Cold Feet

Cold Feet. The most banal shyte to currently smear liquid diarrhoea on the TV screen.

I really would love to yank the syrup from the stupid grinning turnip of that Oirish cuntbag James Nesbitt, hoof him in the beanbags with my knee and finally push him over into some hot, sticky dogshit.

Wow, what a cathartic.

Nominated by Paul Maskingback

143 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. Tessa Jowell has been diagnosed with brain cancer.Not sure if anyone has her in the pool.Sounds grim.

  2. I never liked the first Cold Feet shows and this one is fucking shite.It’s just a load of short scenes that make no fucking sense. And Nesbitt is a one character actor, a boring gobby cunt.
    I agree with most of the critique of BBC shows above and would add that heaving pile of up his own arse welsh cunt Huw Edwardes. I would love to see a big fist smack that self satisfied cunt right in his mealy little piehole right in the middle of his broadcast.

  3. music wise for me it doesnt get any worse than cunts like slipknott the fucking shouty growly tuneless cunts

  4. Stephen Moffatt never fails to be a ginormous cunt… The pube headed PC tossbucket is now saying that Jodie Thingy is ‘already brilliant as Doctor Who’… How the fuck can the woman be brilliant when she hasn’t even filmed her first proper episode yet?! This monstrosity of a cunt would lick PC, Femstapo, and ‘diversity’ arse as a career if he could…Oh wait, that’s what he does anyway….

    • I reckon the ‘Grand Moff’ (as he is known to Nu-Who nutjob social media mongs) will be the Tony Blair or Barack Obarmy of TV…. Everyone (sane) is thinking ‘Good riddance to the cunt’, but he will have an ‘opinion’ on everything his successor does (and doesn’t do), and he will never shut the fuck up…

    • Hey Norman,
      Man U are looking the real deal, even that oaf Lukaku is looking a decent buy. Whilst Liverpool have to be the most imbalanced team as in top attack and shittest defence. What a pile of cunt.

      • Since Gerrard’s departure LFC have lacked a leader on the pitch… Agree also about the defence… Once the best in the top flight (with Clemence, Neal, Alan Kennedy, Hansen and Lawernson) they nowl look all over the place… I reckon if the Pool end the season potless, Klopp will get the boot… They should have kept Rafa..

        Lukaku is good, but he’s like Andy Cole… Scores one but misses four others…

  5. Don’t they look like a ‘fun’ bunch of cunts in that picture. I wish I was there… They can all fuck off.
    Saw that blond one in the Black dress by me once and she is fine, probably a cunt though.

  6. Incredible. Just heard a doctor on LBC Nick Ferrari show actually talking sense about transgender issue! Must be an all time first.

    Cue howls of PC leftard outrage – probably be reported as a hate crime…

  7. I had the complete misfortune of being on hook van holland to harwich ferry at the weekend, stena used to run a the high speed HSS which took just 3.40 but apparently due to commercial viability? Have returned to the shitty old ferry which takes a staggering 8 odd hours!! CUNTS!!
    So I found the comfy seats which had a large split Wall mounted led TV system and settled down for the duration.
    First offering was the F1 grand pricks, not sure which one but apparently Britains dullest sportsman Hamilton won, the race appeared to go on for ever, eventually some cunt said enoughs enough and announced him the Winner..
    Next up Man Utd v Everton ??
    It was actually a blessing in disguise as I drifted off to sleep and was only woken by a pal who had kindly got the beers in,
    With the match finished I thought I was home and dry but it proved to be a false dawn, the BBC was doing extensive coverage of the lib dems conference in Bournemouth, deputy leader wonky eyed jo swinson was gurning whilst waving her arms around like a sailor lost at sea as she attacked tango man, farage, the North Korean telly tubby and brexit !! , the camera panned out to the assembled delegates many of whom were wearing EU head apparell!! , looking at my watch I still had over 3 hours to go!! At this point I seriously considered slashing my wrists but was only offered a plastic knife!!
    So fuck you stena!!
    Ps… couldn’t fly as we were taking goods out……

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