Spot the jihadi [2]

Congratulations – if that is the right word in the circumstances – to Kravdarth who correctly predicted the next terror attack would be in London as our peaceful friends set off a bucket bomb at Parsons Green on the District Line earlier today.

So the slate is wiped clean and we move to round 2 of “Spot the Jihadi” with one guess per person please in the comments under this post.

As a side bet, what will Sadiq Khan say first about this latest atrocity? Will it be :

(a) “Not all muslims are terrorists”

(b) “Islam is a peaceful religion”.

(c) “Part of living in a big city”.

(d) “Hate will not divide us and we will stand united”

Winners no doubt revealed during the inevitable vigil. Meanwhile our thoughts go out to the 22 people injured. If it had denotated properly, then it would have been a lot worse.

157 thoughts on “Spot the jihadi [2]

  1. This was my idea but do I receive the credit?

    I suggested doing this a while ago. It should be called Captain Magnanimous’s City Of Doom? Why has this site nocked my idea?

    “Is A Cunt”? You should rename uourself “Is a Fucking Thieving Gypsy Cunt.”

  2. On a different topic. The lunatic N Koreans have launched another missile over Japan. Now, I thought the Yanks had the technology and hardware to take the fuckers out in flight. They certainly track the launches, so why no action? Or is it Yankee doodle bullshit?

    • Obummer ran the military down in preparation for an invasion. He was hoping for a bum full from some tough marauding invader.

    • Kimmy boy holds the cards. The Yanks can threaten and posture, but will do fuck all.

      Korea was fucked over first by the Russians, then the Japs, followed by the Yanks and then the United Nations. In their Jap occupation years, 400,000 were executed for the fun of it. The people were treated like shit ( by all )

      The wound still festers. The Japs are hated and so too are the Yanks Ruskies and the UN. Kimmy boy ( backed by the take-away boys ) has a score to settle.

      He knows that in a conventional war, he will win. The Yanks know that too.

    • After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I wouldn’t blame Japan if they unleashed their whole arsenal on N Korea.
      And I don’t think Vlad the Putin is too happy either…
      Is it just me, or has Spam made an unwelcome return to the shelves recently. Indicator of a likely nukeing.
      The Spam, however, can stay on the fucking shelves. Fifty years hasn’t erased memories of spam fritters at nursery school.
      Btw, Pwince George’s highly imaginative surname at school is…Cambridge.
      That’ll fool the kidnappers.
      Wot about Romford, or Harold Hill, or Rectory Road ??

      • Japan’s entire arsenal don’t add up to a row of firecrackers. Would be better off with catapults & hotpoint dryers, IMO.

  3. When I heard the news of yet another terrorist attack in our country I immediately broke into a chorus of Don’t Look Back In Anger and everything is alright now. Daft cunts.

  4. Look under the cunting: Hashtag Bollocks I’ve Had Enough.

    My idea! Bunch of thieving pikeys!!!!!!

  5. Brighton was on lockdown earlier this week due to a “not all” potential celebration, so I’ll stick with Brighton and I’d say Sad dick Khunt will say very little as very soon these peaceful god blessed events will happen with such frequency that they will barely get a mention. As is the case with murders nowadays.

  6. I like LBC but I’m sick of hearing them say ” We don’t know that it was a Muslim”. Of course it wasn’t a Muslim. Far more likely it was my mum.

  7. Slip inside the eye of your mind
    Don’t you know you might find
    A better place to play

    You said that you’ve never been
    But all the things that you seen
    Will slowly fade away

    Gonna start a revolution from my bed
    Coz you said the brains i had
    Went to my head
    Step outside, summer times in bloom
    Stand up beside the fireplace
    Take that look from of your face
    You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out

    So Sally can wait
    She knows its too late
    As she’s walking on by
    Her soul slides away
    But don’t look back in anger
    I heard you say

    There, everything is fine and dandy now, and we can smile again.

    Thanks Noel. Ya beige cunt.

    “Don’t talk back in anger is what they say” should be the new lyric.

    • I don’t give a damn.,
      I don’t fucking care,
      I’m gonna kill my mum and dad,
      And pull out all my hair,
      I’m fed up with the dole
      And the human race,
      I’m gonna cut my liver out
      And shove it in a Muslims face.

      Far more uplifting.

    • “Gonna start a revolution from my bed”
      Classic John Lennon/Yoko Ono ideology unless I’m very much mistaken ???
      Thieving Mank Twat Gallagher

  8. This is an outside chance but I’m hoping the next squib is deep inside Juncker’s rectum whilst Barnier is rogering him senseless.

    That would be nice.

  9. I’ll go for Islamabad. It’s been a while since some smelly Paki drove a bomb laden truck down the high street and blew up his own.

  10. I would like to cunt the Daily Mail but not for the normal reasons. These cunts are enemies of the British people.

  11. Emergency cunting incoming for Cold Feet.

    The most banal shyte to currently smear liquid diarrhoea on the TV screen.

    I really would love to yank the syrup from the stupid grinning turnip of that Oirish cuntbag James Nesbitt, hoof him in the beanbags with my knee and finally push him over into some hot, sticky dogshit.

    Wow, what a cathartic.

    • Its a hair transplant.
      I few years ago i was watching the Balon D’or and this cunt was presenting it for no other reason than he’s a Man utd fan.
      “Whats different about that smug cunt” was my thought for about ten minutes until i realised that that cunt is usually bald.
      Never liked the cunt and he should have his British passport taken and he can be left with his Oirish Eu one.

      As for Cold Feet, I’ve seen a couple of episodes (ex bird) and all i took from it was that they were a bunch of comfortable wealth wise cunts that would seek problems to piss and moan about.
      I would have rooted the auburn/red headed one though.

      • I am aware he had a transplant, or two possibly. I suspect like Gary Numan’s, Elton John’s, Russ Abbott’s and Rooney’s before, these procedures have been far from successful.

        For my money he looks like he is wearing a full syrup. It has the appearance of being fashioned from bri nylon or chimps pubes. Besides it seems to levitate 1″ above his head, a bit like Tony Blackburn’s abomination. His looks like a sandwich starting to curl at the edges.

        A synthetic-haired, bogtrotting bell end.

      • What got me was he paid for the transplant and then went to a “stylists” and asked for a Hitler hairdo.

  12. *Nomination for a Cunt*

    I’d like to nominate the website “…Is A Cunt” for a cunting.

    Yes, it’s great here, slagging off the wretches and turd-buckets of society, though what about this actual site? The man behind the curtain (or men) stole my idea for choosing a City Of Doom and with the full arrogance of conceit, passed it off as their own. Just admit it, you lily-balled coward who suddenly ‘arrived’ at the idea. You’re a cheap thief evidently bereft of sincerity and ideas.

    We’re all a bunch of cunts and we’re all a tad hypocritical. Serve The Servants and do nothing but rant. I love this site, but sometimes your quivering under the blanket is embarrassing.

    We hate in others what we refuse to see in ourselves.

    • Actually it was my idea and I’d never heard of your City of Doom concept until you started winghing on about it. There was no accreditation on the original post either but if you want to claim it as yours, fair enough. Go ahead. Fine by me.

      You need to get it through your head that that this site is full of cunters so frankly nobody really gives a fuck and whilst you’re more than welcome to be here you’re equally welcome to fuck off if you don’t like it, so my suggestion would be simple : stop being a cunt or just bugger off? We don’t give a shit.

      Just saying…

      • Yes, I thought it might be you, it had the whiff of septuagenarian, middle-management about it.

        Everyone who comments on here is ‘whingeing’ so it’s a bit ripe to bandy about that word. If somebody started a cheap webpage named after a Greek reference to admin which allowed the anonymous administration to always have the last word, YOU’D be annoyed.

        “Never heard of it” – psh! Come on man, have some decency.

      • This site is not a democracy. I might be many things but a septuagenarian middle management liar ain’t one of them. The cunt cunted the site FFS so as far as I’m concerned he can fuck right off.

        I’ll stick him in moderation instead and give him a chance to apologise. That sound fair?

      • Must admit the “Yes, I thought it might be you, it had the whiff of septuagenarian, middle-management about it.” actually made me laugh out loud….but then I am a Cunt. 🙂 .

      • Well I answered honestly. Never saw his comment. Had to search for it and found it on 18th August so fair do’s but don’t appreciate being called a liar.

        Plus I’m not 70 and have never been middle management so fuck him, the cheeky cunt. Looking back, it’s not the first moan he’s had and there’s been a few complaints about his attitude so fuck him twice!

      • Fair enough sticking the good Capt. in the cooler for a bit, Dio……..I thought that being accused of being a 70 year old middle-manager might be the main problem. 🙂 . Fucking cheek of it !!

      • Fair enough, Dio. I quite agree. There was no justification for calling you a liar. As you say,we have a good banter on here,but personal insults are beyond the pale.

    • You could suggest them but he wouldn’t hit them! Have you seen how far he’s missing Japan!?!

      If the world was a dartboard and Kim Jong Un needed double top, he’d probably hit double three!

  13. I’m still waiting to see one of those omnipresent “Security Experts”, that always pop up after such events, stating the bleeding obvious. With so many of these cunts on hand you’d think we’d be perfectly safe – but apparently not… Can’t be much use can you?

  14. ISIS are actually celebrating this. Can you believe that? They must be desperate if they’re celebrating an “attack” that involved the world’s LEAST dangerous IED, which was made my icompetent cretins and didn’t kill so much as a bacteria. Oh you really showed us, you evil ISIS bastards you. We’re British you dumb shits. Hitler and the IRA will tell you that we DON’T bow down to this kind of shit. And if you’re going to attack, make sure you get it right, otherwise we mercilessly take the piss out you.

    I can just imagine the bucktoothed, bearded twat who came up with the bomb in a bucket. Abdul the Arsehole. Currently cheering himself up by wanking off to photos of his sister, naked from the shoulders down.

    • I see the suicide bomber concept was abandoned on this occasion. That’s a shame because at least those cunts only got to do it once.

      No virgins for this twat, then..

  15. Is it just me but it looks like someone’s vape exploded on the said person’s bucket of paint or plaster?

    • Good point. But why let an innocent accident go to waste when you can use it to further your political agenda and enjoy another 24+ hour media hysteria wankfest?

      • Everyone’s a winner – ISIS, Government, Police, Media, Khant – all making hay while the passengers stampede. Only losers: the general public.

    • you referring to the old rolling stones song? Noels a half assed singer probably why he doesn’t do many covers

      • I can hear him saying Lidle by Lidle too lol I use to own Heathen Chemistry it wasn’t too hot possibly their worst album but India Times, and Born on a Different Cloud are the best things they did. The album could of been better Liam apparently fucked the whole thing up

        Noels comment on the album is priceless lol “I finished my bits three-and-a-half months ago, and then we handed it over to Liam, and in three-and-a-half months he’s done nothing. Just concentrated on his drinking habit again. It’s just drifting at the moment”

  16. Khan has said the following on Twatter: ”Just heard the news about the bomb on the underground. Seems it didn’t go off properly. Over the coming weeks I will be working with the community in London to make sure we find the person who made this device and ensure this never happens again.”

      • Trust Khan to have the answer! All May could come up with last time was “Enough is enough.” Lying cunt. If I find out Khant is lying again, I’ll tell the wife.

      • Christ! I bet he means “I’ll find him, slap him on the wrist for being a naughty peaceful and then book my PR vigil-space on the street to show my “solidarity”. Where’s my wooly hat and candle?” What in the world of cunt has happened to this country?

  17. Khunt has recently twatted something along the lines of d above. I am sure a-c will also dribble from his pc piehole before too long.

  18. Just reading some of the 8000 comments on the Yahoo webpage to this atrocity should show the government that they have a serious problem brewing in this country. They won’t keep a lid on it forever, despite their precious legislation against religious hatred.

    Anti muslime feelings are now widespread. Many people are now saying the same thing. I.e. Islam has no place in this country.

    There may be trouble ahead…

  19. Burma swallowed the peacefuls and now they’re vomiting them back up with gusto but the media seem extremely reluctant to explain why. As a result I’m in the dark along with all the rest of the lefty, emotion driven cunts. However something tells me that I already know all there is to know about it already.

    • Weird isn’t it when a country like Bangladesh, where shitting in the river is a national past time, doesn’t want you. India just passed laws to make sure they can’t sneak in through the back door. Indonesia and Malaysia both said fuck off, were peaceful enough.
      The news never really goes into this does it…

  20. After the anger comes the despondency. All the time we practice faggotery law, we will lose. Any cunt can choose to hire a van and mow people down any time they want. There is nothing we can do, not even if the whole population learns the lyrics to “Anger” verbatim and a video of Theresa May saying they cannot win is beamed on to Buckingham Palace.

    I don’t know if they actually believe the bullocks they come up with. Ask any cunt in the street whether they think we’ve won and they would laugh at you.

    What should happen once a terrorist is identified is his wife and siblings should be rounded up, assumed they were all complicit and given 15 years, and their kids fostered out to a Christian family. Never gonna happen, we will continue to fight with platitudes. God, I feel absolutely helpless.

  21. Incoming cunting. Laura Simpson. This is the skank that Wayne granny fucker Rooney was driving home of whatever. The daily fail has her bra less at something called mma. Shameless and publicity seeking scum, a sewer rat in the making. She’s got a wonky nose so she’ll be fronting a tv programme very soon. Want to get anywhere in life ? Don’t graft for it. Fuck a footballer or get on x factor of Britain hasn’t got talent. Fucking shit hole the UK has become

    • I wonder if it was her who tipped the police off about Rooney drunk-driving? She seems to be remarkably prepared for all the publicity. Probably hopes to get a “I’m a Celebrity/Love Island” career out of it.

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