Red light jumpers


I think its about time for a special counting of those city dwelling cunts who don’t understand the principle of a controlled junction, or Traffic Lights for all the mouth breathers out there.

The three lights all have meaning as can be referenced in the Highway Code, sections 174, 175, and 176 specifically, and the lines painted on the road all mean something too. All drivers know these rules because you were tested on it before your licence was issued, so either you have a mental problem and should not be driving, or you are a dangerous cunt and should not be driving. Unless of course you are a Pakistani taxi driver; you probably got your licence by collecting tokens from Southern Fried Chicken joints so this cunting does not apply to you, you are already a set of weapons grade, desert bandit cunts (when you are not gang raping young, vulnerable children).

I am unfortunate enough to be living in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, fuckers are a bit thick here, either that or they are militant lefty cunts, who think the traffic light system is scheme devised by Tory scum to keep them down, and under no circumstance will some tory try and tell them when and where to stop. As the stop light is Red, these knuckle dragging turd gurglers also assume that as its the colour of their beloved Labour Party therefore they are allowed to proceed as they were, regardless of whomever might have had the down right indignation to try and cross the junction on the green light.

This specific cock smoker in a twat panzer today proceeded to give me the finger for turning right in front him after the light had been red for at least 5 seconds because my filter was already green, before he continued on through the red light. Maybe he gave me the finger because he was signalling that this was what his wife is likely getting from the golf pro whilst he was flogging his arse in middle management trying to appear affluent to the other carbon copy, deeply affected, suburban lackwits. He was clearly an idiot, because the golf pro was more likely fisting his tunnel cunt wife. Thats 5 fingers, not 1. Or 4 and a thumb if you want to be pedantic.

Red means STOP, you teutonic fucking neanderthal cunts. And if it happens again this week, I might have to get all Kenny Noye on these fuckers.

Nominated by: The Captain

8 thoughts on “Red light jumpers

  1. Fantastic cunting, hurrah to you!

    Your neighbouring Socialist sister state of West Yorkshire has eerily similar rules of the road, especially in Bradford and Kirklees, and again similarly cultivated by our highly esteemed and well-integrated Asian communities. Add to that the proliferation of chav white male scum using roads as rat runs (some of whom will hang with the Asian bros as it’s the closest thing you get to black in some parts innit), and you have a happy and harmonious law abiding infrastructure! Fucking cunts the lot of them.

  2. without doubt we need to mention the ever present cyclist menace in this cunting, because yes red lights apply to them too, I love to salaute them with my air horns as they “filter” through red lights, it makes me smile as they wobble and a new cod peice appears at the rear of their lycra.

  3. I’ve seen motorists do stupid things, I’ve seen cyclists do stupid things and I’ve seen pedestrians do stupid things. It’s no surprise when accidents happen. We have to share the roads with these fucking idiots. If it was just the stupid bastards who got killed, I wouldn’t mind, then it would be like society naturally evolving, the survival of the fittest.
    Turns out the driver of that bin waggon in Glasgow had passed out before while behind the wheel. Six are dead and he’s still living.

    • Yes, that bin lorry driving cunt should be strapped into his car and then dropped into the local scrapyard car crusher.

      • Yeah aparently he blacked out on another occasion prior to the accident but he did not report it to the DVLA or the bus company he was working for which makes him a grade A cunt

      • What a dumb scot cunt and please tell me this cunt will do time? theres no way he will be let off the hook. This reminds of a case I read awhile ago some kid called Ethan Couch killed four pedestrians and seriously injuring two others while driving drunk near Fort Worth, Texas. He was 16 years old at the time guess how he was let off? his lawyer said he had affluenza I’m not fooking kidding. There is just no bloody justice in this world unless your rich of course you can just buy your justice or way out. My friends and family wonder why I don’t go out much this is part of the reason the other reason is there’s too many cunts in this world.

      • Passed out or piss drunk? fooking shit head scot. What a fooking loser he should be buried alive and fingers chopped off. Can scots do anything besides being useless drunks and Scotland cunt police said there was nothing sinister bout the crash what the fook they mean by that?. I swear zionists run the justice system or something. (Judge) You’re out of order!(Lawyer Pacino) I’m outta order? You’re out of order! Your outta of order The whole trial is out of order.

  4. well being an unsympathetic cunt and a country boy I get very anoyed with cyclists that insist on laying in the road after falling off their bikes, I am very tempted to get out and put them out of their misery with a wheel spanner much as I would do for anything injured I find laying in the road.
    except that in this case they would not find themselves being hung in the garage ready for the next game pie.

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