Team Building


I think most have had to endure the indignity of the out of office “team building day”

The evil harpies in Human Resources spend the entire year plotting how to put people into non functioning disparate teams, just for this one day of humiliation. It’s a bit like the hunger games but with string and ping pong balls.

But a constant of the universe means in any given dysfunctional team, there will be one control freak who “knows” how to make a bridge out of paper and spit.

The rest of us fuck off to the bar, trying to work out the seemingly intractable problem of getting the knickers off Tracey from accounting

Nominated by: Andy C

5 thoughts on “Team Building

  1. So glad I don’t have to work in an Office or in fact anywhere with too many other people/cunts. Having to go on these fucking ‘fun’ ‘team building’ events must be a right CUNT. Team Building = Better performance so you make more money for the rich cunt owner(s) or the Company. I aint no fucking do as I am told sheep, fuck off. Better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than halfway up one you don’t. What a load of CUNTS.

  2. Team building is bollocks, I agree… Half the time it isn’t even work related… It’s something stupid like map reading or archery or some such shite…. ‘Ice Breaking’ is bollocks too… People get to know each other in their own time… Being made to stand up like a bellend and go on about the interests of someone you first spoke to only 10 seconds ago is total crap….

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