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Following on from Mike’s recent cunting of Party Politics and Cunt’s Mate Cunt’s cunting of the Daily Mail, I think Online Echo Chambers are severely overdue for the same treatment. You only have to look at below the line comments on sites like Guardian Online to see all the retarded opinions supported by so-called “facts” gleaned from daft, cuntish, leftwing conspiracy theory sites like The Canary and Left Foot Forward – and the more these sites endlessly recycle and repeat such unchallenged “facts” among themselves, the more the left accepts it all as “truth” and it becomes gospel.

And it’s no better on the right either. It’s a given that people who read the Daily Mail are cunts and those who actually believe what they read in it need their fucking heads examined, but to see Mail Online’s BTL comments confidently referencing “facts” they freely admit they’ve picked up from Breitbart or Guido Fawkes (hilariously regarding these sites as impartial and politically neutral) is absolute fucking insanity.

Half the problem is the ubiquitous conflation of Reportage and Opinion – the none too bright evidently don’t understand the difference and lack the intellect to read between the lines. But the other part of the problem is the fact that so many people now get their “news” from the internet. While the plurality of online opinion ought to be a benefit, in reality the opposite happens because so many people simply seek out “news sites” which pander to their own existing political prejudices. Truth is the loser, cuntitude is the winner.

Online echo chambers only serve to spread ignorance and dumb down political debate even further. Cunts who repeat without question the crap they read on The Canary or Left Foot Forward, Breitbart or Guido are narrow-minded, ignorant, weapons-grade cunts who choose to believe the world is a certain way instead of bothering to find out whether it really is or not. And then they seek out like-minded cunts online who won’t challenge their sad, deranged opinions because they share the same cranky worldview. Isn’t this is exactly what the cunts on Spivey’s site do too? These fucktards should get fucking educated and understand that the world is far more complicated than their lazy, cuntish, binary tribalism would have us believe.

Free speech and all that, but the really depressing thing is how many previously amusing and informative blogs and websites have now deteriorated into uninformed far left or far right echo chambers.

Nominated by Fred West.

99 thoughts on “Online Echo Chambers

  1. BREAKING NEWS: Parsons Green tube attack – arrested 21-year-old named as Yahyah Farroukh.

    Sounds a very peaceful name to me, fellow cunters.

    • Are you sure he’s not just some misunderstood bloke from Portsmouth (or somewhere), acting alone, his actions caused by feeling frustrated at society in general, and who has absolutely nothing to do with the religion of peace?

      All the others have been – according to the ABBC and Groaniad.

      It won’t be long before Yahyah Farroukh is made out to be the victim in all of this very soon!

      • Rebel is quite right yet I cannot help noticing that these poor misunderstood chaps are always members of a religion beginning with M – Mormons, no; Moonies, no; (a)Mish, no – no it’s gone, whatever it was.

        Having said that I knew, when alive (name dropping) the Westminster Bridge Terrorist not that that was what he then or ever called himself and he was always threatening me; said I wrecked his marriage – but that was before he joined the Muslims (ah, that was the one).

      • Nah if he was from Portsmouth he would have been so happy he’d never dream of doing such a thing. Apparently Portsmouth is the third happiest place in Britain behind Brighton and Leicester!!! No me neither and I was born and raised there.

      • It most certainly isn’t.
        Born & bred in Portsmouth me….and I’m still here mainly because I’m a stupid cunt.
        There’s a lot of much worse places to be though…like
        Londonistan, Bradford or Southamptonabadski.

        The reference to Southampton has nothing to do with the old Portsmouth v Southampton rivalry. Portsmouth is bad enough but Southampton really is a shithole full of peacefuls and eastern Europeans etc.

      • Excellent cunting.

        Hadn’t heard of Left Foot Forward, Thank Dog, but Left Tit Behind may be a sister-site ??

        He wasn’t fostered by egg-ands, so a BIG victim thing there, obv…

  2. I’d like to nominate the Emmys for a cunting.

    Just like the bilge-fest that was the Oscars, yet another yank luvvie vehicle for Trump bashing.

    Yes – glitterati – Trump may be a shite President but have you ever thought about why he got in when 95% of the press, etc., we promoting Killary?

    The answer is that ordinary yank folk (outside of the political and media bubbles – who hate ordinary folk) actually voted for something, anything other than yet another 4yrs of political sameness where no one in power gives a fuck about them so long as they are in power!

    You cunts in Hollywood are so far removed from reality it’s unreal, I just wish the same folk who voted Trump would stop watching your films and TV series. As soon as those ratings began to fall you sharp change your La La Land tune, or at least shut the fuck up! You cunts!

    • I don’t watch these or any other luvvie backslapping awards do – the last one I watched was back in the early 90s when Julian Clary joked how he had just been fisting Norman Lamont. That was actually funny.

      Now, these professional fame whores just jump on any bandwagon going; currently, the anti-Trump one is driving through HollyCUNTwood and every two-bit shit-actor from both sides of the pond is leaping aboard with gay fucking abandon. To say Trump is out of his depth and something of a cunt is stating the bleeding obvious; but the obsessive vitriol aimed at him from left-leaning publications and this bunch of cunts has now gotten to the point where it makes them look silly.

      Worse, it really marks their cards and so many of them have little idea how indelible these marks are as being so rabidly committed to such fucking champagne idealism. Cunts fresh from the fucking first pressing.

  3. I would like to nominate – in new improved, fully revised, easy to swallow readers cunt edition form:

    Sir Keir (don’t call me Sir!) Starmer KCB QC MP.

    This gormless looking turd first came to public notice as Director of Public Prosecutions in bigoted old woman Gordon Brown’s hopeless fag-end New Labour Government back in 2008.

    Amongst other duties, the dim fuckwit’s DPP job was to find ways of not charging corrupt politicians caught defrauding the taxpayer by fiddling their expenses.

    Furthermore, in 2009 he approved a decision not to prosecute keystone cops over the illegal fatal shooting of Charles de Menezes on the London underground four years earlier. Also (as esteemed mucker TECB kindly reminded me) Sir Kunt then went on to excuse plod Simon Harwood for the blatant manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson in 2010.

    For these achievements and more he was appointed in 2014 ‘Knight Commander of the Order of Bath’ (KCB) for “services to law and criminal justice”. You could not make it up.

    Sir Kunt has also been hired sporadically (for a small fortune) by law firm Mishcon de Reya, notorious as one of three firms that brought arch Remoaner-mong Gina Miller’s High Court legal challenge, chucking spanners in the Brexit works and costing the taxpayer £millions – just to delay Treesa May invoking Article 50.

    He quit doing work for them after being appointed shadow Brexit Secretary by comrade Corbyn in October 2016.

    Earlier this year, in answer to an opening question put by Andrew Marr, Sir Kunt – with total irrelevance – couldn’t help but immediately launch into something like (I paraphrase),

    “Could I just say…before going any further… that my thoughts, prayers and bleeding heart goes out to the families and friends of [insert victims & calamity of choice here] who I know not from Adam, care even less about, and would run a country fucking mile from spending even 5 seconds with in the same room, blah-blah-virtue-signal-woof-woof.”

    Andrew Marr’s reaction? Irritation, judging by the expression on his face.

    Despite using his title when it suits, champagne socialist Sir Kunt conveniently dropped the ‘Sir’ during the General Election campaign to promote an illusory ‘ordinary man’ image.

    “Address as Mr Starmer,” he advised Commons colleagues and officials.

    More recently (together with ‘principled’ comrade Steptoe & numerally challenged Flabbott) he has performed multiple Brexit policy U-turns, most recently calling for Britain to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union for AT LEAST two years AFTER we finally extricate ourselves from the Evil Empire…

    last week the useless cretins cynically bent over backwards to undermine Brexit whipping Labour to vote against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and bring down the Government. They lost, Brexit may still happen – democracy lives to fight another day.

    A festering cunt of the highest KCB order.

    • The cunt was also part of the criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by not prosecuting vile paedophile child rapist Grevil Janner.

    • A right CUNT wot sounds like a Gilbert & Sullivan character.

      I, for one, shall be quite happy if Sir Keir Starmer, KCB, QC, MP, Lord of the Cunts, does a permanent turn up his U-Bend…

  4. Will the couple who fostered these refugees question their faith in humanity? One has to assume they thought they were ‘doing the right thing’, that were being ‘nice’, that they weren’t ‘stereotyping ‘ . Now look what the fucks happened. Were they just unlucky?

    • Paid a fucking fortune to foster! my Cousin was requested to take one such “Child” and was offered an obscene amount to foster.
      Absolutely fucking crazy!

    • I noticed when the story broke that some headline read – suspect is an immigrant child migrant in foster care (or something to that effect) and the word immigrant was in quotes. My immediate thought was ‘How long before they realise the quotes probably should have been around the word “child” instead, just like that recent addition from Finland where it turns out the cunt was actually 22. Fostering a Child is a license to print money. Wages, holidays, household wear and tear, house extensions, new car every 3 years. I know an old couple (in their 50’s, retired now…) that have become VERY wealthy off the foster care system.

      • The couple who “fostered” the little cunts, have fostered over 300 children, many of them “refugees”.

        In other words, these cunts have made a career “fostering”

      • Nothing more than kiddie-farming. Probably pack as many in as they can,turn a blind eye to their behaviour and sit back and collect the benefits.

    • Iraqi I heard on the news.
      I seem to remember Tony B Liar telling us all that after the war was over with, no Iraqis would be coming to Britain. It was in response to a direct question on the subject of offering asylum to the fucking bastards.

  5. I love being proved wrong. I’m such a pessimist (or realist?) that every time I am wrong about something, the world is a better place. So I challenge my opinions and beliefs often, because there is nothing dumber to me than someone who can’t face the truth, as it doesn’t fit in with their long held opinions. However, where can you go for the truth, unadulterated with opinion or agenda? I used to think the BBC was the place to go, but that ship sailed (sunk) long ago. Now I try to read a bit of everything, to get an overview of a particular story. Then you have to use common sense to work out what the truth is. Also, just because you don’t like the source, doesn’t mean it’s bullshit all the time. Fake news is one thing, but omission of real news that goes against the outlets political stance or social agenda is just as bad. It’s the lack of even handed reporting by supposedly impartial respected news organisations that has given rise to the online news sites.

  6. Good cunting, Fred. You’ve said consistently that there are just as many cunts and loonies on the right as on the left, and you’ve taken stick for it, but it’s a fact.

    • Yes basically they’re all shite irrespective of colour or side of the house they sit on.

      They all want to live in the safe central band of nothingness.

      The cabinet and their shadow counterparts are all fucking jokes (albeit for different reasons). There is no strength amongst any of them, no the wonder the EU are having a private chuckle to themselves.

      After Brexit we had the option of telling the cunts to fuck off, now we seem to be asking how far to bend over to make it easy for Juncker et. al. to take turns fucking us up the arse!

      Useless bunch of cunts!

  7. I just have to nominate Vince Cable for the deluded cunt of the year, after he said this weekend that he could become the next Prime Minister.
    I thought Farron was the biggest fantasist in the Liberal party, but Vince beats him hands down. What a knob head

    • Excellent work iamnot…..
      Vince cable talks so much shite his middle name should be ” laying” …..
      He was reported as saying he would be a plausible prime minister?? Other plausible PM,s inc noddy, sooty and sweep and bagpuss!!! Daft Cunts made himself a laughing stock…….

      • The Lib Dems need to fuck off, Vince Cable is a deluded cunt who seems to be even more deluded than Tim Farron. Tim realised when the electorate told him to fuck off that his idea of a referendum on the result of the outcome of the referendum was not what the people wanted. So after seeing close up the mistake of his predecessor Vince says the same old shit. What a drain on the taxpayer.

    • Cable has already written a book (saw it in Waterstone’s today), this is the next step of cuntitude on the MP greasy pole.

      Famous Five (that just about sums up the LimpDumps, apart from Famous) go Diddling.

      I hope he’s done something really useful, like find a way of prolonging life by about a century, cos it’ll take him that long to get into Downing Street.

      And that’ll only be via the goat-flap, when it’s been turned into a mosque…

  8. Sorry Fred,but I don’t really see the problem. Of course I’m going to seek out “echo chambers” where I broadly agree with their stance. I don’t hold with all this transgender shite,for example, that seems to be in vogue at the moment,so I can’t really see why I’d want to go and read a load of views from people who supported it. I’m afraid I probably do lack the intellect,or indeed care enough,to seek out “the truth” about everything. I’m probably a very shallow person,but to be honest,I don’t really care about other people’s opinions, I have my own,admittedly blinkered,views and tend to read and seek out views that pretty much match mine.

    • And there’s nothing wrong with that DF. I think the point Fred was making (correct me if I’m wrong please ) is that the problem occurs when nobody is allowed to question the ideas being proffered. I don’t agree with the lgbt agenda either, but if a straight person tried to discuss their own thoughts on lgbt, they would be shouted down on a website full of tranny zealots. Likewise, if a transgender visited a straight rights website and attempted to calmly raise the issues they have, they would be pilloried. Two opposing arguments (echo chambers), neither of which is willing to concede any ground, is a fertile environment for bigotry and unrest to breed in.

      • Oh, I’m sure that what you and Fred are saying is true. All I’m actually doing is confirming what Fred says about most people being too idle to seek out the “balanced” view. I know that very few things are actually “black or white”,but the thing is,I know that I’m sufficiently short-sighted and bigoted to invariably consider my existing views to be right. I’m sure that the world would be a better place if everyone was able to consider everyone elses’ point of view on a subject, but I don’t honestly care about whether my view is “fair”.
        I’m not saying that “echo chambers” are a good thing,all I’m saying is that in an imperfect world,people like me will always go down the path of least resistance.

        Fred’s right…I am lazy,cuntish and tribalistic… are most people.

      • Me too in all reality, otherwise why would I be drawn to ISAC, a place where we all seem to share common ground? I was just highlighting the difference between opinion and more extreme stances.
        Plus we’ve managed to have this discussion without resorting to calling each other racist, hater, etc., so we’re not complete cunts…..yet. 😀

  9. Definitely a lone wolf!!
    Early reports from the BBC indicate that the suspected terrorist is of no fixed ethnicity and is believed to come from a rural village in north Wales…..

    • Bomber dah!

      Told you on the first day the story broke, the cunt would be a lone wolf from Wales (or summat) and would have nothing to do with the religion of peace.

      Also turns out he was working in Ali’s Snackbar. The ABBC were filming outside their stating that it was an Abbott favourite “Fried Chicken” joint but failing to notice or mention (on purpose) the fuck off great “Halal” sign stuck on the windows!

      Fucking cunts! If it had been some non-peaceful dropping out a beefy-eggo in a Mosque just for a laugh who worked in a chippy the ABBC would already have him down as a Nazi and given out all of his personal details including his address as soon as the story broke.

      That’s because the ABBC are traitorous cunts to their own! It’s to be sure this 25yr old peaceful “child” won’t have paid any licence fee – unlike me! Fucking cunts!

  10. @ Cunts n Roses
    The guy was a cunt for using a bike not fit for the road, but c’mon, the dead woman was crossing the road whilst on her phone, probably looking at cat or cupcake pics.
    She was a married mother of two who had responsibilities but was that much up her own arse that she tried(and failed) to cross a road due to being a stupid cunt slave to her phone.
    She didn’t even look sideways, just walked out looking at her phone.
    She never paid heed to his TWO cries of “move ya daft cunt”, but just carried on staring at her phone.

    Its sad that she died and he is largely to blame for having no breaks, but, again, the daft cunt tried to cross a road without taking her eyes of her phone and failed.
    If i were her husband, I’d explain to the kids that yer mater died partly due to some cunts arrogance, but also due to her arrogance that the real world should tiptoe around anycunt trying to cross a road without looking or paying attention and remaining on her fuckin phone.

    • On more than one occasion, while driving, I’ve had to swerve wildly across the road to avoid head-down phone addicts. Joggers too seem to delight in leaping straight out onto the road. As you say Birdman, tragic that the lady got killed while playing Pokemon Go!, or musing some banal shit on FarceBook, but some blame must apportioned in her direction.

    • “If i were her husband, I’d explain to the kids that yer mater died partly due to some cunts arrogance, but also due to her arrogance”

      Thats gonna be sad heartbreaking moment with the kids bman “Some cunt ran over your poor dear mother but she kinda deserved it cause she didn’t move fast enough” They will probably be just fine after that….

      • I never said that she deserved it, i was pointing out that she played her part in her own demise.

        As for telling the kids, it should be explained to them the full reasons behind her death and a lesson will be learned.
        Like, for example, if my da died from sticking a knife in the toaster and it was partly his fault, I’d then know not to stick a knife in the toaster and a lesson would have been learned.
        If it gets explained properly to her kids how she died, then we’ll have two kids who will “stop,look and listen”.

      • I dunno birdman but I’m surprised no ones talking about the real reason hes getting off light, Its because he’s good looking. If he was ugly he would of got at least 3 years. Because when this story first broke out whores and homos everywhere have been boasting how cute Charlie Alliston is and how he kinda resembles Ryan Gosling.

        “Move you daft cunt” is a poor excuse for blatantly murdering someone and being coy and uncaring about her death. From what I’ve read it seems hes mostly guilty of what occurred it could of been easily avoidable had the dumb chavvy fuckhead had brakes but he didn’t

      • Oh, he’s a little cunt, TitSlapper.
        He deserves more than he got and as far as I’m aware, hasn’t shown any remorse which in my book makes him an evil cunt.

        I do hope Leroy does get him. In the greenhouse. With additional cucumbers.

      • Birdmen, I actually stuck two knifes into a toaster and got a well deserved shock.

        An experience I often relay to the kids as no matter how clever you think you are you can still be a dumb cunt.

        And then there was that time nearly lost three fingers in a bench saw …..

      • He he.
        I have as well. I was about ten and curious. I don’t know if it was the bone handle that saved me, but did you see a blue orb the size of a snooker ball?
        That’s what i remember, an eerie silence and a blue orb hanging in the air.l

    • That’s what I call a balanced view.

      1. Fuckwit on a specially-engineered killer bike.
      2. Fuckwit on a socially-engineered device, aka mobile phone, or summat of the sort.

      Responsibility is a two-way street (honestly, no pun intended…)

  11. Good cunting thread.That is why I love this site.People disagree without being a sanctomonious whinging pussy.

  12. I’m finding it hard to reply so have to post a new,eh, post.
    Talking of foster parents reminds me of a couple i knew out here in (s)pain.
    She was in her fifties and had grown up children back in Truro, he was ten years younger and had no kids.
    Anyway, one of her grown up kids had six kids to many dads and four had been taken off of her.
    One lives with his dad, one lives in care and two were fostered by the woman out here, their grandmother.
    After a couple of years the grandmother fostered two more of the kids and the youngest was taken into care.
    So, that’s one with his dad , two in care and four out in Spain being fostered by a grandparent.
    I never asked why she fostered them rather than just become the legal guardian of her own grandkids as i already knew the answer.
    If she just looked after them, her own family, she would just get child allowance, but by fostering them, she gets paid a wage to do it.
    She doesn’t work and why should she with all that money coming into the house.

    Who knew that tax payers money was paying for kids to be sent to live in Spain with their family and the family were getting paid a wage for it?

    We fell out with them when i accosted a British social worker who had been sent out here to for an inspection, at the school gates, to tell her that the kids weren’t being looked after properly as he’s a pisshead who is never sober and mostly comatose, and that the kids were left to run a mock.
    The social worker basically told me to fuck off and only wanted to here positive things about this fucked up family.

    I hope you cunters can make sense of what I’ve written coz it was hard to list all this weirdness down and I’ve probably forgotten stuff.

    So in a nutshell, a granny is getting paid handsomely in taxpayer bucks to look after her own grandkids that are being spewed out by her slut daughter.
    Innit she thanks the lord everyday that her slut daughter is such a goldmine.

    • The minimum payment to a foster carer in the UK is £450 per week for ages 11-13. It is enhanced for 13-16 ( but not stated ) and for those “problem ” teens, the payments are considerable higher. Fostering an overseas “child” ( meaning asylum cases ) there are additional payments and allowances per case.

      Foster carers of teens earn on average £54k per annum.

      Additional benefits include extensions to properties either funded in part or in whole.

      Source of information kindly supplied on line by Newcastle Social Services.

      • £54k a year? Fuck me, I’ve got several empty sheds and byres where the fuckers could bed down….Bound to be better than getting bombed in Syria. There’s plenty of rabbits and pigeons for them to hunt and best of all, I’ll be fucking coining it in.
        I shall be contacting Newcastle Social Services tomorrow…. Who knows,I might get a blowjob off Lily Allen for my humanity towards refugees….Nice.

      • Extra expenses for “asylum” cases (aka nut-jobs)…for plastic, detonators, carrier bags &c. ?

  13. Scout Scott is a gender bending cunt.Got shot by the police for walking towards them with a knife. shouting shoot me after being told to put the knife down.Stupid cunt got what he/she/it deserved.

    • I’d have shot the deviant whether it was armed or not. You wouldn’t know what the freak was capable of it got a hold of you. Better you shoot it,before it gets a chance to shoot up you.

      • Ha Ha !
        Brilliant Mr Fiddler. Poetically put if I may say.
        That made I larf.
        I nearly choked on my dinner

    • Scout Schult’s preferred pronoun was ‘they’ instead of the more common ‘he’ or ‘she’. My preferred pronoun is ‘the cunt’ and it works really well in all contexts.

      • Edgy poof thought he was in drama class still apparently had prior mental health issues. Poor bastard, he forgot the yank cops don’t screw around. Not like in Canada where the police apologise for frightening you or tackling you they buy you tim hortons if are well behaved sometimes

  14. Anybody else getting pissed off with all the handshaking, high fives, chest banging, cuddles and kisses that happens every time two cunts meet?
    I’ve said before that i tolerate very few people and generally keep myself to myself with only a handful of cunts I’d call friends. I’m finding it harder to shake peoples hand who i don’t know as i trust no one, so why should i shake the hand of some cunt i suspect will fuck me over at the slightest chance? (paranoid cunt i be)
    I’m aware that not shaking an outstretched hand could seem ignorant, especially if its work related or a friend of the missus, but luckily last night on telly i learned a new way to protest against the handshake.
    Cunters, i present to you the “dead fish handshake”. Some may already be aware of this but for those who aren’t, the dead fish handshake is when they hold their hand out, you reply by holding out a lifeless floppy hand. Don’t move it, just keep it limp and see how quickly they let go.
    My problem solved. 🙂

      • I don’t really like shaking hands, the amount of dirty cunts (like me… sometimes) who don’t wash their hands when having a piss in the pub is surprising. The dirty cunts.

      • I’m sure there’s plenty of ways you masons greet each other at the lodge, ya cliquey, secretive cunts. 🙂

        Come from a long line of masons and orangemen , but mainly masons. The mater and nan were even in the female version. Something about a “star” it was called.
        I’m the only male never to follow that path, but years ago, when mates of my da or grandad would meet me, they would give me a weird shake. After a few years i realised that the doss cunts thought i was like minded.

        I’m a good guy, so won’t tell unknowing cunters how their/your shake is done.

        Unless you piss me off. 🙂

        The secret shake was used a lot in Scotland as a way of getting out of the trouble with the polis.
        Get yer collar felt, hold out the hand, secret shake and “on yer way, brother” was what the polis said.

      • I’ll have to remember that if I get in trouble in Scotland. Dint worry Birdman your welcome to join my Lodge, no smoking in Lodge though. Think about it… 9 years in lodge and you’ll be the Master like me. You’ll have the connections you need in Gibraltar to become a big time ‘Importer/Exporter’. I’ll know naffink abaaaaaht it of course.
        Ps there are many different handshake’s.

      • It doesn’t work anymore, Black and White Cunt, not since cafflicks started joining the force.
        The polis used to have very few cafflicks years ago due to them hating the queen and it was seen as working for her.

    • Don’t do it, Birdman. I’d never trust a man with a limp handshake. He’s probably a poof.

      • Not so much limp, but totally dead as if you have no movement in it at all, like a dead fish.

        On another note, C’mon the squabs.
        Muslim refugees killing squabs is my tipping point.
        In this snowflake age i will use your encouragement of Muslims shooting wee animals as my defence.

      • Dodgy handshakes = amateur proctologists.

        Was a guest in a lodge once, majority really v nice blokes.

        Just two seriously creepy, hand-wringing, protesteth-too-much types spoling it.

        Sadly, The Master and Lodge Secretary.

        I didn’t join.

        If I require a goat for ecstasy, I can just pop round the corner into CF24 Aleppo High Street.

    • Went into a shop today, some (F) assistant asked me how I was…

      OK, I replied. What about you ?

      She looked worried, and scuttled off…

      I much prefer the perfume counter, where the daft bints are all polishing nails, comparing fake designer handbags, and then I can spray about £30- worth of cologne onto meself, unmolested.

      Been in Cardiff since June 2015, haven’t needed to buy a bottle yet.

  15. I suppose we all seek to surround ourselves with people who agree with and thereby re-enforce our beliefs and interpretations. Being a Libra I like balance and I tend to find cuntishness and fairness in any argument people involve me in or ask my opinion about. I like to stir things and people up though and it’s funny when you get people who cannot acknowledge or back down or see any reason in others arguments. Damn I’d make a good Judge. The cunts.

  16. Anyway, on the subject Vince Cable again, I saw him on Channel 4 news earlier and he looks even more wobbly and ancient than in recent times.
    After he said that bit about being the next Prime Minister and the cameras cut back to the interviewer in the studio, I swear you could see the interviewer trying not to piss himself laughing at the ridiculous old fart. Great TV.

    • I think I caught that as well on Breakfast, the cunt had a hat on and looked like some ghost out of a film.
      Cunt looks like he can drop dead any minute, might be worth getting him in the pool around election time.

    • Explain to me why these Westminster cunts can’t hold their conferences during the recess?
      More time off – and for a party conference for a party with 12 MPs they shut down Parliament for a week conference FFS!..

      Cable reckons his record in government speaks for itself. If it does then it’s saying ‘We’re fucking useless’

      • Forget cunt Cable, he’s still working his way thru the stash of bad acid he had access to as a pointless Government minister.

        Tory MP Lucy Frazer, on the other hand, at least gives me the horn. At least she did until she implied yesterday that there would inevitably be a Brexit Divorce bill for us to settle.

        Instant brewer’s droop.

  17. From the daily fail. I’ll just park this here. German girl, 16, who ran away to join ISIS may yet face the death penalty as Iraqi PM warns: ‘Teenagers are accountable for their actions when it amounts to killing innocent people’

  18. Just seen a trailer for Victoria And Abdul.
    Now, my knowledge of history leaves a lot to be desired, so i googled the filum and it says that “Judy Dench reprises her role as Queen Victoria in this fictional, blah,blah, blah.
    Fuckin fictional????
    Why then?
    What is their game here then, making up stories about and old queen shacking up with a Muslim?
    I never like Dench since i was a kid and she’d scare me with her miserable as fuck face and lizard eyes. She looks like that other lizard eyed miserable cunt, Derek Jacobi in drag, who i also hate and maybe he scares me a bit.

    No whitewashing of characters.
    Demands of a black James Bond.
    And now, Queen Victoria in a Victorian version of lady dieds story by being seduced by a Muslim.
    Now i ain’t no royalist, but its their agenda that’s pissing me off.

    If I’m wrong in anyway and some Abdul cunt did root Queen Victoria, then i apologize for getting it wrong, but making a filum out of it stinks of pish.

    • Jacobi was alarmingly good in some filum re regal speech defects.

      He played Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury (Cuntuar) – he looked seriously pervy / diddly…

    • This Victoria and Abdul shite is basically more ‘Aren’t muslims ince guys?’ ‘They’re not bad when you get to know them’ propaganda bollocks… I think HM Queen should sue the fuck out of whoever made this pile of PC camelshagging wank for slandering her great great grandmother… I know I fucking would… A queen of the empire no less, with cameljockey human filth?! No, it won’t do….

      Jacobi is a superb actor and his brief portrayal as The Master in Doctor Who was one of the (very) few highlights of its post 2005 run…

      Dench, however, is an overrated cunt…

      • Aren’t muslims ‘ince’ guys?… What a cunt… Paul Ince may be a cunt, but he’s not a cunt on the muzzie scale… More ‘Aren’t muslims nice guys?’ propaganda… There…

    • Ironic that he kinda ended up getting what he wanted his cunting was about ISAC as online echo chamber. Yeah so is captain banned now or did he apologize?

  19. Whoever is moderating the DM is a muslim LGBTQ left wing Abbott munching anti white anti Trump pro lesbian Clinton shit sucking motherfucker!

  20. ISAC is not an echo chamber – it’s more a last bastion for freedom of thought. Anyone want to echo that?

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