Spot the jihadi [2]

Congratulations – if that is the right word in the circumstances – to Kravdarth who correctly predicted the next terror attack would be in London as our peaceful friends set off a bucket bomb at Parsons Green on the District Line earlier today.

So the slate is wiped clean and we move to round 2 of “Spot the Jihadi” with one guess per person please in the comments under this post.

As a side bet, what will Sadiq Khan say first about this latest atrocity? Will it be :

(a) “Not all muslims are terrorists”

(b) “Islam is a peaceful religion”.

(c) “Part of living in a big city”.

(d) “Hate will not divide us and we will stand united”

Winners no doubt revealed during the inevitable vigil. Meanwhile our thoughts go out to the 22 people injured. If it had denotated properly, then it would have been a lot worse.

157 thoughts on “Spot the jihadi [2]

  1. Bomb my ass, that’s just one of the Grenfell Tower “victims” out to buy a pot of paint to do their place up.

    And when are we going to see the back of these malingering, buck snatching victims anyway? fuck, back in the 70s and 80s it would’ve been chip paper by now but they’re on the BBC right now, at this very moment, asking for more money and handouts.

    Some of these cunts can’t speak a word of English so are having to scrounge through a translator.

    • “Scrounge through a translator!”

      I fucking laughed at that one. Fucking true though. And then, on reflection, exasperating because it’s coming out of my arse pocket!

      For all 10,000 of the cunts who claimed they lived there (of the bedsheet variety).

      And they’ll get it because if anyone dares say: “Fuck off you weren’t living there!” they’ll play the anti-peaceful card so I bet all levels of government will be told: “Look just give it to them for fuck’s sale cos we don’t want any more bad PR! What’s that? An elderly Christian couple who have full documentation of residence!?! Nah fuck ’em, put them at the back of the handout queue. Hopefully they’ll be dead before we have to pay them out and we’be still got 8,000 peaceful cunts to sort out before we get onto the rest!”

    • A peaceful cunt no doubt? probably a North African one….they drive and act like total cunts round here.

      The cunts purposely walk across the road slowly so you have to slow down, if I was malingering in someone elses country I’d at least try and show some respect.

    • They obviously knew who he was already,then. Probably another that they’ve been “watching” for months….Watching while he assembles and attempts to detonate a bomb.
      Also,if they knew who the Cunt was,why not release his name and photo immediately they were aware of his identity?

  2. We will always defeat those who seek to harm us and disrupt our way of life – Sadiq Khan. I’m speechless.

    • Next time it’ll be a massive car or van bomb in a busy street, weekend shopping. It’ll blow the whole place to bits and turn the poor “we will not be cowed” twats into precanned Campbells soup.

  3. Just a thought on all those Muslim refugees/migrants/plain old illegals heading to Europe (and a good number to the UK where it’s all too easy to “disappear” into the black economy).

    Q. Why don’t they go to other Muslim countries?

    A. They’re all rubbish and they probably wouldn’t be welcome there anyway.

  4. The Islam propaganda machine that is the ABBC have now said that an 18 year old ‘man’ has been arrested at Dover in connection with yesterday’s botched tube bombing… Obvious as the late Brucie’s toupee that the greasy little cunt is a piece of sandsambo muslamist human filth…. But even when the terrorist turd is named, the likes of the ABBC and Saggy May will still refuse to bring their sickening and medieval religion into it… There was talk of changing our national anthem a while back, and considering how these evil sandspades have a free pass and get induldged at every opportunity maybe the Abeeb, with the help of Saggy May and Amber Rudderless, could adapt the old Quo classic….

    ‘Whatever, you wogs… Whatever you like… Whatever you say, you take our money and kill our kids….’

    • It’s all going to be fine cunters.
      Amber Rudd is chairing another Cobra meeting today so it’ll all be sorted. No Worries.

      • Thanks for sharing that. I was worried sick that there wouldn’t be another cobra meeting. I can enjoy my Saturday now.

  5. I don’t know why the BBC, or as I like to call them – for a joke – the British Broadcasting… Corporation are making a big issue about these poor old Muslims in Myanmar (Burma).

    They say they are being “persecuted” by Buddhists. Persecuted… by Buddhists? For fuck’s sake – aren’t they the most peaceful people on earth? The Muzzies must have pissed them off big time. Like good old Slobodan Milosevic they’re just “dealing with terrorists”.

  6. it seems the Parsons Green bomber was adopted by a white family in cushy Sunbury on Thames. nice way to repay them..

  7. I am in Monarco so missed the usual virtue signalling and candle lighting as well as Suck my Dick`s usual platitudes. Did bump into Philip Green and Stelios: Now I understand why he is called Sir Shifty.

    Saw Creeisda Dick on TV. Limp platitude nonsence. Out patrolling? She had two tooled up protection officers behind her……..

    Retired old MET coppers talking nonsence. If I were a Muslim terrorist I know to go after the coppers in yellow jackets:They are unarmed.

    Time to get real:

    1 arm the police.
    2 stop Muslims entering the UK
    3 internment and deportation for suspect Muslims
    4 Gag Sadiq Khan
    5 Put a proper copper in charge. Not a lefty Guardianista
    6 Pull all the Imans out of UK prisons
    7 Vet all reading material of Muslim prisoners
    8 Check all the books on sale in Arab bookstores and Mosques
    9 heavily police the internet
    10 Stop appeasing Muslims

  8. And I forgot: God save the Queen!
    God bless the United States of America!
    Long live Israel!

    Oh and one More thing: Mohammed was probably a bent bastard who had more pricks than a second hand dartboard! I am British and will say what I like. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a death cult bent on taking over the world. Well unless all the men who follow it look like Jutsin Bieber they can fuck off. I will never cow tow to it. Winston would be turning in his grave if he saw what the UK has become. Why did we bother fighitng Germany?

    Time to fight back. It is not too late.

  9. Im going with cardiffistan again,but not Grangetown cuz that’s where most of the jihadi recruitment happens……there is a bearded weirdo in the local Mercedes dealer who keeps a gun in his desk so I reckon a gun toting shootem up in the showroom …..

    • There was one in canada too, officer and a few civilians got run the fuck over in edmonton. Wonder if the teachings of islam had something to do with it… probably not, Its just part and parcel of living in a big city I’m sure

  10. Peaceful one strikes in South Kensington or maybe just some innocent who can’t drive very well?

    Its so hard to keep count of these incidents, it becoming the norm 🙁

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