David Lammy MP

David Lammy MP

The Rt Hon David Lammy wants parliament to vote to over turn the referendum result. Born in London of Guyanese parents I suspect David doesn’t feel British the same way I do. Probably bears some resentment towards Britain dues to the Empire and sums up in one person the issues with allowing people with no real national heritage or loyalty to be elected. Now I realise this will be considered very racist but I wouldn’t care if he was white.

I find it incredibly insulting that this man expresses gratitude to the British people by trying to deny them their wish to exit the EU.

Not only are you a cunt David Lammy but you are an ungrateful treacherous cunt. If London hadn’t been flooded with immigrants many of whom like David have no loyalty to the UK the constituents of Tottenham would surely be rising up and demanding this man is removed from parliament.

Brexit is just the start, there are a lot more wrongs to be righted, people need to take a good look at who they are voting for. You can be black and British but to be so you have to have some heritage and history in this nation.

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  1. It seems the London bubble is full of these idiots who would like to overturn our democratic vote

    The mainstream media has been incredibly one sided all the way through the referendum campaign, the BBC is full of lefty, media study SJWs and do not understand the meaning of the word ‘objective’.

    If you want to hear an antidote to all the crap, then give Jon Gaunt a listen on http://www.talk2meradio.com/

  2. I agree with Serena,click on her link,Talk2meradio will be right up a lot of posters street on here,once you listened youl realise how regulated and biased the msm is,they are still all at it now,finding every single negative aspect of Brexit there is…..really hammering the racist attack narrative constantly,its sickening,I urge everyone to listen to Gaunty its a fantastic podcast,as for Lammy hes another Diane Flabbot,a pure and simple racist and detests white people,hes not even worth worrying about tbh and hel soon disapear back under his cowpat when he realises Brexits here to stay

  3. Stupid David Lammy the lemming now please go jump off a cliff you thick puppet cunt… maybe I dunno swim back to guyana see how democracy works for you there. You deceitful backstabbing shill!

  4. Britain is for the democratic British, Mr Lammy sir. If you don’t like it, you may find Guyana if you proceed in a south westerly direction.
    I vote that the 23rd of June should be made a public holiday so that we can celebrate Independence Day every year.

  5. I can say being half English and half Jamaican that David Lammy is a cunt. A loser cunt who cannot accept a democratic decision. Being born and bred in Bristol and living in London most of my adult life I think London especially is a small nation within a nation and it’s out of touch with the rest of the country. I think immigration was fine in the 50s and 60s when the immigrants came from commonwealth countries that have an historical link with Britain. Nowadays it’s gone too far, a country needs its identity and if you keep chucking loads of immigrants in the mix it’s going to go wrong. I voted leave due to immigration and the economy, a lot of these Black/Asian politicians don’t understand the average white British person and think uncontrolled immigration year on year is good and sustainable. It isn’t. The average white British person isn’t racist, far from it. There is nothing wrong with having a proud identity and wanting to preserve it, it’s also not racist. Cunts like Lammy and Abbot piss me off because they live London and don’t understand the overall population. To all the racist cunts they can fuck off as well. We are in 2016 and the world is changing so you can get on the ship or fuck off and get left behind and be a bitter cunt. Now fuck off. The cunts.

  6. Time Westminster changed it’s name to Cuntminster,

    Black Rod pounds on the cunts chamber………

  7. Right, here fucking goes.
    I’m gonna lam Lammy for his totally non thought through comments in the Guardian (laughable name, who does it guard, lefties and snowflakes only?)

    He wrote ” For decades we have consigned people to live in overcrowded conditions that are not just unacceptable but that, in many cases, are criminally unsafe. Families live in hutches, not houses. Plywood walls divide rooms in homes that were designed for families of three but are now occupied by six or more.”
    All of us who have any compassion at all have empathy with the victims of Grimfell tower, but knee jerk emotions and calls for revenge ain’t gonna solve any of the problems he highlighted. What we need is an depth debate on how we have arrived at becoming a third world nation. Dear David mentions nothing of the fact that over so many decades we have been blindly importing the worlds poorest, the unskilled, the religiously brainwashed ignorant, criminals, rapists, con artists and their fellow travellers. Now the lamb bleats about the condition of the pens and hutches that he helped to over fill and worse, blithely talks about improving conditions with no mention about who pays for that. Instead of acknowledging that enough is enough on immigration, he tells us it is now our duty to improve the lot of the poor. Fair enough David, but who do you suggest should pay? You andyour honcho mate Corbyn’s answer, the tax payer.
    Typical head up their arses response to self made problems the left have engineered.
    Never mind about the huge debt load we are carrying and how starved of cash those councils outside of the inner cities are. It would cost billions and billions to demolish all state tower blocks and replace them with horizontal builds and the cost of that extra land in London, wow, the sky,s the limit pal.
    What would have been more honest for Lammy to say is,
    “I and my political/financial ilk have consigned the immigrants, we so desperately wanted to settle here, to shit conditions, I apologise for that.”
    But these champagne socialists want it all ways at every other fucker,s expense. So fuck you lammy, you are the problem not the solution.

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