Jamie Oliver [6]


Jamie ‘Cheeky Cunt’ Oliver wants to enforce a sugar tax on the poor meanwhile more than 75% of his dishes are just bloody loaded with sugar. Hypocritical Cunt Stop trying to save the world Jamie and get back to your dishes you POOF!

Nominated by: TitSlapper

16 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver [6]

  1. That would take all of the cunts sauces and meals out of Tesco then. Its a shame this cunt and Jools was not returning from hollday at Istanbul yesterday the cunt.

  2. I would rather gnaw off my own balls than eat at one of this fat tongued cunts shithole restaurants. Imagine the neanderthal cunt slobbering and slavering over something that’s just about to be served up to you, and then having to pay for it as well. How the spluttering cunt fathered children is beyond me, let alone some other daft cunt opening her legs for him. The cunt.

  3. Jamie Oliver mockney cunt, got famous cos e talks common like wat I do. Another cunt promoted to celeb status by trendy cunts.

    Jamie Oliver you are the second most irritating fake London cunt only surpassed by that fucking fraudulent hard man and fraudulent actor Danny Dyer. At least Dyer was born in London where you just think the accent makes you cool.

    What part of London is Clavering in?

    Dyer needs a good cunting BTW

  4. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I went round all the shops looking for foods with low fat, low salt and low sugar. I found an adequate alternative to everything I used to eat apart from jelly – sugar-fee jelly was bloody awful. Now they’ve solved that problem too. The only reason that I can think of why any manufacturer would use sugar rather than sweeteners is the cost. Is sugar cheaper?

  5. While I am here, please can I nominate stretch armstrong cunt, greg davies, I have only heard about the cunt since Rik Mayall died. We do not watch tv anymore, but we were around a mate of my girlfriend the other weekend, and she was watching some ferret faced cunt and his pot bellied mate who come around your house and rake through the dustbins.

    Each time an advert break came up, there was this cunt sat in some kind of throne having lightening strike him. Is this some televised execution of him? If so I will gleefully watch it. Not much else to remember, but I think it was on that channel dave that used to show nothing but repeats of top gear.

  6. The cunt gets his minions to cook all the TV shit he “concocts”. The gullible fuckers who tune into his programmes and buy his books every fucking Christmas ( “Jamie makes it up as he goes along”, “Jamie’s pukka puds”, “Jamie serves it up”, “Jamie’s big fat sausage book”, “Jamie’s spotted dick”, “Jamie’s cooking for cunts”. You name it, this cunt has a book for it.) lap it up but does anyone of them ever follow his recipes?

    I’ve cunted this fucker, and his fucking pretemd mates, before but I take grewt pleasur in doing it again.

    His missus deserves a good stuffing though. While the fucker sits in the corner watching with his big fat tongue sucking himself off. Cunt.

    • This Cunt and his bird got 5 or about to have spawned 5 more proof of what a couple of cunts they are is when you look at what the fuckers have named them.
      Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom
      Buddy Bear,
      Don’t know about the last slip out , But fuck me. Speaks volumes about them, now Boris is not running, Only one think to add, Grow some fucking balls do what you said you were going to do and Fuck off You Cunt.

      PS: and when you get there Fuck Off Again

      • Although my last statement reads was incorrect, I was actually trying to make a point that Boris in or out of PM Race this cunt just needs to do one and Fuck Off.

  7. I’m gutted that Boris Johnson has pulled out of the Tory PM race, purely because this mockney cunt said he would leave the country if the buffoon Boris was PM. I bet the cunt would have wriggled out of it, like Paddy Pantsdown saying he would eat his hat. Another why the fuck is he a celeb celeb. On your way, you porky scoper.

  8. Why do all these celebs need to have an opinion or a cause? My theory is they know deep down they are fucking parasites on the minds of the herd we call the public.

  9. So many, nearly all of Jamie “the Cunt” Oliver’s dishes are Indian. Essex Boy, who has to have Garam Masala, Cumin,(Jeera), calls it all the names under the sun visits Leicester to steal Indian dishes, than never has any Indian person in his parties, or none working in his restaurant. Stop with the Indian dishes, Essex man voted no more immigrants, and a return to English Values. your like one of those lesbians, who want a strap ons and sapphic toys but hates men.

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