Theresa’s Favourite Word

Hello children. Are you sitting comfortably? Boris! Take your hands from around Dominic’s throat, you wicked boy. Alright. Now I’ll begin. Today’s story is about “back” words. You can find lots of “back” words in a big book of words called a dictionary. Let’s look at some of them shall we. First – backbone. Amber, dear, do you know what this means?

I’m not sure Miss, but my dad says people called fucking politicians who meet in a big house haven’t got any fucking backbone. What’s fucking Miss?

Never mind that now, Amber. Let’s move on to backward. Jacob, would you like to do this one?

Yes, Miss. Backward means being thick and stupid but my dad told me not to use it outside the home in case the thought police heard me and took me to a politically correct – speak induction centre. My dad says all fucking peacefuls are backward because they have no fucking music, literature or art and want to live in the fucking 9th Century. What does fucking mean, Miss?

Never mind that now Jacob. The next word is backstab. Michael, I think you will know this one.

Oh, yes please Miss. It’s like when Ian told me not to tell anyone about having his hand up Anna’s skirt during milk break today but I came and told you Miss. He said he was looking for his pencil but Anna said he was finger fucking her. What’s fucking, Miss?

Alright. One last “back” word before I explain what fucking is. This word is backstop. Any ideas children? Oh my, you’ve all got your hands up! Well I’ll have to choose one of you – David, you intelligent boy, tell us what backstop means.

Well Miss, backstop is a word that means nothing in itself and was dreamt up in a backroom by Uncle Ollie and Nanny Theresa while they were sitting on their backsides trying to get through the backlog of work caused by their backsliding and backtracking on the Brexit negotiations. They were afraid of a backlash from everyone so invented the word backstop which means the same as fucking, Miss.

What do you mean, David?

Well Miss, Ollie and Nanny T have promised Jean-Claude to give the British voters a good fucking up the arse without them realising it until it was too late so they decided to create the word backstop as a synonym for a good fucking up the arse. My dad says Uncle Ollie likes to give Nanny T a good backstop with lots of backflow over a chair in the backroom. What’s backflow, Miss? Treacherous cunts.

Nominated by Fimbriations

25 thoughts on “Theresa’s Favourite Word

  1. Barnier has said that the implementation period could be extended for another year, in order to sort out the Irish border ‘ problem ‘.
    I suppose when it’s not sorted after another year they’ll extend it again.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Irish border is the cross that Brexit will be crucified upon.
    We’ll never really leave.
    Good afternoon.

  2. We ( the British people ) will never be taken seriously by the political elite until we can demonstrate that we are a significant threat to the establishment by conflict, armed or otherwise. Until that time, clowns like this lot of politicians will continue playing their own self serving trumpet.. That is why hey are cunts, and we are useless fuckers.

    • It reminds me of Haig the first world war general. Not content with sending millions to their deaths in various mechanised slaughter theatres around France and Belgium, the cunts own forward commanders were complicit in the acts of sheer butchery. The first day of the Somme offensive on 1st July 1916 saw 100,000 killed before breakfast. Haig’s henchmen, when asked how the battle was going – he was holed up somewhere about 15 miles away in Amiens – reported to Haig that “progress is being made commensurate with the casualty count”. Haig believed them and took them at their word. Its a salutary lesson, a parody.
      May plays the part of Haig and her trusty sidekicks who don’t possess a spine between them, will nod and tell the wizened old cunt that “all is well”. As Haig did too – so far removed from the reality that it was only the plebs being slaughtered on the front. The fact that (like Haig) some of her own senior officers are being slaughtered too.
      The century is different, there is no war but there is the same pitifully embarrassing spineless capitulation that existed in 1916.
      History has been rather kind to Haig and his ilk. We have spilled too much blood in mainland Europe and like Scotland, Ireland and Wales they continue to be a capstan tied around the English neck. Time was there have been those who came forward and made a fist of a dogs dinner. Maggie, Winston – if ever we needed another this is the time. JRM and Boris aren’t a Maggie or a Winston but they are about as close as we will ever get to great Englishmen willing to tell the European uppity cunts to stick their Federal EU right up their ring pieces. No ticky, no laundry. Not a brass farthing you cunts will get from our purse. In line with the democratic majority wish we are out on the 1st January 2019. The Irish border? Your fucking problem – not ours. If you want to visit blighty apply at the Foreign Office – £250 each – lasts a month. Fuck off.

    • I regret I must decline the honour. The good professor would surely notice that the post was missing? I can’t find Cunting on Google Earth – must be in Norfolk somewhere?

  3. But…but…
    Nanny has promised that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Nanny wouldn’t fib to us, would she?

  4. Considering the Unionists helped a German family to take over the British monarchy, it would be poetic justice.

  5. The Irish Border. Now there’s the thing. Such a huge problem. To the Irish, to the EU, to a few 1000 Irish perhaps? But why? Why isn’t the Channel Tunnel a huge problem? Does that need a soft border? Isn’t there a differential in currency, taxes and fuck knows what else already between the North and the South?
    The Irish Border is a manufactured problem, seized on by the EU and the IRA, sorry, Sinn Fein, and used by Remoaners as a ‘dreadful problem’
    However, the DUP ‘No Surrender’ are in a position of power which wasn’t the case before May’s electoral fuck-up and it has ‘backfired’ spectacularly.
    Fuck the Irish Border.

  6. Treezer jellyfish is in Brussels tonight to suck EU cock and pay for the privilege. Our Lords and Masters are allowing her 10 minutes to beg and grovel to them before they begin some fancy dinner paid for by us.
    The spineless one is not invited to the nosh up of course. She has to fuck off back to the embassy to get some grub. I’m surprised they didn’t offer her a little table at the back of the kitchen where they could scrape the left overs on to her plate.
    Is there any humiliation this useless streak of piss won’t go through to keep us in the fourth reich?
    Fucking traitor, simple as that.

  7. I genuinely do not understand why Appeaser doesn’t call it a day. Looking at her face, she is shot to shit. How she controls blood sugars with T1 diabetes in her job, heaven fucking knows.

    Why she doesn’t let some other cunt step in to the role of PM and clear up the pile of spooge, I just don’t know. After all that is exactly what the gammon-faced pig fucker did.

  8. We have totally lost the plot in this country:

    That said it is some lezzie American cuntess that has raised this – the daft as arseholes looking Amy Lame’ (Lame is probably more it) Mayor Sadiq Kunt’s *night zsar* (paid out of public money of course, another do-gooding whore) why do we put up with shit like this and why didn’t Waitrose just tell her and all the other wimmin to fuck off.

    • Lame says she is female.

      Well that is fucking debatable.

      Hulking, corpulent lump of whining flesh.

      • This is typical of the kind of women who aren’t getting any dick, aren’t getting any attention and who don’t know what to do with themselves. They can feel that they have achieved something and tell themselves ‘I am not without impact’.
        What a miserable existence.

  9. Ruff Tuff leaving aside your shenannigans earlier with and your subliminal messaging.The spectacle of Labour women MPs jumping to the defence of Bercow when he, in a report, has been condemned beggars belief. After all their talk of getting rid of bullying and harrassment in the workplace they come to his defence. They come to his defence because (as we all know) Labour needs an anti Brexit speaker in these cruicial coming weeks. Everybody knows he is impartial. It is a double outrage come to think. That he sits there with everyone knowing he is impartial/biased when a Speaker by definition should be fair. And that he is a bully.

    • I think you mean Bercow’s partial (or partisan), not “impartial”.

      Naturally Liebour are desperate to keep Bercow in place, after all he’s one of the biggest Remoaners on the planet! He actually has a sticker in the rear window of his 4×4 that reads: BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT.

      Btw, what is this “shenanigans earlier with and your subliminal messaging.” you attribute to me Miles? All very cryptic… 🤔


      • Oh yes partial not impartial. The opposite of what I meant. I stand corrected. The ‘shenanigins’ related to Miles’s hirsute fantasy.

      • Fucking Hell Miles – Mrs May has just offered to extend the transition period for yet ANOTHER year… to 2022!

        To be honest I’m not surprised. Suspect it’ll be extended by another year every 6 months until it becomes permanent.

        I wonder if they’ll be prepared to wait that long for our £39billion?

      • Just heard on the news, extending the transition period will bring the so called ‘divorce bill’ up to £59billion! So we continue to pay a full membership fee yet have no say in where the money goes or how the club operates?

        Fuck off!

        We owe these feckless fuckers NOTHING. They owe us. We’ve poured £half a trillion NET into their coffers since 1973 – not one penny have we received from them that we didn’t provide them with in the first place!

  10. what was expected RT. I felt the humiliation of her begging at the meeting. Was watching old clips of Nigel earlier on Youtube. He is, not Boris JRM, not any of the main political parties, the only hope. I mean pressure from the people with him at the top.

  11. I think Fimbriations is developing a reputation as a rising star for his cunting abilities.

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