Len McCluskey [3]

Len McCluskey is a brainless fucking rat faced cunt. I’m certain he’ll have had it a few times on here but I just saw the ultra cunt’s face on the television and was immediately overcome with the urge to projectile vomit.

It’s not even the abhorrent, hypocritical bullshit he spouts and believes in. It’s his rodent like features; his unkempt shitty polyester machine washable suit that doesn’t fit the fat cunt; his ability to make me feel like I need to bathe after just hearing the cunt’s name.

I don’t even need to start on the trot or communist nonsense bouncing around his tiny mind. He already looks and smells like he’s spent the last 30 years working a strip farm in Siberia with no sanitation or running water so I can’t see what difference it would make if he and his micro-penis pals got their way.

Nominated by Fuckwit

Len McCluskey(2)

Len McCluskey is a commmunist cunt

Nominated by kravDarth

So, Red Len wants to bring down a democratically elected government through illegal strike action. Apparently this makes him a great freedom fighter like Mandela and Gandhi.

Let’s assume I earn £1,000 a week. I strike for a 5% pay rise which adds up to £2,500 per annum. So in 2.5 weeks on strike, I wipe out the pay rise. So by striking for 5 weeks, I’m taking a 5% pay cut for the year and after two years I’m back where I started.

Meanwhile, McCuntsky is still being paid his £130,000 per annum salary out of my union dues. That’s on top of the £417,000 that came out of union funds last year to help him buy a London flat just south of London Bridge with a view of the London Eye.

A true man of the people is our Len. Can I suggest that if he really wants to be a second Mandela, then we should oblige him by locking him up for 30 years?

Nominated by Dioclese

Len McCluskey


Unite’s McCluskey is typical of the leftie bully boys that have taken over the Labour Party.

They’ve subverted the constituency Labour parties with left wing plants, bought Corbyn’s election for £3 a head and now McCluskey is propping up a leader who can’t even keep people in his shadow cabinet for 72 hours!

And the worst thing about this cunt is that he then has the barefaced bloody cheek to lecture us on democracy.

FFS! You couldn’t make it up…

…but McCluskey seems to have managed it, the undemocratic hypocritical cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese