BBC 3 Cunties Radio

I’d like to nominate “BBC 3 Cunties Radio” for a cunting.

Tonight the local AL-BEEB was decrying the NHS being stretched to fuck in the Bedfordshire area – which also encapsulates Lutonistan – mulling over the reason why…

Well of course it’s that growing population of selfish old cunts again isn’t it! You know the fuckers who have paid 30-40yrs into a system that was actually meant to serve them!

No mention of the artificial population expansion due to 10 million imports (and that’s just the ones we know about) since 1997. Why of course that has fuck-all to do with it has it. That would be waycist!

I wonder what the educated cunts at 3CR would make of it if overnight all of the 10 million “Johnny Come Latelies” were fucked off with a swish of a wand but all those selfish old cunts were still here.

Would the NHS (or insert any other fucking service/resource in the UK here):

a) Still be overstretched with not enough beds, nurses, doctors, etc., because of those selfish old cunts?

b) Just about struggle by?

c) Have the effect of laying off all of the RotW’s medical flotsam who’ve descended here (and now it transpires a lot of whom don’t actually have real qualifications – now that some cunt has decided to check – funny that eh) and closing down hospitals due to overcapacity???

The law of supply and demand never changes. Until we redress the demand side we can never keep up with supply, end of. It’s a simple graph a two year old can understand and even if all the people over 75 now lived until they were 85 it would barely make a dent in the demand side if there wasn’t 10 million (much more deserving) interlopers to deal with as well!

However, the 3CR mantra – as it is with all AL-BEEB and Sly outlets – is that the supply and demand graph doesn’t apply where immigration is concerned and is purely waycist!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!