George Soros [3]

Immediate, emergency, and TERMINAL cunting required.

According to The Times, the deluded, crooked old lizard is launching a plan for a second Brexit referendum in the next couple of days.

Does anybody here do Voodoo dolls ?

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

Another evil shit globalist who thinks he can buy democracy. If we had a proper leader, a leader who loved this country, like Churchill, Soros would be told to fuck off and mind his own business. Brexit has got NOTHING to do with that foreign cunt. Unfortunately, we don’t have a leader who loves this country. we don’t even have a leader. We have May. A woman who would rather arse lick foreigners, particularly those from the religion of violence, than stand up for the British people.

She’s almost as big a liar as Blair. She promised to give the British people the Brexit we voted for. Two years on, and she’s doing her best to destroy Brexit, and the equally spineless so called Brexiteers in the Tory Lite party are letting the bent spined bastard get away with it. We DON’T want to stay in the Customs Union. We DON’T want to stay in the single market. And we certainly don’t the fucking transition period to last until 2023. We want a complete and total withdrawal from the EU, right fucking now.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

A gold plated cunting is in order for this piss stained, shit smeared senile old bugger. Having escaped the care home he has yet again meddled in Brexit.

The greedy old cunt, at 87, probably fears he will be too late to cash in any possible renumeration one way or the other, so he is just using the money he has ponced off the financial institutions to fuck the plebs off. Yet another multi millionaire kidding themselves they know better than us.

You might say the old motherfucker is going senile (he certainly looks like a candidate for ISACs Deadpool in that photo), but you can’t get away from the fact that the old fucker, like Gina Miller, is yet another foreign national meddling in our affairs. No doubt Blair and Mandelson have wet dreams thinking about how these rich greedy old cunts are doing their work for them.

Soros is a vile old money grubber. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. Surely Starmer and co are not so bloody desperate they need the help of this decrepit old ponce.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Best For Britain

I need to nominate a group that laughably calls itself “Best For Britain”. BFB are bunch of rich, arrogant Remainers, who are taking the British Government to court in the hopes of getting a second EU referendum. Apparently, they think they’ve found a legislative loophole that means Theresa the Appeaser and her cabinet of cretins have a legal obligation to call a second national vote on the issue of EU membership.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick to fucking death of middle and upper class Quislings showing contempt for democracy and the British people by flat out refusing to respect the result of the 2016 referendum. What makes these faux intellectuals, these snooty, selfish, smug, self-superior, anti-British cock jockeys think they have ANY right to force the UK into voting on an issue that we’ve ALREADY voted on, simply because they disagree with the result.

If they want to live under the Jackboot of the Fourth Reich. If they really want to Kow Tow to Brussels, they should fuck off and live in an EU country. Germany, perhaps. Ah, no, wait. They’re not Muslim savages. Anyway, I’m sure Michael O’Leary will lay on a cheap Ryanair flight to take them to the EU shithole of their of their choice. Wait, no. He’s too much of a money grabbing cunt to give a discount. Which is why his threat to ground all Ryanair flights out of the UK for a day is complete bullshit.

It’s been 21 months now since 17.5 MILLION people voted to leave the EU, and all we’ve had since then is Remoaners complaining about Brexit on a daily basis. EVERY DAY, we’ve had to put up with these cunts whingeing about the referendum, insulting us, telling us we were lied to, that we are stupid, that we didn’t know what we were voting for. Some prominent leavers have even received death threats. Basically, disrespecting democracy and the will of all the people in the UK who voted to leave. And yet the likes of Soubrey have the nerve to complain about receiving abuse from a minority in the leave camp. What do you expect so many people on the Remain side do exactly the same to us EVERY day.

The most galling thing about this pricks, is that they ALWAYS claim to respect democracy. Well, they’ve got a fucking funny way of showing it, because trying to overturn the result of a free, fair and democratic referendum is DISRESPECTING democracy. They arrogantly assume that THEY and ONLY THEY are qualified to express an opinion on an issue like the EU. They are wrong. They assume they have the right to try to overturn the result. They are WRONG.

By siding with the EU, and acting in the childish way that they’ve been acting, they are showing that we were right to vote to leave the EU. They are very much representative of the ‘leaders’ of the EU. The likes of Juncker, Tusk and Barnier. They too have been mocking and insulting the British people since the referendum. They have been and still are, threatening to punish us for our decision. What kind of political organisation does that? A malign one, that’s what kind. One that hates democracy in all its forms, that’s what kind. Let’s not forget, Juncker, Tusk and their mates at the top of the EU did not get where they are because ordinary EU citizens voted for them in elections. They got there through a closed vote within the EU parliament.

That’s the kind of system that twats like Best For Britain want for the UK. For some, unfathomable reason, they consider Juncker, a drunken, arrogant, nasty mediocre politician, from Luxembourg, a place so insignificant, so irrelevant, it isn’t even a country, to be the best person to lead the UK. Like the rest of the EU leadership, Juncker’s only interest in the UK, is as a cash cow and a dumping ground for the endless flood of Muslims that Merkel stupidly invited in.

I’ve never understood why some people want to hand governance of our country, to control of our financial sector, our armed forces, our economy to a bunch of incompetent, unelected foreigners, who couldn’t give a fuck about the UK and want to turn it into a lowly province in a country called the “United States of Europe”. Some of these Remain traitors, have a vested in interest in us staying in the EU. Clegg, the Kinnocks, Mandelson and dozens of UK civil servants who worked in Brussels all have generous pensions. Heseltine gets EU subsidies for his farms. With all their gobshitery though, they always seem to forget to mention that simple fact. And then they whine, as Cable did this morning, about being called traitors. Well whether they like it or not, they ARE traitors, and I will NOT stand by and let them win.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

George Soros (2)

George Soros, born in Hungary 87 years ago as György Schwartz, now an American citizen is a 24 carat cunt. He is the man who made a fortune back in 1992 betting against the pound and is filthy rich. No doubt Anna Soubry creams her knickers at the thought of the senile old cunt donating £700,000 towards anti-Brexit groups, £400,000 of which goes to Britain First the wankfest dreamt up by Gina Miller – who has even admitted this week that her organisation is anti-democratic. Exactly, and why is a coffin dodging old American motherfucker interfering in British politics?. Why doesn’t the government have the guts to tell him to mind his own fucking business.

Lady Mandelson, Dick Branson, Blair, Gina Miller – all the very rich men and women who feel that they have the right to patronise us and tell us what is good for us and they are not even hesitating in opening their wallets to buy their will.

I am not jealous of their wealth, if they didn’t have it, I wouldn’t either, but all those pansy lickspittles like Mandy and his bottom feeders in parliament and out of it ought to wonder why these individuals are prepared to be so profligate and what it is in it FOR THEM because that is all they are interested in.

Meantime Soros should spend his money on Viagra and a rubber woman and fuck himself to death an ugly toothless stinking poncy heap of shit.

Nominated by W.C Boggs.


Last summer I made a post cunting the modern world for making life shite since the 90’s.
I’ve been thinking a great deal and now would like to cunt globalists as the cause of the demise.

It’s come to my attention that there are a bunch of weapons grade cunts with hook noses at the top of world society who have decided that it would be better for them if everyone was in one basket. No nations, no governments, no patriotism, no grief, just one mixed race bunch of humans with one govt.

Easy to control and administer and fleece.

Ah you think..a conspiracy theorist loon.

Well if you think that the very wealthy and powerful at the top with all the influence who run the worlds finances haven’t considered conspiring with likeminded people in order to get themselves more of the same, then you are the loon.

If your goal is a global govt…..
(Hillary Clinton and Bilderberg group advocated a hemispheric and world govt many times).

Then how do you get it?

You take out the law and order in the area between the first and third world, the Middle East by removing the leaders and allowing chaos. Assad is the last left.

Eradicate nations by mixing everyone up.


Create massive migrant flows through war. Allow them in having first infiltrated most western governments and media.

How do you start wars?

You stage attacks on the west by middle eastern countries.
9/11. That was the start of it all.

I think they, the elite, the establishment, whatever, are firmly in control of the manipulation.

Watching Trump switch over to Assad attack mode when Assad had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons at a point where he had won, suggests to me that they give us the odd hope (like scratch cards) to make us think there is a counterance to the likes of Clinton, where in all likelihood, it’s just that, an illusion.

Actors to make it look like we have a choice.

Brexit a minor inconvenience.

Circuses and bread keep everyone occupied while they carry on with the plan.

It will directly impact all our lives soon enough.

Nominated by Lord ferrigno.