Billy Bragg [7]


Billy Bragg must be overdue a cunting. I just saw him on the news leading a singalongacunt session (“we will overcome”, natch) at Glastonbury, onion in hand, for Jo Cox. Can’t these people let the poor woman rest?

Overgrown sixth former. And cunt.

Nominated by: Harry Axwound

Billy Bragg [5]


Billy Bragg is a champagne socialist hypocritical twat. Loves multi-culturalism so much he fucked off out of multi-cultural barking to live in a totally white area of the south west as soon as he could.

Man of the people Bragg trying to turn a kids skate park on the south bank into more shitty yuppie buildings on behalf of his big business pals, getting away with it coz he’s good old Billy, comrade Billy…. cunt.

Also his music is and always has been pants, he sings like he’s recovering from a stroke and has a face I’d never tire of slapping. To sum him up in one word. Cunt!

Nominated by: London Cunt

And the fucker can’t sing or write decent lyrics either. So there!

Nominated by: ChasC

Billy Bragg [3]

Billy Bragg is a free Glastonbury ticket obtaining, shit act, left leaning cunt who if he leaned anymore left would be in the Atlantic, CUNT.

In fact anyone who is left, slightly left, socialist, supports the gay community, is commie, luvs human rights and wants to lick Jackie Smiths minge is a complete cunt. Fuckin freeloading cunts. Geta job! Grrrrrrrrrr

Nominated by Adz Williams