Presumed consent

I’d like to cunt the organ donation register and their ‘presumed consent’.
Before I get started, let me just state that of course I support the idea of saving children’s lives etc etc. I’m certain it’s all very worthy. However, how the fuck do they get dibs on my bits by default?
I am NOT happy.
I fail to understand the logic that states that unless I state otherwise my body will be plundered mercilessly. It’s my body! Mine! Sure, I don’t need those bits after I die – that’s not the point – I suppose that I’m annoyed at the rude nature of this assumption.
I’m British. Manners come first. You may very well be dying but you can still say please and thank you.
I am also bitterly disappointed that I have no options with regard to the harvest or the recipients. It’s all or nothing.
I do not support the idea that I work to pay taxes so that some people can spend their entire lives getting drunk, smoking, watching sky tv, dodging work and then when I die they get my organs as well? Talk about mind, body and soul. And what about evil cunts like george best getting two livers? That is well fucked up.
The system of presumed consent is in place in many countries, and does not yield consistent improvement in donorship. There are more factors than just whether or not you have organs going spare.
Anyway, I have put over my idea of selective donation to members of the transplant service and they were not impressed. No, not at all. The word “horrified” springs to mind.
I am getting the impression that wanting a say over what happens to my most treasured possession is a major no-no. I am also getting the impression that expressing my wishes aloud is putting me up there with the worst of humanity. Making me the most selfish of criminals.
The only way I can action any free will at all here, it would seem, is to deny everybody. That doesn’t make sense to me.
What if I wanted to deny members of the KKK my organs? Is that morally wrong?
What about if I wanted to deny convicted rapists and murderers my organs? Surely that’s ok?
People will say “fuck no, you can’t do that! What’s wrong with you? Where will it end?”
Where will it end? There is no end. If somebody wants to deny anyone their organs they already have that choice.
It would appear that there is a major problem singling people out. I don’t understand it myself, but there you go.
This is probably going to turn into yet more proof that I am, indeed, a cunt.

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22 thoughts on “Presumed consent

  1. Maybe like the referendum, if you opt out for organ donation they will assume you didn’t understand the question and plunder your bits anyway.

    • Good point. Which reminds me, I don’t want any fucking remoaners helping themselves to my bits and pieces. Or peacefuls. Or pikeys.
      I’ll get one of these cards and make some alterations. At least i’ll have my say for once, even if i’ve snuffed it.

  2. When I die no one is getting anything of mine. People have inherited memories and dispositions of the organ donor, I want absolutely no chance of any potential soul or essence of mine bound to this world until that cunt kicks the can. Fuck it, when I’m done I’m bloody well gone, hopefully never to return here. Incinerate me, don’t waste a good tree and soil space for my rotting cunt remains either.

    I just love how the state can claim ownership over my body by default. I may be dead, but that’s still mine! Unless they’re declaring an answer to the age old question of soul or no soul?

    People get sick and die for a reason. Some cunt like George Best should suffer or die, that’s part of his journey. Defective organ? Maybe your ancestor ate too many toxic mutagenic foods.. end of the evolutionary line for you.. unless you actually want to evade nature and pass your defectiveness on to a child?

    • When I die
      Don’t burn me or bury me
      Just chuck me in a field
      Where the wild dogs can get their fill of me.

      (Japanese poet, forget who)

      I’d rather be dogfood than keep a banker alive…

  3. I’ve made arrangements to donate my body for medical research. I quite like the thought of students inspecting it and investigating how I got all the scars. I considered donating individual organs for transplant purposes but I decided that potential recipients fighting over who gets my penis would be an unedifying prospect.

  4. They are welcome to my parts.
    They will probably kill the poor fucker who receives them.

  5. They’ll have to dig me out of landfill if they want any of my organs.

    My family has strict instructions to stick me in the wheelie bin when I snuff it. Fucked if I’m going to piss £3000+ down the shitter on some thieving funeral director.

    • I think Sir Henry summed it up nicely

      “I don’t give a toss what you’ve done with me when I’ve shrugged off m’ mortal coil… Shove a bit of flex up m’ back passage, stick a lightbulb in m’ mouth and stand me in the hall. (sniff) Mind you, if you’re using electricity you’ll have to dry me out first!”

    • Assuming you are opting for the black wheelie bin Mr Creampuff (general waste) as opposed to the blue wheelie (recycling) or brown wheelie (garden waste) fooneral plan (as they say here in Suffolk)?

      • I didn’t want to specify ‘black’ cos my comment would have gone into moderation cos it would rightly have been deemed racist.

        But yes, you are 100% correct in your astute assumption Willie.

    • Best make sure you snuff it before collection day or you’ll be out in the driveway stanking it up for a fortnight.

      On the other hand, fuck the neighbours.. stank it up good!

  6. I would only ever agree to the donation of my organs when I have no further use for them with certain subjectivities, namely with specific excluded sections of society.

    If this is not permissible for the reasons of political correctness then I would not agree. Fuck em.

    As a non smoking, virtual teetotal vegetarian their loss.

  7. I won’t have any Cunt getting bits out of me. I’ll give enough pleasure to people by simply croaking. No way that I’ll add to the general jollity by letting some Cunt physically benefit too. I’m going to insist that my rotting corpse (cigarette and whiskey glass still firmly clamped) is chucked into the pig pen. They’ll enjoy my company in death far more than any human has in life.

    The Gays can’t have my cock or arsehole. I’ll insist on that. The thought of a pack of rampaging poofs fighting over my week old cadaver,and they would be,is intolerable.The buggers are shameless……

  8. We are in the times of “when I choose a word it means what I choose it to mean.” And so I like the idea of presumed consent. It must mean that I can rape anybody and its not rape. Fuck off, presumed consent for body parts is rape, exactly that. Taking something without consent that there is NO entitlement to. Cuntish in the extreme

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