Len McCluskey


Unite’s McCluskey is typical of the leftie bully boys that have taken over the Labour Party.

They’ve subverted the constituency Labour parties with left wing plants, bought Corbyn’s election for £3 a head and now McCluskey is propping up a leader who can’t even keep people in his shadow cabinet for 72 hours!

And the worst thing about this cunt is that he then has the barefaced bloody cheek to lecture us on democracy.

FFS! You couldn’t make it up…

…but McCluskey seems to have managed it, the undemocratic hypocritical cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

12 thoughts on “Len McCluskey

  1. can’t stand this bloke. he thinks he has all the answers and always tries to steamroller his way through interviews. obviously he earns a fortune and has a nice fat pension to look forward to. life is simple to him : workers good , bosses bad.

    • bang on right ozymandias I hate him also-though sneakily every now and then he comes over all reasonable and democratic when he is on tv -but the real len is the steamroller thicko loud mouth -talking like he is a working class hero-which he aint ….. .
      the working class don’t want destruction of the economy or over-riding of democracy or endless secret deals and hidden interested parties and vested interests – its never simply about winning or promoting a body or person.
      the working class are democratic and like transparency and have egalitarian values and appreciate reasoned arguments and don’t like prejudice and weighting -such as the abuse of men which is widespread and catastrophic from suicides to access to see their kids to pensions in divorce settlements etc
      the working class are not anti white or anti English-they don’t support the scots or the union and they don’t support the eu or the plethora of positive discrimination examples or the super privileged positions given to ethnic and religious minorities over and above the majority indigenous and atheist population ..
      I should know I am working class and live on a working class estate in a working class town and have worked in factories and engineering and other working class environments and most of my neighbours and friends and school mates [40 yrs ago ] are all working class -I cant think of one who supports anything I listed above-all of which are the unions opinions and stances and in fact everyone I have ever known is anti union and that is clear from most union members in all news footage and in almost every strike or vote .
      its not that the working class don’t support some aspects of unions-or the potential of them -just like politicians and law enforcers and judiciary and the eu – its just that in reality all of these things have been largely corrupt elitist prejudiced secretive self serving and opportunistic .
      bob crow the dead union boss of the train drivers was living in subsidised council housing right up to the min he died as was frank Dobson -both doing so in London-both wealthy cunts who never worked and who existed just to harm the population and support a secret hidden agenda.
      the working class would be the angriest of all social classes at this abuse of taxes and subsidises and limited housing and rich lazy professional liars like crow and Dobson should know fucking better -the parasitic scum -like almost every labour mp they turn out to be just as bad as tory and liberal mps and these scum love scum like mccluskey and crow -just like they loved and love the leaders of the ira and the snp and eu -its basically the working class white English against everyone else and nowadays almost all the working class know this themselves and to ever hope for anything better would be delusional .

      krishnan guru murthy still hasn’t been cunted has he ? he makes me feel like screaming just as mccluskey does-neither deserve a reasoned polite argument-they just need to be judged and confronted and sacked and told some home truths .and as almost everyone who has heard of either hates them unless they are a paki or crook or elitist -they only exist at all because they are protected .
      I am watching Emily Thornberry on tv right now and she is equally loathed by all and a crook and elitist and anti democratic cunt and just needs to be less protected and she is gone forever .
      -but guru muthy mccuskey and Thornberry are just utter scum and in a civilised and accountable world none of them would have risen to prominence -sadly we don’t live in a civilised transparent accountable world as is proven by the existence of the rising star that is sneaky tom Watson .

  2. These cunts have forgotten what a union is for and are now only interested in the subscriptions by members to fund their own political ambitions.
    Just before the EU referendum, one of these cunts tried telling us how to vote. You’ve guessed it, remain. How the hell employing cheap foreign labour is protecting British jobs is beyond me.
    In a recent “secret” ballot, my ballot paper had a fucking serial number on it.
    There’s been some decent union representatives in the past who fought at their own expense for the rights of their mates. This current bunch of fuckwits aren’t fit to wipe their arses.

  3. The cunt doesn’t need a megaphone. Thinks he’s always right and everyone else is wrong.

    A throwback from the 70s, he still looks forward to the revolution and the establishment of a Socialist state.

    Fuck off back to the USSR (Union of Soviet Scouse Republics) you obnoxious arrogsnt cunt.

  4. Man of the people Len was awarded a 5 grand a year pay rise in 2014 taking has annual salary to £140k pa.

    Nuff said about Len.


    • That means he earns more than the Prime Minister – and certainly more than the working men he claims to represent and is living off of…

      • Yes Dioclese, yet another pig with his nose in the trough. the socialist real ife animal farm where some are considerable more equal than others.

  5. The problem with unions is that most of the reps that I have met have either been shirkers who are lazy cunts out for a jolly, tea, biscuits and expenses, or cunts shit at their proper job, and do it to keep them employed. Either way, Mcluskey is a cunt. And a nasty cunt at that.

  6. And that nasty Jew-baiter, Gauleiter Ken Livingstone, is beginning to rear his ugly head again. Get back in the newt pond Ken. You’re a cunt.

    Corbyn on TV “deploring race attacks”. Fair enough but where was all this when Ken and his fellow anti-semites were spouting their shit about Israel?

    You’re a fucking hypoctite Corbyn and that cunt McCluskey is backing you. What a fucking shower of cunts.

  7. Totally agree about McCluskey, but the Blairite cunts are not much better.

    Craig Murray’s blog is good for the real story and the involvement of Alastair Campbell’s PR agency (Murray is a former diplomat and Foreign Office negotiator so has a lot of inside info – he’s not another Spiveyesque armchair conspiracist):



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