Theresa May (22)

Another emergency cunting for that lying shitebag Treesa May. Easily a shoe-in for COTC.

I have just seen the news (15th Nov., 13h45), and was sickened to see the douchebag’s smug, gurning face as she stood waffling in the Commons. The dozy bitch may well think she’s won the battle, but she has lost the war and, moreover, I hope and believe that something of thermonuclear proportions is heading her way (a giga-ton kick in the cunt ??)…

Eventually, I could stand no more. We switched over to Berlaymont, where the genetically-compromised Polish dwarf was being equally as smug. I switched off the magic rectangle, as my piss was steaming so badly that plaster was coming off the ceiling.

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125 thoughts on “Theresa May (22)

  1. What more is there left to say about this treasonous old hag that hasn’t yet been said? Shame we no longer put the heads of people like her on spikes.

  2. Fucking stitch up.
    Obviously this can’t pass Parliament so where does the plan take us next? Mavis, Robbins and their EU pals know but they ain’t saying.
    We’re like a defeated nation, forced to sign the peace treaty by our triumphant conquerors. Now we know how the Krauts felt after the Treaty of Versailles.

    And you know what that led to……

  3. Mrs. May might not be good, but if her colleagues are not careful they will be offering an open goal to Catweazle and his bunch of no-hopers – just think you could have Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Kate Osmar and her bent son (bent as in drug dealer), not to mention the old New Labour poofters who would be constantly butting in, to fuck the country up once and for all.

    Things are not good but McDonnell was on radio lunchtime pleading for the idea of letting him and his red scum friends *take over* the EU negotiations, which would mean they would just do what Barnier and the 4th Reich tell them to do.

    They say they want an election, but I am sure whenever the next election comes it will result in another hung parliament, unless Catweazle’s *friends) the PC students etc *help* him to win by voting early and voting often.

    As for the Tories they are nearly as divided as Labour. I doubt any of them could command a majority.

    Mrs. M should get brave and tell Barnier & co to go fuck themselves

    • That’s exactly the kind of frightening thought that keeps me up at night. How the fuck did we end up with a choice between Steptoe and his band of thugs and Maybot’s cabinet of clowns?

  4. Maybot couldnt care less,shes done the job the New World Order Globalists hired her to do,screw up Brexit and destabilize the UK,she will be well rewarded for her treason,plenty of company directorships and £50,000 a day speaking assignments will all be hers.

    • Ah RTCP there you are!! 😂
      If this battle has to be fought again then leave should go for a referendum!! Not that I’m advocating giving remoaners an inch but it’s not my decision….
      voting on the deliberately shite non brexit deal the hunchback and Robbins have stitched together has only one outcome!
      There’s far more anti EU dirt to dish on 2nd referendum….
      All members to must adopt the Euro?
      Rebates to be taken away
      5 new members non of whom meet Eu financial compliance
      Turkey joining
      Migrant crisis
      Italy’s bank crisis
      Bail ins ( Cyprus)
      Greek debt
      Although the lying Cunts in Brussels would offer the U.K. concessions who would believe them?
      There’s lots of other stuff too……..
      Mays head should be on a spike alongside EU loving Cunt Robbins!! It’s been the most dishonest negotiation in living memory, may has deliberately driven brexit into a cul de sac!
      I called her a Trojan horse on this site a very long time ago, ISAC faithful have always had her number……. It would be difficult to find a more treacherous complicit bitch……..

      • Indeed Q… I’ve had her number since she lied about the UK having full control of our borders during the referendum campaign. Foolishly gave her the benefit of the doubt on becoming PM, but her disastrous General Election campaign took the biscuit and sealed her fate as far as my confidence was concerned. Still can’t believe she wasn’t trying to throw that Election, her performance was so bad. If it wasn’t for Catweasel she’d have been long forgotten in the dustbin of history.

        COTY 2018 without a shadow of doubt.

      • Home and hosed RTCP!!!
        Unless blair gets caught sucking off soros whilst being taken from behind by barnier of course!!

      • No idea why she is so bothered about the bog dwellers. Like the king said in Braveheart – Sir, the Irish will be in the way of our archers – so. they are only Irish. Fuck them, and the troublesome anchors of Wales and Scotland. The jocks are so fucking stupid they want out of the Union but want to stop in the EU. If it spites England they would cut their noses off to spite their own faces.
        No deal, no 2nd vote, leave under WTO rules, no £39bn. And no more fucking £4 an hour windscreen washers and Romanian pikeys.

  5. Hey, driving on the right won’t be that bad and all the pedestrians killed will be fucking old leave voters anyway. I’m sure our EU pals will give us a grant to convert all the road signs to KMs. Not that cunts like us will be driving anyway……..too much damage to the environment (EU rule Grb 371/55 2023)

    Fucking CUNTS!!!

  6. Having a second referendum and leave winning by a greater margin would cheer me up immeasurably. Only because it would be the cherry on top of the 3 tier shit cake baked up by May and all the other wankers in our establishment, creating more uncertainty and division.

    Fuck it. Im past the point of caring. Let it all burn.

    • I’m pretty sure that was the desired result. These cunts have been trying to look so incompetent that everyone will say fuck it, let’s stay. Comrade Corbyn actually is that incompetent, so no acting there. We are all fucked, as is democracy.

  7. All these backstabbing anti-Brexit cunts, all these shits….. I wish they would all be….. deleted.

      • It will. What The regressive left don’t realise when campaigning for things like a female bond etc is that the prime factor for films is to MAKE MONEY.

        People vote with their feet whilst these morons slap each other’s backs at every concession and erosion of culture they secure.

        However they probably don’t care. When we only have regressive approved shows (almost the case now) we will see what that does to viewing figures . Cunts .

  8. This is fucking bizarre. I watched her in the commons for an hour and not one single member spoke in support. Not fucking one. Fucking Corbyn sounded rational. She then comes out and says again that this is a good deal and she will see it through. For fucksake somebody take the shovel off her and pull her out of the hole.
    Interestingly, the EU seem ok with it – lots of money and compromises, all to their benefit. That is actually what she meant when she said ‘Brexit means Brexit’
    Brexit means fuck the UK.
    Get rid of this fucking Chamberlain clone and then we can walk away from this travesty of ‘negotiations’. Let the 4th Reich compromise.

    • Quality post CC ….
      sounds like the hunchback is actually trying to convince herself? Buyers remorse maybe?

    • Chamberlain was a colossus by comparison. At least he wasn’t in league with the enemy.

  9. And to think they wasted a good eradication on a non-entity like Jo Cox. Should be this cunt bleeding out in the gutter.

    I’m sure its been pointed out before, but it’s no coincidence that Quasimodo, die Bulldogge, and the granny fucker all have no children. What happens next generation means absolutely fuck all to any of them. It’s all about assuring their own hegemony now, even if that means quite literally selling their own people and all future generations out.

    I just hope now that UKIP doesn’t lose their bollocks and brings in Tommy, we need someone who truly believes in Britain first fighting for us. We need a modern day Churchill that isn’t afraid to lead us against an enemy and I do truly believe Tommy could end up being that man. If not, then we can count ourselves and this country as good as capitulated.

    • Surely we’re all somewhat astonished (and pleased, of course) that Tommy’s still alive. Doubtless the powers that be will be watching him closely and if he starts gaining any traction with his future endeavours, he’ll be a prime candidate for meeting with a tragic “accident”..

  10. Just heard Mavis’s press conference speech. Fuck me…..

    “First class public services……great schools for our children…..blah blah…”

    Change the fucking record for fucks sake. We knew it was bollocks the first time, what’s the point in repeating it over and over.
    Just resign you fucking fraud.

  11. Just been watching Damian Hinds (Secretary of State for Education) wriggling on Politics Live.

    He is a Lilly livered obfuscating Cunt. He exemplifies everything that is wrong with this Government and its approach to Brexit.

    The 4th Reich must be pinching themselves!

    • All executive cunts on the board of Cuntish Inc, who should all be fired immediately. In an oven. Bastard. Cunts. !

      Where’s my god damn whiskey.

      Good evening RTC.

  12. It seems the dear leader is to defend herself in any attempt to unseat her. The fact that the entirity of the House including her supporters are determined to save their own seats at her expense has not deterred her. She surely is a stubborn old cow. She accepted the purse of silver, and feels obliged to fulfill her masters instructions. Pity she could not display such loyalty to us.

    • I REALLY think she might end up doing a Spencer Perceval impersonation; the situation is getting dire. One death instead of many might be an honourable sacrifice; perhaps she might fall on her husband’s banjo.
      The Mogg as always came across as level-headed and intelligent. This doubtless means he will NOT be the next Tory leader. The bastards will probably choose Sourbry. I also wonder what The Gove will do; he is a shifty little creep, and cannot be trusted.

      I spotted a decidedly geeky-looking individual lurking behind Steptoe; I wonder if it will start self-identifying as Laydee Keira Starma.
      Wee Jimmie Krankie is also taking advantage; I guess it’s the only way she can actually achieve anything. Toxic little bottom-feeder.

  13. So in a nutshell…..
    May inherits a mandate from the British public to go over to Brussels and tell them to go fuck themselves, stick their customs union, free market, free movement and ECJ up their arse!
    But comes back with a worse deal and a 39 billion pound bill?
    Then makes out it’s actually a really good deal and it’s the very best the U.K. could expect to get?
    She’s certainly a bloody difficult woman……..

  14. Let’s be clear about what this dissembling cunt and her Cabinet of cunts is trying to foist off on the British people. She has said that the UK will leave the EU on March 29th 2019. Technically correct but a whopping fucking porky nonetheless. Effectively it means that from this date the UK will not be involved in EU decision making but EU decisions made after this date will be binding on the UK because the UK will remain in the single customs union and be subject to EU laws and regulations until 31st December 2020. This “transition” period of 21 months is time allotted for the UK and EU to reach agreement on a new trading relationship. This has to be agreed by 1st July 2020 at the latest. If there is no agreement before this date the “transition” period can be extended INDEFINITELY by mutual agreement from 1st July 2020. Such an extension would commit the UK to being a member of the single customs union and subject to all EU rules and regulations on trade including being bound by all EU international trade agreements. This means the UK will NOT be able to negotiate separate trade agreements with other countries and, conversely, other countries will not be able to trade with the UK except on EU terms. Most horrific of all is the fact that if this transition period is extended it can only be terminated by mutual agreement. The UK will have no power to terminate it unilaterally. If you think that this hunchbacked cunt does not intend to use what she so disarmingly calls her “insurance policy” or alternatively her “backstop” then you are indeed a stupid, naive cunt of the highest order. Her remarks on free movement are also a tissue of lies. Freedom of movement will be maintained until a final agreement is reached i.e. never. Crucially, even after any agreement is reached, no entry or exit visas will be required for EU citizens entering or leaving the UK. That means for example, a Romanian family of begging, stealing bastards can walk in and never have to leave. Not having to pay into the EU budget is another of her lies.
    It has been agreed that the UK will honour all existing financial obligations until the end of December 2020, estimated at 50 billion. What she has not said is that if the “transition” period is extended (indefinitely) then the UK will continue paying into the EU budget.
    I’ll grant you she is one hard-nosed fucker who is determined to sell the British people down the river. She’s dressing it up as preserving jobs and livelihoods and with all my heart I’m acting in your best interests bollocks. She’s a very skilled operator but she needs crushing underfoot now. If she isn’t you can all start learning German starting with our new National Anthem ‘Gott rettet unseren gnädigen Fuhrer.”

    • Nice post, cheers.
      I’d be happy to retain the Eurotrash that infests everywhere in this country if we could do an exchange programme that exchanges them for all of our peacefuls and Um Bongos…

      • 3 camel fuckers + 2 aspiring architects rapper = 1 pole.
        No sure about the exchange rate for Romanians and Bulgarians…they’re pretty darkly swarthy.

      • Sounds about right TTCE …..
        the Romanian and Bulgarian variety is a much more volatile currency…… 😂

  15. Laura Kuntzberg (Scottish/German ancestry so English loving obviously) today rudely asked JRM whether his letter of no confidence had anything to do with personal ambition.

    I would have told her to fuck off out of it, or that it was to do with fucking democracy, however as you might expect he was extremely polite and told her he wanted the best for the future of this country.

    A while later an insignificant timid voiced little old man said that if we didn’t agree with the EU’s proposals (sorry, that should read Theresa May’s proposals) then Corbyn would get in. Fucking fed up with being told to vote Tory otherwise Labour will get in. They are all fucking cunts.

    Then watched a fucking fat Jock (SNP) saying that he didn’t care about what happened to the UK and they could leave but that he wanted Scotland to stay in the EU. Thick cunt obnoxious cunt.

    Then watched one EU cunts in Brussels saying that in response to Dominic Raabs comments regarding further negotiations Merkel has already categorically ruled out any further talks. Take it or leave it. The other cunt then said they had more important things to spend their time on instead of Brexit!!! Really.

    All completely staggering. What a fucking mess.

    If everyone had accepted the result of the referendum, worked together to secure a great deal and tell the Germans (sorry, EU) that there was a 6 months deadline I really think we could have done it.

    I have recently reached the conclusion that in the next 5 years after my son has finished his schooling I will fuck off out of this country as I simply cannot stand to see the county I love be further trashed in the name of cultural enrichment. Too many cunts for my liking living in the UK now, either homegrown or imported.

    • Where you going to go Willie? Canada is cold in winter and their are trouble making garlic eaters in Quebec but it’s a big country still plenty of room and not too many peacefuls (yet). Or Kiwi Land or Aus. Good luck mate.

      • Strangely tempted by a very large warm EU country where I have holidayed many times, and which Birdman says is a great place to live. Nice food, nice climate, would look to locate away from the British, somewhere relatively remote if possible.

        Would look to rent out our pad in Suffolk and either rent or buy over there.

        It is noticeable how bad things are getting here in Ipswich, the crime rate has increased significantly, young Eastern European men shouting at each other, smoking, shaking hands a lot. and we have been joined by the drug dealers from London. The local council are wondering why they have overspent by £8m, of which £3.6m was blown on an unnecessary new town square (with water feature) which is actually worse than the one we had before. Will be covered in chewing gum before long so what’s the point. This of course means more cuts to essential services. What absolute cunts.

        The UK have lost the fucking plot on pretty much everything, thankfully I have the means and finances to do something about it.

        Do have the option to go and live in Japan with Mrs Stroker however would probably struggle with the language, and as a veggie, with the food. People very polite, everything clean, public transport excellent, and girls horny as horny gets. But will get to be dominated by the good lady and I know will result in much unhappiness.

        Anyway, have a while to go before I am in a position to put the plan into action, and a lot can happen between now and then.

      • Careful… Out of the frying pan, into the shit-sandwich maker, if you go to an EU cuntry.

        I remain inordinately fond of Switzerland (thank Dog, non-EU), and if you have to learn a foreign language for residency, at least you have a choice between French, Geman, and Italian.
        Ticino (Italian-speaking part) has by far the best food – very Italian, as you might imagine, but you can also do loads of cheesey fondue and raclette / air-dried meat &c. Francophones a bit pretentious and uppity (as they are in Canada and Belgium – in fact, anywhere…), but the German speakers VERY keen to distance themselves from Krauts.
        Vienna is good; pd right-wing, and their police tool up properly to keep down the bothersome “peaceful” element.
        I share your pain about possible departure, especially from E. Anglia – I was over in Norwich and nearby for a number of years. It’s a beautiful region, but, as you very rightly point out, GB fast circling down the crapper.

        Slight chest pains today. Don’t think it’s serious, probably just a surfeit of McVitie’s ginger cake or, much more likely, too much of The Jellyfish on the box.
        KBO, as Winnie used to say, and good luck.

      • My wife and I are emigrating to British columba next year. My wifewife is half CanuckCanuck and I am Microsoft and HP certified. and so we meet their stringent immigration laws – unlike this fucking country.

        This brexit farce is the final fucking straw and it wouldn’t surprise me if a whole lot more British people do the same as us and get the fuck out of dodge before the whole country turns into a lawless godforsaken shithole!

      • I’m moving to Cuntflap’s fortified ISAC community. Have you sorted it yet Cuntflap? Bags I man one of the machine gun posts!

    • I’m seriously considering Turkey for my declining years. The Huns will never let them in the EU, and Erdogan may be a bastard, but he’s my kind of bastard. Trabzon, for choice.

      • That’s interesting Komodo as I was thinking of spending Jan, Feb and some of March in Turkey to escape the Bulgarian winter with a view to maybe moving permanatly or spending half the year there.

        If the Bulgarian winters were not so shitty I would happily buy a plot miles from anyone up in the mountains maybe and quietly disappear to live my own life far away from the politico’s in Sofia and too far away for them to be bothered with little old me.

      • Yep, I was reading similar stories about refugees in the south inasmuch as there are fucking loads of them and some big refugee camps.

        I love less than an hour from Turkey and once in Istanbul (no further away from me than Sofia is) Pegasus airlines fly almost everywhere in turkey (Trabzon included) for bugger all monies.

        Thinking of Mersin in the south (fly into Adana) for the warmth but maybe the refugee issue is a problem, there are expats in Mersin and life seems OK from what I read with no problems. Also the exchange rate is rather favourable at the moment.

        Is turkey a regular destination for you?

  16. “If Brexit is lost, the nation will also perish. This fate is inevitable. There is no necessity to take into consideration the basis which the people will need to continue a most primitive existence. On the contrary, it will be better to destroy things ourselves because this nation will have proved to be the weaker one and the future will belong solely to the stronger European Union. Besides, those who remain after the battle are only the inferior ones, for the good ones will have been killed.”

    Adolph Creampuff – Scorched Earth Directive – 15/11/2018.

  17. What a pile of cunt. Brexit… Sick of it. I voted leave but I couldn’t give a fuck now. Its a mess and and we’ll end up in the cunt. Forever and ever….
    One thing about Brexit is that its highlighted the amount of cunts brazenly showing their attitude of superiority over the majority. The cunts.
    Sick of it all.

    • My eyes are fully opened after brexit!! We’re awash with utter quisling Cunts in this country..
      democracy denying Cunts at that……. I will never ever feel the same way about the U.K. again..

    • Agreed B&W. Utterly fucked off with the whole situation, apart from reading the justifiably angry comments here naturally.
      I knew we would get shafted, as much from within as by the Fourth Reich scumbags themselves.
      We will never be allowed to leave.
      Our national and cultural extinction has been too carefully planned.
      “A nation cannot survive it’s traitors” indeed.
      And I’d bet money Maggie was in on it too…

  18. She’s taking calls on lbc tomorrow morning at 8…… you think the calls will be screened? One of us has to get through and get it big time to her! Verbally that is.

    • If you don’t have a radio you can hear it on Freeview TV channel 732, or online. Nick Ferrari has stated he would not hesitate to vote Leave again.

      Earlier this evening Ann Widdecombe said Theresa May was a “quisling”.

      • Widdecombe’s pinched “quisling” from me… BooHoo !!

        So be it; maybe our better politicos are actually reading ISAC, and informing themselves re the thoughts of the nation…

        Saw that Mordaunt bird on the box today…WOW !!!

  19. The arse fucking never stops. These eurocunts really love rubbing our noses in it …
    Of all the days for this to happen.
    I’m always suspicious of ‘coincidences ‘
    Fucking dastardly, sneaky fucking eurotrash.
    If ever this country needed a strong leader the time is now.
    Looking at what’s available, it’s enough to make you fucking weep.
    Should have left the cunts under the Nazi jackboot.
    As BCC said, let it all burn.

    • “The lights are not going to go out”…

      I’d feckin like to punch some lights out in Brussels…
      Answers on the back of a “Carte des Vins”, please…

  20. Stormzy will be Glastonbury’s first grime headliner, with a Pyramid Stage slot confirmed for 2019…. And won’t the rich snowflake cunts who go to the place just love it?…

    Fuck Stormzy, the anti-white racist Mills & Boon cunt…
    And fuck Eavis (whichever one it is), the servile choccyfucking cunt…

  21. Ramoaners and fuckflakes starting to panic now at the prospect of Judas Bitch May being ousted and a Brexit hardliner being brought in… Stick that up your smug arsehole, Lineker, and the rest of you liberal scum… Instant Karma’s gonna get you…

  22. Has grannyfucker Rooney’s syrup fallen off yet at Wembley?
    Don’t know the score… Don’t fucking care…

    • Important game against an excellent Croatia side in a matter of days. so what does Captain Ashwood Southgate do? Has a pointless friendly against the septics and indulges that grannyshaaging wig wearing scouse cunt… Fucking Yes man FA arselicker of a cunt…

  23. What a fucking stitch up. This horse headed cunt of a prime minister has put this country on the verge of a civil war with her dispicable actions .
    Out or in , no in-between.
    Untrustworthy cunts are our politicians..


  24. Let the dust settle.
    Then start subverting EU laws and controls one by one, very quietly. There is enough public will to commence a campaign of passive resistance. Boycott the products of employers of foreign labour. Boycott offshore companies. Stop buying European goods, and discourage others from doing so. Ridicule at every opportunity every Europhile you meet. Use your imaginations.

    Or give up. It would seem that the hope of a democratic solution is an empty one..

    • We wouldn’t even scratch the surface Komodo. We’d be outnumbered 1000:1 by EU cock sucking millennial snowflake lefty multiculturalist PC libtard cunts.

      I remember the ‘Buy British’ campaign in the late ’60s. Complete waste of time, never got anywhere, cunts continued to buy what they wanted regardless.

      • That’s probably what the Indians said about Ghandi…. But, hey, that was just an off the cuff comment,, and no doubt other cunters can think of more and better strategies. I suggest we get our shit together on the communication front as a priority, if we’re serious. It may have cost millions, but the pre-referendum campaign was dire, targeting of the undecided as opposed to the converted was nonexistent, and the propaganda was limp.

        And to your pissboiling fury, let me mention the convulsions BDS throws Netanyahu into, never mind his denials that it’s effective….

        Money talks.

      • Not advisable – we’d be guilty of cultural appropriation if we adopted Peaceful’s tactics.

  25. I heard that some unnamed civil servant (probably the Robbins cunt) shouted down McVey at the cabinet meeting yesterday. If true that’s a fucking disgrace. You can’t have employees telling an elected representative, no matter how big a cunt, to shut the fuck up. The jellyfish should have sacked him on the spot. The fact that she didn’t speaks volumes.
    Fucking resign you fake!

  26. Judging by some of the above posts it would seem some have given up.

    I voted to leave the european union and I will do this come next March no matter what the traitor politicians decide.

    Brexit is a made up word that encompasses many outcomes but we weren’t asked to vote for brexit.

    The choice was simple:

    Leave the european union
    Remain in the european union

    Leave won and there was no third option for a ‘deal’. This surely has to be binding or go down as the biggest con job ever.

    Goodbye for now.

      • Agreed. Imagine if Remain had won; would we be watering down the result, compromising a bit, little bit Remain, little bit Leave. No, it’d be fully Remain, handing over shiploads of dosh, on our knees, mouths wide open in to which the EU cunts would piss and laugh.

        However, Leave win and it’s diluted down.


        No this Brexit or that,no sift, hard, cliff-edge – no fucking adjective before it to temper or to qualify…just Brexit. Just Exit.

        Fucking E X I T!

  27. This mess was planned from the beginning when Mavis got hold of the premiership. Do people really think the EU would give us what we wanted? It’s either no deal or stay in and to be fair I don’t give a shit anymore – just fucking decide what your doing and do it before that red tie wearing, scruffy cunt and his fucked up band of union loving douche bags get in. Ah, that’s better…. evening cunters

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