4 thoughts on “Billy Bragg [4]

  1. From HurlingDervish.

    He couldn’t occupy his own fucking crack the big nosed cunt! I wish he’d fuck off and go play the banjo for 30 years in Libya or something. It’s tant amount to shitting on your own doorstep. Fuck off concorde shnozz!

  2. A big nosed cunt and Labour cock sucker.Disappeared up his own arse spouting commie bullshit at Reading festival…… and that was just the first song! Fucked off to the beer tent till his set had finished. What a twat!

  3. The BNP loving bastard, Silly Slagg full of shit couldn’t sing a fucking note what sort of cunt would buy a recording of croaking shit.

  4. Billy Bragg is a champagne socialist hypocritical twat. Loves multi-culturalism so much he fucked off out of multi-cultural barking to live in a totally white area of the south west as soon as he could. Man of the people Bragg trying to turn a kids skate park on the south bank into more shitty yuppie buildings on behalf of his big business pals, getting away with it coz he’s good old Billy, comrade Billy…. cunt. Also his music is and always has been pants, he sings like he’s recovering from a stroke and has a face I’d never tire of slapping. To sum him up in one word. Cunt!

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