Kate Smurthwaite [3]


I would like to nominate Kate Smurthwaite for a cunting.

Yet another snowflake, SJW cunt banging on about letting in every cunt under the sun in whether they look like a child or not.

But don’t take my word for it here’s her bullshit from the ‘This Morning’ programme:

She was the only cunt there who thought the fogie in the picture was a child. Eamon Holmes and Nick Ferrari are both sat their shaking their heads (in a “what the fuck is this one taking in her camomile tea?” manner) knowing that Stevie Wonder, David Blunkett and Lenny Peters could all see that this cunt is in his 40’s at least.

Here a few points you may wish to mull over Kate:

1. He’s late 30’s at the very least. You claim this is because of his “hard paper round” (to get here) which apparently ages people. (please see 3 below).

2. None of the cunts – “children” or otherwise – coming from the Calais Jungle are refugees, they are economic migrants. As soon as a refugee leaves the first safe country they destinated as a refugee – in order to better their lot – they become an economic migrant, FACT! Greece is safe, Turkey is safe, Italy is safe and France is safe. So why the need to come all the way to the UK then?

3. At one point you state that you are 40. Well if a “hard paper round” ages people then the reverse must be true. I had you down as late 20’s/early 30’s. Ordinarily that would be a huge compliment but – based on your own ageing principle – it merely means that you’ve never struck a bat or done an honest day’s work in your life.

4. Your bio states that you are a stand up comedian, political activist and radical feminist which is basically snowflake speak for professional bullshitter. Luckily – until today – I’d never heard of you.

5. You did have a real job working for the greedy banking establishment, which is probably how you’re minted now and are able to piss your time away on causes which do not concern you, or your privileged life. (please note that this does not contradict 3 above as I stated “honest day’s work”).

6. If they all come over here you know full well they won’t be coming to an ivory tower near you any time soon, and if they did you’d probably sign the eviction petition run by your neighbours (just so long as they don’t mention you by name).

7. You are a cunt!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

Kate Smurthwaite [2]

Kate Smurthwaite, Nick Cohen

Kate Smurthwaite is a unfunny feminist cunt who has a sense of huge entitlement and is the archetypal rude aggressive dismissive patronising BBC liberal elitist harpy who gives feminists the labels they get. But of course that is mens fault for not wanting to tolerate being walked over by women!

Anyhow I had the misfortune of reading an article she put in a near Trotskyite magazine called the new Internationalist entitled “Doing grief properly”. First of all the assertion that there is a right way for someone to grieve is entirely subjective therefore indicating this article is not going to be based on logic. Well guess what? It isn`t. She basically complains about having to stop during her aerobics class for a minutes silence in the wake of the Paris attacks. Look most of the country participated out of common decency and really is taking one minute out of your day to acknowledge a dark moment in the continents history really so cataclysmic or taxing?

Well, according to her, it is hypocritical and symptomatic of a media “whitewash” which means that as a society we put more emphasis on what happened in France than we would if it was in Africa! Well no shit Sherlock. If a tragedy happens nearer to you especially when you are acutely aware that you are at the same level of risk it is going to affect you more. If say you live on a street and someone the other side whom you do not know gets shot dead it is tragic yes but if there is no threat of you being similarly targeted you will pay less attention to the event.

If, however, your next door neighbour who you knew for some time was shot dead by a group threatening your family also it would be big news to you! But no it is this theory that we value people purely on race and ethnicity .Well what about the Muslim police officer who got shot during the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Are you saying that we weren`t doing the minute silence for him last time there was a minute`s silence in January.

And were all the victims of the Paris November attacks white – because I highly doubt it? Because that is what she is suggesting.

I will finish this rant by a quote about what we should do instead of observing silence for the victims of terrorism according to this harpie cunt:

Instead let`s tear the “defence” industry down brick by brick.Let`s chase down every hypocritical politician and demand they answer our questions and face the truth.Let`s chain ourselves to every set of railings,blockade every weapons convoy,disrupt every arms fair.And demand every innocent family fleeing war and violence is welcomed with open-human-arms and treated with respect

She also described the minutes silence as indicative of something “being pathologically wrong with you” if you only do that and not follow her advice as stated above.

What a sanctimonious delusional cunt. Let us grieve for victims of terrorism by getting rid of our defences and allowing anyone into this country some of whom may well be terrorists causing more innocent civilian deaths on our street. Fucking hell. Where her parents brother and sister???

I think we can all agree that she is one of the biggest cunts with a media profile. She claims people don`t find her funny because she is a woman. No dear it is because you are as funny as a burst colostomy bag on a 24 hour flight not because you have a vagina.

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Kate Smurthwaite


I’d like to nominate Kate Smurthwaite. You might not know who Kate, so let me introduce you.

Kate Smurthwaite is a British, upper-class, Guardian reading, activist, Feminist….comedian!!! (Yeah, I know that’s a massive non-sequitur).

She is a cunt, not just because she looks like that wrinkled and revolting, watery hag from the film Legend (1985) in an expensive wig, not just because Sky News and TV shows like The Big Questions and Free Speech think she’s a viable guest to represent women on ‘gender issues’ (and talk about long debunked Feminist myths like the ‘Wage Gap’ ad nauseum), not even because she is like so many female comedians that rely on identity politics and slagging off a strawman and overtly hemogenised version of “men” to prop up their non-comedy, not even because she is as indicatively representative of how self-righteous and clever-for-the-sake-of-proving-how-educated-you-are British comedy has become. No.

(She’s not even a cunt for talking in that over-emphatic and affected Charlie Brooker-esque voice that all Lefty people under 40 seem to think qualifies someones IQ as being above the national average these days)

She’s a cunt because she is a collosal misandrist and a liar, yet, news media and topical talk shows pour over her punditry. She talks far too quickly (as if she really needs to void her bowls) in this desperate and exasperated emotional flap, and seems to think seeing things through the myopic lense of social ‘science’ is the best and only way to solve the worlds problems (ie men).

Anyone she debates on TV always hands her scorched tits back to her after a one-sided logical thrashing, at which point she always bows to sophistry and ‘argument by repetition’ as a means to cover up her losses and assert phrases like “But what about the sexism!”, “You still haven’t solved sexism!!”, even when confronted with facts that refute sexism was ever the cause.

If this woman was the last crone on earth I’d rather be slowly subsumed by the living bacteria in my stomach than attempt to proliferate the poisoned genetic mistake this woman would produce from our coitus. I’d rather the last surviving hope of the human race die along with my ball sack than to empty it into this womans hate filled vagina.


Nominated by : Jimmy Blockbottom