The English

The English

Biggest bunch of cunts the world has ever seen. They thought they ruled the world. They thought they were so superior and now they´re reaping the bounty of their arrogance. They took over Wales and Scotland but ending up being ruled by some of the biggest Celtic jerkoffs ever spawned – Lloyd George, Campbell-Bannerman, MacMillan, Douglas-Home, Blair, Brown. (Fortunately lesbian kick-boxer Ruth Davidson, about to give birth to a test tube sprog, has ruled herself out as the next leader because the puir wee lassie cannae cope wi´ the strain of replacing Theresa May.)

The English let a Scotsman called Haig who commanded the army in WWI become a hero back home by killing more Englishmen than Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie combined through his incompetence. And the English made him an earl!. Serves them right for ditching their Scottish Stuart overlords for a bunch of German princelings.
They also let all the other subject races flood into their country and now moan about it. Londonstan, Birminghamstan, Manchesterstan etc. They can´t even play the sports they invented like cricket, football and rugby.

BTW although I am a member of the SNP, love Nicola Sturgeon – and the European Union – and gave that poverty-stricken Alex Salmond a couple of bawbees for his legal defence, I like the ISAC site. Pity it is so anti-Scottish, anti-Irish and anti-Welsh. But what can you expect from a bunch of servile Saxons, descendants of Germans, who got their arses kicked by their French overlords and have never gotten over it?

Nominated by Dr Cameron

( Published in the interests of racial equality. We really don’t care what nationality you are – a cunt is a cunt. But especially the Scots 😉 )

92 thoughts on “The English

  1. A quality bit of cunting, coming as it does from a well balanced Scot; you know, chip on both shoulders..
    As for your ‘love’ for Wee Jimmy Crankie, well, please, let’s not go there pal, on the grounds of good taste.

  2. That’s some inferiority complex you’ve got there! You didn’t have to mention you were a porridge wog BTW, we could have guessed.

    I should think Haig killed more jocks than Edward I. crack and deep fried mars bars put together. That’s why we made him an Earl.

  3. Well Dr Cameron,
    If your kin hadn’t bought into some ponzi scheme in Patagonia and gone begging cap in hand to your English betters for gold you may be just plain old Scotland right now.
    I guess you must be an “educated” Scot – not many of them up there.
    Heres a trick. Next time wee Jimmy Cranky calls a second referendum, throw the vote open to England – you would be out after the first chime of midnight on counting day.
    We could then have our subs back – Barrow and the Queens dockyards would be glad of the work and the Royals of Arbroath will find good homes back in England. Then the good men of the Clyde could retool making shortbread tins and whisky bottle tops. The Barnet formula money will come in handy too
    I seem to remember the last sweaty who got a bit up himself single handed lost the Bank of England £50bn. The one eyed PM Brown the clown coined a great phrase – no more boom and bust. The cunt just went to bust as his one good eye was on that other shifty shitty scots cunt Bliar.
    Great shot at a wind up but really – when you go all “indy” you will need 5bn of whatever currency you are dealing in just to keep your addicts off the brew.
    Even fucking blambos don’t want to move to the Far occupied Northern Territory also known as Scotland or Upper England as we call it in the educated bits of Northern England.
    A mish mash of Angles, Germanic tribes and all sorts of cunts from all over the place.
    I couldn’t give a fuck about that. I can trace my “Englishness” back to the 1600’s. That’s before your poncy kin lost all they had and had to accept the union of the crowns along with the English Gold you sold your souls for.

    • The Union of the Crowns occurred many decades before the Darien misadventure and the resultant Treaty of Union, you ignorant cunt. Truth be told, you’re just as bitter and stupid as Nicola Sturgeon and her acolytes. And, yes, that most certainly includes you, Dr. Cameron.

      I would deliver a sermon to you on “What have the Scots ever done for us” but I’m afraid that it might exceed your reading age and, alas, ISAC doesn’t have a colouring-in facility for you to use.

      • Darien is at the other end of the continent from Patagonia. Its failure (abandoned in 1700, after losing 20% of Scotland’s circulating money) was a motivating factor in passing the Act of Union (1707). You possibly have Scotland’s Patagonian involvement (mass emigration of Scots there in the 1840’s – 50’s) misplaced in your mind?

        Education used to be the Scots’ strong point. Whatever happened?

  4. This site is not so much anti Scottish as anti Krankies and their SNP cohorts. As a Welsh/Irish half breed I believe in Scottish independence because it will reveal what an incompetent bunch of cunts the SNP are. I feel likewise about Plaid Cymru and the IRA (sorry, Sinn fein)
    I live in England and am married to an Englishwoman but I agree by and large with the views above on the English.

    However the Stuart overlords were an effete bunch of weirdos who they were well rid of. The English mistake was first to take that useless cunt Charles back and later, hand untold riches to an obscure bunch of krauts rather than proclaiming a Republic.

    I hope the harpies of #metoo hang that fat cunt Salmond out to dry.
    otherwise, an interesting cunting, that would have been wise not to mention football.

    • “I quite like whales actually. Oh, you mean Wales? No, fucking horrible bunch of depressing sheep shagging refusenick cunts who insist on a Welsh language speaker to submit their gas meter readings”. That little tirade with tongue firmly in cheek got me 28 days facejail, without the expletives.
      Only ever had time for one Taffy – Simon Weston.

      • True cuntflap. I’m Welsh and can’t speak the language and neither do my friends.
        I also believe the UK should stay together.
        It doesn’t really matter where in the UK people come from as long as they’re a cunt.

      • Ha, I thought it witty too cuntflap, it was tongue in cheek, glad that as Welshman you don’t act like a fucking shopkeeper at a Spar shop in betws y coed (even spellcheck wont accept Betwys or coed – like the Latin I did at school and asked who wants to speak to a dead Roman).
        The cunt had a 5 minute conversation (in Welsh of course) whilst I stood waiting to pay for a butty and a bottle of orange juice. In the end I slapped the sarny and the carton firmly on the counter and told him to fuck off.

      • Today on a news programme the BBC stated that only 20% of Welsh people can speak Welsh fluently.

        Not like the BBC to get things wrong!!

      • All these Welsh signs everywhere in Wales, road signs, town names, Welsh, everything in Welsh. Which is odd because only 5% of Welsh people…can read.

  5. I truly despair for Scotland when we get the likes of Dr Cameron posting such bilge. The unfortunate truth is that there are too many idiots who support the SNP. Cuntstable Cuntbubble doesn’t have to look far for SNP incompetence – they’ve been in power in the ridiculous Scottish Parliament for 10 years and have fucked things up tremendously. When you think how all of the UK is under siege from battalions of peacefuls (those already here, plus thousands waiting on the other side of the Channel), along with the hordes of EU arseholes on the verge of fucking us (through Shithead Theresa’ pitiful Brexit strategy), what’s the point in stirring up old rivalries that should only be displayed on sports pitches? The only way to defeat the threats of globalism, EU cuntism and Islam is to control our borders (and I mean properly) and deport all the cunts who don’t deserve to be here. I’d also deport those passenger cunts on the plane that interfered with the deportation of the Somali rapist. What a bunch of liberal/left wing arseholes. They should be given a fair trial then shot. Bunch of cunts.

    • “A fair trial ” then “shot” You are very generous indeed. Just shoot the cunts! I would.!

  6. I love Scotland. Beautiful country. Half my kinfolk are Scottish. I was born in wee place called Mary Hill, next to the Mary Jane ( Pit Heap ) in the then village of Lochore ( now gone ) in the old Kingdom of Fife.
    I was born in Scotland to my Welsh Father and Irish Mother but raised all of my life in that very special place upon this earth called England. I have no hatred of any of the Irish, English, Scot or Welsh. ( how the fuck could I )
    But, I ask only an answer to this Dr Cammeron . . If you love Scotland, and you seek independence and freedom from the Tyranny of England, then how and why would you then enslave yourself to the Eurocunt breed of the Continental shithole over yonder sea ?
    Simple ask.

  7. Ah yes, the Scottish Nazi Party in a nutshell. So desperate for “independence “ yet can’t wait to sell their arses to the fascist European Union. So it’s not independence they want, just get rid of the hated fucking English as perfectly illustrated by our Scottish doctor friend.
    Most people would call that racism but, as any self respecting libtard will tell you, you can’t be racist towards white people. So we’ll just have to call it something else……self determination perhaps? Self determined to jump into bed with a bunch of slippery frogs and krauts.
    Good luck to them I say. Can’t wait to see the back of the whinging cunts. Of course, we’ll definitely need a hard border then , to keep out all the refugees, both Scottish and the more familiar trash the EU will be dumping on the dozy cunts.

    • I rather think that Dr Cammeron is a friend of Dr Finlay and of Dr Snoddie. All three are in a sexual tryst with a well known whore called Janet of Tannochbrae. !

    • It’s called blatant xenophobia Freddie – the Scotch Nazis hate the English and are keen to side with anyone who has our worst interests at heart. Just like Corbyn.

  8. Someone who admits to loving Nicola Sturgeon!!!
    I confess to having some ideas that border on the anti social shall we say, but the love of Nicola Sturgeon needs a straight jacket and electric shock therapy.

  9. The great thing about being from a small, insignificant nation is that you can always blame someone else for your misfortunes.

  10. I haven’t forgiven the Scotch for that bit in “Braveheart” (I think) when the ungrateful sods kicked up rough by objecting to the right of their English overlords to claim primae noctis…..however, I see now that they have actually been playing a clever game by only breeding unattractive women these days. Not even the most dissolute English Lord would consider claiming his right judging by what I saw the last time that I called in for a drink in Jedburgh on my way back from Kelso races. (which,to be fair,is a lovely place.)

    Fuck them.

  11. You have a seriously jaundiced view of humanity Cunflap. I’d calculate the true figure to be more in the region of 99.999999953%.

  12. Most Scottish I know are cunts, that’s because most of my relatives are Scottish.
    Damnaigh do sùile fhaigheann.

  13. Well Cameron , well done on giving us Scots cunts a bad name

    posts like yours if not tongue in cheek show just how deluded a lot of my kin folk are

    ” I am a member of the SNP, love Nicola Sturgeon – and the European Union – ”

    a fucking oxymoron right there if ive ever seen one. Independence ? so ditch our nearest kind and break up a union of 4 to join a union of 27 who prefer the terminology of member state be used , rather than member country.

    £42BILLION tarrif free trade with rest of uk… £12BILLION with EU…so lets switch that right round and have £42BILLION tarrifed trade with nearest neighbours…. Oh my fucking sides !!!

    Id rather stick it out with my neighbours than the cunts who want to impose an airspace ban after we leave the EU, The same cunts who werent exactly complaining of our planes in their skies when we were bombing fuck out of the industrial Rhur region of Germany not so very long ago

    Up the cunts …. the UK will survive and UP WEE KRANKIE STURGEON , what a fucking disgrace to the Scots she is

    • That’s a fucking awesome riposte there squint.
      I doff my cap in acknowledging a cunt who knows how to cunt respectfully. A rising star amongst cunters, you will go far.

      • We’ll break open a bottle of Kraken one day when the silent majority take fucking matters into their own hands Cunto


  14. Nowt wrong with Scotland apart from the Scottish folk, Can’t understand their banter.

    One thing going for jocks is toothpaste was invented in Scotland, well it must have been, if invented anywhere else it would have been called teethpaste.

  15. ” I am a member of the SNP, love Nicola Sturgeon – and the European Union – ”

    Thank you… I have just spat my Earl Grey everywhere laughing.

  16. Stuuurgeon, although a reasonably eloquent speaker conceals a rampant insanity. The EU is clearly not a long term sustainable arrangement, least for their reluctance to entertain any reforms. She has the vision of Mr Magoo. Anyone contemplating joining the EU, which is now a decadent, failing arrangement is clearly mad as King George III.

    Eventually the whole Ponzi scheme will run dry of cash and then it will be down to the wealthiest member states (of which we are not with a national debt of several trillion squid) to prop up the whole shebang. That will then limp on for several years until individual states attempt to exit and have their arses fucked to chopped liver by the incumbents of the time.

    Another fine case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Dr Cameron needs to ask himself how Scotland intends to fund itself in the event it goes independent. Salmon and Whiskey will only supply the Glasgee neds with Buckfast and benefits for a short period. Independent Scotland – the next Greece.

  17. Dr Cameron may have a slight point… I mean, the English awarded Goboff a knighthood.

    On the other hand, having a knighthood is the sure fire mark of a massive CUNT!

    Maybe it’s Dr Cameron’s knob that is slight? We live in confusing times.

  18. “I like the ISAC site. Pity it is so anti-Scottish, anti-Irish and anti-Welsh.”

    Bullshit. Cunts come From all nationalities. I for one love the union – however I was born in England and live in England and wouldn’t change it for the world. Does that mean that I inherently hate the Scots, Welsh or Irish? No… I’ve met lovely people from all the nations but equally I’ve met super cunts with a chip on their shoulders.

    Get over what has or hasn’t happened in the past and unite in the fact that this Great Britain and Northern Ireland can stand up to the rest of the world after Brexit.

  19. Great cunting my good Doctor.

    We used to be pretty great at a lot of things and now we’re just shite at everything.

    And woe-betide any cunt who dreams of being great at anything again in England, they need to read the suppression agenda first to make sure it won’t offend anyone. It probably will, so fuck greatness.

    Whilst I support our 4 nations it’s expected that they won’t return the favour (whether in sport or politics) but the combined derision of Scots, Welsh and N’orn Irishmen – given your numbers – pales into insignificance compared to English self-loathing.

    Anyone born in England during the UK’s second Dark Age of 1997-2010 to the present is immediately taught to hate their own nationality in deterrence to any bit of world flotsam, hand outstretched, that happens to wash up on these shores.

    Well you won’t have to put up with us for much longer because in a few generations – as no cunt in power gives a flying fuck about it – you’ll be living next to the Kalifate of Englandrabad.

    I’ll be long dead but good luck with that.

    One silver lining – I suppose – is that bagpipes do sound a lot like the call to prayer…


  20. Mrs Norman is actually from Edinburgh… Nowt against the Scots, only a hatred for Wee Burney and her SNP (Scottish Nazi Party)… But to hate the country that gave my team Sir Matt, The Doc, Jim Holton, Buchan, McQueen, Macari, Jordan, Crerand, Strachan, and King Denis Law? Nah!

    I draw the line at Slippery Jim Leighton and Ralph Milne though… Cunts….

    • With you on that Norman.
      Harping back to the good old days our football league consisted of the home Countries and the Republic with a little smatter of Europe and Scandinavian thrown in. No blambos save a couple who were good English lads. Got on with it despite the odd banana slung now and again which was treated with a fair bit of hilarity. When a chant of “who’s the bastard in the black” or a general line of blambos or referees in general was a cause for humour on the Stretford End – oh how we laughed.
      Now its all blambos, spicks, frogs and any cunt with 2 legs and a foreign name is enough to spend £50m on the cunt. As a United fan we have splashed megamoney on shite (despite Eric only costing us a £million).
      That was the days of the Scotch (as they were always called – nobody knew it referred to the drink and not the Scots) fortnights invading Morecambe and wrecking the Pier (both of them) and the late night clubs (2am being very late). I could never understand why they went bananas on Sundays until I learned Jock pubs were closed on Sundays. There was a certain amount of hatred, particularly when they descended looking like mini Bay City rollers and having a scrap was pretty quickly over and done with and on to the next one.
      We didn’t “hate” one another. Paddies were thick Irishmen, Taffs were sheep shaggers and Jocks were just mad cunts who drank till they fell over – oh, tight as fuck with the money too!!
      We (the English we) were seen as fucking vermin by all in working class 70’s but it was a token hatred – I don’t remember a single knifing and a murder happened round my manor once a year – usually on the Mad Friday before Christmas.
      I went to school with Irish, English and Scots (no welsh strangely) who were no more into hating one another than your average school of the 70’s. I remember hating Leeds fans more than blanket heads till I found out about the real islam and I still hate Leeds.
      Oh for the days of the Home Championships and only hating on someone who wore a different coloured scarf. If the rate of blambo keeps apace in football, within 20 years the white English / Scots / Welsh / Irish will be 21 mud coloured cunts and a token white man.

  21. The peacefuls, EU/Brexit and PC related crap must get 95% of cunted traffic on ISAC. Scots, Irish and Welsh the rest and most of that is reserved for McKrankie and her party of lunatics.

  22. I’d rather be an English cunt than any of the other nationalities that infest this country,they SLAG us off but they all want to be here. Without the English taking control of the half educated knuckle draggers, cajoling and trying to give them a touch of our greatness the feckers would still be in the stone age, foreigners, cunts to a man only useful for target practice and subjugation.

  23. Just got back from Tesco. My bill was £41.48 and I handed over £41.50 to this thick Eurotrash, dusky looking cunt. The cunt was fucking about, taking money out, putting it back in, taking it out again.
    I was about to tell him it was only 2p when he stuck nine quid in my hand! I was fucking outta there like a shot.
    Fuck you Tescos. That ‘s what you get for employing cheap foreign labour you cunts.

    • Corking result there Freddie.
      Cant have been a European blambo – you wouldn’t have had enough in your pocket to cover their monetary fuck ups.

    • My young son found a £10 note on the floor of our local Tesco.

      Being the honest person we have brought him up to be he handed it in to customer services. They took his name and told him that if it was not claimed in a week he could keep it.

      Needless to say when he called a week later someone had claimed it. A Tesco worker (or friend of) perhaps?

      At the same branch, my Japanese wife’s Japanese girl friend was given change from a £10 note instead of the £20 she gave. Was told by the cashier that she would have to come back at the end of the day once the tills/cash had been reconciled. This she did, only to be told that she must have been mistaken.

      • That happened to me a few years ago at a local unbranded supermarket. Got change for a tenner despite paying with a twenty. Cunt refused to hand over the rest so over the next few weeks I simply shoplifted a tenner’s worth, then never went there again.

      • I found £40 in a Morrison’s c/p in Northumberland, and handed it in to a police office in the precinct. I was told that if nobody claimed it within a certain time I could. Naively I didn’t get a receipt or even a contact name, and when I got in touch later, I was told that there was ‘no record’ of the incident. Some thieving scuffer had robbed it, the cunt.

  24. I will put this at the bottom – in case any bottom feeders are lurking.
    Plagiarised but fucking funny all the same. Why does it feel like its real though

    “Ding dong!” That was odd, thought Theresa. Who could it be at this time? She didn’t remember ordering anything. Bemused, she pottered over to the door and cautiously opened it up. A wispy old man dressed strangely like a delivery boy was shuffling from foot to foot on the doorstep. “What is it?” she asked. “Err, I’ve got a pizza for Theresa,” he mumbled, nervously reading from a piece of paper. “To share with Esther and Penny?” How very strange, Theresa puzzled. She had invited Esther and Penny over to play checkers, but both of them had turned her down, muttering something about “being dead”. They had been doing rather a lot of socialising this week, she supposed…

    Oh well, she thought, might as well accept the delivery. After all, the pizza was here already, and Dom and Liz were looking hungrily at what was going on. Back to the game. “Ding dong!” Theresa had hardly even sat down before the door went again. The same funny old man was back, but this time wearing a crumpled old suit. “Err madam, it’s about your divorce,” he began. “You see, there’s this rather large bill…” Theresa interrupted him indignantly. “Now look here, I know my accountant Phil said we’re going to pay it even if we don’t get anything in return, but you’d still better not be taking anything for granted because, because…” Because?

    Theresa trailed off, but suddenly she was let off the hook as the mystery man disappeared, only to reappear as some sort of salesman, toting a clipboard and dodgy tie. “Excuse me but I couldn’t help but notice that your garden border is looking a bit shabby. Could I possibly interest you in a new one? It’s made of the finest materials, all from Ireland, and it will last for ever. And the best thing about it is that you can’t even see it! You just have to agree to let my friends decide everything you buy – and you’re not allowed any other friends over without their permission.” Theresa was flummoxed. “I’m afraid it says right here that you already signed up to this,” he explained, “but at least you’re getting it for the special price of £39 billion.” Bargain!

    The party guests were getting a bit restless – Steve and Northern Irish Nigel came over to see what all the disturbance was about. But before Theresa was forced to explain herself, the man had disappeared again, only to come back with yet another costume on. “I’m afraid I’m having trouble getting your new cars delivered, madam. You see…” Theresa had finally had enough and shut the door. The beardy old man was too busy changing into yet another outfit to notice…

    As she turned round she had the horrible realisation the trouble had been behind her all along. Steve had turned the board upside down and was refusing to play. Nigel had got hold of her purse and was shaking her money out all over the floor. Dom and Liz were just standing around eating pizza as the mayhem unfolded around them. “Why won’t anyone play checkers with me?!” she exclaimed. Wait, what if she asked the delivery man to play instead? Frantically she rushed back to the door, but the man was gone. How was she ever going to clean up the mess on her own…

    • To be fair Cunto, it’s a bit difficult to parody the shit that is going on. Who the fuck, in their wildest imagination, could invent a character (just one example) like Phoney Tony?
      Any normal cunt would be keeping their head down, enjoying their stolen money and hoping everyone would forget about them.
      Not this Fucking CUNT!! He still thinks he can rule the world and is a great international statesman whom everyone listens to. You couldn’t invent a character like that without being laughed out of Hollywood.

  25. Scots? A misbegotten rag bag orf sullen resentful failed races – picts, touch orf garlic, bit orf norse, whatever has washed up on their shite stained shores and fucked the ginger minged barely female retards in their desperation they have found there. No wonder then the obsession with sucking and blowing and fingering a phallic pipe attached to a hairy scrotum that sounds like its wailing oit orf a flaccid jocko arse – because it is.
    Miserable mean bastards fit only to be run through with a bit orf fine English steel which I am proud to say, a fair number orf me illustrious forebears have done. Nothing better than a sprinkling orf jocko claret to bring orn the roses. Fuck orf back to yer clouds orf midges and piss stained gutters yer cankered cunts.

    • That is fucking genius: “ginger minged barely female retards.” Best comment of the day.

  26. Off topic but maybe on, the big headed CUNT traitor Richard Branson has been given his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We have a wall of cunts but we also need a walk of shame. I fucking loathe the virtue signalling cunt with a passion. He lectures on Brexit and doesn’t even fucking live here. If he were Scottish I’d empty me colostomy bag into his porridge. The CUNT!

  27. Sir Nick Clegg

    Still cannot believe that ever happened.

    Some one who has achieved precisely fuck all during his lifetime. Has not made a jot of a difference to anyone or anything he has ever put his mind to.

    Useless wanker.

  28. I will not have a bad word said about the English…Being born here and half English myself Im proud of this country and grateful for the opportunity its given me. The English like every other nation has more than its fair share of cunts but the non cunt English are some of the best people in the world.

    • Good to hear B&WC, there wouldn’t be so much trouble if newcomers showed some gratitude and didn’t mug off the natives (also less of the cunts too).

      • Too right LL, A lot of these newly arrived cunts…like the Somali cunts have no respect or love (most likey) for this great country. The cunts.

  29. Oh, this is good news… Those two cunts, Moffatt and Gaytits are to do Dracula on the BBC… I dare say Bram Stoker’s iconic character will be a transbender who”ll take it up the Khyber?…. Well, if it’s shitter than Sherlock was (very, very shit) then the cunts will have surpassed themselves… Fucking twats….

    • After Bodyguard on Al-beeb, I swerved Informer last night, by all accounts another peaceful cheerleading pile of right-on dogshit.

      • It’ll be shit. No doubt about it.
        The BBC Dracula from the 1970s with Louis Jordan was excellent. The poor old Count really hasn’t been done properly since.

    • As I recall Dracula was a Romanian immigrant washed up, through no fault of his own, on the beach at Whitby.
      If the BBC have got anything to do with it the vampire thing will turn out to be a load of racist bollocks invented by local, thick as shit, leave voters.
      Good old Drac!
      Now, if Jack the Ripper wasn’t a leave voter I will kiss Clegg’s arse.

      • Christopher Lee is Dracula, and that’s that…

        You just know these two twats will ruin Dracula like they ruined Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who…That’s one good thing Doctor Who has going for it (apart from ogling the delectable Jodie): Moffatt and Gaytits will not be involved in any way… It’ll still be shit though (apart from when Jodie runs around or bends over)….

      • That Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula with Gary Oldman was a stupid romanticized pantomime and a total waste of Oldman’s talent.
        Crap 1980s version with Frank Langella and Laurence Olivier was utterly insipid.
        Recent Netflix modern dress Dracula with Johnathan Rhys Meyers also fucking terrible.
        Sadly all the good Counts (Lee, Jordan and Bela Lugosi) are dead…

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