Len McCluskey [3]

Len McCluskey is a brainless fucking rat faced cunt. I’m certain he’ll have had it a few times on here but I just saw the ultra cunt’s face on the television and was immediately overcome with the urge to projectile vomit.

It’s not even the abhorrent, hypocritical bullshit he spouts and believes in. It’s his rodent like features; his unkempt shitty polyester machine washable suit that doesn’t fit the fat cunt; his ability to make me feel like I need to bathe after just hearing the cunt’s name.

I don’t even need to start on the trot or communist nonsense bouncing around his tiny mind. He already looks and smells like he’s spent the last 30 years working a strip farm in Siberia with no sanitation or running water so I can’t see what difference it would make if he and his micro-penis pals got their way.

Nominated by Fuckwit

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  1. Now that Commrade Corbyn is in the Labour hot seat this blob of seminal fluid is rising from his coffin akin to Count Dracula sensing not the smell or taste of blood but the undeniable whiff of the 60/70’s when the unions had so much power. I’m not against proper workers rights but cunts like these relish holding business’s to ransom. I’m not sure what salary Brother McCuntsky is on or whether the Scouse cunt has ever done a days work but cunts like this pose a significant threat. I suggest the cunt fucks off and retires to his villa in Spain. Cunt.

    • The problem with cunts like mcclusky, well all socialists, is that really have no affinity with the poor downtrodden working classes but instead, through bitterness and resentment, have a hatred of anyone that has more than they do.

      Given that the poor depressed areas of the UK, the north east/west and wales have been Labour strongholds for 100 years, they why, pray tell, after that long of socialist representation are they STILL poor and depressed? Because the fucking reds want it that way that’s why, wake up you socialist voting cunts and vote blue.

      There is nothing wrong with a smattering of socialism in a functioning society. The problem with socialism is the socialists.

      You will hear me laughing form over here when Corbyn gets in too No. 10.

    • He’s a paranoid cunt as well, the fact that his paranoid theories are broadcast on the BBC makes the “beeb” due another cunting, even aside from the fact that every cunt with a tv has to pay for licence to listen to this kind of shite. McClusky would look more slightly if his face was shaved with a chainsaw

    • Cunts like this have never done a days work, as they spend all
      their time at union meetings, plotting the overthrow of capitalism!
      ……rise through the ranks by having a big gob.
      Fanatic ‘do away with the House of Lords’ wankers…….then accept
      a peerage enthusiastically

  2. As Sir Limply pointed out on a previous thread, Australia has voted in favour of legalising same sex marriage. 62% in favour is a fucking big win in a two horse race. Call me a cunt if you like but I voted in favour because I think it is a question of equality – gay folks have the right to be unhappy too.

    Hilariously though, some of the media are tying themselves up in knots because the Western Suburbs of Sydney – heavily populated with followers of the religion of peace and universal brotherhood – were the areas that voted “no” in the greatest numbers. The electorate with the highest “no” vote is 30% what-shall-not-be-named.

    Full details here if interested…


    • Bets are them you won’t name don’t care if the goats male or female and for all they voted that way, them cunts are and have been up to no good for years in their warehouses while their wives are at home.

  3. WTF! Just heard on news May is today going to offer EU £40billion?! That’s the equivalent of 4 years net payments! And for what – a deal that benefits both sides?

    No, let us pay nothing, and watch as the countries of Europe turn on the EU for selling their economies down the river just to punish the UK and deter others from following in our footsteps.

    £20billion was £20billion too much. £40billion? That’s it then.

    “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for a Corbyn/Flabbott Labour Government…”

    I repeat: THE CUNTS OWE US!

    • May is a weak invertebrate with the brain power of the average coastal mollusc. This complete waste of space has managed to bring a country down to the level of Cambodia, and all for the sake of ” the party”.
      If our forebears had realized that they fought and died to allow a breed of lunatics, not only to create an asylum, but to fucking well run it. Then I am sure the poor cunts would not have lifted a rifle.
      Cunt May is the last ever Tory to serve as Prime Minister. She is just too fucking thick to know it!


      • The daft cunt hasn’t just sold us down the river to those cunts in Brussels, she’s sold the fucking river as well.

    • I wonder what Jacob rees mogg and other Brexiteers think about that?
      I agree SB …..
      In this game of high stakes poker May hasn’t only blinked she’s folded!!

      • Totally – they’ve thrown in the towel before the fight’s even started!

        On Q-time last night a dim peaceful type in the audience said thousands of jobs would be lost in her area because they depended on EU funding. Not one fucker on the panel put her straight with the obvious fact that all EU funding to UK originates from our £14billion gross contribution in the first place!

        Not one penny comes from the EU that we don’t provide them with out of our taxes!

        Awesome McCluskey cunting, btw Fuckwit – though you probably let him off lightly!

        McCluskey is another mega Commie cunt who’ll finish off our already rickety economy when the Tory government inevitably implodes…

      • I think Theresa May would be more suited as a Deputy Prime Minister, playing second fiddle to two short planks….

        Depressing as it is, I’d still rather have her mob attempting to run the show, than those cunts across the house….

      • That’s a no-brainer JR C – I’d rather have Peppa Pig running the country than the cunts across the house!

        Trouble is the electorate – especially those of a snowflake persuasion. They have shit for brains, and too many others have the memory capacity of a goldfish.

        Brains seem to be getting shittier by the day. Is it the Russians? Have they put something in the water supply?

        I seem to be immune. Maybe it’s cos I wouldn’t know a Facefuck account if it came up and bit me on the arsehole…

      • When did she previously offer £40billion? It was only £20billion in her Florence speech in September.

    • Just walk away.

      End of.

      Enough of blackmailing, deluded cunts like Junckunt, Barmier and the god-awful demagogue Verminhofstadt, who is long overdue a good whiff of Ouragan-D; I’m sure the Czechs will willingly supply a few kilos, for the greater good of Europe.

      And May’s permanent disappearance might be no great loss, either…

    • How many weeks of potential £350 million is our services going to be deprived of throwing this money away?

      If she has this on her money tree, it’s because we suffered years if austerity in order to have it available. For what? To give it to those cunts? No fucking way!

      • We piss £46billion a year in interest payments alone down the shitter – we simply can’t afford to keep subsidising the unelected EU £10billion a year net to keep their profligate gravy train afloat for yet another wasted decade.

        Which is precisely what we’d be doing if May caves in and gives in to the cunts demands.

        Walk away! They’ll soon come running once a few thousand BMW and other European workers find themselves threatened with unemployment…

  4. A nice and timely cunting of Comrade McLusky Mr Fuckwit. Superb in fact!

    I remember sharing a train carriage with “Red Robbo” in the mid seventies. It was an experience that I shall never forget. To sit next to a mad dog marxist with rabies was ( trust me ) testing to say the least. I had hoped that the breed would die out and never resurface. But, oh fuck me baldy, McLusky, arrived upon the scene.
    Those of us who have lived long enough to learn of the horrors and the threat that flatulent arseholes of this magnitude pose to humanity, will shudder at the prospect, that a feeble population of youth may be seduced by the powerful attraction of the “Reds”
    Mclusky and others, will sell their mantra in the usual manner of giving baubles,mirrors and trade beads to a population of cretins brought up on a diet of
    Liberal shite, hallucinogenics and the influences of the fairy world of stardom.

    I tell you, in the absence of a Maggie Thatcher ( at this perilous time ) we are , gentlemen, FUCKED!

    • Yes ASA. I doubt that any Cunters under 40 can fully appreciate the nightmare late 60s early 70s and how the fucking unions crippled the country. Their power was massive. Thank God for Maggie, onew of my all time hero’s.

    • McCluskey is a cunt for having a conk like that cartoon-cunt on the sudafed (?) ad…

      Like the old school joke
      “What do you call a man with a jonny on his conk ?
      Fuck knows…”

    • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana, 1905).

    • Like most Communist leaning scum he is also viruently anti-Israel. In my book that makes him a total CUNT.

  5. Let us not forget what a bent cunt he is. Rigged election, dodgy ‘loan’, persecution of any comrades that dare to stand against him, bloated salary. A true Marxist.

    • He’s got a face that your fist could just keep giving & giving. Likely the sunken face cunt would look the same when you were done. He’s rotten to the core and bent as a nine Bob note.

  6. Is that £400 million going to Tehran as well due to Boris’s slip up?

    Personally, I think we are buying back a spy’s freedom.

    So much for not lying down / bowing / negotiating with terrorism.

    This money was sanctioned for good reason and the rest of the world is going to know about this.

    Will also piss off our nato allies and best “post brexit friends” in America who want to apply more sanctions.

    Spies know the risk and price of when they get caught yet I’ve to bail the bitch out?

    Even if released, she will end up assassinated in the near future by them. Let her serve her sentence I say.

  7. “The Roma community” says the council and police Scotland media people. I say robbing, thieving dirty benefit scrounging CUNTS. There are plenty of decent Romanians. I have a fantastic, hard working, well educated couple who clean myhouse. Never let me down. Always putting coins to one side that they find hace fallen down the sofa, etc.But we also have soms total CUNTS.

    • There’s no decent ones in Camp Krankie I’m afraid. The sofa’s are out on the footpaths if you want to look for change. Other furniture and rubbish is strewn all over the footpaths and gangs of them congregate along the streets eyeing up anything old enough to walk passing by.


      That’s in broad daylight, mothers are scared to walk the streets with their kids and nothings been done about crimes reported.

      To be fair, I don’t think the police have patrolled this area in the last decade. Don’t want bad publicity for Krankie so no arrests take place. They are all her voters, the white minority fucking hate her with a passion and she hates them.


      A recent public appearance at a shop had Glaswegians kept back from the shop and no political questions were allowed to he asked by anyone or area problems be mentioned.

      Search Nicola Sturgeon Govanhill and see the state of her constituency and all she cares about is putting up alcohol prices but gives out free methadone to thousands of different addicts.

      She should resign from both her posts, she’s Scotland’s shame.

  8. How could she possibly have got reelected when this is going on?


    More concerned about getting a seat at Brussels and derailing brexit negitiations by flying around the EU meeting country leaders weakening the will of the country.

    Why isn’t she supporting our own country’s leader?

    Easy to forget and leave behind her local constituents because she’s never there working for the ones who don’t want to live like animals.

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