Theresa May (22)

Another emergency cunting for that lying shitebag Treesa May. Easily a shoe-in for COTC.

I have just seen the news (15th Nov., 13h45), and was sickened to see the douchebag’s smug, gurning face as she stood waffling in the Commons. The dozy bitch may well think she’s won the battle, but she has lost the war and, moreover, I hope and believe that something of thermonuclear proportions is heading her way (a giga-ton kick in the cunt ??)…

Eventually, I could stand no more. We switched over to Berlaymont, where the genetically-compromised Polish dwarf was being equally as smug. I switched off the magic rectangle, as my piss was steaming so badly that plaster was coming off the ceiling.

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  1. I’m beginning to see why there are those people in America who see the government as their enemy, retreat to some out of the way place, arm themselves to the teeth and tell the rest of the world to fuck right off. I would love to join them.
    Does anybody know of any of these groups who aren’t fanatical bible bashers and/or paedophiles?
    Too much to ask I suppose.

  2. The UK has effectively been at war with Germany and France (who lets face it have been controlling the EU for many years) ever since May became prime minister.

    What our leader has done is work with, and surrender to the enemy at the same time telling us lies that everything will be fine, thereby guaranteeing and saving her own scrawny neck but fucking everyone else’s.

    In the services cowardice, desertion of duty and insubordination usually result in a court martial.

  3. Some cunt on the radio just now saying “the EU have bent over backwards to accommodate UK demands.” I kid you not.

    What planet do some of these cunts live on? Unfuckingbelievable.

  4. Question Time tonight…….on the panel are 4 remainers including Stephen Kinnock (cunt)…….Tim Stanley is the only Leave voter on. Sounds like a fair sided contest where all the remainers will be pushing for a Peoples Vote…..

    • That insufferable cunt Serwotka is on the panel too….. I’ll pass on watching, I’d end up putting something through the TV if I had to listen to the bastard.

      • I have deliberately tuned into Wheeler Dealers on Quest tonight. I simply can’t face QT tonight. My day has been bad enough and my heart jumping out of my ribcage with stress. The last thing I need is more wankers like Kinnochio Jr talking quisling shite, the bald, beaky cuntlord.

        I want to take a chainsaw to Saggy’s scrawny fucking neck.

      • Kinnock not turned up….Barry Gardiner in his place…..still a cunt standing in for a cunt.

      • Gardiner looks a bit like that Cunt Starmer… fact a few Labour cunts look a bit like him…. what is up with that?

    • Probably helping Neil and wife plus most of the family count there latest pay checks from the E.U. for helping sell England down the river
      Once a kinnock always a cunt

  5. I think I must be a thick cunt……apparently Claire Perry is saying that the hunchback is delivering what the Leavers voted for.

    • I’d like to take a heavy shovel to the back of Claire Perry’s head. But not before I’d smashed her fucking teeth in.

  6. And in this week’s Doctor Cunt… The time travelling snowflake and her right on gang meet a man from the future… Totally emasculated, wet and wimPy as fuck, a card carrying liberal fuckflake cunt, and (wait for it) fucking pregnant…. I shit you not… Oh, and the box ticking peaceful cunt gets to mention ‘Pakistani heritage’ for the cunteenth time…. And that minger tranny cunt who used to be in Corrie as Roy’s ‘wife’ is in it too… As the (now defunct) legendary foes from the once but no more classic series would say. ‘You have been fucking exterminated!’ Doctor Who RIP…

    • Well, that pregnant man BS helped the show lose 2 million viewers….. and this is after the BBC moved it to a Sunday slot to get better ratings!

      Karma is a beautiful thing.

  7. It’s worth noting that at this rate May will surely overtake the Pig Fiddler’s record for most cuntings…..

  8. So the Kinnock scum didn’t turn up.
    Could this be because every cunt in Wales knows that his EU pension, his wife’s pension and his Mum and Dad’s enormous fucking pensions depend on the UK staying in the fascist union?
    The fruit never falls far from the tree.

    • Too true Freddie, that’s why none of the cunt politicians truly want out of the EU, God forbid they lose the opportunity to get on the Forth Reich grave train!

      To hell with them.

  9. What a horrible day and what a tenacious, hard-nosed liar Treasona May is. Standing there, telling us with eye-contact and heartfelt sincerity and soft, treacly voice that the public voted to Leave and the ECJ will have no jurisdiction and we must end mass immigration and we must be out of the blah blah blah.

    What a despicable, mendacious, spindly wretched rag of shit she is, the Hunchback of Capitulation, a fucking liar, a deceitful, duplicitous, treacherous rat and an enemy to Britain.

  10. So let me get this straight…. the fucking Belgians are saying that there will be no more negotiations unless there’s another referendum.

    The Belgians.

    The. Fucking. Belgians!

    Who the fuck are those non-entities to demand that of us?!

    What the fuck has Belgium ever accomplished in it’s existence other that producing Jean-Claude Van Damme?!

    • Fucking up the Belgian Congo? Chocolate? Cheap fags? Piss weak beer? Unchallenged access for Wehrmacht troops to fight their garlic-eating neighbors? Don’t do them down PMS. Good morning.

  11. I came to this one late having spent 6 cunting hours on the car park formerly know as the M1 (nowt to do with artificial overpopulation o’course).

    Like I said all along with this cunt, the worst of both worlds deal. Fucking useless CUNT!

    Does an “own goal” election with a 21pt lead only to piss it away and have to cow-tow to the Mick’s – where most of the bastard meither seems to be entwined border wise. Utter fucking nonsense. Useless CUNT!

    Never once mentioned “Trade Deficit” to those twats in “Yerp”, especially Les Dawson, whose car industry ACTUALLY FUCKING DOES DEPEND ON THE UK FUCKING CUNT OF A MARKET! Useless CUNT!

    Worst PM *EVER* after Tony “let’s all be Muslim in 30yrs” B.Liar.

    Theresa May, please feel free to fuck off! Do not pass go. Do not collect a Baroness role. Just fuck off into obscurity where you have been since you took office! Useless CUNT!

    • Say what you mean!

      Personally I’d say there’s no such category as ‘worst PM after TB’. Since he was actually the spawn of Satan – Sam Neill in The Final Conflict come to life, if you will – it’s a credential that a comparison simply isn’t possible to.

  12. Isn’t the EEU a form of Communism, central party telling people how to live their lives and protecting the borders from the economic onslaught of the free world? I don’t live in it. If it looks like dog shit, smells like dog site then it in all probability is dog shit.

  13. The Gigaton-level Cunt Kicking was the missing episode of Cosmos.
    May isnt evening listening to her cabinet now. She’s surrounded herself with Hyper-remainiac civil servants. Neither Brexit sec has been kept in formed of the proposed deal.
    Fucking shambolic and authoritan, but May is desperate to control her subjects through the internet and political officers, formerly known as the police.

  14. So I voted in the last election to test a theory.

    Here in the UK, if you don’t vote either labour or conservative your vote is wasted.

    The following day I awoke to the news that Theresa C May now ran half the country and the democratic unionist party the other.

    Huh? I don’t recall seeing this never before heard of before northern Ireland political party on the ballot paper.

    Not ONE has asked WTFF?

    I can’t rd ice who is the bigger Cunt… May, or the millions of Cunts who have since sat back and said nothing.
    British people rank amongst the weakest in the world. They’re a fucking disgrace nation of utter cunts!!

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