Len McCluskey(2)

Len McCluskey is a commmunist cunt

Nominated by kravDarth

So, Red Len wants to bring down a democratically elected government through illegal strike action. Apparently this makes him a great freedom fighter like Mandela and Gandhi.

Let’s assume I earn £1,000 a week. I strike for a 5% pay rise which adds up to £2,500 per annum. So in 2.5 weeks on strike, I wipe out the pay rise. So by striking for 5 weeks, I’m taking a 5% pay cut for the year and after two years I’m back where I started.

Meanwhile, McCuntsky is still being paid his £130,000 per annum salary out of my union dues. That’s on top of the £417,000 that came out of union funds last year to help him buy a London flat just south of London Bridge with a view of the London Eye.

A true man of the people is our Len. Can I suggest that if he really wants to be a second Mandela, then we should oblige him by locking him up for 30 years?

Nominated by Dioclese

148 thoughts on “Len McCluskey(2)

  1. The Unions don’t really have a job any more as far as I can see, now that we’ve been blessed with the Health & Safety Stasi!

    And the only cunts twisting about pay are the cunts in the public sector (both existing and former) with their “I was here first!” attitudes to promotion – even when they’re fucking shit at their job.

    You also have to be pretty fucking disastrous at your job in order to attract a warning let alone a full on dismissal.

    Having worked in both private and public sector industries, the cunts in the latter may be on less money but the cunts in the former have a far greater threat of losing their job due to take-overs and outsourcing.

    Unions had their place championing worker’s rights in pre/post war Britain (WW2 that is) but have not been relevant since the 1970’s.

    In fact it was the cuntish behaviour of certain Union leaders that ended up costing us industries which actually worked well in this country (NCB and that cunt Scargill as the biggest example).


    Anyway on that cheery note. Here is Sir Nige giving the skinny on Juncker’s state of the Union speech where the cunt bare-faced states that they want an EU army, an EU CIA and FBI, a single president, a single treasurer, a single ineffective immigration (i.e. none) policy, that sovereign parties will have no effective power in their respective countries and will have no veto vote, and any parties that are against EU tyranny (UKIP, Front Nationale, etc.) are to be forced out of society once and for all.

    Well there you go Remoaners, uttered from the top bod himself. Still wanna be a part of that regime? If you do you are deluded cunts if you cannot see what the endgame is in all of this!


    • Junckunt really has lost it now; I think someone will probably take a pot-shot at him.

      The bozo will probably get some sort of despot-mobile, and be driven around in it, like Heydrich, whom he so much resembles.

      And meet his end in the same way.

  2. Would it be possible to give a long overdue counting to the Bain of my childhood Clarks shoes, the have announces gender neutral shoes are their next big thing…. isn’t that what they have always done uncool shoes that are gender neutral…..I had a pair that looked like black Cornish pasties, great for a kids street credo I don’t think…..I didn’t hear the end of it for years…. so Clarks who only make shoes that gender neutral and parents like duck you you bunch of cunts…….

    • They “Cornish pastie” shoes, did they have a seam that ran along the outside from the laces, take a turn at the front and stop above the big toe and have rubber soles?
      If so, i wore the brown ones on my first day. I thought they were cool and comfy as fuck, as did my classmates who all wore thin leather flat soled slippery fuckers.
      I agree with your cunting and Clarke’s can fuck off, but the Cornish pasties were great and i wish i had a pair the now.

      • They’re called Clarkes Polyveldt, the de-riguer footway of male secondary school teachers as I remember…

        They’re so fucking bad not even the transgender “birds to blokes” teachers would wear them! 😁

      • Clarks shoes have always looked liked a loaf of Hovis that’s been dug out to accommodate a pair of feet.

  3. To be fair, Britsh Leyland and then Austin Rover did a pretty good job of destroying themselves with awful products. Their last gasp was the tie up with Honda which was destoyed when The Hun bought Rover and ran it into the ground.

    The Marina, Ital, Ambassador and the Land Crab were all AWFUL although the crab did win a rally once (I think)

    Unions are for cunts.

    • Anybody remember a “car” called the Talbot.

      I borrowed one once, it was like trying to pilot a supertanker.

      But it was only a hatchback, FFS. One that had left its gun turret in a lay-by somewhere…

  4. I had a summer job at a factory paralysed by closed shop union. Work started at 8.30, except it didn’t. 8.30 to 8.50 was a fucking tea break. The cunts needed a tea break before they even started. Naturally the firm went bust which was good because all the thick factory union cunts lost their jobs.

    • I remember NATSOPA machine minders.
      These came about because the old two man machines were replaced by one man machines. The machine minder ran the machine and the NATSOPA machine minder sat on a chair reading the paper next to him.

      Up a few floors was a room set aside for the NATSOPA bods with no jobs to do. They used to bring in camp beds, sleep during the office hours then go out at night to work on the newsprint. Absolutely true. I kid you not!

      Welcome to Comrade Corbyn’s vision for the future…

  5. Anyone watch Channel4 news last night? There was a very harrowing account about a mother and son who escaped from Grenfell Tower. They were the only ones to escape from the 23rd floor. He carried his mother down 23 floors on his shoulders.The woman’s husband died staying behind trying to help others to escape. The Grenfell enquiry opens today. . I have in the past queried the make up of the residents of Grenfell Tower and I still think there are questions to be asked but I think we can all agree in hoping that this enquiry is not a whitewash and reaches genuine and useful conclusions. One would have to a hard heart indeed not to recognise the horror of that night and the continuing suffering of the survivors.

      • Nobody deserves what they went through whatever your feelings towards their social or ethnological status.
        The report I read said the bloke ignored instructions to go up to the roof and await rescue by helicopter. Thirty people took that advice and died mainly because there were no helicopters.

        Whatever your political leanings, there does need to be a proper enquiry. Note I emphasize the word ‘proper’ not a political whitewash…

      • See your point,but I reckon that enough money has been wasted already on a bunch of people who,judging by the lack of genuine information about who they actually were,shouldn’t have even been in those flats in the first place. Can’t see any benefit in giving the usual whingers and whiners another platform to demand that every bit of human garbage who washes up on these shores should be provided with everything that there grabby hearts desire.

      • i’m not sure who was telling him there would be helicopters because the LFB has made it very clear that was never going to happen.

      • I agree but I can just see this becoming yet another Hillsborough.

        Both tragic events, and deeply traumatising for those involved and their families – I just don’t want to hear about it for the next 30 bastard years!

        It’s only been on for one day and I’m fucking sick to the teeth of it already.

        This is how it will play out…

        There’ll be a “no fault found” result against the powers that be.

        Some contractor outfit will be punished for not using the proper gear and charged with manslaughter.

        That will be the conclusion of round one.

        Rounds two, three, four…to thirty will be continually rehashed until some cunt in power (preferably a non “peaceful”) takes the fall even though they have no idea where Grenfell or what cladding is.

        And throughout no one will ever know exactly how many people died on that day. Even in his opening statement the bod in charge had to state: “At least 88 people…”

        I’d like to know why we don’t know the exact count? We’ll it’s to be sure that we do know why but no cunt is prepared to ask “those” questions are they!

    • Why has their got to be a Hillsborough Stephen Lawrence type enquiry that will drag on for years at the cost of millions making a fortune for lawyers. I heard some peaceful’s dodgy dishwasher caused it, if thats the case can we all move on now ?

      • We have all the answers – dodgy hotpoint freezers, crooked politicians, cunt council, shoddy illegal flammable panels, farcical fire regulations, peacefuls not knowing their arses from a 3-pin plug socket.

        Enquiry over.

        Now get on and arrest the cunts responsible.

  6. At the tender age of 21, I got my first managerial job as a factory accountant with the British Printing Corporation. You don’t get much more Unionised than that back in the early 70s. It was an invaluable experience.

    One day, I caught the typist from my office in the stationery room with two lads from the sales office, one up her from behind and the other in her mouth. I sacked all three on the spot. Within twenty minutes the Father of the Chapel came storming in through my office door and started thumping the table at me for ‘victimizing his members’. I told him to fuck off and come back when he’d learned to control his temper.

    Within 5 minutes the entire factory was on strike. The phone rang. my boss told me to apologise and reinstate said staff forthwith. I told him to fuck off too.

    Next day the Managing Director came storming into my office. “You will apologise and reinstate the sacked staff immediately – or I will do it and sack you!” “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” I replied. “Why the fuck not?” “I’ve got one of these” says I producing my old USDAW union card. “Do that and you’ll have a walk out by the office staff.”

    He apologised anyway and said I’d overstepped my authority. He then gave me six months money tax free ex gratia to fuck off quietly.

    As a post script, the old boy in the invoice office who’d been there by over 25 years shook me by the hand when I left and told me I was the best boss he’d ever had.

    • Did the stationary cupboard slut keep her job?

      Why did that not constitute gross professional misconduct?

      • ”One up her from behind and the other in her mouth”.

        Can we assume the young lady in question didn’t invite you to utilise her third hole Dioclese?

      • It did in my book, but the unions didn’t give a shit. Yeah, she kept her job and I lost mine. I banked the cheque and was working elsewhere within a week. To be honest, it was a relief as I hated it there.

        Stationary ? E for envelope, A for ‘alt 😁

      • My old man worked for a private co. that specialised in beer-bottle labels (great for school hols – got to see loads of brewery tap-rooms !!), but said outfit got taken over by BPC and, indeed, the unionisation was cuntitude cubed. Workforce buggering orf to Fleet St. to do well-paid night shifts, all registering as M. Mouse, D. Duck and W. E. Coyote, and too tired to work during the daytime..
        Then Robert Maxwell (the workers’ friend, and sometime Liebore MP, and also another CUNT football club mgr) came along, it all went MCC (Maxwell Communications Corporation – ie tits up), and he shut the whole place down.

      • Bugger me, looking back now at the ’70s and 80s which most cunters spent crapping their nappies, I do wonder how we came through it all. Stoic Blighty or the Great British Public demonstrating that when the chips are doine it can’t be arsed?
        The great set piece battles orf Orgreave (Scargill and the miners) Warrington (Eddie Shah and the Photographic Plant), Wapping (Murdoch and the print unions), plus Livingstone and the GLC and Hatton and Liverpooool. Troubled times during which Margeret Thatcher got re-elected three times and blown up once once.at Brighton (heard the explosion followed by silence then nothing but sirens and complaining seagulls).
        Thatcher was re-elected in ’79 with the slogan “In Place of Strife”. Laugh orf the century.
        Recall the golf club types standing at the bar with their Pall Mall fags and dodgy comb-overs and demanding “The Right To Manage”. Meanwhile the fellow travellers and the Trot agitators were hell bent on subverting the capitalist/fascist/yankee running dogs status quo. All while sporting some orf the ugliest fashions ever designed. Kept me head doine on me estate with the occasional foray oit in mufti on a demo for a bit orf fun. Nothing like giving a Trot an unexpected kick in the balls.
        Not even mentioned the likes orf Vanessa Redgrave (RWP- Revolutionary Workers Party), Red Robbo, Jimmy Reid (Upper Clyde Ship Builders), Jack Dash (London Docks), Militant ect ect ect. Glory Days.
        (Note to reader: All above orf the top orf me head while fortified with a very decent single malt so accuracy not to be taken as entirely gospel re details)

      • I thought the 80’s was mint!

        “Boom and Bust!” maybe but at least we got a “Boom!” once in a while not like the miasma of stagnation we’ve had to suffer since 1992 – especially 1997 thru 2010!

  7. My cousin who manages a department store in Manchester said piss taking was taken to a new level yesterday…. Some bogo-bogo type took a men’s jacket to the counter and he put a fiver on top of it to ‘pay’ for it… The jacket in question was 94.99, but the africoon insisted that it was 4.99… The devious darkie had his thumb over the ‘9’ on the label, but it didn’t occur to him that the fucking thing had to be scanned by barcode… Thought he was being clever and could take liberties (like they do), but the lad on the till told him not to take the piss… Cue ‘It say 499!’ and ‘Me pay 499!’ from Chicken George… My cousin (the manageress) came out and more or less said ‘Don’t come it with me or my staff, John John!’ and barred the cunt from the premises… Really, these ‘lovable’ migrant cunts are too stupid to live, and it’s a fucking shame that they do…

    • The real price is racist Norm, he wants to pay the price he thought he saw. The store should honor his delusion because of colonialism and slavery

      • Most of these fiddling ‘No speaky Brit Brit’ sambos have a walking stick… No doubt to ‘prove’ their ‘disability” when raking in the dough… But they have no trouble getting about… And there is fucking loads of them…. Thieving ace ofs that have no use whatsoever to Britain or British society…. Bogo-Bogo cunts….

  8. That drunk Polish lorry driver who killed 8 on the M1 had his lorry drivers licence revoked prior to the crash. Cunt asked for bail, thankfully refused.

  9. Well Trump cucked on DACA and the funny sad thing is he came out and said there wasn’t any deal made. Then 2 hours later came up with 3 twitter posts saying we need to keep the dreamers thus lying about his previous post admitting he lied in a pathetic childlike way. Even if he builds the wall it will be literally useless if he repeals DACA His base is completely demoralized right now

  10. Amnesty International said The Flabbott received 10 times more abuse on Twatter than any other MP and 45% of all abusive tweets were directed at her. Couple of points, 45% seems a bit on the low side for this man hating, racist space hopper of a cunt and why the fuck is Amnesty conducting this pointless survey? Haven’t they got their hands full on guilt tripping us all to dig deep for Syria and Yemen or some cunt on death row?.

  11. Got complained at work for being un PC on breaks(Only a 100th of my usual political incorectness hereabouts and in my home) and was moved to a new department which has a far lesser workload and much more relaxed atmosphere as well as the same pay.Was actually bored with the lack of work at times while the moaners are busting a gut.Lol

    • I’m trying to guess what your job is, Sean….. I must apologise if that was you who cold-called trying to sell me double-glazing. My language was disgusting,although I must say your Paki accent was most convincing. Have you been moved to the department selling solar-panels? If so, I’m still not interested. 🙂 .

      • I would guess you’re not overly fond of charity spongers knocking on your door, Mr Fiddler? I had a knock at the door other day (whilst eating my dinner, for fuck’s sake). Not only was it a charity cunt in a bib, it was some sort of peaceful to boot. Needless to say, my look of horrified disgust and my dog’s barely concealed fury saw him off in record time. I wonder what charity he was trying to get me to sign up for? I do like to discover that before they get a door in the face.

      • I actually get very few callers, Mr Cunt-Engine. I prefer to believe that this is due to the fact that I live in a remote,rural area and is not due to the fact that I can,occasionally, forget my manners and commit the odd social faux-pas.
        Apart from phone callers who I can abuse if they don’t take the hint,I have to travel to the nearest town to indulge my hobby of getting into slanging matches with chuggers,beggars,buskers,most charity collectors and,of course, the fat Romanian granny who sells the Big Issue. The slippery pikey minder who stands nearby her smoking and spitting has also felt the rough edge of my tongue on several occasions.

      • Fat Romanian grannies ??!

        Got one by the nearest PO.

        Does Wayne Rooney bus them in for his Berlusconi evenings ?

      • Regarding chuggers, I recall reading a report that most people would rather swap to the other side of the street rather than pass a chugger. What a nation of spineless cunts we have become.
        I adore pouring scorn on the bleating of chuggers and asking them how much they commit of their own personal money each month to this worthy cause in which they believe so strongly.
        If in a good mood with 5 minutes to spare, stringing them along with earnest nods and agreements is splendid too, with them ‘suggesting’ the monthly amount I should sign up for, before I say that I’m rather well off and could easily do triple that; £100 a month is no problem.
        Then my delight is complete as it dawns on them that I’m taking the piss.

  12. Although Saggy May is the epitome of fucking useless, Osborne is a fucking tupperware-bowl-haircutted, weasely, greedy, arrogant cocksucker of limited talents.

    I would love to push him over into a pile of soft dog shit.

    • Couldn’t agree more Paul – but would prefer the Prime Minister take up space in one of Osborne’s fucking freezers rather than mine.

      And besides, if it’s a Hotpoint it could self combust!

  13. I don’t know if it’s been done before but I would like to nominate any domestic cunting that Cunters have been involved in, either given or received.

    Mrs Cunt n Roses is in receipt of a right domestic cunting. I usually can’t be fucked to check bank statements but I wanted to see if I had got a refund from Amazon. I come across £50 to the Grenfell appeal. I asked what the Fuck? And Mrs said “they’ve lost their income stream because they can’t sub-let”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • You’re money will be well spent by distributing it evenly across the 10,000 or so cunts who claim they were there.

      Honest guv!

  14. @Cunts n Roses, I’ve been wanting to cunt the missus many a time including today.
    Our relationship is usually great but some things tick her off and she can go in huffs for the slightest thing.
    If she comes in from work and i don’t have her two living room lamps on she whinges.
    If i change the channel when she’s in a shower she whinge when she come through.
    If i make the dinner late (10 o’clock) she whinge even though i always cook and like my dinner late.
    Today, she’s whinging about me having a few extra days off after my holiday (sore swollen foot and leg), as she has to go back to work and also that I’d like to rest myself to get better quicker.
    She hasn’t spoken to me since last night.
    Usually, as i said, she’s great, but these dark days are fucking boring and very fuckin childish.
    When we met, we never had one argument or sign of huffiness in two years.
    I long for them days.

    I do everything indoors, cooking, cleaning etc, yet she moans if she has to take the dog out or go to the shop that’s 100 metres away.

    The missus is a cunt.

    • Bugger me Birdman, you touch on one orf the great mysteries orf life. What happens to that sweet slip orf a thing that would do anything to please after a few years orf marital status? The belly and tits sag, the jowls droop, the fanny whiffs and the arse balloons. Sic transit gloria dear heart. Then just when it seems that we have to put up with the dodgy deck that life has dealt us they go through the change. The Good Lord is a sadistic comedian.

      • She’s watching the end of Dirty Dancing the now.
        I bet she tries to be all nice once its finished as that’s a chicks favourite filum and makes them all lovey dovey.
        She can go and get fucked.
        I may feel different later when I’ve watched some Michelles Nylons.

        She’s 39. When does the menopause start?

      • Fuck it. Sorry that was meant to read ‘ Just after puberty judging by their constant fucking moodswings” .

      • Could be imminent old heart. Some fillies start early 30’s but a broad average is 45-55. Check with your poor old sod orf a father-in-law man to man re his ever loving. Runs in the female blood line. Me family quack recommended a good whiskey and cannabis when we were in dire straits – that’s for you, not her.

      • I have a feeling that the Good Lord may infact be a woman.
        Why else would women get such an easy life and be blessed with us?
        Still, just as long as The good lord doesn’t turn out to be a peaceful.

  15. I sometimes find that selective deafness helps when the Mrs goes off on one.

    I pretend I haven’t heard her. I then blame it on advancing years.

    Works for me.

  16. My Dad was a union man in the 70s and refused to strike as a protest againt government policy that had already achieved royal assent.He was told it was the principle and when he went back to work was treated like scum by them.That is my issue with unions they are run by bullies who are only on the side of workers if they toe the line.Suffice to say the ensuing strikes achieved nothing for the workers except lead to the winter of discontent.Dad left soon after but it was frowned upon.I could never join a trade union as they are backersof the EU for the most part which has helped undercut wages for years now and put extra strain on public services and helped diminish our sense of culture.Also I believe a government should be toppled at the ballot box alone.Under Corbyn especially they are now an instrument for the cunting labour party oh which I detest.

  17. Will Self on QT saying we should just print more money.Working really well in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.Cunt

  18. Does Dawn Butler want to take over as the annoying token Labour minority with a cunt when Diane Abbott retires or dies from obesity?She is on QT moaning that there are no people of colour on the Grenfell. Tower comittee.

    • Flabbott only there to make dim wooly fuckwits like Dawn Butler look vaguely credible. Which they never are of course.

    • I don’t know why cunts like her get airtime. Oh that’s right, she’s the right sex and background – double ABBC bonus.

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