertently, Mavis through her sheer incompetence has given us at least a month of time wasting. Cue the EU ramping up it’s media message that we can legally cancel brexit. The EU won’t want to seem weak by offering another deal after they adamantly said they wouldn’t renegotiate, but on the same note they can’t afford us to completely go. Maybe Mavis holding on until March could be a default victory for no deal.

      • Agree – the ONLY thing the EU fear is No Deal. But with May’s deal or Remain they win either way.

        MAY’S DEAL gives them £39billion + £18billion when the transition period extends into 2022 which it will, because the backstab traps us in the EU forever.

        On the other hand REMAIN gives them an annual £10billion Net payment and business as usual with us humiliated and never again being taken seriously despite our seat at the top table which we never took advantage of anyway.

        Heads they win, tails we lose.

  15. Yes, the bankers pimp is shitting his pants.
    A pity the Frogs didn’t see through him the first time but the cunt is up shit creek now.
    What a miserable little wanker.

    • Oui Freddie, un petit branleur misérable n’est-ce pas.

      Knew my French would come in useful one day!

  16. Owen just needs to find a larger piece of meat to fit tight in his seat. His dissatisfaction with his diminishing quality of action in the starfish du chocolat department is clearly evident.

    Could we not send Krav and Mince Pie Guy along to button his hole, so to speak?

    • I suspect Krav and MPG are far too manly for the boy Jones. He comes across as the sort of cunt who would prefer the Julian Clary/John Inman type.
      Anyway Krav is Jewish so sissy boy Jones wouldn’t touch his cut cock with a bargepole.

      • Oh yes….Owen Jones getting bum raped by a Jew!!!
        I’m getting a little bit excited by that to be honest.
        I’ll see if I can get a doctors appointment in the morning. I can pretend to be a peaceful on the phone…. no problem.

      • Maybe Lady Elton will invite him to his Christmas soiree, Barrymore is the special guest. He’s got the pool cleaners booked in for the morning after.

  17. Whomsoever is leading the Prime Minister by her nose ring, must surely by now realise that without a deal, then it is inevitable that we leave without one. May is now in a very good position to crash out of the EU, and rightly claim that it was the collective responsibility of others. Domino Pizza cannot stop r25 unless a majority on MP,s wish iot.
    Following this evening’s capitulation of the Prime Penis of France , in a humiliating surrender , (and with the added benefit of major concessions, none of which are affordable ) to the French people, it is plainl to be seen that the British Public might just fancy a piece of that action as a remedy to the stasis. Even our most glutinous arsehole of an MP ( and believe me there are many ) will realise that their game may well be up…..
    In the Movie Dirty Harry. “…well punk……d,ya feel lucky ? ”

    To the Victors of this evening. I Salute you all !

    • I am not inclined to leave any of the political class alive. You are right , in past revolutions, many of the politicians were spared. And that was an error. One that I hope we would not repeat. I make no apologies for my sincere and deep hatred of the scum who rule us. I like the simile to the “bot fly”. Very appropriate!

    • The tree of liberty..

      It’s true though. Absolute peace requires absolute tyranny. It’s what the EU, and inevitably global government, is aimed at.

      They are bereft of good leadership ideas. They are the woman in the relationship, between us the citizens and them the ruling class. And it’s half our fault.. we haven’t lived up to our responsibility as the man in putting that cunt back in her rightful place with a sharp chop to the hooter!

      Violence is a matter of perspective. They bend us over and peg us on a daily basis! What harm is there in a little lynching from time to time?

  18. Do you mean the ones that fade just before the bint gets a face full of cum?


  19. There’s nothing wrong with violence in the right circumstances. For time immemorial the rich cunts have sent poor boys to kill each other so they can get even richer. Funnily enough the losing rich cunts never seemed to get any poorer.

  20. Have just watched Jonathan Meads on Newsnight.

    According to him the Leavers are a bunch of fanatics who did not know what they were voting for and told lies, whilst the Remainers are the rational ones who knew exactly what they voted for and did not tell lies.

    Apparently he is known for his “caustic wit” however on this occasion think he was serious and about as witty as Benny out of Crossroads.

    What a stupid upper class, pompous, fat, ugly condescending, miserable fucking PRICK.

    • I’ve never came across this despicable Cunt before until I saw his couple of minutes on ( three remainers and one leaver, unbiased ?) Newsnight last night. His opening line of how much it was a disaster to let the (common) people vote, straight away let me know how much of a class ‘A’ Cunt he is ….. Oh, and he llives in France.
      When asked if he didn’t think that Theresa May had lied in not carrying out what she promised the Leave vote… this fucker just dismissed it as her .. ‘changing her mind’. …

      What an utter contemptible wankstain this fucker is …

  21. Jonathan Meads is a corpulent old soak who looks like he suffers from terminal halitosis and piles. The cunt.

  22. Well, at least we’ve got a break from Tony Bastardlair. He’s in Abu Dhabi this morning – it’s probably payday -, and has spent the last few days helping to integrate some African shitholes into the Global Community (= make sure their surplus populations can move here for work). As you do if you’re deeply concerned about Britain’s future.

  23. We should have a new medal for politicos – the GC.

    Grievous Cuntitude.

    They would have no monetary value as so many would be issued, they’d have to be produced like those old Esso footie coins…

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