Kate Smurthwaite


I’d like to nominate Kate Smurthwaite. You might not know who Kate, so let me introduce you.

Kate Smurthwaite is a British, upper-class, Guardian reading, activist, Feminist….comedian!!! (Yeah, I know that’s a massive non-sequitur).

She is a cunt, not just because she looks like that wrinkled and revolting, watery hag from the film Legend (1985) in an expensive wig, not just because Sky News and TV shows like The Big Questions and Free Speech think she’s a viable guest to represent women on ‘gender issues’ (and talk about long debunked Feminist myths like the ‘Wage Gap’ ad nauseum), not even because she is like so many female comedians that rely on identity politics and slagging off a strawman and overtly hemogenised version of “men” to prop up their non-comedy, not even because she is as indicatively representative of how self-righteous and clever-for-the-sake-of-proving-how-educated-you-are British comedy has become. No.

(She’s not even a cunt for talking in that over-emphatic and affected Charlie Brooker-esque voice that all Lefty people under 40 seem to think qualifies someones IQ as being above the national average these days)

She’s a cunt because she is a collosal misandrist and a liar, yet, news media and topical talk shows pour over her punditry. She talks far too quickly (as if she really needs to void her bowls) in this desperate and exasperated emotional flap, and seems to think seeing things through the myopic lense of social ‘science’ is the best and only way to solve the worlds problems (ie men).

Anyone she debates on TV always hands her scorched tits back to her after a one-sided logical thrashing, at which point she always bows to sophistry and ‘argument by repetition’ as a means to cover up her losses and assert phrases like “But what about the sexism!”, “You still haven’t solved sexism!!”, even when confronted with facts that refute sexism was ever the cause.

If this woman was the last crone on earth I’d rather be slowly subsumed by the living bacteria in my stomach than attempt to proliferate the poisoned genetic mistake this woman would produce from our coitus. I’d rather the last surviving hope of the human race die along with my ball sack than to empty it into this womans hate filled vagina.


Nominated by : Jimmy Blockbottom

33 thoughts on “Kate Smurthwaite

  1. Oh thats the feminist wank who wants to end all sexual violence, how does she expect to do that? simple she plans to call all men rapist’s and to parade women as goddesses who deserve anything without question. Well good luck with that cause you will never end sexual violence or abuse it’s a continual problem. She also wants to Reclaim the night for women but not for men (men can’t be raped apparently) “While some Take Back the Night marches later allowed men to participate, others still have refused to allow men (even male victims of sexual assault) to be involved under the claim of creating a “safe space” for women”. You know going out at night is dangerous(just common sense) taking a can of mace isn’t going to change that, when a stronger individual takes it away from you and uses it against you. A feminist is basically a nasty woman who acts as if the Suffragettes did nothing and the feminist have done all the hard work when the opposite is true. Feminazi are a bunch of scream at the top of the lungs cunts , don’t bother to talk to them because reason and logic don’t apply to feminists it’s Patriarchy to argue with them. If the western world was Patriarchal women wouldn’t even be allowed to talk, try that in india or japan.

    • Who the fuck is Kate Smurthwaite? Besides looking like an ugly ginger jew.

      Second thoughts; I can’t be arsed.

    • I’ve recently this angry looking wench on TV twice. Once talking shit about non gender specific language as it can lead to discrimination and inequality – what? Then a couple of days later showing off her hairy armpits on some daytime show. In absolutely no doubt she’s just another man hating left wing feminazi cunt. Either she’s just never had a good rogering – not surprising as she looks like an angry rat, or she just knows she’s shit at stuff so has carved out a niche for herself talking tripe on TV. Let’s be honest, plenty have. Can only hope she gets AIDS soon. Cunt.

  2. Slightly off-topic, but must confess Cilla’s death has made a tad nostalgic for Chris Spivey’s site. If he hadn’t been ordered to take it down, we could have been reading about how Mossad arranged Cilla’s death to protect all the Zionist paedophiles in the British entertainment industry that she was about to expose…

    • Am I the only person who feels sorry for the bastard? If only he left the thing alone and instead of trying to convince his parents or actors as he puts it.He could of just continued with something else or another story. Some of his articles are actually pretty funny intentionally or unintentionally and he outs pedos but some of his observations on hoaxes are pretty out there at least he doesn’t talk about elites being lizard people like david bellend icke.

  3. If this Smurthwaite witch was a man there’d be wailing about misogyny and sexism all over the shop… She’s an ugly cow too… Typical middle class tosspot who has never gone through what a lot of women have to go through… She’s like a female Rick from The Young Ones…. ‘There’s going to be no more prejudice and hatred… Get up, Neil! I hate you!’

    She probably tells that old gag, ‘Why were men invented? Because dildos can’t mow lawns…’ Someone should show this ugly, misandrist, mackerel stinking barbarian footage of both World Wars until she has a breakdown…. I don’t usually wish ill on people, but I hope this cunt cops it…

  4. Never heard of the cunt, but female, Oxford-educated, leftie, she’ll be on the BBC for a long, long time.

    • – just not on BBC News which is in Downing Street’s pocket and run by a former Murdoch editor.

  5. I welcome cunts like this, there should be more of them in my opinion. In a world full of very real and pressing issues, silly little cunts like this still fighting a war which was won several generations ago add a little much needed light relief and only serve to do their “cause” more harm than good.

    Keep up the good work, love.

  6. Upper class leftists: always think they are on the side of the working class when they have nothing in common with them and they think they are in fact condescending cunts. `s like when Tim Westwood tries to “get down” with the black youths: embarassing. Isn`t a feminist comedian about as funny as a musical about the holocaust??

    • She’s probably a carpet muncher…. The BBC is run by people like her now… The Women’s FA Cup Final on BBC1 (and getting more coverage then the real Cup Final!!!), for fuck’s sake… In ten years time, the BBC is going to be like that Two Ronnies sketch: with blokes in dresses making tea with women in Nazi uniforms… How much more of this feminazi multiculti PC bollocks can they shove down peoples’ throats?

  7. She apparently has been a comedy teacher on a reality TV show: I bet that is the funniest thing she has ever done. She also has been active in the No more Page 3 campaign which campaigns against a woman`s right to chose her career. If a man does that isn`t it called misogyny? Hypocritical cunts.

    • Only because she is such a plug ugly minger, who would never be fit enough to appear on Page 3 in a million years…. I used to live near a Page 3 girl in the late 80s… Her name was Christine Peake and she was a very nice young woman… She wasn’t thick or stupid either…. Cunts like Munter Smurthwaite can call lads all they want… But it’s her making the sexist generalisations and telling other women what to (and what not to) do… So fuck her (not that I ever would)….

  8. Manchester United should ‘rectify’ their lack of a senior women’s team, says sports minister Tracey Crouch…. United’s Premier League rivals Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are all represented in the Women’s Super League….United do run junior female sides but disbanded their open-age team in 2005….

    “It is incredibly disappointing that one of the biggest clubs in the world doesn’t have a ladies’ football team,” said Crouch…..WSL crowds have risen sharply following England’s third-place finish at the recent World Cup…. Crouch added: “They have an excellent centre for girls but they don’t translate that into a ladies’ football team….
    “At a time when there is phenomenal interest in women’s football, it is right that they should try and rectify that as soon as possible…” United say they have no plans to launch a women’s team but the situation remains under review……

    This is exactly the sort of feminazi shit that I hate so much… Manchester United fans (men and women) from Manchester, Salford and Stretford do not give a toss or want a United women’s team… I know why Crouch wants one though… So the United name will make vast amounts of money for her pet project freakshow… Well here’s a big FUCK OFF to Tracey Crouch and the fucking women’s super league… You are a plague on football and true reds want no part of your bullshit, you fucking cunts….

  9. Imagine if you will, sticking Kate Smurthwaite, Laurie Penny, Jack Monroe and Harriet ‘shitcunt’ Harman in the same room and then locking the door.

    Pleasing thought, isn’t it.

      • I was thinking more upon the lines of David Starkey, Jim Davidson, Roy Chubby Brown and an ex para from Macclesfield who’s wife has just left him for a butch lesbo feminazi like Bahar Mustafa.

        Thats pay-per-view paydirt right there.

      • Wooah I know those guys can be cunts at times but putting them in there with that lot would surely be classified as torture???

      • Fucking entertaining though 😀

        Just imagine if the four bints were left alone.

        First thing they would do is synchronise periods and use their tampons to draw pictures of decapitated blokes on the walls.

        It would just go downhill from there until the very fabric of cunt space and cunt time were torn asunder by their endless fucktarded misandrist screachings.

      • If those silly bitches were confined together they would quickly realise that they hate each other mote than any man….. All their petty grudges, hang-ups, vendettas and hatreds would all surface rapidly… These cunts will have more issues than 2000AD Featuring Judge Dredd…

    • Cilla was a well known cunt….. Coolest ‘celebs’ I have met are Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, Stone Roses (especially Mani), Noddy Holder, the late Anne Kirkbride, and three lads from Duran Duran… Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor came into a Deansgate bar (Manchester) the night before their Arena gig… They were good lads and they mixed with regulars… They also got their round in more than once… Unlike that cunt, Mick Hucknall, who had a part of the same bar cordoned off so he didn’t have to mix with the riff-raff…

      Beckham was also alright when I met him years ago, but his missus was a bitch in the Old Trafford bar…

      • The evidence against Cilla is pretty conclusive (ie: she was a cunt!)… Not surprised to see Posh Spice and Hucknall being cunts too…
        My mum used to work in the Manchester clubs in the 60s and 70s… She told me of those who were great (George Best, Denis Law, Frankie Laine, Helen Shapiro, Graham Nash, Michael Parkinson, Charlie Watts, Georgie Fame) and those who were cunts (Mick Jagger, Kenny Lynch, Hughie Green, Germaine Greer, Patrick McGoohan)….

  10. Anyone who doesn’t have their fare ready when getting on a bus is a cunt.
    You’ve been waiting for hours for the piss-stinking, plebian-carrying, fat cunt driving mode of public transport to arrive. So why not sort out your £2.40 prior to the arrival of said bus?… Rather than waiting until you get on and then fish around in the bottom of your rucksack or handbag? I’m waiting to get home and have a good dump…Every second counts.

    • True… Some cunt gets on the bus with a 20 quid note…. Who in their right mind does that, for fuck’s sake?! That’s as bad as a student writing a cheque for a chip muffin in the chippy…. Cunts…

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