The English

The English

Biggest bunch of cunts the world has ever seen. They thought they ruled the world. They thought they were so superior and now they´re reaping the bounty of their arrogance. They took over Wales and Scotland but ending up being ruled by some of the biggest Celtic jerkoffs ever spawned – Lloyd George, Campbell-Bannerman, MacMillan, Douglas-Home, Blair, Brown. (Fortunately lesbian kick-boxer Ruth Davidson, about to give birth to a test tube sprog, has ruled herself out as the next leader because the puir wee lassie cannae cope wi´ the strain of replacing Theresa May.)

The English let a Scotsman called Haig who commanded the army in WWI become a hero back home by killing more Englishmen than Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie combined through his incompetence. And the English made him an earl!. Serves them right for ditching their Scottish Stuart overlords for a bunch of German princelings.
They also let all the other subject races flood into their country and now moan about it. Londonstan, Birminghamstan, Manchesterstan etc. They can´t even play the sports they invented like cricket, football and rugby.

BTW although I am a member of the SNP, love Nicola Sturgeon – and the European Union – and gave that poverty-stricken Alex Salmond a couple of bawbees for his legal defence, I like the ISAC site. Pity it is so anti-Scottish, anti-Irish and anti-Welsh. But what can you expect from a bunch of servile Saxons, descendants of Germans, who got their arses kicked by their French overlords and have never gotten over it?

Nominated by Dr Cameron

( Published in the interests of racial equality. We really don’t care what nationality you are – a cunt is a cunt. But especially the Scots 😉 )

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  1. I’m English but now live in the Highlands. I love the place and I just don’t understand why some Scots are so anti-English. The low-population density means that the quality if life is superb – there are none of the strains on healthcare, education, roads, rail, housing that England experiences. There are no darkies. Still a sense of community. A low population means that there are fewer cunts, but the cunts you come across are proper cunts. Shit drivers. Cowboy tradesmen. Lazy workers. Feckless parasites. I’m seeing more Eastern Europeans up here now because the locals are too fecking lazy to do low-skilled jobs. And the litter along the roads of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. This lovely place would be up shit creek without the Barnet formula.

    Every time Krankie opens her gob about independence, another company ups sticks and gets the hell out, thereby placing more people in need of state funding. Scotland – the country that puts the p in paradox.

  2. Who would ever,ever ask the opinion day after day and night after night of rolling eyed twat Kevin McGuire who would love to see a marxist paradise here in blighty.

  3. The English 2

    The mouth-foaming responses to the balanced comments of a fair-minded patriotic Scotsman who just happens to want to see his country regain its sovereignty and free it from its Rottweiler neighbours just shows that we should never have travelled south and taken over the throne of that flat little country with its old maids cycling to matins, lukewarm beer and cricket – the world´s dullest game.
    I had the misfortune to live among the Anglo-Saxons for a number of years – mind you, I loved your comely Tess of the D´Urbervilles wenches, especially those from Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Norfolk, and they loved me and my accent – and remember some wise words of advice from one who had preceded me before crossing the Tweed: “If you are ever homesick and want to talk to a fellow Scotsman just go into any office, factory, university, newspaper, shop and ask to talk to the boss”.

  4. Ahh it’s a porridge wog, dress wearing SNP supporting buffoon. Have a vote to leave th UK most of us English will welcome you leeches leaving. The only reason Scotland has anything for their hordes of unemployed smackheads and aclcholics is the English taxpayers.

  5. He will have to present it for commercial reasons as Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ but in his mind it really will be Gatiss’s ‘Dracula’ a myth or story that was once intepreted by Bram Stoker.

  6. Poor Doctor C.
    One of those internet trolls desperate for attention. He didn’t get the angry abuse he was hoping for so now he moves on to stage 2……. i’ve fucked all your women!
    Give it a rest mate. You’re having a fucking laugh. Exactly how dim do you think we are?

  7. What I don’t get about the SNP is that they want independence but are passionate about staying in the eu ? How the fuck is that Independence ?
    When I was in Edinburgh recently I asked a Jock how come you have all this new infrastructure ? His reply was you English cunts pay millions into the eu and we get it sent to us. Typical Jocks spending other people’s money.

    • If it wasn’t for overpriced high market scotch jockland wouldn’t even have a proper import.

      “What I don’t get about the SNP is that they want independence but are passionate about staying in the eu ?” Same with the irish Fenton over expensive shitehole living off EU 4th reich daddy money but they want their independence too tho fucking potato head twats

  8. Is it possible that Dr Pigfucker is simply an infiltrator trying to pit us against each other and get the site shut down in some way?

    • How can anyone even admit to liking or admiring Wee Burney?! Questions about sanity must surely be asked?….

      Nothing against the Scots (except Wee Burney and her EU licking Tartan Nazis), the Welsh are alright (execpt the cunts who suddenly change from English speaking to Welsh just to make it difficult for English tourists)…

      And The Irish? Well… Manchester 1996, Warrington, Hyde Park Horseguards, doing fuck all in the war (apart from allowing Nazi U Boats to dock), Bono, Geldof, Sinead O’ Connor, Johnny Giles (cunt), Eamonn Dunphy, Daniel O’ Donnell,… Apart from all that….

      Thin Lizzy and Father Ted were fucking ace though….

  9. Dr Cameron. An angry Scotsman who still has a chip on his shoulder about 1707 and his country being under English rule. Of course, he would never actually post a comment outside the nominations page here because that would mean having to defend himself against us plebs – and like all good little trolls, of course, he’s far too scared to do that.

  10. Just as a little addendum I could’ve been a lot nastier about Scotland but there are plenty of decent Scots on here and I don’t want to offend them.

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