Billy Bragg [7]


Billy Bragg must be overdue a cunting. I just saw him on the news leading a singalongacunt session (“we will overcome”, natch) at Glastonbury, onion in hand, for Jo Cox. Can’t these people let the poor woman rest?

Overgrown sixth former. And cunt.

Nominated by: Harry Axwound

30 thoughts on “Billy Bragg [7]

  1. Rentacunt.

    You can guarantee that he’ll be on some fucking march for some fucking issue that some fucking cunt has got fucked off about because some fucking activist cunts have fucking thrown their toys out of their fucking prams.

    They were proably fucked off when Apartheid (rightly) ended as it was one less thing for them to fucking protest about.

    Len McCluskey (cunted already on this esteemed website), Dave Nellist (not really worth the effort to cunt), Dennis Skinner and all the other useless cunts from the Old Left.

    They’re only happy when they’re protesting or manning the barricades. The free market is pretty shit at times but these cunts are never going to change it. They’re too caught up in procedural and ideological issues. Never mote satisfired when they split their groups due to disagreeing what the workers want.. The problem is, the workers don’t want these cunts.

  2. Fuckwit, shit singing. He’ll no doubt own a pair of croc shoes. Sheep following young people who pretend they’ve heard of Bragg
    whooping and clapping about shit he talks about, just like the potato sack, welly wearing clueless half wits who love smelly scruffy Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. Can’t stand Billy Bragg and yes, Harry Axwound, he’s long overdue for a cunting. Viewed from any angle, “The Bragg Method” appears to be little more than a well timed anti-establishment grizzle de jour … Pffffttt!
    Get some talent, hack!

    • As my old science teacher used to say ‘spherical cunt, no matter what angle you view him from he is a cunt’.

  4. Billy Bragg is a absolute cock jockey cunt and doesn’t mind prostituting himself for whatever kind of phoney cause or grief jacking event he’ll probably even offer to suck you off for a quid, and his music is fucking vile.

  5. Billy Bragg promoted as cool and hip by nonce BBC hipsters in the 70s and has made a living out of it ever since. Like modern art trendy cunts think Billy is ace and fab because some cuntard told them so,

  6. None of those fuckers on that stage have ever, or ever will do a hard days graft.

    Bunch of cunts

  7. I’d like to cunt all those hypocritical hate filled hypocrites who’s virtue signalling ‘love not hate’ and ‘a new kind of politics’ is shot to utter fuck by their hate filled rants and in many cases death threats,against Brexit , leave voters and individuals such as Nigel Farage. Never has so much spite filled venom by such hypocritical cunting little fucks been witnessed in my lifetime. Fuck you you sad little loser fucks. Deal with it. Pricks.

  8. Still thinks he’s at cuntiversity. Smells like a mix of roll-ups, patchouli oil and sweat but still sounds like a cunt.

  9. I’d like to cunt almost every celebrity for their petulant, arrogant and irrational stance on the Brexit voters. I am shocked at their sudden love for the undemocratic EU and their hatred and contempt for the people who wanted to get out. We have had to endure name calling – we are apparently all racists because we are concerned about mass immigration, we are also ‘little Englanders’ and we were too thick or too old to vote. I find it surprising that people I always disliked (eg Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan) are the ones who have been gracious even though they voted for remain.

    My outlook after this referendum has shifted and many people I considered friends have been so obnoxious on Facebook that I no longer think of them as such.

    • Immigration was never going to be a decider on my vote, as the cunts in Westminster did fuck all to bring down non Eu migration. For me it was all about the wasteful, non elected shitbags that are now having a hissy fit because the UK, and that includes nearly half of Scotland, have shown the rest of Europe that there is life outside an increasingly federal, wasteful and corrupt political union that no one has voted for. There is not much of a choice come election time in the UK, and with Corbyn doing his level best to turn the Labour Party into the communist party, there is going to be even less, but at least I have the illusion of a part to play in democracy, which is better than nothing.
      As for Facebook, it is proof that the more people are connected, the dumber they get.

  10. So, the ever Imperious Sturgeon has had her crown dented today. Flying out to Brussels, to negotiate Scotland’s continued membership of the EU, only to be told by France and Spain to take a big, tartan hike. Le Fuck Off and El Fuck Off, if you like. Both have told her that all that treaties were signed on behalf of the United Kingdom, and that they will only deal with the entire United Kingdom, not part of it.

    For someone with the supreme arrogance of Sturgeon, that must really sting. Having made all those grand speeches at the Scottish Parliament, she goes all that way to Brussels, full of her William Wallace spirit, only to told, “FUCK OFF! You’re not important enough”. And the worst thing for her, will be the knowledge that, having already lost an independence referendum, there’s fucking Buckley’s chance of her holding another. And that’s even assuming she could persuade Westminster to let her have one. Assuming Boris is leader by then, I can imagine his reply.

    • As Vermin Cunt Spotter has pointed out on the ‘Sturgeon’ cunting, she daren’t hold another independance referendum as a very high percentage of the Scottish EU out vote, were indeed SNP voters. For some reason she thinks the Scot’s would rather be ‘in bed’ with the EU, than remain part of the UK. Two million Scot’s voted to remain in the UK only 19 months ago ……
      The best she can do is get her subservient arse down to Westminster and start mucking in. At least Ruth Davidson, Conservative, a ‘remainer’, is being ‘man enough’ to roll up her sleeves and say to get on with it.

    • I wonder who paid for her ticket to Brussels? Surely this was party political posturing and the Nats should have paid, but I don’t doubt that the taxpayer got another small reaming.

  11. i play chess on a chess website. i play for Team England. in the last week several members have left the team because they say they are now embarassed and ashamed to be associated with England in any way shape or form. some have actually said they are now moving to Scotland because they feel they will vote for independence and so remain in Europe. i kid you not.

    • Must be gutting for you, you should rebrand yourself as “team nurd” , soon get them back

    • Being British is partly our tolerance and ability to allow other opinions without throwing our toys out of the pram. This can be demonstrated by the fact we have allowed 10 million immigrants from around the world before we eventually said “enough already”.

      Best your Chess playing buddies fuck off to Scotland. Try some areas of Glasgow tell them, see how much tolerance they find their.


    • Apparently, some students are saying they may fail their final exams because they’re so depressed after we voted to leave the EU. There’s nothing like getting your excuses in first. Resits anyone? I have only one thing to say to these still whining students, suck it the fuck up you pussies.

      I’ve never claimed to be a genius, though I do consider myself to be quite an intelligent man. But I have to admit, I am fucking puzzled as to why so many people would choose to vote for a corrupt organisation, led by incompetent, undemocratic, thieving, lying, unaccountable, unelectable bunch of has beens, never were’s and never will be’s in Brussels, over a democratically elected BRITISH government.

      I mean, we’re talking about a group of people we have never voted for, can never vote for and can never remove from office should we so wish. Why would any sane person vote to be governed that kind of scum? Scum who steal around £10 billion per year from OUR pockets. And students are depressed that a majority of us voted for democracy? I fear for the future, knowing that this is the kind of know nothing, limp wristed, too soft bell end that will one day be running this country. They’re as much use as a eunuch’s scrotum.

      • Because they’ve had it drummed into them that if it’s British, or more specifically English, then it’s bad. In schools, colleges and universities, in children’s TV (BBC mostly) if it’s not English/British it’s better. Other countries are portrayed as more free and fair etc and their people as wiser and more intelligent. English people get portrayed as thuggish and stupid or small minded and bigoted to the point where we may as well act like that because that’s how we are treated by the media, the press, the civil service and the political class. They were trying to push this shit down my throat when I was at college in the early 80s (despite the fact I was only doing an electronics course we had to have a compulsory one hour “social awareness” session every week) and all of it started long before the Monster Blair walked into number 10 in 1997.
        Oh and that old 60s bike Marianne Faithful can fuck right off too… “Back to racist hate filled old Britain” indeed, shagged out old boiler…

  12. i’m not sure how many people will be aware of this proposed cunting but i wish to nominate James O’ Brian of LBC radio. a yoghurt knitting liberal of the very worst kind. the day after Jo Cox was murdered he virtually accused Nigel Farage of being responsible for her death, anyone who criticises immigration is of course a knuckle dragging racist. global warming is a fact, the arguments over, multiculturism is marrrrrrrrvelous etc etc. anyone else here listen to him? he’s on from 10am to 1pm monday to friday.

    • He’s been cunted once before but can never be cunted enough, in fact he is what initially brought me to this wonderful site – that moment when enough is enough and for some unknown partially divine coincidental moment, you type in to google “James O’Brien is a cunt” and lo and behold, there are others who agree, you check it out and people across this great and now independent land agree with all those thoughts you have had running through your head for months – that James O’Brien is an arrogant, self-congratulating, left wing migrant arse polisher of the highest rank, it peaks when he does his fucking “mystery hour” where he gives JOB certified true answers to general questions from pathetic listeners who like to indulge his ego – I’ve tried multiple times but have never got through to ask why he is a such a cunt, maybe because an hour wouldnt be enough to answer. He was perfectly summed up previously as LBC, Londons Biggest Cunt.

      • Cheers! Yep you’re right ,I just did a search on here, he was cunted on here on June 19 2013. I think I,ll email it to him.

  13. First, Brexit.

    Second, the Labour party imploding up it’s own areshole.

    Third, Billy Bragg taking a cunting for the eigth time.

    This has to be the happiest week of my life!

  14. and just one more time for the record, BILLY BRAGG IS A COCK NOSED CUNT!!!

    • Rumour has it they destroyed the ten commandment tablets of stone because there was an 11th commandment they didn’t understand.

      11. Though shalt not allow a sunset to pass without naming Billy Bragg as a CUNT.

  15. I should have mentioned this in my original post – any cunters in Essex area wishing to hurl abuse/eggs/rotten tomatoes at Bragg will get the opportunity Saturday 9 July, when he will be ‘entertaining’ the punters at the Village Green festival in Chalkwell Park, Westcliff.

    It’s only £15 to get in – money well spent, even if you only turn up, shout “Bragg, you CUNT” a few times and go home.

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